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by | Feb 3, 2009 | 26 comments

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  • Chris McCosky of The Detroit News tells a take of a locker room divided and chemistry issues. And it looks like as each day passes and the losses mount things are getting worse.
  • Detroit Bad Boys makes you really think about the position Allen Iverson has been put in amongst other things that are going wrong in the D. “Everyone talks about how Curry has been put into a difficult situation, but Iverson’s situation is 10 times worse. Not only is he a future Hall of Famer forced to swallow his pride, he’s also had to do it while auditioning for a contract. Before being traded, he figured to be one of next summer’s most highly-sought after free agents. Now, can you even picture a team giving him the full mid-level exception? He’s due a $15 million pay-cut in a few months”
  • “My confidence is at an all-time high, honestly, because I still feel good about the guys I play with and our coaching staff.” Iverson still has hope.
  • Tayshaun on the other hand is no so happy “It’s frustrating for every single individual, especially for guys like (Richard Hamilton), Rasheed (Wallace) and myself, who have had the success we’ve had here,”
  • Is Rasheed unhappy with Michael Curry?
  • Our friends from Austria are still in Detroit and having a good time. They actually saw a Detroit team win last night. No The Pistons didn’t play….they went to The Red Wings game.
  • I heart Hooper just a little more. He’s doing his best to take out Cavs fans!



  1. ryanr

    The trade scenarios in mlive was absurd.

    sheed, kwame, herrmann for tmac and scola? why would joe make that? If that’d happen, our depth chart would have 4 SGs (rip, AI, Tmac, Afflalo), 4PFs(scola, jmax, amir, mcdyess), 2 SFs(tay,sharp), 3PGs(Stuck, Bynum, Acker). Still no center. Rebound war lost 15-50.

    Rip, Tay, Afflalo for Bosh, Kapono. Sheesh! Why would you give up 2 core guys and a solid defender for a guy you could pick up in 2010? It’s not like Bosh could take us to the finals this year.

    Lame blog.

  2. Noa Daniely

    LOL the video is funny 😀

  3. Amber

    Aww Hooper 🙂 Go Steelers!
    You know what the Pistons remind me of? A football team playing without a quarterback. MC annoys me with his grading system (failure) and letting players skip practices because they ‘look tired’ (not acceptable) but Joe D. gets the majority of the blame in the Pistons’ suckiness. AI never was and never will be Pistons material. Losing Ben = loss of defense, losing Chauncey = loss of leadership….that used to be all the Pistons were based on. Now they’re just terrible.

  4. Amer ican Prince

    I would usually call that video a punk move, but that was funny, especially the girlfriend who just kind of stood there while her boyfriend gets repeatedly tackled. And how convenient that he had a rip jersey on underneath. Dude is lucky.

  5. Sam

    AI is at the end of his career, man has never been comfortable playing the point and he turns the ball over ALOT. Curry has never even been proven and he just does not seem that bright.
    Pistons are just imploding this season and it’s just sad because I used to get enormous joy watching them play “pitbull style” defense.

  6. Vanalope

    I think the vid would have been a bit funnier if after repeatedly tackling the guy Hooper would then stand around “chatting up” the gf and then that’s why the guy changed jerseys, getting his butt kicked by a Furry and was in danger of losing his girl. 🙂

  7. ben

    hell yeah send rasheed to houston id like that that would make houston good with rasheed yao and artest watch the fuck out thats defense mayne

  8. ben

    video is gay by the way

  9. Kenneth Jay

    every member of the Pistons should get a copy of the chris mccosky article…true words were never spoken. FIND SOME FIGHT AND BEAT THE SHIT OUTTA THE REST OF THE NBA

  10. pistons 4 life

    Movin’ on down in the standings. I like that Chris McCosky isn’t afraid to be honest with his readers. I get so tired of FSN and (Keith Langlois) propaganda about this team. We’re not stupid, just tell us like it is. You don’t have to sugar coat everything and try to make a positive spin on a terrible situation.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t ever remember players bitching this much when LB was the coach. Oh yeah, that’s because he knew what he was doing. Why did Joe hire Curry to run this team…..Seriously? They need a veteran, proven coach next season or we’re going to be watching more of the same… or possibly worse.

  11. Whatsittoya

    Not only does Detroit suck at Basketball, Baseball, and Football, but they also suck at making videos. Like the one above.

  12. Max-Aholic

    I think the players are fine being with eachother. I’m sure if you went into any locker room after another loss, the guys would be quiet and seem distant. What I’m really curious about is the players take on the coaching. Alot of Deroit fans paint Sheed as a bad guy. But he never sounds off like Terrell Owens, he keeps things in house no matter what. For once I wish we had a vocal player that would trash the coaching, I think its necessary in getting Curry out of here ASAP.

