Pistons vs. Celtics

by | Jan 30, 2009 | 36 comments

Pistons vs. Celtics
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The 38-9 Celtics come into the Palace on a 9 game winning streak. The Pistons, have one under their belt.

The Celtics have quite frankly, put the beat down on the Pistons in both of their meetings this season. And we know how we fared in the playoffs last season.

If you haven’t been keeping up the Pistons are 10 games back in the Central, five spots back in the Eastern Conference standings and  are 3 – 7 in their last 10 games.

Steve Aschburner – SI.com

As recently as a year ago, the Pistons’ weekend schedule — the Celtics on Friday, the Cavaliers on Sunday, both at home — would have been must-see TV, the dates circled and highlighted on the NBA calendar. Now they’re underdog vs. overdogs, Detroit sort of in the way and cluttering up the matchup that people would prefer to watch pre-Super Bowl. The Pistons are proud, familiar and not quite what they were, and that’s when things can get clumsy.

It’s a sad reality that Detroit will be facing their familiar foes, this time around in unflattering and unfamiliar circumstances. They only way to do it “the right way,” if for Detroit to claw their way back from being mediocre to menacing.

A win tonight could do just that….

If you are headed out to the game, do what you can to help Richard Hamilton help the good people of Coatesville, who need your help in their time of need.

And if you see Vladan and Martin, tell them where to go while they are in the D!

Good News/ Bad News:

Tip off is at 7:00 P.M. and will be locally televised on FSN and Nationally on ESPN. If you can’t watch the broadcast, tune into 1130 AM WDFN The Fan.  Can’t do either? Follow the game on NBA.com.

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  1. Jessiica


  2. augustslady

    I will cheer for this team win or lose ,better the win or at least a close game…

  3. mobius909

    look for rip to slow down eddie house.

  4. Amer ican Prince

    Is Rip even playing tonight?

    Who is starting Amir or Kwame?

    If we don’t double team or cover the perimeter, we don’t have a chance. Pistons are not going to beat the Celtics on the offensive end. It’s gotta come from d. From the players committing to play hard, to Curry knowing what adjustments to make during the game.

  5. Nate

    We have about 2 minutes of intense energy each quarter, where we make our run and cut it close. Then after that, nothing. Pierce drove the lane twice in the 3rd quarter and Sheed never left his feet. No block attempt. Absolutely no consistency with this team, one thing that finally cannot be blamed on Curry. No matter who is on the floor with you, you should be giving your all on defense every trip down the floor, not for 2 minutes a quarter.

    We need intense play the entire 4th quarter or it’s another loss to Boston.

  6. Nate

    We only have Maxiell going for rebounds vs 3 celtic big man. Sheed has to play inside more!! A 3 pointer from way out there is not what we need. So frustrating to watch the dumb plays we make sometime.

  7. Slim Shady

    We were playing soooo good and now a 9 point lead for the fags… i thought that the flagrant on perkins would get us fired up and get us to go on the runnn….. but even if we lose, our team is growing with AI and Stuckey and i think we can be dangerous in the playoffs even if were shaky rightt nowww. 4.5 minutes left, let’s hope we can come back

  8. Onin

    I feel kinda good after this game. A couple plays here and there, had we executed them correctly the outcome couldbe different. After this game we showed that we’re not that far off from the Celtics. The Celtics might be clicking now, hopefully the Pistons turns the table around come playoffs.

  9. Amber

    This was an alright game; however, I am irate with boston. The bitch ass players have to play dirty because they suck so much. I can’t stand them. I was disgusted with fuckhead Perkins, and then when Maxy reacted, dickhead Kevin pushed him…..shortly after, Sheed pushed Kevin. I hope that people at the palace gave Boston complete hell. I am not concered about beating them. Cleveland probably can easily. However, I am concerned about them playing like dirty assholes and knocking one of the best players to the ground. I probably won’t get over this for a very, very long time. Maybe not ever. They just became the top enemy. I always complained they played dirty last year…but this was absolutely over the top. Perkins should be fined and suspended for the rest of the season. Am I the only one completely irate about what he did to Maxy?

  10. Onin

    Yeah that was uncalled for hat Perkins did to Maxx. And the bad thing was Max got called for tech because he pusehd Perkins while Garnett did the same thing to Maxx he didn’t get the technical. By the end of the play the Celtics were +1 because of the Ray Allen free throw…

  11. Amer ican Prince

    Amber that is my favorite post about anything ever. Except I am concerned about beating them. No one is allowed to beat them but us.

