A Sign of good things to Come in Boston?

by | Mar 1, 2009 | 49 comments

Things have really changed around here when we are celebrating a two game winning streak. The Pistons closed out their tough five game road trip with a solid win in Boston against the World Champion Celtics. The Celtics were without Kevin Garnett, but Detroit’s 105-95 road victory was impressive regardless of the former league’s MVP absence (2004). Remember, the Pistons were without their former MVP Allen Iverson (2001).

Key Points:

  • Detroit started the game off strong and went on plenty of runs throughout the game.  What changed in this game was Detroit didn’t let the runs that Boston went on get out of hand.
  • Remember when we used the word poised when describing the way Detroit played? Well this is the first I’ve seen of it all season long.
  • Detroit had lost five straight regular season games to the Celtics and 9-of-11 including a six-game Eastern Conference final.
  • Detroit is back to playing .500 ball and has the same record as the Sixers. They are currently holding on to the 7th playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. Get this….16.5 games back of Cleveland.
  • Detroit played a solid 48 minutes.
  • Rip Hamilton once again led this team to victory with 25 points, an assist away from a double-double. He added six boards in 39 minutes, while shooting 50% from the floor and went 11-for-12 from the line.  Is he trying to emphasize the fact that he should have never lost his starting job?  If he is, and this is the outcome we get…..keep it up Rip.

Richard Hamilton Boston
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Photo/Getty Images
  • Rip Hamilton’s post game comments. (video)
  • “We played our type of basketball,” Hamilton said. “That’s the thing for me with Tayshaun, Rasheed (Wallace) and (Antonio) McDyess, I always know they’re going to be at all times.” Via NBA.com
  • Thank you NBA Referees, we bitch when you’re wrong (like when you missed Rip getting mauled at the end of the game) so it’s only right when we thank you for your fine work. That’s just how we roll in Detroit.  Detroit made a season-high 34 free throws, in 40 attempts.
  • Sheed 15 points, 6 boards, 2 blocked shots and a steal. Solid defensive game for Sheed. I still wonder if he thinks he can make some of the crazy threes he jacks up.  Maybe it should be Jack ….instead of Roscoe?
  • Outrebounded 35-31.
  • Iverson still questionable for Tuesday’s game against Denver.
  • Tayshaun Prince again asserted himself in a big game.  Prince scored 15 with 8 boards, 3 assists and 3 steals. How about the kind bounce on the three in the third quarter…nice.

Tayshaun Prince Boston
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Photo/Getty Images
  • NBA.com Pistons vs Celtics Video Recap.
  • God love Hubie Brown and his pronunciations.
  • Pistons led at the half 55-47 and didn’t give the lead up at all until Boston went on a run. Boston led 85-81 when Rasheed hit a tree pointer with 7:04 left to start a 13-4 run that left the Pistons ahead 94-89. They never looked back.
  • Maxiell making clutch free throws with under three minutes left in the game.
  • Rodney Stuckey held his own Sunday afternoon with 10 points, 5 assists, 3 boards, a rebound and just one turnover.
  • Will Bynum made a bigger splash and is making a case for more playing time with 9 points, 2 assists, and 3 steals in just 12 minutes.  The takeaway from Marbury that lead to a layup was a thing of beauty, not to mention hard work.
  • I will never understand the head tattoo.
  • How about Detroit’s determination to come back and regain the lead in the fourth quarter and close the game out?
  • 40 points in the paint for Boston to 18 for Detroit.
  • Can we just say all hail to The Mighty THOR!  Walter Herrmann was a huge boost for Detroit making 4 of his 5 shots for 11 quick points for Detroit.

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Original Thor Drawing/Marvel Comics
  • Say what you will, but that inbound pass he tried at the end of the half still has me laughing.  Remember MIGHTY THOR!


  • 15 lead changes and this one was tied 20 times.
  • Defense…the Pistons had 8 steals  and 3 blocked shots
  • 15th technical foul for Rasheed Wallace.
  • Stat line of the night, just 6 turnovers for Detroit.
  • Look I’m usually not one to bash other teams or their fans, (except Varejoke) but I think Celtics fans have it coming. I can’t tell you how many vile comments I deleted all day by the classy people of Boston. So when I saw this picture of Glen “Big Baby” with that look on his face I found it quite amusing that even the fans reacted with the cry big baby dramatics.

