OT Thriller in Milwaukee

by | Feb 8, 2009 | 33 comments

Maybe Detroit should have had an easier time with a struggling Bucks team that was without three of their starting five. Maybe they shouldn’t have blown a 10 point lead to Milwaukee only to have to fight back to send the game into overtime. Maybe….but nobody told Milwaukee’s Ramon Sessions, who had a career-high 44 points, tormenting the Pistons in their 126-121 victory.

Key Points:

  • Give it up to former D Leaguer Ramon Sessions with a career high 44 on 13-18 shooting for the Bucks. This kid couldn’t be stopped and had he not put up such an impressive performance Detroit may have had an easy go at this game.
  • Milwaukee tipped the scales in the free throw department going to the line 41 times to Detroit’s 28.
  • Detroit could have possibly lost this one due to a late offensive foul on Antionio McDyess in the last few seconds in regulation.  It was hard to see, yes it may have been a foul, but it was definitely marginal and in most cases when the game is truly on the line like it was that one is a no call.
  • Nothing much from Rodney Stuckey, who was just 1-for-10 for 6 points in 26 minutes. He did get posterized by Charlie Villanueva, but to Stuckey’s credit at least he tried to block the shot….most players would have stepped back and let him take the dunk.
  • Allen Iverson was AI down the stretch of this one. He finished with 27 points and 9 assists and was gelling with the offense like he hasn’t since he was first traded to Detroit.
  • Richard Hamilton and Allen Iverson combined for 15 of Detroit’s 17 overtime Points.
  • “It was a great counter off each other,” Hamilton said. “When one of us got tired, or whatever, the other guy picked it up.” Via NBA.com
  • Rip had the best game he’s had possibly all season long. His shot was falling and he was getting the ball right where he needed it. Rip scored  38 points off the bench for Detroit on 15 for 25 shooting in 36 minutes on the floor.

Richard Hamilton
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Photo/Getty Images
  • “We were cognizant that Rip had the hot hand, so obviously our thing was to make sure he got the ball,” Iverson said. “When they tried to take away what stuff Rip did, we got success with me and the big guys up top with the pick and roll. We were scoring effectively every trip down the court.” Via NBA.com
  • Richard Hamilton Highlights.
  • 44-36… Yes, Detroit won the war of the boards.
  • 54 Pistons Bench points thanks to Rip and Antonio.
  • Can we tip our hats to Antonio McDyess who doesn’t get much of the spotlight for Detroit but is one of the reasons Detroit has a chance to win every game. Dyess scored 16 points with 9 boards with a steal and a blocked shot in 34 minutes on the floor.  I have said this since Dyess came to Detroit, the guy never gets the benefit of the whistle.
  • Engaged and on Fire! I know we don’t like when he does it but when it works we celebrate.  A career high 7 three pointers for Rasheed Wallace.  Sheed scored 27 points in 47 minutes for Detroit.  He added 2 blocks, 8 boards and two assists.

Rasheed Wallace
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Photo/Getty Images
  • Yes Rasheed did pick up another technical foul (that makes 14), but in his defense, he got run over by Dan Gadzuric and didn’t get a call. Knocked down and stepped on, made the three with no call.
  • Sheetastic Highlights.
  • Tayshaun may not have put up double figures but he had a solid night.  Nine points, 9 assists, 13 boards and a steal.  Prince was a big part of running the offense when Rip and Iverson were dominating.
  • Simple fact seems to be that Rip, AI and Stuckey can’t light up the same game.  Rip plays well, Stuckey doesn’t play much and we should be fine with it if we start winning.
  • FSN Highlights by the quarter.
  • Chris McCosky : “Coach Michael Curry did switch things up. He trapped Sessions. He used Hamilton on him in the fourth quarter and into the overtime. And down the stretch, he put Arron Afflalo on him. But nothing worked until Afflalo shut him down in the final seconds. “Every time we trapped with a big guy, they called a foul,” Curry said. “I think we committed more fouls tonight than ever.”
  • Anyone wondering why Curry refuses to go zone when the Pistons are clearly getting burned?  At least he figured out that he needed to put AA in the game.
  • The Suns Tonight at The Palace 8PM Tip on ABC ESPN.


  1. pistonsfan01

    good game… im miss these ones where the Pistons always seemed to pull it out in the end. I really do want them to start blowing teams away though.

    also, with the trade deadline looming, I think that we should try to bring in Marcus Camby. I mean it obviously didnt work out for him in LA and he would be the defense that we need. He woudl compliment Sheed perfectly. A big reason why we did so well when Ben was here was because he did all the dirty work with the boards and stuff, and Sheed was abl to just do his thing… considering AI wont be back next year anyways, maybe they shoudl try to get some value for him. But I would feel bad if he left. It’d be nice to see him get a ring this year with the Pistons.. which I would really liek to see him do. But you do have to admit Camby, Sheed, Rip, Tay, and Stuck would be a monster lineup.

  2. Nate

    Yes, it’s on national television! Was hoping it was so I could catch the game down here in Texas.

  3. CallieDee

    The game tonight is actually on ESPN, I believe.

  4. Natalie Sitto

    It is on ESPN sorry for my mistake and thanks for pointing it out.

  5. pistonsfan01

    a few more things I wanted to say. What we need DESPERATELY before the trade deadline is a 3 point shooter who can come off the bench. we really have no threats from outside. I know Sheed can hit the 3, but it wont always fall. we need a james posey-esque type player on this team.

    LASTLY, did anyone notice Rip taking charge during a time out in the fourth last night???? Yelling ate his teammates about Sessions and really pulling them all together. Then at the free throw line later in the game, he grouped them all up again. I was proud to see that leadership from him. We need a leader on this team, and Rip is probably the best man for the job..


