Seared by The Suns

by | Feb 9, 2009 | 63 comments

Sounds like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays, doesn’t it?

It usually doesn’t turn out well for the Pistons or their fans on Monday mornings when Detroit plays on Sunday. Detroit added to their Sunday loss total last night after their 107-97 loss to the Suns at The Palace, despite great play by Allen Iverson and Rip Hamilton, who have been the talk of the team since Rip took on his new role as sixth man.

Key Points:

  • Steve Nash had more assists (21) than the Detroit Pistons had as a team (19).
  • Seems as though plenty of Pistons fans were vocal at the Palace last night.  They made sure they let Amare know they wanted to see him in a Pistons uniform.
  • Amare on possibly playing in Detroit: “It would be phenomenal. I think the fans here have been probably the top fans in the world since I’ve been in the NBA. They’re always cheering their team on and every time we come here, their always loud and rowdy, so it would be fun to play here.” Via MLive
  • Don Shane talks to Amare (Video)
  • This team has become a turnover machine.  Remember when Chauncey was in charge?  The Pistons had 14 turnovers last night, with most leading to easy Phoenix buckets.
  • Kwame Brown started the game to take some heat off Rasheed by guarding Shaq.  He even had a sweet putback dunk in the opening minute. Eight boards and 4 points in 18 minutes isn’t bad but the 3 turnovers killed his stat line.
  • AI scored 25 in 41 minutes on the floor going 8-for-22.  That’s the AI of old, he scores a ton but usually needs a lot of shots to do it in. I’m fine with it as long as the Pistons win. He added 7 assists, 4 steals and 3 boards. And a pretty sweet floater over Shaq.

Allen Iverson
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  • Rodney Stuckey seems out of place since Rip started to heat up. He played 29 minutes and scored 8 with an assist, 3 boards and a blocked shot.
  • This is NOT a typo……The Suns scored 66 points in the Paint! I will say no more. Oh I lied, one more thing… 31 fast break points!!
  • Highlights of the Game.
  • Now I thought it was just me who noticed the bias during the ESPN broadcast, but it seems I’m not the only one who took note of it. This little snippet from the ESPN crew took shots at the Pistons players, the fans (spoiled), the city and then had the nerve throw the Lions in there. Kick a city when they’re down why don’t you?

  • Oh and every shot the Pistons missed was wayyyyyyyyyy off, as explained to us by the ESPN crew after every Piston miss.
  • Double-double for Rasheed Wallace with 16 points and 10 boards, who added 4 steals and a blocked shot.  He’s looking good lately, but how long he will be able to keep this up with the time he’s getting on court is another thing.
  • Antonio McDyess is the hardest working Piston period. Double digit rebounds night in and night out. Ice 4 Dyess is truly an understatement.
  • This is one of the most ridiculous assists I have seen in a long time.  Allen Iverson cross court bounce pass through the legs of Grant Hill to Rip for the layup.
Video Courtesy of The NBA, The Detroit Pistons and ESPN
  • The Pistons went on a 21-9 run and were within four, 76-72. The wheels fell off the bus soon after. It seems like it happens all too often anymore. Detroit has a chance to win and then they crumble. The game was tied 9 times and the lead changed hands 13 times.
  • The Pistons are now 1-9 on Sundays.
  • Quiet night for Tayshaun who scored 11 points with 4 assists and just one board.
  • Herrmann sighting…he played 24 seconds late in the game for his three point shooting.
  • Richard Hamilton led the Pistons off the bench with 27 points in 31 minutes on the floor. Rip looks comfortable and seems to be playing his best basketball alongside Allen Iverson.

