Five and counting – Pistons lose at home to The Spurs

by | Feb 20, 2009 | 53 comments

Too bad the Pistons couldn’t pull out the win in last night’s game against the Spurs. The 83-79 home loss marks the Pistons’ fifth in a row and puts them under 500 at The Palace with 15 losses at home, equaling what they had all of last season.

Key Points

  • The crowd at the Palace was great and it was a very entertaining game. The Pistons came to play, starting the game focused and forcing Pop to call an early time out after the Pistons went on a 9-0 run.
  • The trade I would have liked to see before the deadline…..Antonio McDyess shipped to a contender.  He’s got more heart and will in his little finger than that whole team does right now. And I’m pretty sure he helps old ladies cross the street when nobody’s looking.  We are sorry Antonio.  Ice for Dyess seems futile now, doesn’t it?
  • A great first quarter followed by a second quarter where Detroit was outscored 24-16.  They fought the rest of the way.
  • What did Afflalo do to be in his current dog house position? Probably the same thing Maxiell did a while back. Nothing.
  • Second time this season they’ve lost four straight at home.
  • Allen Iverson led the Pistons with 31 points on 13 for 28 shooting.  He added 7 assists, a steal, a blocked shot and was taking it to Tony Parker like he was invincible.  Nothing was as pretty as this reverse.

Video Courtesy of The NBA, The Detroit Pistons, The NBA and TNT

  • “Iverson, who scored 12 in the fourth, including a layup that put the Pistons up 79-78 with 1:21 left, missed his last three shots, including a 3-pointer with 5.9 seconds left that would have tied the score.
    “A play like that matters so much, but just getting to the point where we needed a desperation shot to tie the game is the frustrating part,” Iverson said. “We put ourselves in a bad predicament.” Via The Detroit News
  • We all would have loved for Iverson to have taken that shot because Sheed’s 17 footer over Duncan just looked awkward.
  • Matt Bonner…really?
  • Stuckey, 2 points, 8 assists in 28 minutes.  He may not have lit it up, but remember he only took three shots.
  • I wont bore you with the DNP’s.  Curry went with a seven man rotation.
  • This Jason Maxiell dunk sent the Palace crowd WILD.  It looked even better on TV.
Video Courtesy of The NBA, The Detroit Pistons, The NBA and TNT

  • Jason Maxiell, 25 minutes, 10 points on 4-5 shooting with 9 boards and a blocked shot. And intensity. Max, Dyess and AI came to play.
  • Higlights of the Game.
  • 16% from downtown. Yuck
  • When we needed a three wasn’t there a better option than AI?  Just putting that out there.
  • Sheed 4-for-17, Rip 2-for-10, Tayshaun 3-for-10. Can’t win like that.
  • “I don’t mind playing iso-basketball, but I like to run,” Iverson said. “I don’t want to have to play iso-ball. I would rather us get baskets in the first four or five seconds of the shot clock. That’s the way I want to play. I want to run up and down the court so we don’t have to play against a big defense like that.” Via The Detroit News
  • ANOTHER double-double for Antonio Mcdyess with 13 points and 13 boards, a steal and 2 blocked shots.  The man is playing like he’s got the weight of the team on his shoulders.  Good thing because nobody else is taking things to heart like Dyess.  And the man recorded his 1000th career block.
  • On just one reason why Michael Curry can be blasted…….From Chris McCosky of the Detroit News. “.. Curry only played two reserves, Hamilton and Jason Maxiell (10 points, nine rebounds). His reasoning: The Pistons don’t play again until Sunday night and with the game on TNT, there were longer timeouts.
  • That says it all…..with that kind of logic, Sunday against Cleveland should be a mess.
  • Honestly, I think a Ouija board would produce better results than Curry at this point.


  1. mac

    What AI said made perfect sense. He would be running up the court and the other 4 would just be walking up. They really need to push the tempo up. I thought we played good d but the offense was just so bad. A lot of movement in the 1st quarter than everything just stopped and we were taking just terrible shots, Maxi Dyess and AI dont deserve this shit. Everyone else needs to step it the fuck up now

  2. Kate

    I’ve been a die-hard fan for years, but i’ve given up on this season–why not? the team itself has given up. completely. it wouldn’t surprise me if they don’t make the playoffs. it just sucks.

  3. C-Quense

    AI don’t deserve this shit? He and Curry are the reasons for that situation.
    If AI would be playing some defense, he has not to make 30 points a game.

