The Pistons are like a Blind Date

by | Feb 18, 2009 | 51 comments

I will start this post with my apologies for the hiccups on the site the past two days. It seems as though the server had issues, but I think I’m back up and running at about 80% right now. Now on with my analogy.

I came to the conclusion last night that the Pistons are like a blind date.  Just bear with me here.

As Pistons fans (some say) we are spoiled. Our team has enjoyed great success over the past few years and quite frankly we aren’t used to dealing with them struggling (other than in the playoffs).

  • Blame it on Dumars.
  • Blame it on Curry.
  • Blame it on a new DAILY lineup change.
  • Blame it on Allen Iverson for stealing our floor general and captain.
  • Blame it Rasheed for his technicals and three point affinity.
  • Blame it on the rotation or lack thereof.
  • Blame it on Rodney Stuckey for being put in a position to run the team when he’s just learning how to be a point guard in the NBA.
  • Blame it on chemistry.
  • Blame it on Kwame Brown, who hasn’t seen enough time to make it count or not count.
  • Blame it on turnovers.
  • Blame it on David Stern.
  • Blame it on the Officials.
  • Blame it on Amir Johnson, who hasn’t had the chance to develop in the helter-skelter thing we would call “a system.”
  • Blame it on the lack of play of Jason Maxiell.
  • Blame it on Walter Herrmann’s hair.
  • Blame it on Flip Saunders (who right now is probably enjoying all of this).
  • Hell blame it on Darko…..

Lay the blame wherever you want, but it will do you no good. It’s a free fall that none of us were prepared for when this season started.

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As Pistons fans, do yourself a favor. Go into each game like you would if you were going on a Blind Date.  Expect the worst and if your date ends up with teeth, no unpleasant, unidentifiable odor,  no visible open sores and the ability to speak the same language that you do it’s a plus.  And if they actually turn out to be nice, normal and not a stalker….it’s like putting a W in the win column.

Expect nothing and when you find your Prince Charming/Cinderella it makes the win that much better.

This lesson brought to you by You can thank me later.


  1. Andy

    Thank you for the perspective. Still hurts, though.

  2. Steve

    I think what bothers me the most about the Pistons struggling so mightily is that they have the personnel to do better.

    It’s not like this is Minnesota or anything like that.

  3. Shaun

    I feel bad for Mcdyess,he tries so hard every night!!!now if the whole team took notes on that “cough” “cough” RASHEED “cough” “cough” then It would lessen the pain I get when they lose!!

  4. David

    That post brought smile to my face. Thank you Natalie.

  5. El Patron Himself (Accept no Imitations!)

    I am El Patron Himself, and I approve this message on behalf of the Foreign Legion of Team Need4Sheed! Seriously, though, that’s an amazing analogy… Having been on a few of those myself… Natalie’s on the money!!!!!!

  6. Steve

    Also, I wonder how the Pistons would be even with Chauncey here.

    I mean, was one guy really that important? Or would the Pistons maybe have a few more wins but still be mediocre.

  7. SadPanda

    Don’t sweat it Natalie. My standards are that it was a good first date if I don’t get stabbed. Ironically, that’s kind of how I feel about watching the Pistons right now.

  8. Kenneth Jay

    I completely agree with you natalie, the only thing to look forward to is what player we are gonna get this summer and what player we will get in 2010. 🙁

  9. Natalie Sitto

    Thank You EL Patron!

    and SadPanda….”it was a good first date if I don’t get stabbed.”

    OH MY that made my day!

  10. Franz

    Great post.

    Had a smile on my face for almost a couple of minutes. Can’t remember when I had, when I thought about the Pistons.

  11. Amber

    Lol, I want to blame Darko…but that’d just go back to Dumars.

  12. quacker

    The way things are going I fully expect the next string of games (San Antonio, Cleveland, Miami, New Orleans
    Orlando, Boston, Denver) to lead this team below .500. I’m already expecting the worst.

  13. steve

    I’d have no problem if the pistons slipped from a top team to the worst team in the NBA.

