And the Oscar Goes to…. Michael Curry

by | Feb 23, 2009 | 64 comments


“From Feared to Absurdity”

Michael Curry Oscar for From Here to Absurdity
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……First off I would like to thank God, if it weren’t for him I wouldn’t be standing here today.  Joe Dumars for giving me this once in a lifetime opportunity to coach these players. For pulling off a trade for Allen Iverson that has a lot to do with me standing here in front of you right now. To Flip Saunders putting up the wins, but not getting it done come playoff time. To my wife for believing in me, David Stern, Mike Brown, The Thunder – a class organization – The Bobcats, The Bucks… oh my, who else do I need to thank? Mr. D for running a class organization. Chauncey Billups….who am I forgetting? Oh and like they always say… it’s all about rotations.

Rotations, Rotations, Rotations!



  1. Th3 Answ3r

    Hahahah!! That put a big smile on my face!! LMAo. Hahaha. Thank you Natalie. Lol.

    “Rotations, Rotations, Rotations!” LOL

  2. Clinton

    Fire curry NOW! please i beg!

  3. Keith J

    See now I was all upset this morning after having to have watched the death of my Pistons last night and now you put a huge smile on my face.


    Thank you from all of us.

  4. dermot

    seriously how many more games do we have to lose before we fire this joker? watching the pistons last night was just sad, i wanted to cry for them. lol

  5. Noa Daniely

    LOL that was really funny, Natalie 😀


    Nice one Nat. Curry Sucks….

  7. Max-Aholic

    Funny! Fire Curry now, put in an interim coach for the remainder of the season. This way we’ll at least know that Curry won’t be back next season. All they did yesterday was take a trip to Cleveland, nice work Curry. This is the first time I’ve actually seen the players give up on a coach.

  8. sheeplysheepus

    The team’s play under Curry has been just ridiculous. The man has no grasp of how to inspire the team or take control and manage the game. I just don’t understand…

  9. mac

    Curry really needs to go. In the beginning of the season I was happy we got rid rid of flip and i thought curry would be a perfect fit. Curry could straighen the players out while chauncey led the team on the court. But that was before we traded chauncey. Curry should’ve been replaced as soon as he was traded.

  10. KleenGee

    Very Funny. Fake it till you make it.

    In this economy, I can’t stand myself for wishing that someone gets fired, but I’m getting tired checking the news for that headline to break.

  11. Lake

    eh, it’s not that curry will have money problems anyway if he gets fired

  12. bill cosby

    Why is Micheal Curry black but he has a white hand?

  13. ladyPiston

    “Chauncey Billups. . . who am I forgetting?” Too funny!!

  14. Kara

    I cannot believe Dumars is letting this happen to our beloved Pistons!!!!!!! Wake up, Joe!!!!!!!

  15. yzermansteve

    no coaching xp, couldn’t hit a shoot when he played, i think joe did this intentionally. wouldn’t be easier to blame curry than to take the blame yourself? joe is rebuilding just like pres. bush would have. lie, cheat, and backstab all of your friends in the process, isnt that the american way? when the dust settles in 2010 we will be a different team with all new faces, a new coach and all of the players we have grown to love will be saying “it just a buisness, you have to expect things like this to happen”., stab, twist pull out and stab again. its a buisness folks, 23 million saved. alan and sheed both no what their playin for,…..nothing! anyone who didnt see this coming takes to many things for granted, thats why i dont buy pistons jerseys, just t’s, hoodies, and hats. after all, were are all pistons fans first, sheed fans second, but will joe’s backstabing kill that too? who’s next, tay-tay or rip?

  16. Undertaker

    A Breif Moment of silence…….


    R.I.P. – You will be missed

  17. The Fluidics

    Teams don’t fire coaches on road trips.
    When they come back home though…

  18. Vanalope

    ah satire, truly the best way of making your feelings known! 🙂 Nice post Nat!

  19. Amer ican Prince

    “The Thunder – a class organization”. What are you doing to me cause that is awesome.

    We should have our our Pistons Razzies though that could be fun.

