Hey Joe – Bosh wants out of Toronto

by | Feb 2, 2009 | 44 comments

Take this as coming from Stephen A. Smith(video)…but still.

“Chris Bosh reportedly informed Toronto Raptors GM, Bryan Colangelo, that he will not re-sign with the team in 2010, according to Stephen A. Smith.

Bosh can become an unrestricted free agent in 2010.

“He has no desire to remain in Toronto,” said Smith, during a Feb. 1 interview.

Smith mentioned Miami and Dallas as possible destinations” Real GM

Thanks to Team Need4Sheed Vin Richitelli for the quick info.


  1. Steve DiLullo

    Alright Joe, time to get to work on this one.

    Amir + Bosh = A real frontcourt!

  2. augustslady

    Sounds like he wants to play where it is warm?
    What a pansy!!!lol
    Only certified bad boys here!

  3. JCA

    AI for Bosh/Parker or AI for Bosh/Kapono.

    This is the guy that makes sense for both teams. The AI move was to clear cap space to sign the successor of Sheed, We got future star PG in Rodney, and a relatively young Rip and Tay. So Bosh is the way to move forward. For the Raptors, they get serious cap room with AI/JO coming off their books. FOr us, we get our post presence and sick starting unit 100% Detroit basketball compatible.

    Stuckey, Rip, Tay, Bosh, Sheed.
    Bring on Boston! 🙂

  4. Jayborne


    LOL. Literally. We’d be doing them so much of a favor by taking Bosh off their hands in exchange for AI. How could they pass on that?

    Oh, you mean besides that being a f***ing terrible deal for the Raptors and Bosh having infinitely more value than that? Besides that minor detail, I think your onto something. Actually, just on something.

  5. Dave

    Start 5: LeBron, Bosh, Durant, D.Howard, Poul.
    Bench 7: Kobe, Wade, Stackey, A.Jefferson, Jemison, Booser, Dunkan. We are Champions!!!

  6. Steve the hated

    Detroit isnt a destination..sorry to burst your bubbles but no superstar would ever sign here.. its too cold and the economy is shit.. dumars got lucky putting a bunch of misfits together.. my money is this team wont win for a long long long time.

  7. Joe

    They probably won’t give up Bosh for AI, I agree with that. But…

    If Bosh is leaving anyway, they’ll have to take whatever they can get for him. Offer AI, plus some draft picks, plus young players like Max, Amir, or Afflalo. Or maybe a package of AI plus either Tay or Rip? It’s not that crazy.

  8. Chuck

    If Bosh is leaving for sure, then the best thing they could get is an expiring contract. If there is any truth to this, they are going to want to get rid of him asap instead of keeping him for another year and a half and having that issue hanging over their heads. I can imagine 20 million reasons why AI would be a great trade for Toronto if they do become hell bent on moving Bosh.

  9. Richie

    Bosh, Amir and Tayshaun is a defensive frontcourt that anyone would ahve trouble with. I don’t think they’d trade fro him now, but signing him is certainly a possibility.

  10. Marcell

    2008-09: 25-21 As of today
    2007-08: 59-23
    2006-07: 53-29
    2005-06: 64-18
    2004-05: 54-28
    2003-04: 54-28
    Will somebody please call Flip and tell him he is fired again! That goes for Larry too!
    OK, just venting a little but I traveled from Florida to see those games over the weekend. Maybe I should have picked different games or perhaps wait a season or two? Well, had fun anyway.

  11. Kenneth Jay

    IF, and I stress IF this is true Joe should work his magic to make this happen. I would just pray he doesnt give up Sheed and/or Mcdyess. He already gave up chauncey for the joke iverson.

  12. Nate

    In reply to Dave (2nd post)…

    I’m not sure what’s more scarier than your all star starting five: the fact that you have Kobe coming off the bench or that you misspelled almost every other name.

  13. Nate

    Van Gundy and Jackson believed Joe D was just using this season to develop stucky and free up cap space with AI and Sheed more than likely being sent on their way next year. I dont’ know about the latter, but I am getting the feeling Joe D is fine with letting this season go for the most part. He’s looking towards the future and willing to sacrifice this season for it. Maybe not, only he knows.

    Either/or, I agree for the most part with it. It makes it hard to continue to watch games when you know this is probably the best this group of guys is going to get before big changes are once again made. It was either Van Gundy or Jackson that stated there is a difference when guys just try to play with each other and when guys play for each other. This team is just trying to learn to play with each other, and mix that with a lost coach, you get the record we have now.

