Does Chad Ford know something we don’t? Are the Pistons interested in Elton Brand?

by | Jan 28, 2009 | 29 comments

We all know ESPN’s Chad Ford and Joe Dumars have a close relationship, so when he talks Detroit we tend to listen.

ESPN’s Chad Ford said in a Tuesday online chat that “from what my sources around the league are saying, (Elton) Brand is available.”

Sixers president Ed Stefanski signed Brand to a five-year, $82 million contract on July 9. But Brand, a 10th-year power forward, hasn’t had the on-court impact the Sixers had hoped and won seven of eight games at the end of a 16-game stretch he missed with a dislocated right shoulder.

Later, Ford wrote: “The question is, given how poorly (Brand has) played this year and his huge contract, does anyone want him (by the Feb. 19 trade deadline)?”

The 30-year-old Brand is earning $13.8 million this season.

Ford speculated that the Pistons might be interested in trading Philly native Rasheed Wallace, who is in the final year of his contract, for Brand, but doubted if Detroit president Joe Dumars would be willing to take back Brand’s additional four years and $68 million” From Philly Blurbs via MLive

I happen to like Dave Dial’s take on the matter.

“Although Ford’s idea of sending Rasheed Wallace back home to his native Philadelphia seems like something that both teams would balk at. For the Pistons, this would leave the Pistons without the promise of the large amount of cap space that Dumars has been working to have for the summer of 2010.

For the 76ers, it’s hard to believe that Stefanski would attempt to unload Brand for solely cap relief just months after committing to the star power forward. The 76ers would need more than the expiring contract of Rasheed Wallace. Rip Hamilton is another native Pennsylvanian, and the prospect of a Andre Miller-Rip Hamilton backcourt may be pretty enticing to Stefanski.

Detroit could send Rip Hamilton, Amir Johnson and Kwame Brown to Philadelphia for Elton Brand and native Detroiter Willie Green. This would keep Detroit in the running for big name free agents in both 2009 and 2010 and allow Joe Dumars to pitch a possible core of Rodney Stuckey, Tayshaun Prince and Elton Brand. If the team does well the rest of this season, Dumars may be inclined to offer Allen Iverson a reasonable contract to add to the mix.”

A trade like that still keeps The Pistons in the running for the 2010 free agent class with plenty of cash to spend. Though, like most of you, I would love the Pistons to have a quality center if they make a trade, but that’s a tough trade to make.

I don’t know how you feel about it  but I wouldn’t  be ecstatic to have Brand on this team, great player but injury prone. I can’t remember the last time he played a full season.


  1. C-Quense

    I don’t think, that this gonna happen.
    Dumars traded Chauncey, because he wants some space under the cap.
    So a trade with Brand would be 2 steps back.

  2. Richie

    I vote against that move. It sounds to me like Brand (who I really liked when he was with the Clippers) has been the same kind of disapointment for Philly as Iverson was for us. Why would we want two disapointments in the starting line up?

  3. Tony

    What a disgusting and ridiculous trade idea. Not to mention Philly clearly gets the better deal. Does everyone think the Pistons are just into trading players back from whence they came? Hell, ship Stuckey to the Wizards, I mean, Washington is where he’s from after all. Geeze.

  4. Steve DiLullo

    ^ No, in that case we should ship Stuckey to the Soni… err, yeah nevermind.

  5. mobius909

    more undersized power forwards playing center… no thanks. however getting rid of brown is enticing. i don’t wanna see rip go though.

  6. JCA

    Not gonna happen, But IMO its huge gamble. If Brand gets healthy, this looks like place could fit. Plus you get Green… I rather stay under the cap for the future.

  7. Chad

    I’m for it.

    Sheed-Brand I could handle, don’t want to see him go but being coached by Curry has killed his spirit.

    Rip can go as well but I’d like to keep Kwame and Amir.

  8. Exzile

    I don’t think this will happen, but the way this season is going who knows? I don’t believe this is a step in the right direction. Betting our future on the chance that an underachieving player is healthy doesn’t make any sense to me.