Rip Hamilton
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  • Amir and Maxiell didn’t see much time during Sunday’s loss.
  • Board war won 45-41.
  • Arron Afflalo 0-for-6.
  • I know many of you are frustrated right now but they really have a chance to pull things together. It’s not like they don’t have the talent to do it.
  • Adding to the Trade Rumors – Tayshaun in Phoenix? “The fast-sinking Raptors are looking to shake things up and have talked to the Suns about trading Amare Stoudemire. But unless they decide to part with Chris Bosh, chances are slim that Raptors president Bryan Colangelo will get the All-Star power forward he drafted out of high school in 2002 when he was Phoenix’s top basketball executive. Bosh has missed the last two games with a sprained knee and his future in Toronto, beyond 2010 – when he becomes a free agent – is up in the air. So Toronto might be forced to get something for him. Detroit has been linked to Bosh in 2010, so it’s entirely possible that the Pistons will try to make it a three-way deal. Detroit’s Tayshaun Prince is being mentioned as one of the primary players who would end up with the Suns.” Via New York Daily News
  • Back to back games on Tuesday and Wednesday before the All Star break with Chicago and Atlanta.
  • Mocking Anderson Varejao is just what we need today.


  1. Richie

    That Varejao link was AWESOME.

    Pheonix was in full form last night, clicking with Nashes passing game at it’s finest.

    The turn overs by Kwame really hurt. When a center plays 18 minutes and has the same number of TO’s as both your starting garuds combined, it’s not good.

  2. DetroitGirl4life

    well i know most of you guys might be tired of me always writing these long post ,but i dont care…lol jk
    But i just have something interesting that i want to share. On Sunday morning; me, my, bro, and my dad went to church. Just before church was ending this guy anted to say something to the people. So my pastor gave the man the mic and he was telling us about his daughter is very ill. And the one thing he keep saying to himself was to believe, have faith and hope no matter how bad the situation is. And when he kept saying that over and over again…i thought of the pistons struggles. He was also saying that if you need God just call on him because he will be there, and i just smiled. I know this isn’t a religious session or anything, but you guys have to just keep believing and having faith in the Pistons, no matter how bad their situation might be. We’ve been having great regular seasons for 6 straight years and came up short of a championship……… about vice-vers….how about we struggle during the regular season and do great in the playoffs……..just a lil something i hope for. Thanks for reading!

    LET’S GO PISTONS AND LET’S GET THAT SHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. mobius909

    i like what they said about us in the power rankings. i actually laughed.

  4. Ronnie D.

    Yeah, this place wall is no place for religion…unless you want to offend somebody. Regardless I’ve been praying since 2005 for another championship so apparently everybody else isnt doing their part.

  5. steve the hated

    yeah please keep god out of sports.. if there is a god he doesnt give 2 shits who wins the big game so shut up..lets get that ship? thats funny i havnt laughed that hard in awhile.. Get amare or bosh please thank you. im done.

  6. Rob

    Too bad this one was on ESPN. I can only imagine what Blaha would have said about that Iverson assist to Rip. Top 5 play of the year, no question.

  7. PAUL

    Im actually glad the Pistons lost. Im glad they keep losing when they are playing these ridiculous small ball lineups and then switching to playing sheed/dyess 40 and 35 mpg respectively.


    4 SHOOTER/NON-PASSERS on the floor at one time! great strategy! Nash had more assists than AI did in his last 5 games probably, what a great addition as a PG AI is! Sheed finally hit some 3’s now everytime he touches it beyond the arc hes going to jack one up, the airball last night was beautiful!

    Rip comes off the bench, but still plays 35-40+ MPG! So whats the big deal with coming off the bench if you still get starting position PT!

    AI plays no D whatsoever and nobody on the pistons passes except for tayshaun and SOMETIMES rip!


  8. Amber

    Ah, Amare is a smart, smart man. He already won me over. I’m still waiting on AI to win me over….I don’t think it’s going to happen.

  9. Amer ican Prince

    Amare is just covering his bases because he knows he’s getting traded because the suns want defense and half court offense. So naturally that means get rid of Amare, so why bring him here to a place that is renowned for d and half court, though with Curry that has gone down the drain.

    Small ball? Who else is supposed to play the 3 when Tay goes out? We don’t have any other SFs who can guard other SFs, one of those guys has to play the 3 by default.