  20. dunkonu

    Thanks, Natalie. You just made my day. 🙂

    BTW: Has anybody seen Joe D lately? Just trying to make sure he is still alive…

  21. Alwayzreal

    What an idiot…lmao I hope after we go 0-5 on the road that they finally fire this bum

  22. Ron

    Ok, a Joe D — George W. Bush analogy? Now, I have indeed heard everything!

  23. SadPanda

    Good point, dunkonu. I think Joe D might be tied up in Curry’s basement somewhere. Since the alternative is accepting that he has actually watched this team for the last two months and done f-all about it… I prefer to believe Curry abducted him.

  24. KleenGee

    Curry is coming down with a mild case of George Dubya
    —from “Curry seeking fighters” by Ted Kulfan / The Detroit News

    .. Curry said the coaching staff is trying to get Jason Maxiell to attack the defensive boards as well as he does the offensive.

    “Max can go in some games and get three offensive boards and no defensive rebounds. The offensive rebounds get you extra possessions offensively, but those defensive rebounds end that possession for the opposing team,” Curry said.

    Maxiell had nine rebounds, six defensive.

  25. augustslady

    Funny,brought a smile to this old ladies face…
    Thanks Natalie!

  26. Pistons30Fan

    Lately, I’ve been coming to this blog everyday hopin’ to see an annoucement about a new coach…..

  27. Fariduddin

    Dang! I think some comments are over the top… i mean i do feel where people are coming from and i do agree that Curry is over his head, but its not that simple. These cats are not playing with passion and the determination to win ball games. the talent is there… i personally feel that the pistons are coasting this regular season and don’t give a damn about playoff positions. mark my words: the pistons will improve play the last 20 games of the season. i don’t see cats exerting much energy and their effort is sub-par. also, lets factor that losing Billups was huge! they didn’t just lose a team-mate, but a friend.. its an obvious adjustment… i wouldn’t mind Joe D. bringing in Isiah Thomas to bring back that desire to win! Curry’s days are numbered and i do feel bad for him.. however he is not producing and making reality his stated mission. Bring in Zeke….


    from the South-Side of Chicago

  28. Brian O'Larry

    I think that thing is halarious!!! btw we need to FIRE michael curry and hire AVery Johnson, then the rasheed and amare trade could have helped alot also..

  29. Th3 Answ3r


  30. altan

    to make curry not as sad if he gets fired from dumars they should just make curry be assistant coach and let avery, or soombody be head coach, curry cant get the job done

  31. JanScholl

    It was so bad last night that I turned the game off at 8:30 thinking I would flip back if the game got good (I had a scoring update running on the computer) as I wanted to rag on the bad dresses for the Oscars. After Heath was rewarded, I turned it all off.

    Wake me up when the Pistons are alive. This is one dead team. And trading for Amare as listed above would not have solved anything-the man is on the injured list now.

  32. AIfan4life87


  33. Lori

    Thank you, Natalie, you really are the best. We certainly need all the laughs we can get at this point. My favorite was the trade for AI part and I loved the title. When do you think MC will be dumped? He’s turning the Pistons into the Lions!

  34. DUSTIN

    DON’T expect to see Curry goin anywhere Pistons fans. He’s Joe’s boy. Do you guys really think Joe’s gonna fire him before the playoffs even begin? Come on get real! Your all caught up in wishful thinking. Joe doesn’t care about what outsiders think right now. He’s been through to many coaches in the last 7 years and is already feeling the pressure once again. This is a business not a popularity contest…..That is a funny pic though.

  35. bvinson


  36. augustslady

    Mybe a test of wills between Joe and the players….
    He wants a putz for the coach and they are behaving like spoiled kids!
    Both need to grow up and think of this city and the pistons first, set ego aside.
    Actually feel a little for curry.
    Not much just a little!lol

  37. El Patron Himself (Accept no Imitations!)

    I did an search on Chicken Curry… here’s what I found on the list of real movie titles that might fit him…

    Crash, Dazed and Confused, Demolition Man, Apocalypse Now, The Killer, Clueless, Unforgiven, Resident Evil, You’re Killing Me

    and here are two movies for Joe D to consider…


  38. Susan

    Last night, Curry says “we’re playing like we don’t know eachother, like we don’t like eachother”. Um, maybe they don’t like YOU and your arbitrary, pointless rotations. At least, we got to see Hermann and Afflalo…

    Still, thanks for the laugh, Natalie!