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Photo/Getty Images
  • Antonio McDyess 10 points, 5 boards and a blocked shot while Jason Maxiell had 8 points in 17 minutes.
  • For the second game in a row the ball movement was flowing and the team looked in sync. Be careful to judge these two games as “the Pistons are back,” in fact it may be more difficult once Allen Iverson is back from injury and the rotation issues become prevalent. The problems haven’t disappeared just because of a big win. If the egos can handle what’s going on and they commit to playing the way they did the last two games then they just may have a chance to become respectable again.
  • 30 Bench points for Detroit.
  • “You can tell they’re playing the system they played before Iverson got there,” said Celtics forward Paul Pierce, who scored 26. “When Iverson is out there they’re still trying to figure out how to use each other, how to all be successful. But that group that’s out there is definitely comfortable because they’ve played together for years.’‘ Via NBA.com
  • I’m loving the Blind Date comparison in the comments of the game thread. Feel free to keep them coming.


  1. adge

    1st.. im still not happy.. not until we have the hardware…. period….

  2. Amer ican Prince

    I have that same mentality adge

    Is that a hairdryer on the Walter/Thor pic? Awesome.

  3. Travis

    About time!!!! I can’t remember the last time I was this excited watching a game. Just ask my wife who was trying to take a nap. I love sticking it to the Celtics.

  4. Lori

    That’s the funniest picture of that “Big Baby” crying. He looks like he needs a diaper change or a very large bottle. And if the faces of the fans are any indication, they don’t want to be the ones that have to take care of him! Thank you, Natalie,I got quite a chuckle.

  5. SadPanda

    Great effort from the Pistons today. Whenever you outwork your opponent you give yourself a good chance to win. The transition game can clearly work, so let’s hope Curry sticks with it.

  6. gMac

    Lets just release AI, save the drama later. This season is over anyways.

    I rather see Walter experimenting with the laws of physics with Glen Davis’s ass.

  7. The Fluidics

    I’m always happy when they win, but you know, they won went the y switched to small, and they won when they moved Rip to the bench, so the jury is still out.

    At the half, Blaha and Mckoskey were talking about how the Pistons would be competing for the fourth spot, on the strength of a one game winning streak. Hope for the best, expect the worst.

    Looking forward to seeing Chauncey on Tuesday.

  8. pistonsfan101

    natalie.. do u think u can post that inbound pass by Hermann… it was the funniest thing I have ever seen. My sister and I couldn’t stop laughing. We kept rewinding it to watch. By the way, I really like that tay pic you have up 🙂

  9. Crazyazman

    Oh man! We beat two of the top Eastern Conference teams with Rip as our starting shooting guard. AI starting shooting guard and we loose 8 in a row. Any coincedence?????? Think Curry will pick up on this???


    Rip is carrying the team, he has enough of losing and he decided to carry this team. And you can see it, 25-9-6 for him, that is not coincidence. Also everyone is following him. Good job Rip, guys, keep doing it. By the way I think AI is going to fit perfectly off the bench, he’ll get the ball a ot of times, just the way he likes.
    PISTONS-NUGGETS a can’t miss!!!!

  11. Ice4Dyess

    Natalie, that Walter-Thor picture might be the best thing you have ever done. Bravo.

  12. Richie

    Most of us have considered bringing AI off the bench a no-brainer for a long time. Think about the trade. It was esentially made because everyone was convinced that Stuckey needed to be a starter and he and our all star PG Chauncey coudn’t co-exist on the court togther. So we got rid of Chaucney, and replaced him with AI, who was playing out of position. Then we realized that the point was to start Stucky and started him, making Rip play out of position, so we put him on the bench. We thereby changed out problems to having a really good PG and an allstart PG to having two all start SG’s. Not to mention we were willing to give up McDyess and Samb for it.
    My thinking tha Dumars just did this for cap space is the only way that I can consider it a half intellegent move.

  13. El Patron Himself (Accept no Imitations!)

    Although I have to agree with The Fluidics not to get too overexcited, I also know that this is MARCH, the one basketball month where… actually allow me to quote a fan favorite here… Zaza, take it from here:

    N O T H I N G
    I S
    E A S Y ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Having said that, it’s March Madness time so maybe that’s exactly what the Pistons need to turn this ship around… a little madness here! Hopefully this’ll be something they can build on!!!

  14. Pistons Fan Puerto Rico

    Great classic Detroit Basketball right there! God, did we needed games like that! And Natalie that inbound from Walter still cracks me up! Funny Stuff.

  15. chaldo-pistons

    AHAHAHAHA THATS good pic natalie 🙂 , n im sooo happy we won 2 games in a row , hopefully well go at least to a 10 wins in a row and may b more 😀 ,GOOD JOB GUYS!!!!! GOOO PISTONS !!!!!!!!!!