    Though I’m not a person of faith, I have to say that was an awesome post. When you said that guy was talking about having faith cause his daughter was sick, and keeping faith and what not, and you automatically think of the Pistons? Obviously you were talking about keeping faith more than comparing the situations, but it made me laugh when I thought “man this girl has some serious commitment to the Pistons.” And you know what, I’m inspired

  10. Stoud

    AMARE STOUDEMIRE is highly interested in joining the detroit pistons because of the great fans and situation here!


  11. steve the hated


  12. Jeff

    I’m a huge Pistons fan but I have no idea what you’re talking about with the ESPN bias in that short little clip. Yes, traditionally ESPN is biased against Detroit but in that clip the announcer said that Detroit has the best fans in basketball. I think you missed this one, Natalie.

  13. steve the hated

    then change need4sheed to OR haha..

  14. Chungi

    I don’t like the fact that Tayshaun could be traded to Phoenix.He has been my favorite player for years and should stay in Detroit IMO

  15. ben

    if that three team trade went down and tayshaun went to phoenix who would we get??? who would get bosh whow ould get amare or who is even included in that trade

  16. Whatsittoya

    If you get rid of Rasheed for Amare than you might get a few more points, BUT YOU WILL LOSE A LOT OF CHEMISTRY, SPIRIT, AND MOST IMPROTANTLY DEFENSE. I say keep Sheed because even if we get Amare we are still not going to win a championship. So be patient and wait for 2009 and 2010 free agency because I am sure Amare might also be in their. Plus if we wait we can spend money on someone better than Amare. I say keep Rodney, Rip, Tay, Sheed, Amir, Dyess, Affalo, and Maxiell no matter what for atlest the rest of the season. I am willing to give up AI, Kwamae, Herman, Acker, Sharpe, and Bynum. And guess what guys. Amare yesterday only got 2 more points, 1 more steal, and 1 more assit than Rasheed. And Rasheed got 2 more rebounds, 3 less turnovers, and 5 minutes less than Amare. And they tied on Personal Fouls. And by far Raheed is a better defender. So getting Amare will be just as big of a disapointment and failure as was getting AI. So dont make this Trade for Rasheed or any other starters and Hamilton.

  17. Whatsittoya

    What I have noticed is the only time Rasheed or Piston players play good is when they are about to go to the bench or get traded.

  18. Rban

    we have no chemistry and no shot of wining anything with this squad, if we have the oppurtinity to get Amare for Sheed, jump all over it, his contract is up in 2010 if it doesnt work out.


  19. Alwayzreal

    Curry still sucks as a coach… order for us to even make a run in the playoffs we need a coach that can actually coach…..Whatever happened to accountability??? Take accountablility Curry and step just can’t cut it buddy. Botomline no matter how much talent we get,with Curry as coach we will never succeed…..
    Alwayzreal keepin it real!!!!!!

  20. Whatsittoya

    Guys if we get Amare for someone like Kwamae, sharpe, bynum, Acker, AI than it will be good. But giving up Rodney, Jason, Amir, Rip, Sheed, Tay, or Affalo will be a disaster. A lot of people thought that AI will be the answer, but he is the complete opposite of that. So dont trade any of our starters (other than AI) and dont trade Affalo, Rip, Jason, or Amir for Amare. If DUMars does than we will be in a hole we can not get out of for this season and many seasons to come.

  21. Steve

    I would trade pretty much anyone for Amare except for Stuckey, Hamilton, and Prince.

    If Joe D can get him for an expiring contract (Sheed/AI), a couple of young guys (AA, Maxiell, Amir) and a few draft picks (pistons have 4 in this year’s draft), then I’m all for it.

    Plus Amare’s contract expires in 2010.

  22. pistons 4 life

    I watched bits and pieces of this game and I have one thing to say. 3 guards on the court at the same time. Are you f*^%ing kidding me? Maybe Curry has no short term memory, and every game he forgets that 3 guards don’t work.

    This team has become a complete shell of what they’ve been since the early 2000’s. At this point I have no favorite Pistons anymore. This team needs a shakeup, big time, and I don’t care who goes and who stays. Although I don’t think anything will go down before the deadline this season, if something does come up for a great player I say go for it. They’re not going to do anything spectacular this season anyway, so what do you have to loose.

