No More Rows – AI gets a trim for The All Star Game

by | Feb 14, 2009 | 30 comments

After 12 plus years Allen Iverson is braidless.

And no, I didn’t Photoshop this photo.

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This I didn’t see coming, but I didn’t quite see the AI trade either.

The festivities start at 6 with the HORSE game on TNT and continue on through the night. Don’t forget Arron Afflalo along with Bill Laimbeer and the Shock’s Katie Smith are repping the “D” in the Shooting starts competition.

Who do you have in the slam dunk contest?


  1. pistons 4 life

    How come Rip isn’t in the shooting stars? I’ve got Howard 1st in the dunk contest, but if for some reason he doesn’t win I’ll go with J.R. as my 2nd. That guy can JUMP!!!!!

  2. Natalie Sitto

    He probably is happy to get the rest. Usually it’s a rookie or bench player that does the shooting star contest.

    I like Howard too but I’m pulling for JR Smith.

  3. Showtime

    I really wish we would have traded Flip Murray for JR Smith straight up while we had the chance.

  4. Ryan

    Now that Chauncey’s gone, he can’t do the Shooting Star’s contest for us (the team of Laimbeer, Swin Cash, and Chauncey won it in 2007). Hopefully Afflalo does well in it!

    Maybe Joe D will talk to his former teammate this weekend and convince him to coach the Pistons, heh.

  5. pistonsfan101

    Natalie, are you gonna change the AI Cartoon pic now?? :p

  6. The Fluidics

    2009, it’s kind of about time.

  7. Th3 Answ3r

    Lets go Detroit!

  8. Ryan

    Detroit wins the Shooting Stars competition!

  9. Kyle C.

    Chauncey did get jipped in the blind folded free throws.
    Detroit wins the Shooting Stars!!!!

  10. Th3 Answ3r

    woot Detroit won the shooting stars =D

  11. Showtime

    Well we won something tonight that Michael Curry wasn’t able to screw up haha.

  12. Th3 Answ3r

    Now they’re gonna win the NBA championship, lol

  13. Susan

    Yeahhh!!! Just watched the shooting competition. Nice to see Detroit bringing home the award again 🙂

    I’m pulling for JR Smith.

  14. Ryan

    Bill Laimbeer only HELPs Detroit win trophies!

    Detroit Bad Boys, Detroit Shock… Detroit Pistons in the 2000’s???

  15. Susan

    @ Ryan

    So true. Laimbeer’s a tough coach too. Doesn’t hesitate to set players straight if they’re not giving their full effort.

  16. Keith

    I was really disappointed with the Saturday Night Festivities. Lucky the LeBron James news kinda saved the night. Its maybe because of last years show that anticipation built up, and they did not live up to it. Oh well…

    I bet this change in hairstyle will spark the Pistons, I hope. Even Im pumped up. When he gives up something he has been known for only now, I believe AI is committed. LEts do it Pistons. Finish the season Strong.

  17. Max-Aholic

    They need to get more 3 point shooters and dunkers like they used to. Anyone hear Reggie Miller last night, dude won’t shut up. He over analizes everything and once he comes up with something like Lex Luther, he keeps saying it. Remember last year when he said superman 10,000 times during the dunk contest. Maybe if Lebron does it, Wade and maybe Kobe will join up. I’d like to see Kobe in it again. He’s still one of the best dunkers in the game. At least Dr. J wasn’t judging this year.

  18. Amer ican Prince

    What? AI without cornrows? Maybe he really is growing old. Oh well I just watched part of last nights festivities and I saw Detroit won the shooting stars. Did you guys see Arron afflalo, just take his sweet time the whole way? He is cool as ice.

    I think Curry holds people accountable too, he just sucks at knowing what to do. I don’t think Lambier would do any better with guys.

  19. Whatsittoya

    We need Bill as our new coach. Or atleast Larry Brown.

  20. Dominic

    Man, what is it with Detroit players gettin rid of the rows? First it was Rip, then it was Amir, now it’s AI? As long as Herrmann keeps his hair I’m happy

  21. Amer ican Prince

    Actually it’s everyone. I see a lot more people ditching the rows for this style. It’s easier to manage, takes a lot less time, and hurts less.

  22. CHAD

    Lambier should be coaching this team…

    looking forward to seeing AI play tonight.

    If curry isnt fired then we will lose AI come next season.. read his comments about his upcoming free agency and being able to go wherever he wants to go that will allow him to play his kind of basketball.. obvious shot at detroit. he deserves better than us.

  23. Th3 Answ3r

    Terry Porter, head coach of the Pheonix Suns (was an assisstant coach for Pistons last season), is gonna get fired. I hope Micheal Curry gets fired as well :].

  24. Amber

    AI cut his hair to distract from his suckiness. But it does look better.

    It was so hard watching Chauncey. It always reminds me of how much I miss him. Joe was such a fool to get rid of him.

    I was excited when Detroit won. I’m thinking it’ll be our only trophy for the next 20 years.

  25. pistonsfan101

    Suns fire Terry Porter!

  26. Amer ican Prince

    where did you hear that?

  27. emrinho

    That was some game… Kobe and Shaq were amazing.


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