    Maybe we can pull together and make an honest run in the playoffs. At this point however, making the playoffs seems a big enough task.

  14. ben

    lebrons favorite place to play other than home is the palace of auburn hills if yall didnt already know that so hes a superstar who likes to play in detroit

  15. ALMEI

    Got to watch on TV the last two games. This is a treat since I live in Louisiana and only follow the games via the computer most of the time. Saw some positives–saw some negatives. I know people seem to be down on AI–I for one didn’t favor the trade not only for the team, but because Chauncey was my son’s favorite Piston. But after seeing the past 2 games, I think AI is trying, but it is a huge change for him so I am now giving him some slack.

    I was very frustrated when we were outscored 32-14 in the 4th. Played a good game and then poof. That seems to happen a lot in the 4th now. But here’s my observation–it appears Curry is playing a certain set combination of players at certain times during the game REGARDLESS of the circumstances in the game. It is like he has to get minutes to a bunch of players, so hey, it is the start of the 4th–now it is your time to go play awhile. And let’s face it; reducing Hamilton’s minutes just seems absurd. If players are playing well together (like that group that build an 8 point lead by the end of the 3rd), then why do we not keep them together to start the 4th? It seems like Curry has change just for change sake.

    Now I am not that basketball savvy–so maybe there is logic to it. Maybe this is the year we take 1 step back to go 2 steps forward next year. I hope so, because watching the Pistons now is a very frustrating experience. (And yes, I still am and will always be a Pistons fan!)

  16. Matt

    Sorry Pistons fans- you are not getting Chris Bosh. Or Lebron James. The best you can hope for is Carlos Boozer.

  17. Steve the hated

    thank u matt.. detroit is a dump no one wants to come here.. hell i wanna move the hell out myself.

  18. pistons 4 life

    While I would love to make some sort of a deal to get Bosh don’t get your hopes up. If Joe trades for him now and he’s not happy after next season he’ll just walk anyway. And doesn’t this just seam interesting that he comes out saying this about a week before the trade deadline. It’s almost like he’s trying to force Toronto’s hand on a trade.

    This is the way I look at it. Is this season probably sacrificed? Yeah, probably. But in the next two years there’s a lot of good players that Joe might be able to make a run at and he’ll have a lot of money to do it. I think no matter where these guys “want” to play, in the end $$ speaks louder than location. And you also hear players say all the time that Detroit is a first class organization. So even though we’re not a big market I think some of these free agents would be willing to play here to play with Stuckey, Rip, and Tay. Or at least I really hope so or we’re screwed.

  19. rumors rnt true

    Hello Natalie Sitto…I’m a consistent N4S reader in Toronto and wanna say that you’re blog is great. As much as I like it, we are having troubles here in Toronto but I know people within the Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment company that owns the Raps and they all have said Bosh is here to stay. It might seem like he wants a trade because of our crappy record but remember 2 years ago, the Lakers were in a terrible situation and we have some hope in our GM (Exec. of the Year winner: 05, 07) to pull of some nice trades.


  20. Max-Aholic

    Toronto has more to gain by trading him now. Once the season ends they just have cap room and a shitload less people want to play in Toronto. They would much rather have a great player in exchange for Bosh. They would never be able to sign a free agent star, so trade is the only way to go. I’m not sure about the numbers, but I would much rather send Amir, Kuame, Hermann and some draft pics. What I’m saying is that we wouldn’t necessarily have to send our best to Toronto. Like I said, guys like AI and Sheed won’t stay they’re anyway.

  21. Scott

    Wow, I’ve been talking about this since the season started (as a matter of fact I spoke about it today). I’ve been betting all of my friends that Chris Bosh would come to my team (Detroit Pistons obviously) and this is just another reason why.

  22. shab

    i would trade rip nd some bench players or draft pick for bosh.
    Line up:
    = Championship!!

  23. Whatsittoya

    There is no way we are going to get Bosh period.

  24. Carol

    No quality player, including Bosh, is going to come play for the Pistons with a coach that doesn’t know what he is doing. Dumars can’t hold Curry’s hand during game play decision making, and when great players like Bosh see Hamilton and/or the starters sitting the bench while the game is lost in the 4th Quarter will not want to come play for this coach.

    If Dumars wants to draw the interest of any great players, he has to start with a seasoned, proven coach that can take the team to the championship.