  13. gMac

    Granted we suck so much this season. But what makes other teams different from our 04 team is they have super stars. And that means Cavs, Celtics, Magics are all one big player away from beatable by us.
    That’s why we have to at least get our own acts together, because shit happens.

  14. Steve

    The Pistons are definitely not utilizing AI the way they should. They’ve pretty much been playing him like Chauncey. But AI’s not Chauncey.

    There’s no reason for this team to not get the #4 seed for the playoffs. The Hawks are crumbling and the Heat’s roster is embarrassing.

    The problem is that Detroit is playing at the 2nd slowest pace in the NBA. This isn’t 2003-2004. The Pistons need to step on the gas more often. This starting lineup should be flying down the court, not taking 8 seconds to get past half court.

    AI and Stuckey should be penetrating and attacking more. Sheed should get in the post (not that 14-ft turnaround shot either) and Amir should continue to run and make great hustle plays.

    Another problem I believe is a lack of a post scoring presence, outside of undersized and under-utilized Jason Maxiell. Sheed likes to shoot 3’s and do turnaround jumpshots from 15+ ft and McDyess also shoots long jumpers. When that happens no one EVER rebounds the missed shot, because the bigs are out on the perimeter.

    If the Pistons use AI like he needs to be, get a post presence, and run a lot more, then they will grab the #4 seed.

  15. pistons 4 life

    The offense isn’t always the problem Steve. They’ve forgotten how to defend!!!! They’re lazy on defense. They might look good for a while, but they can’t do it for a whole game. Offensively or defensively. Basically, they’re just sucking it up and then pouting about it. JUST PLAY!!!!!!!!

  16. Steve

    Normally I’d agree pistons 4 life, but it’s going to be hard to win with defense when you’re only scoring 92.9 (!) ppg.

    All the elite teams are basically all averaging 100+ ppg. And they’re very efficient on offense too, unlike the Pistons (21st).

    But the D has been a problem too. I mean, Detroit is holding opponents to just 93.2 ppg, but again, you have to score more than your opponents to win.

    What the Pistons really need in the paint is Ben Wallace, circa 2004.

  17. Carol

    The chemistry problem is because Curry cannot settle on a starting line-up and stick with it to the end of the game!

    The fourth Quarter comes along and you see starters sitting the bench so bench players can play and you lose the chemistry and the game!

    Curry is the one messing up the chemistry.

    Curry has GOT to go….!!!!

  18. Carol


    Stop with the excuses! Detroit has the players to win the championship. If Brown were the coach, you would not see this crap playing.

    Age is not a factor, at least not with the Boston Celtics and Ray Allen, Kevin Garnet, and Paul Pierce. More excuses!

    And, when Hamilton was sitting out with injuries, they had a 7-1 winning streak! Injuries are not the problem. More excuses!

    All excuses to cover-up the problem – it is the COACH!!

    PLEASE, get rid of Curry, and get a coach that can take these great players adn start winning again!

    Oh, and how in the world does anyone think they are going to get ANY fab player want to come play for Curry? They want a coach that can take them to the championships, and that is not going to be Curry who still thinks he is “transitioning” after 20-30+ games!! Another excuse!

    You can have all the right tools, but if you don’t know what to do with them, you get nothing done, or you create a catastrophe!!

    Curry has GOT to go….

  19. The Fluidics

    Carol is 100% right.

    The team had no problems transitioning from Carlisle, to Brown, to Saunders, but all the sudden they suck with Curry, and it’s, as he would tell you, the players fault?

    In the pregame the other day against Cleaveland, George asked Curry what the game plan was against Lebron. MC answered “we got to make it tough on him.” That was his gameplan, we got to make it tough. He “got” a Masters Degree?

  20. augustslady

    To funny,I agree that the coaching leaves much to be desired!!!
    Lots of blame to go around though.
    But this season is surely not all on the players.
    I’m wondering if they even manage the playoffs.
    Here is hoping they at least play with heart and determination the rest of the way,makes losing more bearable.
    Oh and knock off the woh-as-me crap!lol

  21. Whatsittoya

    Look. The Pistons win as a team and lose as a team. I agree MC sucks at coaching but the Pistons players need to get their act together as well. I think coach curry needs to add a half hour of practice time for team building chemistry. Because that is what we need Chemistry.

  22. Max-Aholic

    Hey, if Curry sucks at coaching games, I’m sure the idiot sucks at coaching practice. So theres no gain by practicing longer. I’m puting NO blame on the players. They are doing what the coach wants them to do, run out the clock and place the bigs around the perimeter so the guards can penetrate. FIRE CURRY!!!

  23. Amber

    The idiot does suck at coaching practices. He cancels them all the time because apparently the players look tired….he can tell by their faces, just ask him.
    I’m still not blaming MC (completely) I’m still blaming Joe D. I’ll get to blaming MC eventually…


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