    And what you witnessed, was a rivalry in action. And even though it cost us a point, I give props to Max because that shove sent a huge message, that he won’t be bullied, and I think that is bigger than the point.

    Kendrick Perkins, has no class, not to mention no upper lip. I’m surprised he can even sound out complete sentences without slobbering spit all over himself

  12. Max-Aholic

    Maxiell got mad squabbles boy! He should have knocke KENDRA’s ass out. Before that Perkins was pushing and pulling just about everyone on the court. But once again our genius coach goes with a small line up at the end of the game. This is the quietest game I’ve been to since Bison Dele was playing for us. I could hear everything from a penthouse suite. Usually you can’t hear anything up there. Well hopefully after we lose to Cleveland, Curry will be fired. Our defense was better, but substitutions are always questionable with Curry, so hes got to go.

  13. Whatsittoya

    Even though Detroit has lost I still have hope. In 2004 they had a losing month in Febuary and won the champoinship that year. So I beleive they can turn this season around and win a championship as well.

  14. Amber

    Amer ican Prince,

    Yeah, you’re right…but since they’ve blown us out and beat us every time they’ve played us, I’m just thinking of how to get back to the chip. Cleveland will take care of them…which I don’t know how they do, maybe since they have a center…I can’t see anything else. I also don’t compliment other teams.

    Yeah, I couldn’t imagine reacting any other way than what Maxy did. However, I do wish he would’ve shoved him harder and knocked him down…… sorry, I’m quite bitter.

    There isn’t a Celtic that doesn’t drive me crazy or disgust me, but currently, Garnett and Perkins are at the top of my shit list.

  15. Max-Aholic

    Hey Amber, right on! I just read your post. Perkins has been doing this all year long. He has a record of dirty play and should be punished. He believes hes a top player, look at the technicals. He’s a role player acting like hes at the same level as Garnett. I don’t see it being a season long suspension, but five games would send a message to him and his dirty ass teammates. Remember that alot of the dirty play is the same thing you see from Rip every night, so it can’t all be punished.

  16. Th3 Answ3r

    I could care less about this loss, I just cared that max owned DIRTkins life 🙂

  17. Amber

    Rip doesn’t play dirty, Rip plays smartly, lol. Ok, ok, I’m biased. But come on….Rip? He’s tiny. Perkins is huge…and annoying…and ugly.

    Answer, don’t insult dirt, lol.

  18. Max-Aholic

    I like that, don’t insult dirt. I’ve been calling Perkins “Kendra” so I expect the same from everyone else. I can’t belive I hate this cat more than Antoine Walker.

  19. Amber

    I call him Kendick, but I like Kendra! That reminds me of all the girly names I had for this team awhile back. Paulina…Kevina….Ronda….oh man.

  20. Mikey F Baby

    Well everything I that could be said about bitch ass Perkins has already been said, so I’ll keep it movin. Why the hell does Curry take out Max and put Dyess in with 4 min left? Max was beastin’ those kids!!

    Does anyone know if the groundswell of support for firing Curry is just here on the blogs, or if there is any hope what-so-ever that Dumars decides not to waste this talented team by keeping MC?

  21. Nick

    Yeah I agree with you Amber. It was like Kendrick thought he was in a cage match. I mean a grabbing Maxy by the neck COME ON. We are not the only team that has had a scuffle with the Celtics this year. In the latest ESPN magazine it talks about players in the league complaining about Garnett trash talking and literally bullying guys on the court. A win would of been nice, but I think we sent a pretty good message. We were right there at times but we couldnt seem to finish it off when we got within 3 points. I am tired of saying this but there were some flashes of brilliance such as in the beginning of this game when Sheed blocked a shot and a fast break started and finished with a Stuckey dunk.

  22. Th3 Answ3r

    Im sorry Amer ican prince about me insulting Dirt 😛

  23. Nate

    I agree Mikey. Max should not of been pulled in the 4th when he was crashing the boards so hard. Curry stated he’ll play whoever has the most energy yet he replaces Max with Dyess. Dyess was having an off nite shooting, however, he was crashing the boards pretty hard as well. Dyess should have replaced sheed late in the 4th. Not to pick on Sheed, but he was playing lazy defense in the 4th and hanging out behind the three point line. We needed rebounds and Max and Dyess should have been there in the end. Yes, Sheed can hit some big shots in the end during some games, but when the defense is bad, it dont’ matter how many 3’s you make.

  24. Nate

    Perkins reminds me of Andrew Bynum of the Lakers. Always throwing dirty elbows and when they get frustrated it leads to plays like perkins made. Lucky Sheed stopped Max, he would of ate up baby perkins.

