Pistons vs. Bulls

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Pistons vs. Bulls

The Pistons in Chicago to take on the 22-29 Bulls. Rodney Stuckey, who’s been held under 10 points the last 4 games,  isn’t putting up same kinds of performances he did the last time these two teams met.  Needless to say another 40 point game would be just the medicine the Stuckey would love to swallow.

Yes the Piston really are 27-22 losing 11 of their past 17 overall and are barley holding on in the in the Easten Conference standings a half of a game in front of Miami in the fifth spot and just and 13 games back of Cleveland. Something that Pistons fans aren’t quite used to.

The Bulls…well they are currently outside the playoff picture, and trail the division leading Cavs by 18 games.

Good News/Bad News and More:

Tip off is at 8:30 P.M. and will be locally televised on FSN. If you can’t watch the broadcast, tune into 1130 AM WDFN The Fan.  Can’t do either? Follow the game on NBA.com.

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66 Responses to "Pistons vs. Bulls"
  1. Avatar Amer ican Prince says:

    This happened a couple seasons ago too. The flu bug kind of went through the team. Some said after he got the flu CWebb just wasn’t the same (though I doubt it made any difference in his game.

    Afflalo is gonna rip em up
    Wonder if Herrmann gets in today too?

  2. Avatar iverson310fan says:

    You think Rip and Stuck will start bc no AI?

  3. Avatar The Fluidics says:

    Showtime is starting in place of AI. THat’s only fair, can’t keep bringing Rip in and out, in and out. If he’s doing well off the bench, keep him coming off the bench.

    Suck it, tee hee.

  4. Avatar altan says:

    id rather have no AI at all, and just rodney stuckey and rip, we cant find minutes for the rotation of those three guards we need a role player not 3 starters…

  5. Avatar Nicholas says:

    I have to admit, that I was one of those who believed that Iverson was one of the main reasons for our lack of chemistry both offensively and defensively. However after watching the first quarter and a half of this game I have come to the conclusion as many have before me, that our lack of chemistry is in fact the fault of our very own head coach Curry. The sooner he is gone the sooner I can once again start recording pistons games, and looking forward to them as the best part of my day, until then I will spend my evenings building wooden boxes while listening to sad winter music.

  6. ^^^^ I second that Fluidics…


    BTW…any recommendations for sad winter music?

  7. Avatar pistonsfan101 says:

    Lol good one..

  8. Avatar Amber says:


    You realize the real reason Detroit sucks is because we stopped having a pre-game connection, right?

    MC is a bit of a bum, but I am really enjoying watching the Pistons without AI. I caught a tiny glimpse of what the Pistons are really about…AI can stay out the rest of the season.

  9. Avatar pistons 4 life says:

    Without AI this team returns to the way they should be playing and that’s why it’s fun to watch. I never understood why everyone is so obsessed with fast break basketball and high scoring. Sure it’s fun when they get out in transition every once and a while. But Give me a grind it out defensive struggle over that style any day. If they loose tonight do they drop back down to 6th?

  10. Avatar Chris says:

    is there like a delay on the game?

  11. Avatar Nicholas says:


    This is what I’ve been listening to lately:

    Neutral Milk Hotel
    Belle & Sebastian
    The Decemberists
    The Soundtrack to The Squid & The Whale
    Thastrom (Swedish)

    I hope some of these help you embrace the winter months as they’ve helped me.

  12. Avatar Amber says:

    Yeah, Poison Ivy (AI) has got to go.

  13. Avatar ALMEI says:

    Oh good, one time we were up 94-79. With 3:34 to go we were up 100-90. Now with a minute to go, Sheed at the line up 100-99. Why do we make it so interesting? Come on Pistons, hold on!

  14. Avatar Nick says:

    As you can see… The reason the Pistons lose games, is not because of AI… but because of COACHING…. Im wathing the pistons give away a win to the Bulls as we speak. We had a 15 point lead, and u stop giving the ball to sheed? OKKKKKKK

  15. Avatar Slim Shady says:

    SHEED WTF TURN AROUND THREE WITH 12 seconds on the shot clock wtf… FUCK WERE GONNA LOSE

  16. Avatar ALMEI says:

    Yep, sure can’t blame Ai for this one. A 15 point lead with 7:30 to go and then outscored 22-8. Oh good, a 3 pointer and a foul shot. What the heck happened?

