Tayshaun Denied….again

by | Jan 29, 2009 | 15 comments

Tayshaun Prince did not make the All Star Team again this year. I know we have been pushing for Tay to make the squad for years, but with everything that has been going on with the team, Prince really stood out when Detroit needed him.

He deserved a spot, but it truly would have been hard to deny Danny Granger with the year he’s been having.

Next year is Tay’s for sure. Right?

Oh and congrats to Chauncey, who made the team for the West. It’s going to be hard to root against him whatever team he’s on.


  1. mannie32

    so glad chauncy got the nod, even out west… he deserved it too… i personally think he’s a much better player than nash, AI, and some of these other superstars… he doesnt have the stats always to prove it, but the coaches notice at least

  2. Richie

    I am disgusted that that Tayshaun was denied this honor AGAIN. However, Chauncey certainly deserved it, and if nothing else, I hope it’s a slap of reality into the faces of all the people who wanted him traded away claiming he was overrated and would never be an all star in the west.

  3. Rban

    I bet Chauncey and Stuck will get a chance to catch up and talk about this season in Pheonix.

  4. Exzile

    I’m still pissed that punks like AI get in off of past accomplishments and those that truly deserve it get the shaft. I wonder if AI knows he’s a washed-up shell of his former self. I don’t think he can be in denial. Deep down he’s gotta know that he doesn’t deserve to be in Phoenix and is probably embarrassed. I think that’s why he’s been smiling so much the last few weeks. Because he knows he’s not the same AI and he knows that while there’s a bunch of stupid fans who still love him, there is also a growing number of fans who resent him and can’t stand the ramifications of the trade. I almost feel bad for the guy. Then I realized I make ten bucks an hour and for Iverson money I’d happily be the shame of the team/city.

  5. Ben from Seattle

    All-Star voting is a joke. AI shouldn’t be in even as a reserve and to understand just how stupid the voting is, Gilbert Arenas(who may not play a single game this season) received more votes than Prince and Granger combined.

  6. Matt

    How can you people seriously say Tayshaun Prince should be an All-Star?

    The people that really got snubbed are Turkoglu, Rondo and Vince Carter (who is playing great in NJ). The only guy who doesn’t belong on the East squad is Iverson. And the fans voted him in. I’m sure none of you Pistons fans were complaining when Ben Wallace was being voted into the game…

  7. Steve

    It is sad that Tayshaun didn’t make it.

    But there were bigger all-star snubs like Ray Allen or a second Cavalier.

  8. Tim

    I will never root against Chauncey, even when he plays against Detroit. I suspect the crowd will give him an ovation when he returns to the Palace

  9. steve the hated

    tayshaun isnt an allstar.. paul pierce is better..chauncey is now the enemy.. if your wearing an oposing jersey ull get heckled. flat out

  10. Rban

    I agree Tayshaun doesn’t deserve it this season, but Hedo defeneitly doesnt deserve it this season, hes playing way worse then last year and is shooting like 40%.

  11. Andy

    I think coaches got it mostly right. The biggest snub is Al Jefferson, who’s having a monster season. Other deserving players should’ve been David Lee, Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Vince Carter, Paul Millsap but hey, there are only 12 spots available so it’s obvious that several deserving players are not going to make the team. It has always been like that and it will never change. It’s impossible to make everyone happy. All in all, the coaches did a pretty good job selecting the reserves. And as far as Prince, I hate to say it but there are several players who are waaay more deserving than him….

  12. anthony

    BS tayshaun deserves to start at sf for the east. he is the only player i have ever seen gaurd superstars and only super stars and shut them down night in and night out. all i got to say best defender to ever play the game 7’2 wing spand

  13. Matt

    Anthony- I hope that was sarcastic.

  14. Steve

    Tayshaun starting on the all-star team?

    Maybe the Boston game tonight changed your mind?

  15. Matt

    Anthony- I hope you are not serious.


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