  4. Austin K

    The last few games I’ve just been waiting to see how we were going to fuck the game up. It’s been consistant to the point where I am not surprised anymore. The past few years have been rooting on games that determined if we were getting the first or second seed. Now I’m rooting for playoff hope! WTF has happend. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  5. Clinton


  6. WT

    C-Quense, come on! Did you really see the game? Have you check the FG% of other people (Sheed, Prince, and Rip)? You can blame AI based on your “experience”. But for this game, please open your eyes and see the truth.

  7. Chris L.

    i’m going to dissagree with you saying “it was a entertaining game” the pistons could hardly score and the spurs weren’t even trying, AT ALL! also your quote “matt bonner…realy?” he has the 2nd best 3 point % in the nba, and he was open EVERY time he got the ball.

  8. Victor

    It was a very exciting game if anyone other then AI could play some offence we win this game. I know theres tons of AI haters but he did an amazing job against the Spurs but I know “ITS HIS FAULT WE LOST” as usual no one wants to look at any of the positives he provides this team with instead focus on the bad and say he getts a lot of turnovers but not look at how he’s always in the top of the NBA in steals I saw the other day that Iverson has been putting up the same numbers as Billups this year and actually better in some categories I know he’s not a PG but he only gets like 1 assist less den Billups does per game but either way I wish alot of these ppl would stop blaming AI and start looking at what the other players are doing to help? He’s trying look at the FG% of every other Piston this last game The main person I blame for the Pistons being so mediocre is Curry I cant wait till we got another coach!!! I know I’m probably the only one here but I’d like Iverson back and see what he can do here with a decent coach but i know that will never happen

  9. gMac

    If we are going to lose, I rather see Walter do his thing and Maxiell dunk.
    I was also hoping that we can ship Dyess to another good team for some draft picks and what not. He doesn’t deserve this.

    Curry is so retarded. Last time he said, ‘There isn’t much a coach can’t do, after all the players control the game’. Yesterday,when asked why are we having problem scoring, his answer was “Spurs weren’t scoring much either ”

    Seriously WTF?!!!

  10. gMac

    I really don’t think AI is our problem. At least he plays with his heart.
    If he can take that crapy Sixer team to the NBA finals, how can we be under 500.
    Let me think… Oh! Larry Brown was their coach.

  11. zollie

    does anyone else remember that lakers game we played in LA? the pistons came out with intensity and we saw some uptempo offense at times. that laker team looked pretty surprised… i thought it worked well, we have capable ballhandlers, explosive and long players as well that can finish quickly. i know uptempo teams never win championships but this is so over. curry should at least give it a damn try. ai is right.

  12. C-Quense

    Why everybody is saying that he plays with heart?
    If he plays with heart, why just on one side of the floor? It’s ridiculous what he is doing on the defensive end.

    McDyess is playing with heart. He gives the Pistons, everything he’s got.

  13. mac

    Starbury???? You have got to be shitting me

  14. Mikey F Baby

    Why did Curry call that late timeout, allowing the Spurs to set a defense and sub in Bruce Bowen. It’s the little things that win and lose close games. They say a coach is worth so many wins or losses in a season, well last night is one of those losses. He simply doesn’t have the experience to be coaching a squad like this.

  15. The Fluidics

    Stoudemire out for the rest of the season. Good thing Joe didn’t make that deal.

  16. Max-Aholic

    Listen to Curry, he’s always talking about getting guys more shot’s. This tells me he’s too worried about getting guys shots, that he ignores the hot hand. That’s what happened when he drew up the shitty play for Sheed at the end when we all know Ai should have taken the shot. SEVEN MAN ROTATION, that says it all. You can’t beat the Spurs with seven guys, especially when you have a shitty point guard like Stuck. Curry should resign and save Joe the time, and Stuck should volunteer to go to the bench.

  17. Mikey F Baby

    I agree Stuckey needs to be coming off the bench.

  18. ben

    if he would have made thtat deal he might not have hurt his eye u never know

  19. Susan

    @ Maxoholic
    co-sign on your entire comment.

    Is Stuckey injured? I watched the game on League Pass and he was talking to Curry about his leg. Curry said he would only give him 4 or 5 minutes at a time. It’s been a while since Stuck had a 30 point game or even a 20 point game. Did anyone else see the Spurs constantly collapsing into the paint? It would have been nice to have Chauncey’s 3 point shooting out there.

  20. boss

    were not passing the 1st round.

  21. doccy

    i was watchin a video and dumars was saying he knows they were gna struggle this year thts why they got ai so wen hes off the team they have extra money to get a better player but i find it pointless to get rid of billups they shouldve got rid of sheed or tay 1st cus chauncey changed the whole team wen he left

  22. gMac

    AI is defensively challenged. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to play hard on D. He gets nibbed off by the picks too easily.