  9. Vin CT

    As much as I would love to see Brand & Sheed, I just cant see Rip leaving. Seeing Billups go was hard enough to swallow. Also I really like what i’ve been seeing from Amir even though were struggling.

  10. steve (the hated)

    Trade em all except tayshaun and stuckey.. this team sucks.. do somthing to keep me interested in this pack of losers.

  11. Steve

    Hmm, Dave Dial’s entry is much more realistic and interesting.

    Ford’s Sheed-Brand trade doesn’t make sense.

    But the thing about Dave Dial’s is that it leaves the Pistons with no starting SG. Is AA really ready to start?

    And also the Pistons wouldn’t have a center still.

    So w/ that trade you’d have this lineup for the future:



  12. Chad



  13. Amer ican Prince

    Hate Elton Brand, not versatile enough. He needs the ball too much on the offensive end to justify the money he makes, and he is an undersized power forward. We have one of those, one I’m a big fan of and would lose minutes to Brand. I’m talking about Jason Maxiell. And trading would Sheed for Brand would be the final nail in the coffin for losing faith in Joe D. He started out good as a GM, but has slowly made more and more decisions that I am resenting.

    And why would the Pistons trade Rip when AI won’t be here next year. They would need a SG back and somehow, I don’t think Willie Green would be our SG of the future.

    I don’t know their contracts but if that Rip deal goes through that means it is for cap flexiblity. And if that’s the case then send Dyess to a championship contender team and stop wasting his time

  14. tyler


  15. tyler


  16. Whatsittoya

    I think we should keep sheed. Getting Brand would just mess this team up as like Iverson did.

  17. TJ

    I do this trade in a heartbeat. We improve our rebounding and low-post scoring. He’s struggling in Philadelphia because they’re a running team and he functions better in a half-court setting (much like Iverson struggles in a half-court setting but flourishes in a more open offense). Brand would be PERFECT for Detroit because we got shooters to spread the floor for him, and we like to work in the half-court more.

    Of the two deals, I’d rather do the Hamilton deal because it wouldn’t effect our cap situation like the Sheed deal.

    Afflalo is actually a great compliment to Stuckey, so it wouldn’t hurt us too bad to have him in the starting lineup with Willie Green backing him up, and then we’d have the cap space to go after Joe Johnson in 2010 (or, depending on his health, Mr. McGrady).

    All in all, Brand is the perfect compliment for this team. He plays good defense (unlike Boozer and Amare), he’s locked in long term for a relatively reasonable contract, and quit with this “HE’S INJURY PRONE” nonsense. He missed ONE year due to a ridiculously bad injury, and he’s missed games due to a separated shoulder this year. Prior to that, he missed 50 games over 8 season. Those type of injuries usually take a couple years to heal up from, however I see him averaging 17-9 when fully healthy.

    Joe, if they approach you with this deal, you take it. It’s the sure-thing over the “possibility” of landing a big free agent the next two seasons.