  25. Exick

    Please. Bynum ain’t dirty. He fouls hard in situations when it’s warranted, but he doesn’t go after people to hurt them. What happened to Wallace was unfortunate, but Bynum had no intention of hurting him. What Perkins did is simply unconscionable.

  26. hoping for a turn around

    maybe we should start dyess. i think with a months rests and only half the year left he shouldnt get burned out. we need some more offence to start the game and his j can really help spread the floor. i love amir but i think its still too soon to be starting him. amir should come off the bench after max. one more year of development. he’s still really young and i think it could help him just like andrew bynum in la. its just a thought but i think that our vets are gona carry us through the playoffs and i think they need as much time as possible to gel together. and more time means starts by dyess

  27. big B

    i swear this coach needs 2 b gone i fukkin hate his monkeyass seriously ,,pistons deserves a better coach , n honestly we played good but 4 some reason these pricks always end up beating us :'( i was hoping us beating them would b a great birthday present 4 me 🙁 but it didnt happen ,, ohhh well ,good luck 4 the pistons 2morrow hope we’ll kick lebrons conceeded ass ,, GOO PISTONS 4 LIFE!!!!

  28. pistons 4 life

    Perkins is a guy that just tags along with bullies. He’s been like this since last year. He always has that stupid frown on his face and he thinks that he’s tough. I watch a lot of basketball besides the Pistons and the Celtics do this to everybody so don’t take it that personally. Although I do hate them more than any other team just like the rest of you. I remember a game when KG was in Min. yet where Dyess fouled Mark Madsen hard and KG got all in his face. KG is just like that. He sticks up for his team mates where ever he plays. I’ve never really liked how he bullies and trash talks though.

    Although the Pistons played well at times last night they still have the same problems over and over. They don’t play consistent defense. And as for their offense that’s a whole different story. There was a point in the 1st quarter I think where Curry took a timeout and the play they ran coming out of it was a Stuckey 1 on 1 from the top of the key. WTF is that all about? You need to call a timeout to run that play? Rarely do you see enough ball movement out of this offense. That’s why they’re so easy to defend. If you watch good teams on offense the ball is constantly moving until someone has an open shot or a good match up. The Pistons just let the shot clock run out and then whoever has the ball just goes 1 on 1 and puts up a crappy shot. I blame that all on coaching. Curry always talks about not enough ball movement after games, but he must have no idea how to get these guys to do it.

    Going back to what Amber was saying. I can agree with rooting for the Cavs (or Orlando) to beat the Celtics. I’ll always be a Pistons fan, but when they can’t get it done, I still want Boston to go down at the hand of someone else. For whatever reason when the Pistons lose to certain teams I love to watch those teams then get beat by other teams. It’s the same reason I got great pleasure out of watching the Cavs get swept by the Spurs two years ago in the finals.

    Here’s to hopping the Celtics almost get to where they want to be and then get their dreams of a repeat crushed by whoever they end up playing. 🙂

  29. augustslady

    Being a D sports fan for years the Celtics,the Yankees and the Canadiens and Maple Leafs were the bain of my existance(almost forgot the Bruins!)
    Never was much into football…but loved hockey,baseball and basketball.
    So yes I hope Cleveland or Orlando stomp Boston!

  30. Whatsittoya

    I call a win against Cleveland

  31. Whatsittoya

    I want Prince and AI traded.

  32. Whatsittoya

    What happened to Wallace.

  33. Whatsittoya

    Dont be too suprised if the Pistons drop to the 6th spot in the East. Why? Miami is now tied with the Pistons. And if Detroit loses on Sunday than Miami will be a half game ahead of Detroit. Than Miami has a game on Monday and if they win that than they will be a full game ahead of Detroit. Than on Tuesday they will face off Detroit. But if Miami loses on Monday than we can once again be tied with them if we lose to Cleveland. If we win against Cleveland than, all we have to worry about is Tuesday because Miami will either be tied or a half game behind us. So lets beat Cleveland.

  34. pistons 4 life

    What seed they end up being in the end probably won’t matter that much. If they continue to play like they have they’ll most likely get bounced in the first round anyway. Who knows though. We’ll just have to wait and see. But right now the 1 through 4 teams in the East are looking pretty good.

  35. Maid

    Loss game vs. boston is OK,but Pistons must win next three games.
    They are on 5th place in East,but Miami is 6th with score 25-20 same like Detroit.If Detroit going to loss easy games they dont be in good position on East,so win,win and WIN


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