The Pistons vs. The Celtics

by | Mar 1, 2009 | 66 comments

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The Pistons are in Boston for an early Sunday afternoon game with The Celtics. If Detroit’s past has anything to do with today’s game, the Pistons are in a world of trouble. The Pistons must overcome the past because they have some obstacles to deal with this afternoon.

An early afternoon Sunday game.
A Nationally Televised game.
A 47-14 Celtics team.
Without their leading scorer Allen Iverson.

And if you didn’t know the news by now, Stephon Marbury and former Piston Mikki Moore are now members of the Celtics.

The Good News/Bad News and More

Tip off is at 1:00 PM and will be Nationally Televised on ABC.ย  If you can’t catch the broadcast you can tune into 1130 AM WDFN to hear George Blaha on the call.ย  Ifย  you can’t do either, follow the game live or listen to the stream over at

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  1. The Answer

    Obviously a tough game, Marbury showed he’s ready to play. Huge bonus with Garnett gone.

  2. starbury


  3. Showtime

    I think the key is Stuckey having another good game. I’ve given up on any sort of consistency from Sheed…even a good game today wouldn’t mean much. If we pull out another victory I think the theory of Iverson being the chemistry problem will be proven for certain.

    Not to mention I hope Max posterizes Perkins for what happened in the previous meeting.

  4. NYPistonsfan

    We’re gonna win!

  5. eralefe

    we have a bench? lol

  6. pistons 4 life

    Quote from Curry:
    “We need all our guys to play well. As a coach, it’s my job to prepare the guys. But it’s also to find combinations that work pretty well together.”

    Well obviously with the team going 4 and 12 while Rip came off the bench that combination wasn’t working. So why did it take so long for you to try something else moron?

    I don’t think a win today is out of the question. Here’s to hopping they play well. I’d look for Boston to try to be physical and intimidating. If the Pistons can punch them in the mouth right back they’ll have a chance.

  7. Showtime

    In our system:

    Will Bynum > Allen Iverson

  8. Metah

    good first half. i hope pistons remeber what orlando did to them in the 4th on friday

  9. Metah

    i mean what we did to orlando in 3RD

  10. KleenGee

    Looking good today;
    I get the feeling that we’re at a turning point in the season.

  11. JJ

    Why can Hubie Brown not pronounce any of the Pistons names? He called Richard “Rip” Hamilton “Rick” and he called Tayshaun Prince “Tyson.” Just more hating on Detroit.

  12. Chuck


  13. Metah

    dude. im so nervous going into 4th quarter

  14. Z Fan

    One more quarter. Can we hold them? This is big!!! Deeeeeeetroit Baaaasketball.

  15. Fariduddin

    start of 4th. i think the pistons will pull this out. HerrMann! the pistons are locked in….

  16. Rube

    Big Shot Tay

  17. Jayborne

    Still too many possessions where they will come down, pound the ball, make one pass and shoot with 3 seconds on the shot clock. Iverson/No Iverson, they need to pick up the pace.

  18. Amber

    See!! Hater!!^^ Ahhhh, I love it. I am so proud of Detroit, especially Mr. Rip. Yeah, I know, I know; I’m celebrating already, but this is significantly better than the prior games Detroit has played against Boston. And no, it isn’t because there is no KG, but because there’s no Poison Ivy. Great job, Pistons.

  19. Jayborne

    Well a lot of it is because they don’t have KG, let’s not kid ourselves. Still a great game from the Pistons.

    Next game is a home game against Chauncey and the Nuggets? Iverson has the decks stacked against him. It doesn’t look good he goes out and the team immediately wins 2 games, then his first game back is the Chauncey game? And both of those games were nationally televised. Tough.

    It no longer becomes a question of will he buy in, because he basically has to. It’s now of question of will it work. And will his teammates continue to play at the same level with him there.

  20. XV

    Deeeeeeeetroit Basketballlllllllllll!!!!!!!

  21. Natalie Sitto

    Win or lose, KG or not this was impressive. This looks like the team we are used to seeing. AI aside it just looks different. A good different….

  22. blamu2

    We should do with Iverson what NY did with Marbury

  23. Kyle

    it’s not even the wins without iverson, it’s just watching the team. without him they’re, you know, a team again. words like “unselfish”, “extra pass,” it’s been a while since i’ve heard those words to describe us without them being in the past tense.