  39. Nik

    Who is going to lead this team out of this mess?????
    Out of the current crop I can only think of RIP.
    Recipe for success….
    Fire the stupid coach…
    Trade Sheed and Stuckey for a real center.
    Bring Will Bynum to starting lineup and let him be the conventional point guard this team needs.

    I, can only hope that it doesn’t get any worse than this.

  40. Drunkard

    Hire Avery Johnson.. or even Bill Laimbeer. Let’s bring back Detroit Defense.

  41. Dave

    “In 4 months, not 4 years, Joe D can reshape the future
    Disappointing. Mystifying. Lifeless. Keep going? Dispirited. Lethargic. Unpardonable.

    Have we about covered everything? Anything else that needs to be said about Sunday’s crushing defeat at Cleveland, when the Pistons – despite the incentive of national TV in the house of a division rival – didn’t put up much of a fight in falling 33 points down by halftime?

    When somebody asked Michael Curry after the game if such a slap in the face might “open the eyes” of his team, Curry, now clearly perplexed by the lack of fight his team is showing – the very characteristic that enabled his entire NBA career – answered about as honestly as he could: “I mean, how much more open do the eyes have to be?”

    Make no mistake about it, when Joe Dumars pulled off the Chauncey Billups-Allen Iverson trade, he knew there was a possibility it wouldn’t yield immediate benefits. Iverson, for all his wondrous talents, is one of the more difficult players in the league to just drop into the middle of your lineup. So Dumars understood the potential to struggle was there.

    But it’s a fair guess to say he never imagined the struggles would last this long, or become so formidable.

    And fans are reacting in force to the worst stretch of basketball this team has seen since the first year of the Dumars reign, when he inherited a team practically devoid of assets. Accustomed to extraordinary success – seven consecutive 50-win seasons just isn’t the norm – Pistons fans are openly questioning everything from Dumars’ vision to Curry’s coaching to the team’s collective will.

    But let’s take one step back and look at the big picture. What’s the worst-case scenario here? Well, at 27-27, and having lost 15 of their last 20 games since beating Denver on the road without both Rip Hamilton and Rasheed Wallace on Jan. 9 to reach 22-12, the Pistons are in some danger of missing the playoffs altogether – almost unthinkable even a week ago.

    Let’s start from that worst-case premise: The Pistons miss the playoffs.

    What keeps a fan base going in difficult times? Easy: The belief that the future will be brighter. Do Pistons fans have to engage in self-delusion to swallow that medicine? Not even a little bit.

    Rodney Stuckey’s current slump aside, he gives the Pistons a 22-year-old building block at what has become the most important position in the game. Tayshaun Prince and Rip Hamilton, both affected by the adjustment to playing with Iverson, remain in their primes. Arron Afflalo, Jason Maxiell and Amir Johnson are young players with value, whether used here or in trade.

    Miss the playoffs and they’d have a lottery pick – not to mention three more picks in the top half of the second round.

    And those are only the appetizers. Ninety percent of why Pistons fans should believe better days are coming, and soon, is tied to their cap standing. With more money to spend than anyone this side of Oklahoma City come July 1, Joe Dumars is going to aggressively remake this team.

    Probably by July 15, he will have added at least one and, quite possibly, two major pieces. The phone calls he took leading up to the trade deadline give him even more reasons to believe the possibilities around draft day and into free agency can dramatically transform the Pistons over the summer. And dramatically isn’t too strong a word. There is a scenario out there that could see the Pistons landing two All-Star types, for instance, one with their free-agent booty, one via a trade that will be judged to be decidedly in their favor.