  16. Tim

    I love the comments on the game.
    It was funny though because I had just had the conversation that even with Iverson out Curry still might start Afflalo instead of Rip. I mean come on it’s Michael Curry. Needless to say as soon as I saw Rip was starting Friday I said “We’re going to win tonight.” And it’s not even just the fact that we won, but we looked like the Detroit team we have all come to love. One thing though, yesterday verse Boston when our bench was out there we had a hard time scoring and I immediately thought “this is where AI would thrive… With the bench” AI doesn’t need anybody around him to score he is a great player.. but he doesn’t work with our starting lineup… These past two games have been great, but I am more then excited to see what Iverson can do off the bench…. Detroit=Total Domination

  17. The Fluidics

    It took Michael Curry almost 60 games to figure out the starting lineup from last season.

  18. NYPistonsfan

    Great job as usual Natalie, some really insightful points also. Will Bynum’s 2nd steal on Marbury actually prompted Rivers to put him on the bench. Rip played remarkably, actually outplaying his UConn alum superstar. Tay and Sheed never gave up, both played inspirational basketball, even though “Jack” took some questionable circus shots. (good one Nat) I think the future looks bright, we showed that we can step up and play to the same level and intensity that we displayed in last seasons playoff run. And there lies the problem…Last season, during our E.C.F.s run, our team just gave up in game 5, specifically, our players just gave up (Sheed hugging KG, smiling , whispering in his ear…UUGGHH!!! – I knew it was over.) Joe D. also knew that we couldn’t consistently beat this team with that lineup. So, with Stuckey performing so well in the playoffs, he jumped on the trade, we could get AI (He could be that extra punch that we needed to get over the hump). That seems like a long time ago, it’s been really rocky since then. Hopefully, Allen will embrace this roll (originally intended for him) and we will make one last run with this great group of players.

  19. spencer

    good job pistons! Iverson sucks!

  20. john

    The Pistons should give Walter Herrmann more chance as he has proven once again that he can provide some sparks for them from the bench. They should not repeat the same mistake as they have done with Carlos Delfino.

  21. spencer

    iVerson suckS! im a detroit fan but i really hate iverson..selfish player!

  22. spencer

    Iverson sucks!

  23. dunkonu

    Don’t hate on A.I., well…at least not yet. Maybe he will be the best 6th man ever. Soon we will know, but for now let’s be happy that the Pistons found their rhythm at the right time.

    Beating Orlando and Boston wasn’t easy when Chauncey was around, so this actually means something…especially after all the trouble we went through the last 50 games.

  24. Marcell

    I didn’t get a chance to comment on here after the game in Orlando. I was at the game and our whole role was Pistons fans. We heard people talking behind us saying that they will never get a championship if they have to go through Detroit. I just thought that was neat they still think that way.

  25. NYPistonsfan

    Oh yeah, my blind date turned out to be…my wife. Welcome home…

  26. Z Fan

    If our guards the past 2 games are putting up over 40 points. What makes anyone think we need a 6th man in Iverson coming off the bench to add another 15 or 20. If that was the case our guards would score around 60 points a game. That really wouldn’t be balanced basketball. We need our bigs to get looks and score points as well. 3 guard rotation. Stuckey, Rip and Bynum. Just let poison Ivy ride the pine.

  27. mac

    Whoa whoa, hold up. I dont remember her saying that Iverson was better to come off the bench. Even if she did everyone certainly didn’t agree with her. Why do you read the website if you’re just gonna criticize it, get a life spada spade.

    Love what you do Nat, keep it up!

  28. Josh

    Where’s Will Bynum’s pic on the left side of your blog. C’mon Natalie be fair

  29. Natalie Sitto

    No worries Mac, that’s just someone who consistently comes here and dogs me, even hides his identity by using a proxy…I know who it is. And honestly it’s ironic.

  30. Amer ican Prince

    Now that I saw that again, shouldn’t that have been a tripping foul on Perkins?

    Spade when was that said cause I don’t remember that?

    El Patron Himself (Accept no Imitations!)
    Quoting Zaza is great.

  31. Natalie Sitto

    It was a clear path Amer ican Prince. Foul and the ball back.

    El Patron makes me smile on a daily basis.