    KG just injured his knee. If only we are at least contending…
    We just need Leborn to get injured after what happened to the Magic. 😀

  23. ryanr

    I wished that McD wouldve gone to a contender. Cleveland would be nice.

    Although I hate Lebron, I hate the two douchebags(Garnett and Pierce) in Boston more. And it would be better for the NBA too, to have its darling win a ship.

    Despite a crappy season, McDyess winning a championship would be like winning a championship for Pistons fans as well.

  24. pistons_circa2004

    well, thank goodness Joe D left well enough alone.

  25. blazer56

    i don’t think you understand but this year we just arent that good.. joe d is gonna stay the course and our team will be better in a year or two.. just open your eyes and take it for what it is.. a rebuilding year that we will still make the playoffs.. Avery johnston would be such a good coach for this team.. not quite run and gun but not half court sets all the time either.. joe d just needs to understand that he messed up and swallow his pride and bring in a different coach..

  26. Slim Shady

    i hate how you fans complain about AI. He’s a future hall of famer retards… he’s not the problem on the team… i feel bad for him having to come into this situation with guys not playing with spirit (Sheed) and dumb rookie head coach who doesn’t know what he’s doing, and a Dumars who is only looking forward to the offseason cap space and doesn’t care about this team… let AI go to a contender and get himself a ring… ur my nigg AI, u don’t deserve to be on this crappy team at this part in your career

  27. pistons 4 life

    I think they played decent defense last night, but I still can’t figure out what they’re trying to do on offense. To me it looks like the only play they run is, stand around for oh about 18 seconds, and then give it to somebody to go 1 on 1 and jack up a useless shot in the last 6 seconds of the clock. Not to mention it’s apparently reeeeaaalllly predictable because as soon as anybody gets the ball there’s instantly 2 to 3 defenders right on the ball. Try passing the ball multiple times until someone is open. That’s what the Spurs did to you last night.

    Man this guy is a horrible coach. They still have the same problems they’ve had all season. He just doesn’t learn…..from anything.

    Not like it matters at this point, but I could honestly see this team only winning 35 to 40 games this season. Sad, but true.

  28. Dominic

    Sure we lost this one, and we definitely could’ve done better, but in this game I saw alot more effort than I normally see. we just couldn’t get it done in the end. Face it, San Antonio is a tough team to play on any other circumstances, the fact we kept it close is encouraging and tells me the insertion of Dyess might possibly be the change that puts us back into winning form. I for one feel alot more confident having Dyess guard a top tier power forward man-up rather than Amir just hacking him.

  29. paul0321

    this season has been a struggle. and that’s an understatement.. we’re slowly dropping down to the bottom of the standings. 27-26?! what the… like what most of you guys said, i don’t think it’s AI.. i just don’t see the desire from the other guys anymore.. i agree that Stuck should come off the bench. and what the hell is MC thinking, playing just seven guys in the game? sheed, tay and rip were struggling so why not give the bench a chance? they need to fix this BIG TIME if they want to make it to the playoffs. and yes, i won’t be surprised if they don’t make it to the ECF this year.

  30. ben

    nodody will be surprised if we dont they arent expectin it anymore hell they werent expecting it when we got rid of chauncey…

  31. ben

    does anybody know where i can get a tight lookin detroit pistons shirt im goin to the game at houston and i need a shirt i have a rasheed jersey but it is number 36

  32. pistons 4 life

    Paul0321, ECF? How about they worry about making the playoffs first. If they lose most of these tough games coming up they could already be out.

  33. pete

    last 5 games:

    Rodney Stuckey #3 PG 8.2 2.8 3.2

    Darko Milicic #31 C 8.2 6.2 1.0

  34. eralefe

    Look at phoenix after they fired a piston style coach and put in a phoenix style assistant they have been blowing out teams, we have the players to play like that too. Rip and sheed can take spot up shots while rodney and iverson can penetrate and or shoot, we also have a lot of young guys with energy like maxiell and johnson, we just need a running style coach

  35. omg


  36. Th3 Answ3r

    Woot!! Bring Jeff to the Pistons!!!

  37. pistons 4 life

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Jeff as a Pistons coach. He definitely favors the defensive part of basketball. Maybe he’s just waiting for the right job. Whatever, Dumars is just going to keep this clown around for another year anyway so I see no reason to get our hopes up.

  38. pistonsfan22

    i hate curry they shouldve never fired flip. they just fired him cus they wanted a change, he was so good they fired him last year wen they got eliminated by boston and bostons unstoppable so i dont blame flip and he was makin our season record good and takin us to the ECF and when he left look how we are know were prolly not gna make it to the playoffs..