    That’s the outlook as of late February. There are going to be plenty of other scenarios that present themselves in May, June and July, as teams dropping from contention start fixing their gaze on next season and beyond.

    GMs more desperate to remake their teams than Joe D, and dealing from far less favorable conditions, are going to be calling him based on the Pistons’ standing under the salary cap. The opportunities those GMs have to move good players they can no longer afford are few – the Pistons are going to be one of three or four teams with the space to accept an eight-figure salary, and not all of those teams figure to be willing recipients.

    How attractive those offers eventually get, Joe D can’t fully appreciate now. But what he’s heard already assures him this much: His phone will be ringing early and often.

    And in that alone, Pistons fans can at least know that as tough as the present is to endure for a franchise accustomed to unusual sustained success, the future – and we’re talking about four months from now, not four years – looks very bright, indeed.”

  42. mobius909

    i say spend some of that extra dough you’ll have floating around to lure in B. Laimbeer. then we’ll start to play some defense. you know they’ll respect him. he knows how to win, knows the game, has a high game IQ and won’t take ISH.

    Laimbeer we trust.

  43. KleenGee

    If this season is all about relieving some cap space, then one has to wonder: How will Dumars lure good players with a rookie, .500 coach? (…even though he is good at acceptance speeches.)

  44. adge

    putangina mo curry!!!! fire his ass!!!!! A.I. doesnt deserve this shit…. if your not going to give him a ring you should have traded him to a REAL contender team…

  45. Dave

    I originally looked at both upsides of the trade…..and therefore it was still a good trade. The 1st upside was that AI is a superstar player and “could” have made the Pistons better. That obviously didn’t happen. But I also looked at the other side and said…..even “IF” AI didn’t fit, then what’s the worst that could happen? You have one bad season, and then you have the freedom to rebuild the team by filling the holes you had the previous 3 seasons, which where not going away even IF you kept Billups. Billups signed to a 5 year deal with the Pistons. If the Pistons kept Billups for the entire 5 years, they would have gotten NOTHING for him in return at the end of his contract. That’s where the Pistons made their mistakes in the past and Joe Dumars was not going to let that happen again. So with this trade, he put the team in a win/win situation where you’re “hoping” for the best, while still being prepared for the worst. That’s a GOOD trade and a smart trade. The team wasn’t able to get past Miami in 2006, Cleveland in 2007, and Boston in 2008 WITH Billups. So if we kept Billups, we could have possibly looked forward to a “good” season record this season, but most likely still gotten eliminated in the playoffs, because the team would have STILL had the same weaknesses that they had the prior 3 seasons.

  46. DUSTIN

    Whatever happens they don’t want a lottery pick. That’s just more money they would have to pay taking away from cap space. This year isn’t a strong draft. That’s not going to happen anyway…Pistons will make the playoffs!

  47. Jeff

    Curry has done an awful job, but let’s not let the players off the hook either. They have done an awful job as well.

  48. Tim

    They need to put Stucky back on the bench.

  49. pissed off fan

    pathetic that was the most embaresed iv ever been as a pistons fan the cavs crushed us now we have nothing its all shit right now nothing is looking good but one thing ik is this team has alot of guys with heart and determination, and if we can just pull are heads out from are ass then we will be aight but against the cavs was ebaricing i mean someone punch that floopy headed fuck varjoe

  50. El Patron Himself (Accept no Imitations!)


    Very insightful analysis, both of them. I agree with you on the butterfly effect of AI’s trade and how this will shape the Pistons for the foreseeable future. Dumars has long talked about rebuilding the team to get past the slump of the ECF but when you have players who have developed an if-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it mentality (and let’s be honest, the core of the team as it was [Rip, Sheed, Tay, and Chaunce] were rolling that way), it’s more difficult to do that. Bringing AI disrupted the system and has started to make more evident the holes in the system. In that sense, I understand what you mean and how a cold blooded analysis of this situation sees that there maybe was method to the madness in why Dumars pulled off this trade even if that meant losing some of his gravitas in front of the fans…