  17. Avatar Slim Shady says:

    we’re a terrible 4th quarter team WTF were up by 15 at the start let ben gordon hit a three and the foul 16.7 left… lets see what happens down by three shitttt

  18. Avatar CHAD says:

    I have nothing to say.. there are honestly Anti-AI comments in here?

    kill yourselves.

  19. Avatar hoping for a turn around says:

    PATHETIC ! its that simple.

  20. Avatar blamu2 says:

    I’m kinda happy that we lost maybe they will fire Curry or trade some playas

  21. Avatar Swart says:

    pathetic. It seems like the Pistons tried to lose this game. Turnovers, stupid fouls, etc. Davidson should fire Dumars.

  22. Avatar Slim Shady says:

    wow good game team

  23. Avatar Amber says:

    I agree with the commentators. The Chauncey trade made absolutely no sense.

    How can you guys not laugh at this loss? This isn’t Detroit….apparently Chauncey took away

    -Ability to control games
    -Ability to end games

    Yeah…well, I still say with AI playing Detroit would’ve been blown out. With him sitting, Detroit at least had a lead for a bit!

  24. Avatar Slim Shady says:

    now will everyone stop the AI hating… were better with him than without him… i think get stuckey out of the starting lineup… he’s too wild and he’s not a PG we need a real PG

  25. Avatar ALMEI says:

    I’m a huge Pistons fan, but that doesn’t mean I can’t speak up when there are playing poorly. I am still a huge fan–but come on. What a terrible lost. There is just no excuse for this one. A complete give-away. Players, the coach–who? This is either not a well-coached team or you have players (not all of them) who just don’t care anymore.

  26. Avatar Walter5 says:

    coach curry always preaches the players to play better but otherwise he should coach better especially crunchtime.

  27. Avatar Kero says:

    Seriously Curry is a ball sack of a head coach.

  28. Avatar Swart says:

    I am a die-hard fan as well…and I must say, this was painful to watch at the end. Sheed and Rip had great games, hate to see those performances go to waste. AMARE WE NEED YOU

  29. Avatar zaid says:

    The reason the pistons are not winning as many games is they dont have a shot blocking threat down the stretch. Rose was in the lane all the time and that one weired name from the bucks.
    If we get Chandler or camby and we would get so much better.

    And that could rest sheed they are over using him.
    He is 34 not 24. I dont think we throw in the flag but joe d has to make a move. I just home he doesnt throw in the white flag.

  30. Avatar blamu2 says:

    Rasheed 3pt attempt was obviously stupid but driving under the basket with 3 point deficit and 16 seconds left was fuckin hilarious.

  31. Avatar Swart says:

    Anger is just an extension of sadness. Right now my anger stems from the sad play of the Pistons. Goodnight all, let’s hope that Bibby doesn’t light us up again tomorrow night.

  32. Avatar Th3 Answ3r says:

    Funny that when you people don’t have AI to blame because of the loss, you try your best to find an excuse. Your more of bandwag gons instead of fans. Pathetic.

  33. Avatar Chris says:

    men.. how embarassing. up by 14 start of 4th. up by 10 3 mins left. lose by 5 in the end, against the BULLS!hahahaahaha they’ve got no killer instinct anymore, always being outscored in the 4th.

  34. Avatar Chris says:

    This is absolutely without a doubt AI’s fault hahahah. Go ahead guys blame AI for this loss too.hahaha

    23 lose same as last year already

  35. Avatar Swart says:

    gotta stop the penetration and cut down on turnovers…also, fire Curry, trade Sheed for Amare, and fire Dumars and replace him with Isiah

  36. Avatar Mikey F Baby says:

    Can’t blame this one on AI. Pistons looked disgusting in the 4th quarter. Stuckey, technically has hit the “rookie wall”. (he missed 57 games last year). AI and Rip didn’t work well right after the trade, but obviously it has been working lately. Start AI and Rip, bring Stuckster off the bench to provide the scoring.

    And what the hell was Rasheed thinking with that 3? He trying his best to NOT get traded?

  37. Avatar Kenneth Jay says:

    you have got to be fucking kidding me again…this is getting ridiculous and very old. We are not gonna get out of the first round of the playoffs, I call it now and I have a good couple of months to accept it and not be so shocked when it happens come playoff time. Way to go Curry and Dumars!!!!