    About Amare, I think if they could get him it would be great. Sure he might not be the best defensive player, but he’s only 26 and in my opinion still has a lot to learn. You can learn how to play better defense……with the right coach…….which is not Curry. But his offensive skills are off the charts. Sure he didn’t have a great game last night but look at his averages. The biggest thing would be coaching in my mind. I don’t have a problem getting guys that aren’t known for their defense as long as we have a coach that is effective in teaching it. (examples – Greg Popovich, Phil Jackson, Stan Van Gundy, Jerry Sloan, Larry Brown)

    In a perfect world Curry would turn into one of those guys, but I don’t see it happening. He already makes the same mistake over and over again this season so why would he get better from season to season in the future. I think Joe needs to cut ties with this guy after this season and get someone who coaches a more defensive style. You know come to think of it, Curry sucks at offensive coaching too. So basically he just sucks at everything. Dang it, how come Larry Brown had to be such a tool and screw up the good thing he had going in Detroit. I guarantee they’d have at least one more ring if he hadn’t gotten himself fired.

    Call it being pessimistic, but at this point I don’t see this team winning another championship for a long time. Not because they don’t have the talent or won’t have the talent in the future, but mainly just because I don’t see Joe getting rid of Curry. He seems to be really stubborn when it comes to him. For some reason he loves this guy and thinks he’s a great coach. To which I say, stop texting and staring at your phone and watch what we’ve been watching. A team that has been under achieving all season.

  23. pistons 4 life

    Why are some of you so attached to our bench players? In my opinion a lot of these guys are about as good as they’re going to get….. In Detroit. If you can package 1 or 2 of them with someone like Sheed and get a great player, I say do it. They’re not winning anything this year anyway. And you can always replace bench players through free agency. Look at what Roger Mason Jr. has done for the Spurs this year. He’s got like 4 or 5 game winning 3’s. You can always pick up guys that can produce as long as they fit into your system. That’s just my opinion.

  24. Chris

    thats a great post DetroitGirl4life. Just have faith people! God Bless!

  25. JC

    Its sad but theres no ICE for DiCE…. Besides the Ice he puts on his knees. Pistons are done for this

  26. Nate

    And if Amare by chance comes to Detroit and doesn’t produce instant results, will he get the same hate that AI is getting from a bunch of us Pistons fans? No matter who we get, it’s a rebuilding year. I just don’t think we have the right coach to do it with effectively enough where results are sooner than later and players stay happy.

  27. Whatsittoya

    If you want to get Amare right now then go for it. But if we do there is no chance we are going to win a championship this year. And what I dont believe is that you guys dont get that he has an option to get out in 2009 and 2010 and he will. So it is no use and will be horrible if we trade someone good like Sheed right now fo Amare and than lose Amare in 2009. That will be bad judgement and bad luck.

  28. Ripper32

    I wouldn’t mind seing Amare in a Pistons uniform, but only as long a we don’t lose Rip.

  29. Whatsittoya

    This is hopeless.

  30. Whatsittoya

    Lets just trade and get Amare and than later on learn this was a mistake like always.

  31. Whatsittoya

    By trading for Amare not only will we worsen ourselves, not win a championship, but we also will lose more money and get closer to being over the cap.

  32. Whatsittoya

    I believe with the trade above eveyone benefits and the pistons remain about the same in cap room.

  33. Chris

    I gotta agree with whatsitoyya(hahah Spongebob) trading for Amare will further hurt our chances from winning this year. He’s a PF. We need a center. I think we should go after Shaq rather than Amare because Shaq is having an all star year, a good fit for the Pistons and he is what we’ve been looking for a true dominant CENTER.

  34. Chris

    But the trade proporsal you just gave out wont ever happen. That’s a bad trade for the Cavs.

  35. Steve

    Yeah, no way the Cavs or Hornets do that trade. I can see the Magic doing it…maybe.