    As for SPADE…he uses a different name and Proxy daily. And I didn’t say it here, I was asked the question on “someones” site… My reasoning…Rip would adjust better and I was worried about the EGO. And from what it looks like now, my guess is Iverson back isn’t bothering him all that much it. Ego

  32. Keith J

    I love it how people come here to bash, I in no way cream as Spade would say over the site. I do however respect and appreciative Natalie’s creativity, humor and insight. We are all fans..

    The way I look at it, I have been coming to need4sheed for years and quite frankly Natalie is quite original, she’s been doing things here that plenty of people mimicked years later. Just look at Pistons.com, when someone does something right…people take notice. That’s why this site is what it is and I’m proud to be a member of the team need4sheed army.

    As for the game, great win and Im not getting ahead of myself just yet. Lets see what happens when Iverson is back.

    And yes, it was nice that we not only beat the Celtics, but it was on ABC on a Sunday. The Mojo is back!

  33. Tonyelle

    I am glad to see Rip playing at this high level of competition. He is very comfortable in his own role and that’s what we want. We want players to be in their roles and “WORK IT!” I think Richard is an excellent player and wish him the best against Denver–although I still love and miss Chauncey!!!

  34. mac

    AI isn’t playing tomorrow against Denver cause of his back, supposedly. I really think that he’s probably just delaying the inevitable of coming off the bench. I honestly don’t think we need him in order to succeed. The rotations in the last two games were great with curry actually using the bench. When AI comes back, someones minutes are obviously going to get cut, and quite frankly they have been playing at a level where that isn’t fair. I hope this can all work out somehow.

  35. Amer ican Prince

    I meant on the Walter Herrmann inbound pass, doesn’t it look like he was tripped by Perkins? or is it just me?

    I was around that same level of thinking too Natalie. Though I think Rip has a big ego, but he’s been here longer than AI and has an actual commitment to THIS team. Although we have yet to see if AI handles the benching with grace or not. And I kinda figured about the proxy thing.

    Keith J
    I agree, and you’re right I totally didn’t even realize that it was a Sunday game and we won. Whoa cool.

  36. Amer ican Prince

    I was also wondering is it possible to either bring back the preview comment thing OR be able to edit our comments?

  37. WTF

    Hopefully AI will be a man and embrace his role and realize that the 6th man is the Answer. Maybe he can channel his energy and focus power and shoot 50(+)%. But it only takes one bad apple to ruin chemistry, so if his attitude or performance are poor he should be released.

    Come on AI, show us that you really want to win a championship!!!

  38. Jessica


  39. Susan

    I don’t who put something in Curry’s water but he has finally made a smart decision in allowing Hermann some minutes. This guy is all about effort and unique skills, plus he’s really entertaining.

    The last games looked like the team we know and love. Let’s hope it keeps up.

  40. pistons 4 life

    Great game!!!! Nice to actually beat some quality teams for once. Let’s see what happens when AI does come back and come off the bench. I think it will make them more dangerous. The bench has always had problems scoring a lot of points. AI could easily fix that problem because he’ll be able to have the ball in his hands all the time. Hopefully everything works out and this season won’t be a total downer.

  41. YESSIRR32

    The only reason why Big Baby got that foul call on his drive to the hgolewas because he didn’t land on his feet. He pulled his own feet away from under him to make it look good, and he got the foul call. He then crashed to the floor, shaking the whole arena, and injured himself. Idiot; he deserves whatever pain he got from that fall. He is so bad, why is he on the team? He’s just huge; if he wasn’t, he’d be in D-League for sure. He doesn’t know how to play post. Sheed ate him and Perkins up all night with those long arms.


  42. pistonsfan101

    Is it possible to see Walter Herrmann all highlights from this game??

  43. Natalie Sitto

    No highlights from this one other than the one inbound pass.

  44. Sam

    Will Bynum is my favorite new Piston, (Built and plays like Lindsey Hunter with the same worksman pitbull attitude)
    He really made my day when he picked Stupidbury’s pocket 2X. I was screaming GO WILL B. Go Will B. go pick the lint from that malcontent’s pockets.

    And I am so glad to see Walter taking more shots.
    The rebounding stinks though, what happened??

  45. pistonsfan101

    Alright thanks anywayz Natalie 🙂

  46. Michael

    did anyone see that big baby video of him singing genie in a bottle? lol, what a faggot.

  47. Pistons Fan Puerto Rico

    Lets hope AI makes an excellent 6th man, this is the no brainier line up we all been waiting for and this could be the dark horse contender capable of beating higher seeds. If they continue their strong play and AI gives them 15 and 5 off the bench, this will be the most interesting playoffs in quite a while.


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