Pistons vs. Suns

by | Feb 8, 2009 | 26 comments

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The Pistons are not in an ideal situation today.  No NBA player likes to play the second day of a back-to-back, but the fact that Detroit played a hard-fought overtime game against the Bucks that ended just before midnight and then they had to travel back to Detroit in the early morning hours to play tonight’s game against the Suns at The Palace.  Oh yeah….and it’s Sunday.

With the rumors surrounding Detroit and Phoenix in the Amare sweepstakes, the Pistons have to be all business to pull out a win against The Suns.

Each team currently has the same 27-21 record going into tonight’s game.

Good News/Bad News/and More

  • Look for Shaq to take a cheap hard foul on one of The Pistons’ smaller players.  He’s good at that. He took out Rodney Stuckey with a hard foul that got him ejected in the Suns last meeting with the Pistons and leveled Amir Johnson last season.
  • Detroit is seeking a third straight victory for the first time since its season-high seven-game winning streak from Dec. 23-Jan. 4.
  • Again, it’s Sunday.
  • The Pistons had lost 10 of their previous 14 games before winning their last two.
  • Amare has pledged to elevate his game.

Tip off is at 8:00 P.M. and will be Nationally televised on ESPN. If you can’t watch the broadcast, tune into 1130 AM WDFN The Fan.  Can’t do either? Follow the game on NBA.com.

Comments and  Chat.


  1. blazer56

    i would give any player on this team to get amare.. i say this http://games.espn.go.com/nba/features/traderesult?players=1727~2769~883&teams=8~21~21&te=&cash= and we give a 1st or 2nd round pick.. why wait for 2010 when we can get one of the premier players that become a free agent in 2010… and if amare doesnt sign with us or extend before 2010 then we still get his contract off the books and can pursue any other free agent… i’m not one for making fake rosters but this one is to good to pass up 1-stuckey 2-AI 3-tay 4-amare 5-kwame/maxiell or play amare at center and maxiell at pf.. and then we still have rip off the bench! i suppose i can only dream of a piston team that looks like this

  2. atlee

    i like that trade because that will give us


    and stuck off the bench as 6th man
    and maxiell

  3. iverson310fan

    i like amare and i think that if he came to detroit it wood b nice

    but if we lost rasheed, what would happen to those 3 pt shots that help us so much??

  4. ryanr

    My version for a suns-pistons trade would be

    AI, Kwame, Amir, Acker for Shaq, Barnes, and Tucker.

    Then we’d have a regular big lineup again.

    C – Shaq
    PF – Sheed
    SF – Tay
    SG – Rip
    PG – Stuckey


  5. Nate

    I had to laugh at the pre-game, for all they are talking about is amare and have touched upon the detroit rumors that he’ll come here as well. I laughed because of all the posts asking people to stop talking about it…..they’ll be hearing it all game.

    Iverson310fan –
    Sheed’s 3’s helps us sometimes. The win against the Bucks, for sure they helped us. More times than none however, no post play from Rasheed puts a lot of pressure on the guards. I’m not saying we should trade him and another for amare, I just believe his preference to play outside rather than inside hurts us more than anything. I’d rather have Rasheed dominating the post and drawing double teams than launching threes anyday.

  6. pistonsfan01

    Forget Amare.. I WANT CAMBY!!!!!

  7. iverson310fan

    yeah thats true

    right now tho, it doesnt look like we can beat the suns
    depressing to watch

  8. The Fluidics

    Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix All Stars Phoenix Phoenix Shaq Phoenix Phoenix Phoenix.

    I could swear there were two teams playing this game (please notice, ESPN announcers.)

  9. Natalie Sitto

    Is it just me or are these ESPN announcers not only bashing the Pistons, their coach, their players and The City of Detroit?

    The Palace is empty and the Fans are Spoiled?

    Thanks World Wide Leader!

  10. pistonsfan01

    it would help if they stopped turning the ball over and get useless amir out of the game

  11. Nate

    Is it just me or do we look totally lost on the offensive end in the 4th quarter of most games?? I was laughing watching them for a bit, nobody wanted to the ball. We play hot potato with it until someone is forced to shoot it. We have no idea what we’re doing on offense right now. No floor leader, no movement, lack of coaching.

  12. Nate

    I noticed that too natalie. I caught most of all the pistons nationally televised games and they have been beaten down time and time again by the announcers. Well, they are here in the comments sections as well, lol.

  13. Nate

    Still love watching GHill play…guy never quits playing hard.

  14. Chris

    win one lose one…win two lose two….22 lose 2 months earlier from last season.

  15. ALMEI

    Let’s see–if I read the NBA game site correctly, it was 32-2 for points under the basket. Guess who had the 32? Is it too much to ask that maybe at some time in the game we would do something differently to prevent them from constantly scoring lay-ups!!!

  16. Amber

    Well, I won’t focus on how much we suck and how Joe ruined everything……I’ll just be positive here.

    So….if Detroit loses the next few games before the trade deadline, (as in getting blown out) maybe Joe would really try to trade someone. Right? Possibly? Maybe that’d be a bit impulsive, but it isn’t like Detroit hasn’t sucked all season. Well…they didn’t for the first two games, but then it all went downhill. Anyways, maybe our suckiness would encourage Joe to get Amare/get rid of AI, Kwame, Walter, Bynum….and find a PG. I can hope. . . . .

  17. Th3 Answ3r

    Just wait come playoff time.

  18. blamu2

    This is not Detroit anymore. I’m done till they get some real players.

  19. Ricardo

    This team is completely trash.

    The only thing working is Rip off the bench.

  20. Ricardo

    And like I said earlier, the only way the Pistons were going to lose these nationally televised games was to play themselves OUT of them. Next year we’re not going to have any. Some of you might not care, but for us fans on the other side of the country, this is a big deal.

  21. augustslady

    They keep this up mybe we won’t make the playoffs….
    They really don’t deserve it do you think?
    Better to watch teams with the heart and drive to do this….
    Sad really ….part players that just don’t believe in themselves anymore part a coach that is in way over his head.Just my take.
    Farewell 08-09 season,and it wasn’t nice knowing ya!

  22. Amer ican Prince

    We have some of the WORST perimeter defenders in the game. Even Rip took a step back in defense. How can the bigs stop layups and dunks, when the guards won’t do they’re job of keeping guards like Steve Nash out of the paint. Yes I’m talking to you Rip, AI and especially Stuckey.

    Sick pass by Iverson, and Dyess is playing all out everynight now if Tayshaun would show some passion for this game, we would be in business.

    Screw Curry

    ESPN crew sucked like always, I hate that woman and her always speaking with that lisp that always puts me to sleep.

    Amare sucks, him and Iverson as your lockeroom leaders? Wow I’m sure the Pistons would have great commradare

  23. Alwayzreal

    I second that..Screw Curry!!!Bum Player = Bum Coach

  24. jack dankovsky

    This article is very lovely. I was reading it with pleasure. best regards


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