    I think what you guys are missing is that the Pistons are probably not going to win the title this year,l regardless of who they trade for. Boston, LA, and Cleveland have just been too dominant this year. Face it, the Pistons blew their chances in 2006 and 2007.

    As for trading for Shaq, his days of being “dominant” are long over.

    I’d much rather have Amare. He’s younger, more athletic, a better FT shooter, and a better scorer.

  36. Steve

    Your last trade isn’t bad overall….kind of.

    The Pistons and Magic would probably do them in a heartbeat.

    But are the Hornets really going to give up the NBA’s best PG for basically Lewis and Williams? I don’t think so.

    As for the Cavs, that’d be interesting. They’d get a ton of cap space, but they had better get someone good with all that money if they’re just gonna get Prince and West for Lebron.

  37. Whatsittoya

    Steve: In the first trade proposal the Cavs will get Lewis, Sheed, and West. In the second they will get AI, West, Tay, and Sheed. Plus all the cap space. I agree for the first trade Hornets might not have it. But in the second they get Mo, Lewis, Hedo, and Varejao. And in the second trade the Hornets only lose Chris Paul, David West, and Stajokavic. The Hornets overall get 1 point more, but they lose about 6 assits. They also gain a minor .2 rebounds. They will also get more money under the cap.

  38. Steve

    For the Cavs (1st trade scenario), I don’t think they’d do it. Lewis and West aren’t worth Lebron.

    And in the 2nd, yeah I could maybe see them doing it, but only if they’re certain Lebron is going to leave in 2010. Also, the Cavs have a great team and record right now, why would they want to mess up that chemistry?

    Yeah, the Hornets don’t make that first trade. As for the second, Battie and Varejao don’t count. And Turkoglu is going to opt out of his contract. And it’s not all about the stats. So are the Hornets really going to trade the best PG in the league for Lewis and Williams? I don’t think so.

  39. Whatsittoya

    Yeah that trade might work out, but I fell bad about losing our best defender Affalo and our enerziger Max. Well… I guess since we dont even play Max anymore it wont be to bad. But losing that defender will hurt.

  40. Whatsittoya

    But that trade will only work if Bosh really wants out. But I think you should improve on your trade and try to get a Center like Howard and Chris Paul in there.

  41. Steve

    Yeah, but superstars like Paul and Howard don’t get traded.

    The only reason I’m entertaining thoughts of Amare and Bosh is because Amare’s (seemingly) on the trading block and Bosh’s team is awful and there’s little room for improvement.

  42. pistons 4 life

    Can’t you guy’s find a chat room or something so we don’t all have to read about your dream trades that won’t happen? Give it up, the Pistons have about 0% chance of winning a championship this year. Have you been watching the rest of the NBA this season? The Pistons record wouldn’t even have them in the playoffs in the West. Stick a fork in them. They’re done.

  43. Scarch

    Amare will do nothing to help this team. Sheed’s far from perfect, but at least he’s passionate (well, sometimes). If we are going to further disrupt whatever chemistry remains, we don’t need another me-first shooter on the floor. As great as Stuckey is and is going to be, we need a true point guard- 3 shooters who all deserve to start and will play a lot of minutes per game is too many. Package Stuck and some bench players who are talented but don’t play enough minutes for someone who can drive and dish. Maybe throw in Sheed for a big who isn’t afraid to live in the paint, but don’t do anything else. Bold, I know.

  44. Steve

    Well Amare is on the trading block and reports indicate that the Pistons are in the mix for him. Not exactly pipe dreams.

    And if you read my previous comments you’d know that I even said that I don’t expect the Pistons to win it all this year.

  45. The Fluidics

    An actual coach is their only shot, and if they changed coaches mid season, game over. Run through the season with Curry, game over. Either way it doesn’t look good. So enjoy what you can for this season, that AI-Rip play last night was bomb, the Palace is still fun, and fighting for a playoff spot might be fun to watch too.

  46. Onin

    you know what would be the bomb, if the Pistons surprises everyone on the playoffs and wins the championship!