  18. John

    I agree with TJ. Having Brand would give us a great rebounder and low post scorer. Him and Sheed down low defensively would be a great match. And our style would fit Brand better than Philly. He’s not made for the run and gun style that the Sixers play. Plus, this would make Rip happy. We all know Rip isn’t happy coming off the bench, I wouldn’t be. He’s been with our team for a long time and now, all of a sudden AI is the starter cause of his ego/attitude? Curry is a punk. He tried to make us all believe he was this hard/strict coach, when really, he’s one of the main reasons we’re losing. Trying to over coach and to scared to stand up to AI and tell him he’s gonna be the sixth man. And we still keep AI and Sheed’s expiring contracts. I read on ESPN’s Power Rankings (by Mark Stein), that we have no energy and are caving because the players know that Joe D is playing for the future and is pretty much waiting until 2010. Like every other team in the NBA besides maybe a select few, they’re all trying to keep and trade for expiring contracts. There was a rumor that Joe D almost traded Tay for Stephen Jackson. Joe D said it wasn’t true, but how can we say for sure? I mean, in the summer he said that all he was gonna trade for was for teams’ BEST player. Well, unless I’m wrong, I’m pretty sure Carmelo is viewed as the best player from the Nuggets. Anyways, I’d like this trade if we can see how Brand looks for a couple of weeks coming back from injury. Although I’m not a huge fan of Willie Green. But we’ve been hurting on the boards pretty much all season. I know it’s mostly due to our small ball lineup, and that Amir and Max are great rebounders. This would however, might require us to make one more minor trade cause if we trade for Brand, that means we have Amir, Max, and Dice off the bench. But next year when Sheed’s contract is up, we can start Amir next to Brand. At least we get rid of Kwame though. But can someone tell Curry that Hermann can back up Tay at SF?
    Sorry this is long but I have one more thing to say. When Sheed is a free agent, he can be the piece to get a team over the top. Just like he did for us. Can you imagine if he went to the Cavs? Spurs? or even the Celtics? Pretty scary since he’d have a new environment and new motivation.

  19. Whatsittoya

    TJ: Brand only averages 2 more points and 2 more rebounds than Rasheed. And he CANT SHOOT THREES. HE is also the same height as Sheed. Sheed also just about gets the same amount of assits per game. Sheed gets less minutes as well. But the one thing that Sheed has that Brand does not is Spirit. Rasheed can get the whole team up while Brand can not. Also wasting all that money on him is not worth it. We are already 2nd in player salaries lets not be first. Go to click on players than Rasheed tha compare him to Elton.

  20. The Fan

    another forward. Hello everyone we are up to our ears in forwards on this team. We need a center. We need a solid center.

  21. Rip

    Yeah I’m all for this trade, get me out of here….I’ve played my heart and soul out for this organization and this is the thanks I get.. A terrible rookie coach who was a bum as a player and a bum as a coach,I respected the guy when he was on the bench as a teammate and as an assistant coach last year but just like he talked his way into a ten year NBA career and talked his way into the Players Union President and then Talked his way into a Head coaching job. I have no problem coming off the bench,it was just in the manner that it was presented to me and the principle of it.I am a team player and have been that kind of player my whole career.I love the city of Detroit and will always love the fans here,I remembered before getting traded here I had not ever played in a playoff game. I signed an extension because I wanted to retire a Piston but front office has other plans and there are a lot of hidden agendas and bitchassnes.It’s been a hell of a run and the only regrets I have is that we underachieved,we let at least three titles slip through our fingers.This city will always be special to me and the fans are the most passionate that I’ve seen but I’m at the crossroads and change is needed and I hope this trade would be perfect for me to go back to my home state and finish my career……
    Thanks for all the luv and support through the years Detroit
    Always a Piston at heart

  22. The Fan

    Some people have to much fun being posers.

  23. TJ

    First off, we shouldn’t NEED our PF/C shooting threes. That should be our guards and wing players, not our 6’11 starting Center. Secondly, Sheed’s attitude is a big reason why the team is struggling. His personality is too strong to handle, especially for a rookie coach. Hell, Larry Brown barely kept him in line. For everyone good game he has, he has 2-3 games where he’s a non-factor, and our frontcourt is too weak at this point to live with that.

    I’m a huge Rip fan, I’ve even got his jersey, but a healthy Brand gives us a much better chance to win now and in the future. If he gets healthy (he’s only had one major injury), he will give you 17-9 for the Pistons, something we haven’t had in a long time. And don’t play the pity card, “Rip.” You posing as Hamilton trying to make a point or something, but in all honesty you sound like a whiny ass. Dumars said that there were no sacred cows, so don’t whine when you or Chauncey or Tayshaun or anyone gets traded. You lost the right to stay no matter what when you decided to lay down and die against Boston.