    However, fans have their right to be irate and disappointed. I can’t blame them if what they’re fearing is the ultimate worst-case scenario: To me, missing the playoff is just worsE-case scenario… worsT-case scenario is the team (or at least anybody not named Iverson, McDyess, Hermann, or Maxiell) completely mutinying on Curry and tanking it just to prove the point. I think that’s what’s got us angry: The lack of bite, the lack of fight in what used to be a proud group of players that represents a city that needs all the bite and fight it can get (I don’t live in Detroit and I’ve never been there… but I can read English pretty well and I know of the woes in the 313). That’s what’s really killing us.

    If they are to miss the playoffs, and it’s plausible at this point, I think what the fans are asking is that at least Detroit doesn’t go down without a fight… and that’s what we’re missing the most!

  51. kiraniye

    i honestly dont know what to think of this season. we could just as easily put together a 6 game winning streak and be right back in the thick of things. I think the problem this year is that the Pistons have become too inconsistent. Hopefully things will work themselves out by playoff time.

  52. Sam

    Stuckey obviously is not ready to lead this team or Detroit has the dumbest $#^$^& coach currently in the NBA. And don’t think Billups is the answer either, he’s getting his ass handed to him tonight by Rondo. AI needs to retire now, he takes too many shots and he doesn’t have the benefit of the Ref’s whistle any more. I see him forcing bad shots and flopping and looking to the ref for help. I think Curry will not get fired until after the season when Detroit will be near the top 10 for those precious ping pong balls. And people, please be smart, if you ever get rid of stinky curry, you don’t want to poison the Pistons with Isiah Thomas. NY is just starting to recover from his bad trades and crazy contracts to dipshits who ain’t worth dog poo in Harlem. I will give you 3 fine examples:
    Fat Jerome James, Poisonous Starbury and that weak minded idiot, Eddie Curry.

  53. Josh K 419


  54. KleenGee

    Getting rid of Chauncey was following that phrase: “getting rid of a star one year too early, is better than one year too late.”

  55. Kero

    Chauncey lost to the Celtics by 50 at Home, we could have done that 🙂

  56. Shawn

    I was reading the Pistons mailbag on today and i have to say that I have become fed up with him defending every move that the Pistons make this season. I used to love reading his opinions and what not, but after he defended Curry in it today saying that Joe D. has ZERO reasons to fire him, I lost it.

  57. Mark

    I’d love to see Laimbeer in there, even if it’s just for the rest of this season. It would make everything more fun to watch, no matter what happens.

  58. big B

    curry needs the BOOT or yet i bet he havent been gettin BOOTY thats y hes fukkin up n screwing up his pathetic career , i feel so sorry 4 our team , if any1 watched the game u guys saw it in our players eyes there was no spark they werent even into the game , our bench players played better that our starters , MICHAEL CURRY YOU SUCK HAIRY NIPPLES !!!!

  59. Dom

    Well hello to you too fuXXer69

  60. Franz

    Haha Dom…

    I love this site, thanks Natalie

  61. craig

    @Dave very well written and you make some valid points however I would like to remind you that players talk.

    Basketball is a job, and if we’re going to accrue elite free agents, they will speak to current Pistons players and ask about the organization, the coaching staff. Did I mention the coaching staff?

    So say you’re Chris Bosh and you have a chance to come to Detroit and play for some serious money. What the Pistons had prior to this year was a managed half court game that ran pardon the pun, like an engine. You had tenacious defense playing on the other side of the ball.

    But not since LB made his way in and out of Detroit have we had a coach that knew how to manage a game.

    I assure you – not a single player would vouch for the job Michael Curry is doing right now. Dumars needs to either hire a veteran assistant coach to support Curry (Terry Porter anyone?) or use the same shrewd mentality he used to dump his starting captain and tell Michael it was a failed experiment. Eddie Jordan, the guy who was able to bleed water from a rock in D.C. is available people. I’d snatch him up before Philly got a hold of him…

  62. paul0321

    good one Nat! 🙂


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