  38. In my eyes they are all to blame….exept Dyess, who seems like the only one that cares right now. Is anyone listening to Curry’s post game comments? He is as dumbfounded off the court as he is when he’s on the court coaching.

    Go Pistons?

  39. Avatar Chris says:

    Hey Nat can you please tell me what coach curry is saying?

  40. Avatar TKinslow22 says:

    This is embarrassing. I don’t know how many double digit leads this team has blown but this loss just makes me sick. It’s become evident this team has no heart. Joe Dumars stole it from them.

  41. Avatar CHAD says:

    “Th3 Answ3r Says:
    February 10th, 2009 at 11:40 pm

    Funny that when you people don’t have AI to blame because of the loss, you try your best to find an excuse. Your more of bandwag gons instead of fans. Pathetic.”

    Have you read the comments? they’re still blaming AI.

    Fire Curry.

    Trade for Amare (and Bosh)

  42. Avatar Onin says:

    where’s the heart?where’s the pride?where’s the passion? where’s detroit basketball?

  43. Avatar Marc says:

    Who do we have to give up to get Chauncey back? I’m ready and willing to see everyone let go except for Dyess and Rip. Everyone else right now is garbage. Way to go Joe D lets just destroy a solid team so we can have cap space in the HOPES of signing LeBron, not even a guarantee. The way this season is going Kwame is probably going to get a 5 year extension and that will be our big offseason signing. Just fed up, Curry needs to get canned right now.

  44. Avatar Amer ican Prince says:

    I think we know who’s really to blame here. Walter Herrmann what did he do the entire time he was out on the floor? Nothing. No rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, he didn’t even put up a single shot. How can we win when players don’t produce.

    Nat I’d like to hear Curry’s comments too

  45. Avatar Onin says:

    oh yeah by the way the officiating was horrendous. I mean, I know the game was dedicated to Johny Kerr who is battling prostate cancer(God Bless him, his family and hopefully he gets better), but the officiating shouldn’t be biased at all and the game should be played fair and square.

  46. Avatar Onin says:

    ^^^Oops.Im sorry, I meant Red Kerr. Hopefully Red Kerr gets better

  47. Avatar steve the hated says:

    yeah go team wooooo.. get amare here now!

  48. Avatar Nick says:

    Whoever is blaming Joe Dumars for this, is dumb. Stop being nieve … The Pistons might have won games this season but would not have won a championship with Chauncey. We are going to be in a GREAT position to be a dynasty in the future! STOP LIVING IN THE PAST… We could be losing LOTS of games and suck forever… Joe Dumars is doing a GREAT job… Please, everyone, stop trying to make excuses for this team. They just arent as good as they used to . Yeah they will lose some games… But we are so much better off now that if we were to keep Chaucney. Just swollow this for a bit! Trust me, good times are close ahead.

  49. Avatar ben says:

    maybe now that joe d sees how we can play without the answer maybe hell try and trade ai before the deadline for shaq or another big man who knows im praying tho that will happen

  50. Avatar Th3 Answ3r says:

    ben, are you on fucking crack or something? You fuckin hater. Get a life please. If they play better w/o AI, why the fuck didn’t they close out the game? Im so glad they lost this game otherwise, your gonna see fucking morons spamming “see! were better w/o AI!” “We don’t need a player who plays like its his last game!” People like you really need to see a doctor.

  51. Avatar ben says:

    we dont need ai u dumbass we need a big man to block shots and get rebounds and stop points in the paint what team are u watchin?? ur a joke

  52. Avatar pistons 4 life says:

    I won’t blame AI for any of their losses, but my point is that he doesn’t fit into the way this team plays. And when he doesn’t play they return to more of a half court team which I think gives them their best chance at winning games. As far as loosing a huge lead in the fourth, who knows what’s going on. It could either be bad strategy by the coaching staff, but to loose that big of lead late in the game normally I think players would get the blame. I think an earlier post nailed it, I just think some of these guys don’t care anymore because they know they’re not that good this year. That’s why this team needs another shakeup to get rid of the complacency.