  25. Slim Shady

    trade rumors and free agent rumors suck… they’re either never right or they never go to the team you like, they all go to the yankees

  26. Slim Shady

    4 lost games away from 500… i never thought the city of detroit would see a .500 team at the palace

  27. Carol

    Johnson was a starter yesterday; had a GREAT 3rd Quarter, adn Pistons ahead by 8 points; sits the bench in the 4th Quarter, and the Pistons lose by 10 points. What is WRONG with that picture??!!

    The COACH!!! What player wants to come to the Pistons with a coach that makes decisions like that??

  28. pistons 4 life

    ^^That’s an interesting article. I would like to say that it wouldn’t happen, but these aren’t your grandpa’s Pistons we’ve been watching so maybe the unthinkable will happen. At least they would get a descent draft pick!!!

  29. Colh

    looking at the schedule after the all star break, that’s just a brutal stretch on mid to late february.

  30. pistons 4 life


    This makes me hate Curry even more. Just because you put your name behind something doesn’t make it right Mike. Maybe your players are loosing confidence in you because this is the worst they’ve played in years, and your the one in the drivers seat calling the shots. This almost makes it sound like he’s starting to blame players and not taking any of the blame himself. I really hope this guy isn’t around next year. What a tool.

  31. Aries Red

    Detroit Piston’s is a name, not a location. The Palace of Auburn Hills is in Auburn hills! The economy sucks every where in Michigan, but the location (neighborhood) is not the same.
    As for the rumor, I don’t believe it until he’s actually traded somewhere, and why not Detroit? People need to stop hating on the city, that’s just asinine.
    Besides, it all sounds like Bosh is staying put, or just covering his behind.
    Hope he get’s what he wants though, he’s a good player on a bad team. 22.8 pts. and 9.7 reb. average, not bad.

  32. Amer ican Prince

    All I gotta say to Bosh and any other suiter. You don’t play D, don’t want cha in the D.

  33. Dustin

    No doubt Bosh would be a great fit. He’s an unselfish player with a slick game. His offensive skills and youth is exactly what the pistons need moving forward into the future as the centerpiece to Rip, Tay, and Stuck. But don’t count on it this year.

  34. I am tha streets

    I agree the pistons would be dope now and for years to come. I think joe D is ridin A.I for the rest of the season. And there gonna tank in the second round.

  35. John

    JCA, are you serious about your trade proposals???? You are just another moronic fan with high hopes and unrealistic trade ideas. while we’re at it, why don’t we trade walter hermann, walter sharpe, and will bynum for d wade? geez, get real people. i love this website and blogs but i hate most of the comments left on this webpage. so you’re saying that we won’t only get bosh, but ANOTHER PLAYER for AI??????? seriously, this isn’t a video game and just because the salaries match-up, doesn’t mean the front office of toronto are f-ing morons. god ur stupid. so we get a franchise player who is young, and a bigman which is hard to find…and we’d only have to trade AI? a player who can still score but isn’t close to what he use to be. i mean good lord people, do you even listen to yourselves??? its not that unrealistic for us to trade for bosh, but we’d have to give up alot more for him unless the raptors pulls a memphis grizzlies and basically gifts wraps him for us. but colangelo isn’t retarded like you JCA. please, like i told whatsittoya, stop posting your opinion. there’s enough stupidity already in the sports world, i’m sure we’d appreciate it if you didn’t add to it and keep your “awesome” trade ideas to yourself! I swear to god you can’t fix stupid. honestly, how do people like you come up with these ideas? god damn

  36. John

    same goes for you shab. there’s usually a rule that you don’t trade big for small. rip and bench player for bosh? get real retards!!!!

  37. Colh

    now come on now theres no need to be callin people names, man.

  38. Joe

    There’s no way Bosh will stay in Toronto. The key for the Pistons is to start winning games and turn the team around BEFORE we go after these big-name players. First I think they will need to fire Curry because he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Forget this season, it’s a lost season (it’s ok to have those every once in a while). But, next season Detroit needs to prove that they are still a 50-win team. If they look good next year and develop the young players successfully, then I think players like Bosh would love to come here. And most importantly, Detroit will have plenty of money to throw at him. The future is bright IMO.

  39. Ken

    Bosh + Tay + Bynum + Rip + Stuck

    Back to number 1 dominance!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. tom

    amare wants out too. why isnt joe all over these guys? its no secret the pistons need a big. surely hes not putting his chips into getting lebron. get amare or get bosh or as a third option i guess boozer, but thats shaky. THEN you can worry about 2010 FA like lebron, wade, etc etc. dombrowski or holland woulda pulled the trigger by now. millen/mayhew would have already phoned amare and bosh and expressed they arent interested 😉

  41. Stacia Debreto

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