  6. Max-Aholic

    Rip was the man last night, I love that he got in their faces. We too calm in those positions. These guys need to show some fire, they’ll still be friends, but they need to hold eachother accountable on the court. Even though those moments always look worse than they really are. Thank God Curry took douchebag Stuckey out of the game. I’m not going to knock his ability but the dude is a ball hog. Ball movement is the most important part of offense and he refuses to play the pass game. TRADE STUCKEY, FIRE CURRY, HIRE LAIMBEER. It was a win, but I’m still frustrated.

  7. Steve the hated

    get amare stoudemire please joe.. this team will be a threat again..if he doesnt make an attempt to bring amare here he should be placed on the hot seat.

  8. johnny

    stuckey is not a duchbag, you are!

  9. blamu2

    please stop with this amare thing OMG. NOBODY WILL TRADE YOUNG AMARE FOR 40 YEAR OLDS! (Assuming u guys are talkin about Iverson or Sheed). And another thing – Amare sucks BIG TIME!. This team already is turning into Dallas,Suns-esque team that has 120 – 120 games. Thats why we are losing so much. Does anybody here remember those games were Detroit didn’t allow 70 points like 4 games in a row?? THATS THE DETROIT PISTONS RIGHT THERE. I love Maxiell and Johnson (he reminds me of young Dennis Rodman) but Iverson is mistake. WE NEED D not some “allstars” that never came out of the first round. (amare)

    Just ask yourself those questions; What gave us a championship? Did Lakers win last year against great defense? Did Suns (60 wins, no D) defeat Spurs? Did Dallas (60 wins, no D) defeat Miami?

  10. ben

    when we won 60 games did we beat miami?!?!? dumbass

  11. blazer56

    hahaha pistons fan 3 you are an idiot.. that is literally the stupidest trade proposal ive ever seen

  12. Steve the hated

    Amare sucks? i didnt know 20 and 10 stats sucked…hmm down low presence.. they want an expiring contract anda young forward blamu2 u dumb shit, try knowing about the league and the players before you comment..bandwagon bxtch boy.

  13. Richie

    Pistonsfan3, that trade proposal is absurd. None of those teams would give up their superstars for that. People seem to forget that other teams have to agree to trades. It’s not like Joe D can just play with the ESPN.com trade machine until the salary caps even out, then press a button and get what he wants.

    Potential trade proposals are worthless anyway, I don’t know why people squable over them.

  14. blamu2

    I’m so sorry. I did some research and found out that Amare is a monster. 20 and 10 wow, this is just amazing specially for a slow paced team like the suns. He practically owns the league. How could I be so stupid?

    “when we won 60 games did we beat miami?!?!? dumbass”

    Are u twelve ? thats what I’m talking about moron. Offense from RS wont give u shit.

  15. Whatsittoya

    We are also getting about 4 million under cap more.

  16. Grant

    Id love amare here. He’d bring a post presence we seriously need.

  17. Whatsittoya

    Tell me what you think about the 2 trade proposals by me.

  18. Richie

    Whatsittoya- both of your trades are absurd. In the first one, The magic would never give up Howard, Hedo and JJ for Acker, Sasha and Ben Wallace (3.2 pts, 6.6 reb). That’s just redicoulous. In the second trade, they’d never give up Howard, Hedo and Rashard Lewis for Grant Hill (37), two 34 year old Wallaces and Matt Barnes.
    If you people insist on proposing trades, at least make them reasonable.

  19. Amer ican Prince

    Dyess was nice, Rip was awesome, Tay had a near triple double, Rasheed was good, I even give credit to AI for making shots, and knocking down clutch free throws, now if he could just play some d and learn not to go too soon and cause dyess to get offensive fouls setting a pick that would be great. And I agree about the zone, do something Curry, I’m tired of you putting down these defensive schemes, and you can’t even get one to work.

    Whatsittoya get rid of Amare on that trade and I might entertain the thought

  20. ben

    hye blamu2 that year we had 60 wins we were known for our defense we had all of the original starting five and thats what we did defense we got out offense from our defense jackass

  21. Richie

    Whatsittoya- you don’t get it do you? None of your trade proposals benifit the other teams. They’d NEVER HAPPEN.

  22. blamu2

    Ben: Ok lets say u got me on this one. I dont know why u are talkin about not beating miami but ok. We had defense but we still lost.

    But tell me how Amare can really help us? Just look at the suns roster couple of seasons ago. They had incredible team on paper. They had and still have Nash, they had Marion and Amare. But they were always beaten by Spurs. So why do u think Amare would make any difference in Detroit? Do we have a better players overall than suns had? I dont know, personaly I dont think so. Look at suns now, they have the same record as Detroit with Shaq AND Amare TOGETHER. We need someone more of a C than PF and play him WITH Sheed. Something like Robinson and Duncan.

  23. The Fluidics

    It’s a waste of time anyhow, only NBA general managers can propose trades, the rest of us can only run our mouths.

  24. ryan

    You all need to calm down, i think whatsittoya is just making fun of the other people. He is just having fun with it and getting the best possible players to come to the Pistons. Everyone lighten up. If not, then he is an idiot but that is my thought

  25. steve the hated

    u all suck

  26. ben

    the reason i think we were better than the suns even though they had all those players is because this team had CHEMISTRY. they knew one another on the court and off they were like brothers, they knew everybodys capabilities and their weaknesses. the oinly suns players that seemed to be on the same track most of th e time were steve nash and amare because of all the dunks and alley oops they did thats why chemistry can make or break a team look what chemistry did for us 6 years in a row

  27. Richie

    Ben is correct. Hense the success when we had Chauncey at PG and the struggles now that he’s gone.


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