    The difference is Dumars made a decision that caused this to happen in a single season. It’s that simple. One idiotic, unloyal, simply stupid decision caused the pistons to go from one of the top teams in the NBA to one of the worst.

  14. Dave

    Dumars said himself hes not not focused on this year, and he wasn’t going to ruin his money situation he set up to increase his chances this year. The Pistons are going to be able to play at a championship level for the next 5+ years because they took a step back this year.

    People still think Detroit is desperately trying to win a title this year, and there not. The team said so themselves.

  15. Len

    Good analogy!

  16. Mike S

    Couldn’t have put it better Natalie…well done.

  17. Chuck

    I just don’t understand how we’ve gotten so bad. We definitely struggled when AI first came over in the trade, but we were better than this. It just seems like we can’t beat anybody anymore, and when we do sneak away with a win it’s a massive come-from-behind. All of that comes back to MC the way I see it, and I have a hard time even getting hopeful about next year if he’s going to be the coach.

  18. Vanalope

    This post reminds me of a guy I once saw wearing a tee shirt that read:”Lower Your Standards!”.


  19. Clinton

    BIllups controlled us when we got out of hand and shooting all wild now it dont end until Lack OF A COACH Curry calls a time out

  20. Max-Aholic

    If the team wasn’t trying to win, then why would they be so dissapointed after every loss? Ultimately it’s Joe D we should blame. He moves the players, he picks the coach, and he stands behind everything that’s going on. On the other had, he put blame on the players and coaches in the past, now he blames no one. So in that regard, I will continue to put blame where blame is deserved. This isn’t a fantasy basketball team, it’s a real team with real talent and they’re not getting the job done. Maybe Curry should try and all big lineup, since he’s trying so hard to be original. Look at the Suns, they’re just as bad as us and they shouldn’t be. Bad coaching loses games. Blame away people.

  21. gMac

    I’m okay with us losing. But Curry clearly is trying to save his own ass by playing heavy minutes with the vets. I rather see Maxiell dunk and us lose the game. What happened to developing the young guys , what happen to the future….

    I own Flip an apology, it turns out it’s not even easy to win in the regular season.

    Where is Darko now?!!

  22. pistons 4 life

    Great post Natalie!!! I’ve been entering each game with that attitude for quite some time now, and it’s made the losing a lot easier. At this point you can’t expect this team to do anything spectacular anymore so why torture yourself?

    Steve posted a great question earlier.
    “Also, I wonder how the Pistons would be even with Chauncey here.

    I mean, was one guy really that important? Or would the Pistons maybe have a few more wins but still be mediocre.”

    My answer to that question is yes, I think one guy really did make that much of a difference, and I think it was a horrible decision to trade him. Honestly, it’s not like his contract was that bad. And like I’ve said before if you wanted cap space let Sheed go after this season and use that money to get someone else.

    I don’t claim to be a GM and maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about, but if you ask me the head was cut off the snake when Billups was traded. Sure I was optimistic when the trade happened because what else are you supposed to do. But honestly, I cringed that day when I heard on the radio that the deal was going down.

    Joe D, you better have some great tricks up your sleeve or this franchise is going to bottom out and stay their for a while. What free agent is going to want to come to Detroit if they suck? Thats my 2 cents.

  23. SadPanda

    Bulls just got Miller and Salmons from Sacramento for Nocioni, Gooden, and a couple of guys I’ve never heard of. Miller makes them a scarier team than they were before, if not by a lot.

  24. Steve

    Yeah pistons 4 life, it sure seems that way.

    Assuming the Pistons don’t make a surprise trade before the deadline tomorrow, they will go into the off-season with the biggest amount of cap space of any team.

    Joe D had better have a great plan to use that money since it looks like this season was sacrifices for it.

  25. Onin

    it seems they’ve degressed. they were playing alot better in the first 30 games but now they just look lost.

  26. Susan

    Have to agree with everyone here. This season is getting pretty heartbreaking. I see Dyess out there giving it his all and Rip coming off the bench, and they still lose? That is the definition of heartbreaking.

