A Familiar Collapse

by | Feb 11, 2009 | 21 comments

This is starting to get a little tiring to write… after a third quarter of total domination by the Pistons they managed to once again blow a 15 point lead and the game to the Chicago Bulls.  This 107-102 loss to the Bulls is is a textbook example of everything that has been going wrong with the Pistons all season long.

Key Points:

  • How much more can Pistons fans take?  From the comments in the game thread and in the chat room, not much.
  • Too much talent to play the way this team is, period.  We expect losses, but it’s as if they are playing a game of NBA2K9 and think they can just hit restart when the game isn’t going their way (and yes I admit to doing that).
  • Blame whomever you want, we have a coach who’s clearly in over his head, players that look lost, a system that doesn’t work, an unwillingness to change that system that doesn’t work, a defense that looks brilliant at times and then on the next play looks like a disaster… and to top it off when they can’t score they don’t make an effort to get the ball in the paint for easy buckets! We could go on and on.
  • Think Joe is on the phone right now?
  • 15 down with 8:09 to play…was it Chicago or did the Pistons hand the game to the Bulls?  Me…silver platter.
  • Sheed utterly dominating, knocking down shots over everyone, and the Pistons stop going to him.
  • 95 Points off the Bench for Richard Hamilton in the last three games for the Pistons.
  • Rip led Detroit off the bench, but his 30 point game performance was all for nothing.

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Photo/Getty Images
  • Is Curry actually calling a play in the last seconds of the game when Detroit has the ball down three?  Rip to the hole for the dish to Dyess is ok if it works, and if Rip doesn’t waste most of the clock. Perfect ending to the storm.
  • Richard Hamilton Highlights.
  • 15 careless turnovers.
  • And why the home whites in Chicago?
  • As for those of you who wanted to hear Curry’s post game comments, they were nothing life-altering.  He just looks like a deer in headlights who has no idea what to say.  Kind of like when you break your mom’s favorite vase and have to own up to it.  You stand there dumbfounded for a moment trying to grasp for words.
  • And what happened to the Defense in the fourth quarter?  Nocioni was blowing by Tay like he was invisible.
  • The only enjoyable part of the game…..Anytime Joakim Noah can be made to look like a fool by anyone other than himself can always put a big smile on my face. Tayshaun blocked the grin off Noah’s face.
Video Courtesy of The NBA, The Detroit Pistons and FSN
  • Hustle buzzer beater by Antonio McDyess. All heart all the time.
  • Funny, you can partly blame me for this one….I was writing up the recap as the game was going while the Pistons were domination and had a confident title to the post.  Things change in the fourth quarter, I should know that and I’m sorry.
  • Travis Atkinson a Pistons fan and member of Team N4S who was at the game last night in Chicago “Tonight’s game was the perfect storm of problems and mistakes. There’s nothing worse than letting the home team back into a game after dominating them for 40 minutes. I think we actually played better without Iverson and it would have been nice to finish it out. There was a good Detroit contingency there, and we had fun, but man what a bummer. I have little respect for Bulls fans as well, they pulled out the cliche “Detroit sucks” chants at the end of the game.”
  • Get Well Mr. Kerr.
  • “I couldn’t explain this if I tried,” the Pistons’ Tayshaun Prince said. Via NBA.com
  • NBA.com Highlights of The Game.
  • Really Sheed, that’s the shot you take? Really? Do we need to get you a Flava Flav clock for time management? Regardless, Sheed put up a double-double with 20 and 10 and was truly on his game.

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  • No lead is safe, ever.
  • At least Curry did the smart thing by starting Afflalo in AI’s place.
  • The Pistons looked pretty good without AI, but in all honestly who do they have that they can go to when they really need a bucket?
  • To us this was a mess, to the Bulls it was a signature win.
  • Tonight at the Palace against a better Atlanta Hawks team should be interesting.
  • Thanks from our friendly Bulls blogger : “Natalie, Pistons wore the whites because the Bulls were wearing their reds for ‘Red’ Kerr. And for you, a random ‘Sheed anecdote I noticed at the game: Him and Scottie Pippen (who was there for the tribute to Red) embracing and yucking it up, no doubt reminiscing over TrailBlazer days of yore.”


  1. your friendly BullsBlogger


    Pistons wore the whites because the Bulls were wearing their reds for ‘Red’ Kerr.

    And for you, a random ‘Sheed anecdote I noticed at the game: Him and Scottie Pippen (who was there for the tribute to Red) embracing and yucking it up, no doubt reminiscing over TrailBlazer days of yore.

  2. AIandCurreyhavehorriblechildren

    Wow, can Rip do any more for this team? Off the bench and he’s OUTSCORING HIS STARTING COUNTERPART

    get rid of AI please

  3. Showtime

    I’m not watching another game until Curry is fired and/or someone is traded.

  4. steve the hated

    Yeah exactly.. Detroit has a chance to land stoudemire and he doesnt, now portland is going to win the amare sweepstakes by offering more, WHY THE FUCK IS DUMARS SO FUCKING BUDDY BUDDY WITH THIS TEAM OF SHIT?..TRADE THEM ALL! peice of shit team.. Whats even more fucking funny is that dumars thinks detroit is a destination for free agents..yeah dumars u have all this money but nothing to spend it on except average players.. Fire yourself and curry dumars or decide to grow a pair in the next 24 hrs you hack!