  24. Pistonsfan3


  25. eralefe

    maybe but lets see how he does off the bench first

  26. Z Fan

    Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetroiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasketbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal. Woooooooooooooooooooooooo Hoooooooooooooooooooo!!!

  27. Chungi

    holy shit

  28. Vanalope

    Holy crap, my blind date today turned out to be Clive Owen. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I am now cautiously optimistic the game I see on Fri might actually be a good one that won’t make me cringe.

  29. NYPistonsfan

    Finally, we got that monkey off our back! Great effort by everyone. When we get AI back, we won’t need to use Tay with the 2nd unit. I think this is something we run with.

  30. ill neva stop

    Well first time for everything..

  31. Z Fan

    It would be cool if we could win 3 in a row and knock down Denver.

  32. augustslady

    Good game guys….
    Welcome back!lol

  33. Grant the Aussie

    Man i hope we win this denver game! If we can beat serious contenders like Orlando and Boston. Nothin can stop us ๐Ÿ˜›

  34. Amber

    I want to know what Joe D. has to say about all of this.

    It’s too bad the Queen of ball hogging has to return.

  35. ben

    and here come the bandwagoners again after we win two games i dont see no curry bashin right now but im sure as soon as we lose another game itll all be here again sayin we suck and the trade doesnt work im sick of yalls crap

  36. Gib (Vegas)

    BENCH IVO!!! Detroit Basketball = TEAM, Allen Iverson = individual. Way to go RIP and Stuck! Bynum was huge off the bench. I can now wear my Pistons cap in the streets of Las Vegas proudly.

  37. C-Quense

    Great game! Now the Pistons have to find a away, to get AI going from the bench and do his thing.
    But I really really like Will Bynum.
    When I’m seeing him, I’m always thinking about a joung Lindsey Hunter.

  38. Cee Mackk

    Detroit Basketball is BACK!

  39. Natalie Sitto

    Don’t get ahead of yourselves people. We still have problems. Rookie coach, inconsistencies, rotation issues, Superstar issues and EGO issues. Great win but until I see more, they are not back just yet.

  40. blamu2

    Blind date for me: Adriana Lima, can u believe this?

  41. Natalie Sitto

    Blind Date for me – George Blaha Clooney.

  42. Slim Shady

    My blind date turned out to be tony parker’s wife

  43. Slim Shady

    My blind date turned out to be tony parker’s wife… haaaa F**K YOU PARKER

  44. Slim Shady

    lol good one natalie

  45. piston_fan_from_slovenia

    pinch me i’m dreamin…i got to watch the on internet and it was at 7p.m. or time, so it was great, the foul shooting was amazing, even kwame and max were great at the line, Tay and Sheed carried us down the strech, and Rip had a flawless game, also bynum and walter were big, defense was consistent and in both this and the magic game we didn’t give up, we recovered after every run…this game was poetry:)

  46. Rip32

    That’s what we need….tough D&ball movement

  47. big B

    starbury , u said GO CELTICS RIGHT ?? ure in the detroit fan website so get ur pu$$y a$$ outa here biaatch , sorry but u guys got fukked sideways ๐Ÿ˜€ ,, mann this win n fridays win made my wholeeee day GO PISTONS!!!!!! i told u guys if that ballhogger dont play well win games n there u have it thats 2 AWAY GAMES in a eow against 2 good teams!!!

  48. mobius909

    we played 4 quarters of basketball…. amazing.

    i think sheed’s numbers were so inflated because they’re forcing him to get out of his slump… keep shooting until you feel comfortable. my advice is to start on the block and play low for 3 quarters. then shoot the 3 ball when you know u can make it… in the 4th quarter.

    good rotation and good help defense. we ain’t done yet people. lets just keep up the hard work and get some bench production out of AI. we’ll be cool. not sure we’re gonna go far in the playoffs yet, but we sure showed some promise today.

  49. Mike

    Good win and it was encouraging at least for optimism’s sake….but Natalie you are right they still have alot of things to workout before they are “back”. Allen Iverson said it best when he said they need to find an identity and live or die with it but im SURE he wasnt insinuating him coming off the bench as part of it lol…. but its the right move

  50. mac

    They clearly have an identity without AI, I hope that can sustain it with AI accepting his role on the bench. If we could get a solid 20 minutes a night from him, it would be great. I just hope that when he comes back, curry doesn’t let him play 35-40 mins. I think he could really work well with the second unit, only if he buys into this.