  53. Avatar augustslady says:

    It’s part coaching and part players.
    I’ll be happy if we make the playoffs.
    The coach is in over his head.
    The players are young or in the case of our vets;
    I think are just not mentally tough enough.
    Ben and C.B. whatever you may think of their diminishing skills with age had a mental edge.
    The remaining vets are as children.
    Not a rant on them just who they are.
    A.I. is a very good player for the style he plays,
    hope he does us proud in the allstar game.
    He’s doing his best to fit in and blaming him is childish.
    I feel for Antonio,he deserves better!lol
    I’ll be glad when this year is over….
    It’s like banging your head up into a brick wall,over and over again.
    Oh well,hope the best defensive team wins it all!
    From someone who may never see her beloved pistons
    get an other ring(sigh).
    Everyone have a wonderful day!

  54. Avatar Th3 Answ3r says:

    Big man? BIG MAN? Last time I checked, Pistons have a big man. His name is Kwame Brown you crack addict. When Chauncey was here, how come we didn’t need a big man? Nobody was saying Pistons needed a big man. AI is 4 inchs shorter than Chauncey. Your saying 4 inches changes your mind about wanting a big man? Get the fuck outta here, your a bannwagon and a hater. Bitch :).

  55. Avatar altan says:

    this team doesnt seem the same, its only been one season, since we were good wht a downfall D:

  56. Avatar Johnny (#1 Stuckey fan) says:

    Well, another dissapointing loss…i got my blood pressure up by screamin at them last night all for what? I don’t know if i wanna care anymore about this team. I’m a diehard til the end but until they turn somethin around, i will just expect a loss everytime they come onto the court or at least until the final minute of the games. Something needs to be done before Joe D starts losing fans, they are gettin pi55ed with this team and i don’t see it getting better. 4 games over .500? Are you kiddin me? I can’t explain what the hell happens to us in the 4th quarter and i knew it would happen. We have to grind games to the last second, that means play hard until the game is over. When you have a 15 pt lead on a team, KEEP POUNDING THEM, don’t just stop and get complacent with the lead. I wish AI ‘n Dyess could play on a winning team so they could win a title. They both deserve that much…cuz it ain’t gonna happen here. And to think I’m goin to the game tonite, i don’t even wanna see them play, they disgust me. We will be on a 3 game losing streak and only 3 game over .500 goin into all star break. How does that sound pistons fans?

  57. Avatar Walter5 says:

    another heart breaker..
    in my opinion, this recent slide has nothing to do with AI, team chemistry and coaching staff. by parting with Chauncey, the team lost its leader and the intangibles he bring that doesn’t count on the stat sheet. he always keep the pistons in control of things.
    the trade last november, talent-wise is really good. you get a superstar who is a proven scorer and a future HOF but we give up Chauncey who has intangibles, basketball IQ and the mental toughness he brings in the game. eventhough Chauncey is catching up father time, Denver just got what they wanted in Chauncey. AI will just blend in the right time but for Tay, Sheed and Rip they should accept the responsibility what Chauncey is doing for the team in the past 5 years.
    While Coach MC should have be better calling the right plays and never lost composure.

  58. Avatar steve the hated says:

    This team sucks lol.. LETS GO RED WINGS!

  59. Avatar ben says:

    yeah a big man u jackass a big man that knows how to play basketball not just ride the pony he sucks he cannot ball we need a big man that knows how to play defense and score we needed to so shut the hell up why are u talkin bout chaunceys height compared to chaunceys? and because we had ben wallace here when chauncey was here that could block shots and get rebounds remember DENFENSIVE POY 4 out of 5 years DUMBASS

  60. Avatar Joe says:

    I’m surprised Hartford wasn’t in the top 10 worst cities. No sports teams at all, high crime rate, high taxes, terrible highway system, lame nightlife, and a miserable job market. I think 99% of Hartford residents would move to Chicago in a heartbeat if they could.

  61. Avatar Amer ican Prince says:

    Big man won’t matter in a system not designed for help defense cause Curry wants everyone to stick on they’re man. THEN to top it off AI, Stuckey Tay, Rip have no idea to keep they’re man in front of them and out of the paint.

  62. Avatar Th3 Answ3r says:

    Ben, you fucking dumbass, how come the pistons weren’t this bad last season? They didn’t have a big man you fuckin tard. They didn’t get 23 losses till it was April. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT YOU WH0R3. kthxbai.

  63. Avatar blamu2 says:

    Along with iverson we got some iverson “fans” with amazing wisdom of basketball

  64. Avatar Th3 Answ3r says:

    Your all just haters lawl

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