    On a side note: WHY THE HELL did Curry put Rasheed in the game with 4.5 minutes to go when Maxiell was doing such a good job alongside Dyess? Pistons were within 2 at that point.

  27. Mike

    Since the Pistons are playing like they have narcolepsy I blame it on Sharpe.

  28. Kian

    because michael curry has no idea of how to coach a team. get rid oh himmmM!!!!

  29. CJ

    I agree with satan its jenny granholm’s fault….she sucks

  30. chauncy billups

    man i hate denver ship me back to detroit so i can hear that one thing again DETROITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT BASKETBALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  31. SadPanda

    “Since the Pistons are playing like they have narcolepsy I blame it on Sharpe.”


  32. TDP

    I think I’ve been dead inside since the [big] loss to Oklahoma City.

  33. TDP

    pistons 4 life Says: What free agent is going to want to come to Detroit if they suck?

    I would guess Detroit will have a good chance at any free agent. We’ve got a lot of money to throw around and good, young talent. Detroit will be a place for the chance to be “The Man.” A well-paid one. Remember, it’s about money and ego. We’re set!

  34. The Fluidics

    Boston sucked, they got free agents.

  35. Pistons 808

    This is the first time I am posting a comment on this site even though I visit this site daily. As a pistons fan I am dissapointed like everyone else in detroit, but I still have faith that this team can make it deep in the playoffs, and yes when I say deep I mean me crazy but I jus rather hope for the best than give up on this year and look to” who were gonna get in 2010″…I mean yea this team isnt playing close up to standards, but they are still in playoff contention and doesnt that count for something??..I see alot of guyz on this team with heart and pride still left in them…I think their record will be alot better then most people think after this stretch of long games…I mean sports itself is the biggest parody…I know football isnt b-ball but I mean the Cardinals made it to the superbowl…G.Mason made it to the Final Four…The giants beat the patriots..The warriors beat the Mavericks…call me delusionnal but ill be delusionnal until their season is officially over!!!!

  36. eric

    Like i say to everyone if you are a true pistons fan you ride this sinking ship down with the team like i did with the tigers last year

  37. Ben from Seattle

    There is some good news people. Griffey is back with the Mariners!!!

  38. Richie

    Mmhmm. This is very well put, Natalie. Frankly- as Pistons fans our expectaions do need to dip now and we should start appreciating success when it comes.
    I listened to fans complain for the last years about not winning the entire championship and how everything would be better if we only had a “superstar”. You got your wish. Deal with the consequences.


    I got this from NBA.COM (but i wouldn’t like Tay to go)

    The Trade: The Pistons trade Tayshaun Prince and Kwame Brown to the Blazers for Raef LaFrentz, Rudy Fernandez and Sergio Rodriguez.

    Why It Would Be Good: The Blazers rank second in the league in offensive efficiency, but 20th defensively. In order to truly compete with the best teams in the West, they need to improve. Prince is one of the best defenders in the league and would solidify Portland’s starting lineup. With LaFrentz, Allen Iverson and Rasheed Wallace, the Pistons would have almost $50 million in salaries coming off the books this summer, giving Joe Dumars plenty of money to play with either in 2009 or 2010. He’d also have two young players to develop alongside Rodney Stuckey for years to come.

    Why It Won’t Happen: Prince is the Pistons’ most important player and they will already have plenty of cap space without making this deal. Also, of all their small forwards, Fernandez is the one the Blazers would least like to trade. Nicolas Batum and Martell Webster are more expendable.

    Why It Will: Blazers GM Kevin Pritchard has to know that he needs a defender in that small forward spot, preferably one with some experience. Prince is the perfect fit. The Bucks’ Richard Jefferson could be another target as Pritchard looks to make something of LaFrentz’s expiring deal. The Pistons like Stuckey, but will need a more traditional point guard in that backcourt down the line. And the potential of Fernandez may be enticing enough for Dumars to part with his current franchise cornerstone, Prince.

  40. hoopsdood32

    Quote: “Hell blame it on Darko…..”