  51. mac

    They clearly have an identity without AI, I hope that they can sustain it with AI accepting his role on the bench. If we could get a solid 20 minutes a night from him, it would be great. I just hope that when he comes back, curry doesn’t let him play 35-40 mins. I think he could really work well with the second unit, only if he buys into this.

  52. Vanalope

    LOL @ Nat!

  53. Th3 Answ3r

    Weird, when the Pistons were in that 8 game losing streak, you read nothing but “fire curry!” or “the trade was F’n stupid!” Now I don’t see any of those comments. Bannwagons? I think so :).

    Also weird seeing Rip play so good.


    Hubbie wanted to say that but he said that in the 1st quarter,but said it differently.

  54. SadPanda

    Well I’m not feeling sad tonight! Detroit played like this was a playoff game; no holding back at all. This season has been rough but knowing that our Pistons sent the home crowd away disappointed is nice. Also, Rip is the man. He has stepped up big time for this team. The people who said he would be exposed without Chauncey feeding him the ball don’t have much to say no, huh?

  55. Max-Aholic

    Yeah mistakes we’re made, but that was exactly the type of game we’ve expected them to play all year. Curry finally using the bench when Iverson is out. Too bad Afflalo isn’t getting his minutes. Although Marbury sucked, I’m happy to see him playing again even for the Celts.

    I like Iverson, but who thinks we should just waive him now? He should be playing for a team that needs him, not one that he doesn’t fit in on.

  56. mannie32

    oh it feels so great to hear you all agreeing now… that AI is a waste of time… he was nothing but an expiring contract, and we massaged his ego for too long (stalling stcukey’s development as a great pg, and rip’s development as the team’s leader)

  57. mac

    No ones saying fire curry because he made the right move by putting rip back in the starting lineup and we’re winning. It always seems there are more comments when we lose then when we win anyway. Everyone is always looking for something to be critical of rather than just praising the team. It’s really annoying. We got a good win today. Also, all the AI lovers need to shut up, we are clearly playing better without, more like a team. When he needs to have the ball all of the time, everyone else will suffer. But now everyone can just play their game and there wont just be one option.

  58. Max-Aholic

    mannie32, I don’t think it was all that clear until now. There we’re so many mistakes made by coaching and players that the blame couldn’t be put all on one person, especially Iverson. Now that we’ve beat two East giants without AI, it has become obvious that he is hurting the team. Even with an idiot like Curry we can win. Another possibility is that the starters actually tried to win to show Dumars they don’t approve of AI being on the team. We came back from deficits three or four times in the second half and won. When is the last time we’ve done that this season? However I think AI will be a great bench player if Curry plays him bench minutes. We can’t play the dude like we played Rip off the bench, he has to be limited to about 20 minutes and NO MORE 3 GUARD LINE UP.

  59. pistonsfan101

    Stick to Piston “slow pace with quick ball movement” and the wins will come. AI’s injury is the best thing that could have happen to this team…..

  60. Amer ican Prince

    Hey Curry started winning by doing the things we’ve been screaming for the season. So everyone I’m sure is a little more relaxed.

    Good to see Will Bynum and Herrmann get some meaningful minutes and play well.

    My blind date turned out to be twins. AWESOME



    FIRE CURREY! WE’RE FINALLY WINNING!! I HATE HIM SO MUCH!!! He did such a good job putting Rip back in that I just hope HE NEVER HAS A JOB EVER AGAIN

    See how bad that sounds?

  62. Faith in Curry

    Hey, you wrote 47-17, as celtics record, when its 14 losses ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. Lori

    Curry has still got to go. What took him so long to figure all this out? I’m sure he’s a very nice man, but he is no coach. I mean think back over this season. Small ball, Rip off the bench, all the young players erratic minutes, all of the weird substitutions- the list goes on and on! I think that we’ve had twelve different starting lineups this season.
    Yeah, these were a couple of great wins, no question. And it’s really good to see the team work of our old Pistons back. But for next year, we need the real deal when it comes to a coach. This season has been largely wasted because of Curry’s incompetence.

  64. Crazyazman

    Agree with Lori. MC gotta go or learn to rotate more that 7 players. AI gotta go or has to pull his head in and be a pass first point guard so Stuck can sit on bench and rethink his game.

  65. Fer Fore

    Please Curry,no more AI in start 5, It is time yet to play finals!!!PLLLEEEEAAAASSSEE.


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