  5. Marcell

    Greeting from Florida! Just wanted to add a little about the guys calling the game for Chicago last night. We see the game on league pass down here and have to take the broadcast they send us unfortunately . First the, I can’t remember those guys names for anything this morning. They made a comment that this Detroit team wasn’t going to scare anybody anymore. Second, They said Detroit wasn’t the same team without Mr. Big Shot. They said they couldn’t under stand the trade between A.I & Mr. Big Shot whom the Pistons depended on so much to close games out. They did however mention the cap space but couldn’t understand why Detroit would sacrifice 2 seasons to get better in the future. Make any sense to anyone?

  6. ben

    amare is goin to portland? where did u hear this

  7. ric

    enough is enough. heres a little piece of my mind pistons fan.

  8. Ronnie D.

    Oh thank god. One more fan whos not a real fan gone. Thanks for the great comments Steve the hated. Being a real fan is sticking with them through times like this. There are a lot of people out there just like you. When the team is doing good you jump on the bandwagon and when they are not you swear, damn, and hate everything about it. I’m sure you wernt even a Tigers fan before 06′. Well good riddens and please do all us “real” fans a favor and stop posting ignorant comments on here.

  9. Amer ican Prince

    There were a lot of bad things in this game, and now I’m forced to hear people talk about Amare coming here is just bad, that is just kicking me when I’m down.

    All these people available and Joe is just sitting on his increasing large posterior, hoping someone comes here in two years.

    Update on Stuckey?

    Good things:
    Rasheed is willing to be Rasheed, if Curry would let him, so at least I know it is okay to hate Curry because he can’t coach worth a lick.

    Tayshaun block made me think of the Tay of old. Unfortunatley for every good play of Tay, we gotta put up with 3 plays of lazy Tay.

    Dyess buzzer beater and Tay block were my two favorite plays of the night and I’m glad both were posted, I could watch them all day. But I think we totally forgot about Amir’s block on Tyrus Thomas on like the first shot. It was cool

    Rip has found a groove off the bench

    We saw guys get more time like Arron Afflalo and I think Fabio was in there at some point in the game.

  10. Susan

    I had to shut the game off when it started going downhill because I, literally, cannot stomach any more of these inexplicable losses. At this point, I think Joe needs to fire Curry. We have too much talent on this roster for this to be happening. It cannot just be the loss of Chauncey since the Pistons won two playoff games last year while he was injured. Granted, he provided leadership but so does Rip. So does Tay. The players want to win. I’m convinced of that. What makes me the angriest is that Rip took one for the team and it STILL didn’t help!

  11. Rip's New Beard

    Don’t worry everyone; I’m sure we’ll get a column ny Keith Langlois on Pistons.com this afternoon reassuring all Pistons fan that all of this was planned and all is right with the Pistons world. I’m sure he’ll fill his column with reassuring phrases like “transitional period,” “encouraging signs,” “first class organization,” or “long-term plans.”

  12. Dan

    This Pistons team has NO defensive identity.

  13. Mikey F Baby

    I didn’t watch the entire game, partly due to the Bulls announcers (us poor league pass suckers) and no AI playing. But everytime I checked in during the first half the Pistons were behind. they surged ahead in the 3rd, and blew it in the fourth. So how can anyone say they play better without AI? Put Stuckey on the bench, fire Curry…dear God.

  14. steve the hated

    sorry ronnie d..sorry im not blind and think this team is the best thing since sliced bread like the rest of you..what kills me is fans like you that lives in never land and lives in 2004..grow up.. if u dont like me id be glad to meet in the metro detroit area so u can say somthing to my face if u got the balls.

  15. Corey

    Why didn’t we wear the blue jerseys then?

  16. Aries Red

    one team has to wear white, i do believe that’s the rules.
    man….this is getting harder and harder to take this. It’s hard to say why Joe has done what he’s done, he should have tried harder to get someone else to Coach, and should be pursuing any trade options right now, especially with Amare, I don’t care what people say, but he’d be good with Stuckey, AI and the others, would probably have to sacrifice Sheed and Amire and maybe one or two of our many draft picks for next year, but it would be worth getting every penny you can from this year. Its a lot of money to waste on AI (especially) just to build for the future.
    Kind of makes you wonder if Joe D really knows what he’s doing, or just fooled us all.

  17. Austin K

    FIRE MICHAEL CURRY!I agree with Susan. There is way too much talent on this team to be sucking as much as we are. The only thing Curry knows how to do is put on a good suit and buff his head before games. There isn’t enough passion it seems anymore. I am losing faith in Joe. AMARE SAVE US

  18. pistons 4 life

    Couldn’t agree more Rip’s New Beard. I can’t stand Keith Langlois. I swear he’s in Joe’s office before he writes anything checking to see if it’s ok. Heaven forbid he say something negative about the Pistons. That would be blasphemy.

    Does anyone else think they need to move the ball more? I’m tired of watching Rip and Tay pretend to be 1 on 1 superstars. When they were loosing their lead I swear it was like a 1 on 1 show with no defense. I saw Sheed and Dyess let Rose into the lane uncontested several times. And shame on Curry for not calling a timeout until the lead was down to 1 point. How about calling one when you feel that they’re starting to gain some momentum.

    Hard to think they’ll play any better tonight, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  19. Pistonfan101

    Wow I have not heard about the Pistons for a while and when I come back… They lose another heart breaking, Feet stomping, cussing… LOSS! What the heck is going on here!!!!!!!!??????!!?!?!?!!


    come on Amar’e Stoudemire…BEAT IT CURRY…BEAT IT…STUPID CURRY

  21. Ronnie D.

    Steve, ha ha thanks for making me laugh this morning. I need to grow up and your wannting me to meet you in metro Detroit for a fight? ha ha, sure. I live on Jane st. at 7 mile and gratiot. Come on down, theres a Taco Bell on the corner. How about I meet you there? We can see how big and bad you are tough guy.



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