    YES… This is all is fault!! If we drafted Melo, Bosh, Wade, Amare, or anyone from that draft besides Darko, then we would be the ones sitting on top of the standings… But it also could be the fault of a GM who thought a big international guy could be a better pick than anyone in that 2003 draft…

    As for the other “Blame it on…”s, well we can blame the majority of those on Dumars and Curry.

    To Dumars: Get rid of Iverson…

  41. big B

    i dont think any 1 should blame the players for the way theyre playing its the dumb ass coach ,1 year being an assistant coach and the next year a head coach ? comon dumars , i know ur ass is cheap but ure fukkin up this bad ass team ,i use 2 get so excited 2 watch us play now everytime the game starts i start biting my fukking nails cuz everyday we play im worried about losing , even if were playing against a crappy team its so sad our detroit pistons are like this this year thanks 2 our bald headed crackhead coach , n the way this is looking were not even gna make it 2 the playoffs :-(((((

  42. alwayzreal

    Blame it all on Dumars and Curry,First of all Dumars for hiring Curry and making a trade for somebody like AI who Curry has no clue or balls to coach and Curry for talking his way into a job that he was not qualified for and the proof is showing…..I’m sure that any coach with the least bit of basketball knowledge would have went with the veterans AI,Rip,Sheed,Dice and Prince from the gates and I’m sure nobody would have had a problem with it……But instead this bum NBA player turned Bum coach is making crazy decisions after crazy decisions night in and night out. After seeing Porter get canned in Phoenix, I was sure that the axe would be coming down in the D by now. I guess Curry must have some dirt on Dumars, thats why he’s not fired yet….. Shout outs to Flip Saunders!!! I take back everything negative and bad that I’ve said about you and if I ever bump into in public I’ll personally apologize to you…Pistons Fans we had a great run, this ship has officially sunk…Natalie keep your head up girl….

  43. shaun

    …..At least we get a better a draft pick.

    haha im just gonna leave it at that

  44. khandor

    FYI …

    Item 1

    Item 2

    Item 3

    It’s time for Michael Curry to put on his Captain Kirk thinking cap, as the Leader of the Pistons.


    PS. The Pistons are but one adjustment away from turning it around.

  45. Kyle

    trading chauncey for ai wasn’t just trading a player for a player. it was trading two completely different basketball philosophies.

    let me put it this way, i’m willing to bet money that chauncey is still trying to figure out how he could have defended the pick and roll better against the celtics and how he could have done a better job of setting up sheed and rip. that’s how he improves himself and his team. ai on the other hand, i’m pretty sure he’s spending most of his day trying to figure out how he can get curry to give him more shots, that’s what he thinks will make the team better.

    i’m not saying this to bash ai. it’s his game. we all knew it, joe knew it, but he made the deal anyway. granted, he surely didn’t know that ai would be exposed to this degree, but he knew what kind of player ai was, knew what kind of “success” teams had had with him in recent years. knew about the highly publicized attitude problems, and made the trade anyway.

    i said it at the end of last season that any trade that left rasheed wallace on the team was a bad trade. though time will tell with all the free agent madness, i’m confident that so far i’ve been absolutely right.

  46. pistons 4 life

    Point taken TDP. I can agree with that, money means more to some players. Especially with the way the economy is going.

    Fluidics, didn’t Boston get their “big three” before any of those free agents signed? I’m assuming you’re talking about guys like, James Posey, Eddie House, PJ Brown, Sam Cassel, ect.

  47. kwame

    LISTEN! a team, every team cant be good evry single year. they have their down period. example lakers. they were an elite team in 04. in 05 they became bad, just by losing shaq, but they still had quality players. nd wen they got even more players (ex. bynum, vujacic, farmar, gasol) they blossomed to solid players. all im trynna say is thsi pistons team is very talented. this may be the only down year. but next year, if sheed nd iverson are let go, we hav enough money for like 2,3 solid players (boozer, marion) with hamilton, stuck, prince would be decent. decent bench player as in im lookin at a solid year next year.

  48. Louis

    I really think Dumars should fire curry the pistons are struglin with him as a head coach this his first year why put a rookie coach with a vetearn team this is a winning team curry not a losing team get rid of curry NOW


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