  47. Exzile

    Hey Pistons 4 Life, it sounds like you’ve jumped ship. Maybe you should change your handle…

    Yes, the Espn announcers suck the big one. Especially that idiot-girl. It’s obvious they haven’t watched any Pistons ball this season. And what’s up with the hostility?

    Amare’s comments ring truer than anything we’ve heard out of AI’s mouth.

    Props to the cameraman who recorded that AI pass.

    ICE FOR DYESS!! The man’s a beast.

    Varejao looks like Sideshow Bob.

  48. allen iverson

    we are winning it all this year once we get rid of MC. this cat calls me chuck like he been knowin me my whole life. but f it, did yall see my pass last night to rip.

  49. pistons 4 life

    I haven’t jumped ship Exzile, I’m just looking at it realistically. And I don’t need to change my “handle” because I’ll still watch every game. Just because I think they’re done for this year doesn’t mean they can’t still be my favorite team and I can’t enjoy watching them play. That’s why my name is what it is.

    And Steve, I’ve got no problem with your half of the previous trade talks. It’s the other half of it that seemed very unrealistic.

  50. Steve

    pistons 4 life,

    I hear ya. I also think it’s unrealistic, but it’s fun playing with the trade machine.

    Anyways, I do think it’s realistic the Pistons could get Amare, and to a lesser degree, Bosh.

    The Pistons are one of several teams with assets the Suns are asking for: expiring contracts, young cheap players, and draft picks.


    What do you guys think of this trade?
    AI($20.8 mil), Amir($3.6 mil), and maybe a first pick for Marcus Camby ($10 mil), Chris Kaman ($10 mil) and Steve Novak ($700,000). The salaries match close enough we would be shedding salary, thie clips would still not be close to the salary tax. There looking to trade Kaman to shed salary, they get AI’s expiring deal and Amir. We get two guys that we need and lose one guy that we need to lose.

  52. Steve


    That’s an interesting proposal. I wouldn’t mind having Kaman, but Camby too? That’s a lot of bigs to have. Unless you’re not resigning Sheed.

    So it’d be


    Not bad.

    Plus I don’t think the Clips are going to trade both Camby and Kaman.

    But if I was Joe D, I would probably do it, but only if he really wants Kaman.

  53. pistons 4 life

    Based on Sheed’s comments about wanting to play with the Spurs possibly, he’s basically saying he won’t be back with the Pistons even after his contract is up. I love the guy, but if you get the feeling he’s not coming back anyway I say trade his contract and get something good for it. Unless Joe has his eye on someone that he needs the money for.

  54. Steve

    Yeah I’ve heard those Spurs rumors too. The only thing with that is that the Spurs have no one of value worth trading for, outside of the Big 3, and that’s not happening.

  55. Alwayzreal

    Here’s a trade…Why don’t we swap coaches with Phoenix or maybe even Atlanta or Charlotte…Curry blows..the worst ever and it’s a shame that as a die hard stones fan we gonna have to watch this for years to come..I’m sooo freaking disgusted just watching every game..anybody interested in some season tix for the second half of the season just let me know……..
    I’m done
    Thx Joe D for screwing once again and John Hammond is not here to cover your ass instead you got that Yes Man Scott Perry Strokin your ego……

  56. Chucky

    This post is for Detroitgirl4life. Do you need to have your head examined? Let me get this straight. A man stood up in church and told you that his daughter might possibly be dying; and because the man was obviously asking for a prayer from the congregation, the preacher told the man to have faith in God and not to give up hope, therefore you thought of the Detroit Pistons season and how it isn’t going as well as it should? Oh man, I am sure that’s the first thing that would have popped into my mind. Screw the dying person, GO PISTONS. That’s seriously messed up, not to mention absolutely retarded. “God”, the higher power or whatever one’s beliefs might be is not going to reach down from above and give a basketball team divine favor over the others. What kind of ego maniac are you? God is going to help MY team because it is what I WANT. Get over yourself, and while your doing that promptly unbend your knees and lift your head because you are obviously sticking it somewhere, and it must be hurting your neck to actually sit on it for as long as you probably have.



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