  39. pistonsfan22

    and its not even ai’s fault hes puttin same numbers as chauncey did. its the horrible coaching curry dont kno wht hes doin man

  40. DUSTIN

    Look fellas, it doesn’t matter who the coach is here. The players think their good enough to coach themselves. The truth is their not. Larry Brown was the only person in the organization that would lite a fire under their ass, and he was run out of town or as the Pistons say “relieved of his duties” because of all the bullshit politics on the court with some of these players.

    The point is that the Detroit Pistons will go down in history as one of most underachieving teams in sports history. They had arguably one of the most talented rosters in the NBA for 5 or 6 years only to win 1 championship.
    They should of been back 2 back champs in 04,05. Plus an additional championship in 07, but instead the Cavs embarrassed them in the conference finals. This Fall the players from that CORE finally realized and admitted that the joke has been on them basically since 05. But now their run has come to an end. The players have gotten older and their game has gotten sloppy. Trading Billups was just the start of this teams dismantle. This team is looking at a major makeover. They have no chemistry out there with the new players and sometimes none with each other. Their a team with NO IDENITY, NO PURPOSE, NO HUNGER, NO DESIRE. They have a young coach who lacks the skills to change those NO’s to YES’s. Their a team that just doesn’t care anymore. AI has been tossed on the court with a bunch of spoiled, complaining,underachieving babies. I’m sick and tired of hearing about “The Summer of 2010.” The time is now. The Pistons need to PUT UP or SHUT UP! If their going to SHUT UP then good, they can go tuck their tale between their legs. If their going to PUT UP, then start playing with some Fire, something to prove, and get out there a do some damage in the playoffs.

  41. mac


  42. Jason

    I wouldn’t trade Dyess. I think if Dyess wanted to be somewhere else, he would have gone somewhere else after Denver let him go following the Chauncey/AI trade.

    Dyess said it himself that he “ain’t no ringchaser.” If his heart is in Detroit, let him play in Detroit.

  43. Chris

    Just imagine if we still got Larry Brown as the coach. Imagine him coaching this team. Wow.

  44. bronzilla

    the pistons are really bad at basketball

  45. Lori

    We all know that the problem is MC, not AI for God’s sake. MC has just been too stupid to use AI’s talents properly. If Larry Brown was coaching, like Chris said, we’d be winning everything. But, as fans, what can we actually DO about it? Write letters to Joe and Mr. D? Have MC kidnapped?(lol) Maybe bribe him to quit coaching? I think that we’re just going to have to suffer throught this now,and I betcha Joe dumps him during the summer.

  46. Th3 Answ3r

    I wish the Pistons play Celtics in the first round if they make the playoffs >=].

  47. Crazyazman

    Its time to go… Curry. Sorry to place the burden solely on the coach but he doesnt fit here. We need a veteran coach to go with veteran players. We need a trade too, bring Big Ben back!!!!!

  48. Th3 Answ3r

    @ Crazyazman,

    Your a bit late on the trading… The trade deadline ended on Feb. 19..


    I Hope everyone can Stop riding the stuckey train….he needs to be benched i’ve called him rodney suckey from the start..(horrible nickname for horrible play and the need for you guys to over hype him)…I give him that name because of his lack to be able to finish any run to the lane and when he does theres usually about 5 guys readys to pack his ass….he’s no Chauncy and theres alot of disrespect by taking rip of the bench.

  50. eralefe

    Almost all players have the same problem, this is his first whole nba season which is more than double a college one, he is fatigued but doesn’t want to admit it, and he does finish in the lane and most times he finishes the 3point play, and as for chauncey he’s not there yet he’s only in his second year

  51. Amer ican Prince

    Dustin I agree with a lot of what you said, but I gotta disagree somewhat with the “it doesn’t matter who the coach is” I said from the beginning that MC wasn’t going to do well because even though he may hold guys accountable, at the end of the day if you show you don’t know what you are doing the team isn’t going to listen to you. But also I do agree that the players want to coach themselves a little too much sometimes.

    Lori hey I agree a lot of it is the coach, but Curry is not solely the problem. The players are accountable too, and yes I’m putting AI up there. His complete disregard for defense is shocking to me considering he is trying to win a championship. Slim Shady up there said he’s a future hall of famer, but that don’t mean he plays well, it means he puts up a lot of statistics But it’s a lot of guys too.

    One guy I think we all agree is giving his all is Dyess, and I don’t think I can forgive Joe D for doing this to Dyess


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