  24. Robert

    Does anybody really want Iverson back after this season?? I don’t, and he’s always been one of my favorite players. Unless he’s willing to take $10 mil or less per season for a 2 or 3 year contract, it’s a waste of money. I still think Rip is a good deal for what we extended his contract for, and he’s got a lot more mileage left on him. We need a backup PG more than anything; Bynum is a good 3rd PG, but when Stuckey has to go to the bench with foul trouble or whatever, this team hits the crapper. Plus, do we really want him racking up the miles so he’s all beat up in a couple years like Wade has been?

  25. John


    you’re one of those “stat” fans. only cares about numbers. stick to fantasy basketball. the reason brand isn’t producing is because of the style the sixers play. he was struggling because of it since he’s not a run and gun big man. quit being ignorant in your “stat comments.” so you’re telling me you’d rather have someone who averages 20 and 10 like zach randolph, but is a chemistry destroyer to any team? but it’s ok because he averages 20 and 10???? make sense in your criticism please. TJ agreed to trade Rip for Brand. and is it really that important that a big guy doesn’t shoot 3’s??????? are you kidding me? that’s your argument? not to mention brand is a good defender and shot blocker? honestly, your best “stat” big guys aren’t ones who jack up 3’s. D howard, yao ming, duncan….they don’t shoot 3’s. we dont need another big doing that. i read your comments all the time and they never make sense. just another annoying stat fan. if he played for us he’d come close to averaging double digit rebounds and would allow sheed to play the perimeter. that would be a great fit if he’s healthy. so who do you want on our team? dirk? cause he can shoot 3’s? but he can’t defend, not a shot blocker, or rebounder. i know says he averages almost 9 reb/gm but thats because he’s their only big guy with any kind of skills. i’m getting mad writing this because of your sheer ignorance. have you looked at the career numbers between the two? sheed has never averaged 9 reb/gm, and i believe only 19pts/gm once. but that doesn’t make him a bad player. he’s a great player and getting brand might motivate him even more. you saw his attitude change when we had webber a couple of years ago? brand would fit in alot better here in detroit because of our slow, half-court style. you have to look at the styles teams play that make them successful, and the players that fit. why were the suns good? because most of their players were shooters and could run, the magic now? cause they play inside/out with howard in the middle and shooters on the perimeter. i hope you don’t respond to this because it’s gonna be something irrelevant. honestly, how would you even start a team? make sure your bigs can shoot 3’s? sheed might be the only big man that shoots 3’s and isn’t soft like dirk. if you were our gm, you’d want dirk over d howard? and sheed is taller than brand. brand just works hard like b wallace did because of his height. please get your facts straight. INDIVIDUAL STATS don’t always win championships. the pistons won with no one averaging more than 20-21 pts. did it with heart, DEFENSE AND REBOUNDING. not big guys who always shoot 3s!!!!!!!

  26. John

    I’m gonna stress this again….TJ was agreeing that we trade rip, not sheed. so you weren’t evening arguing the right point or player. we need a consistent post up player who can bang down low. ala ELTON BRAND or someone like him. And if we can keep sheed and still get brand, that would be a force down low on both ends of the court. “but brand can’t shoot 3’s.” i still can’t get over it, that you actually made an argument. sheed is 6’11”. brand is like 6’8″. hard worker like i said. fights for rebounds like b wallace. has a nice offensive game. makes us better at both ends. so you should probably never, ever, comment on a blog or article again. your opinions you should keep to yourself since they don’t make sense. do everyone a favor and don’t think for yourself.

  27. Matt

    I like it…. period. Sorry Hamilton

  28. Joe

    I like it. Sheed has run his course in Detroit, it’s time to trade him.

    But first I would at least inquire about Amare Stoudamire… there are rumors that the Suns are willing to move him, and I think Kerr just might be dumb enough to do it.

  29. pistonsfan

    I don’t like this trade. This will be worst than the Chauncey trade. Plus I think we extended Rip contract so he can stay in Detroit and I think AI will be ghost after this season!!!



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