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by | Jan 27, 2009 | 35 comments

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The Michael Curry Edition:

All is a buzz (not like it hasn’t been here for quite some time) about Michael Curry.

  • Chris McCosky thinks Curry is over coaching and it’s hard to disagree with him.
  • DBB’s and some of his readers make a point that MC was put in a really tough spot, but doesn’t think he deserves a free pass.
  • I essentially said the same thing the other day when Jim Kushlan invited me to talk Pistons for his show The Benchwarmers. They asked me to grad MC’s job as a coach….I gave him a D and I thought that was being nice. I did also state all the reasons why he was pretty much set up for failure with everything that has happened this season. Doesn’t mean Larry Brown isn’t looking that bad either right now though.
  • Like it or not, the Pistons really are running out of time to salvage this mess.
  • John Hollinger of ESPN may have the answer: “If there’s good news for the Pistons, it’s that some of the answers appear to be available in-house. By benching Kwame, promoting Maxiell and reducing Johnson’s role, the Pistons could start a very effective Wallace-Maxiell combo, bring McDyess in off the pine and then use Johnson in a bench energizer role where his high-wire act can thrive and the fouls aren’t as big a problem.”
  • Midseason grades don’t look that good, nor should they.
  • The not so reliable Trade Rumor.
  • 18 in the Power rankings. The cruel reality….The Bobcats are a spot above us.
  • Should Joe Dumars take ALL the blame?
  • I mentioned the other day that I was the guest of Matt Watson and his readers for DBB’s Suite Night. What I didn’t tell you is that one of the winners, Garrett Elliot is top notch Wedding Photographer so the pictures he took were fantastic. He even got a couple of me trying to look important and doing my best Joe Dumars impression. But what’s even better….was his T-Shirt. I don’t think I need to explain what it means either. If that doesn’t make you smile on a day you found out the Bobcats are better than the Pistons…..I don’t know what will.
  • And then there is this…(Thanks to TJ for making sure I didn’t miss this) I saw it at the Palace and was waiting for it to appear. It’s also over at Detroit flavored TWOI.



  1. Chad

    The “trade rumor” is garbage’

    Fire Curry.

    BENCH KWAME? WHAT DOES KWAME HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING? I swear.. Curry is a magic-8-ball living in a dumpy man’s body.

  2. steve (the hated)

    I have officially thrown in the hope towel..ive held on to hope thru out the year but the more i watch the more disgusted in curry i get.. Wake me up when its over..

    I actually hope we dont make the playoffs and we retire the season like the heat did last yr..

    Let Rashit and iverson go happily.. pick up a good free agent this summer.. hopefully have a good lotto pick and start re building with that.. and wait for 2010 to get the guy we been waiting for..

    2009-2010 pistons
    Free Agent

    who ever is left

  3. mobius909

    I need to clarify my broken record comment.

    We need to draft/trade for a STARTING center, not just a center.

  4. steve (the hated)

    2010-2011 pistons

    2010 free agent
    2009 free agent

    lotto pick
    lotto pick
    maybe afflalo

  5. ImighthateDumarsmorethanAI



    First we fire Flip, then we pick up the stupidest excuse for a coach Curry, then we trade Chauncy for a “star player” from another team for god knows what reason, then we bench Rip, and now look where we are.

    Curry is stupid, yet Dumars is INSANE for doing all of this

    I love the Pistons, and I’m all for getting rid of of Curry, AI, and playing our GOOD players again

  6. Max-Aholic

    I still don’t think a trade is going to get it done. We have the talent, leadership is the issue at this point. On the court and the coaching staff. We still have a better line up than most of the NBA talent-wise. Curry has to be axed NOW. Dude doesn’t have a clue. We may actually be better off without a coach. The biggest problem I see is the lack of on court communication between the players. Ball movement is weak and predictable. Curry is still calling plays for everyone on the court other than Amir. Since we have Iverson, lets treat the team like an Iverson team, his ball his decisions. What can it hurt?

  7. Amer ican Prince

    Steve care to fill in your blank spaces? You can’t just leave us hanging like that.Who do you want from either of those free agent classes and drafts?

    I’m with you if there is one in the draft we should get one, that or a backup SF.

    Man that video was funny, hooper even spanked those guys on the butt. I wonder if that was planned or not?

    I don’t know if I agree he’s overcoaching, considering we have some very young guys, and truth be told even though Tay and Sheed do have high IQs, they’ve played one way for so long, maybe Curry has to micromanage to get the players to buy into the new system. Even if the new system blows beyond reproach.

    How does Dyess have a B+. I think he should get an A-. Agree with free throws.

    And I am so glad someone finally called out Joe D, though steve I know you’ve said it a few times. He is the brainchild. And I still cannot believe some of the moves he made. And even though I know it was partially his fault, I’m going to continue blaming Curry for Lindsey “ball-hawk” Hunter not being here. Ever since he left, this team has not been as fun to watch.

    It’s a conspiracy, “Coach” Curry is trying to systematically get rid of anyone who had more success than him when he was here.

  8. IHateCurry

    I actually had a dream that Curry was fired. It was magical. I checked my computer, went to Need4Sheed and saw a wonderful photoshopped image proclaiming the firing of Curry. I was ecstatic. I started texting every Piston fan (and Cavs fans, even) I knew.

    Then I woke up pissed off realizing Curry is still the coach of the Pistons. Lovely way to start of the day, son of a bitch.

    This season can’t end soon enough. Let’s face it, we’re not going deep into the playoffs. We’re 11.5 games behind Cleveland/Boston. We’re a game and a half behind Atlanta, which is sad because a game and a half seems like a huge gap the way this season is going. We’re tied with the Heat. And we’re only 3 games ahead of the lower seeds on the bubble of playoff contention.

    Rasheed.. AI.. Curry.. All need to go once this season is over. Get real players in here that actually get on the court every night and WANT TO PLAY AND WIN (not just bitch and underperform and hoist up 3-pointer after 3-pointer like Rashit).. And get a coach that actually knows what the hell is going on. Hey, Avery Johnson declined a coaching job last week, let’s hope he’s waiting out for Dumars to call him in a few months. As for Dumars, Curry will go down as your 2nd biggest mistake as GM of the Pistons.. first, we all know, is passing on the following for Darko Milicic: D.WADE, C.ANTHONY, C.BOSH, C.KAMEN, J.HOWARD, D. WEST, B.DIAW. Holy shit.

  9. Nate

    I agree with both McCosky and ESPN’s John Hollinger.

    I’ve watched an interview with Greg Poplovich once where he stated you can’t overcoach a group of veteran players. When the Spurs were struggling badly in a game, Pop called a time out and left the huddle. Duncan seemed upset and called the team in the huddle and led the timeout. Curry is trying to solve every minor problem these group of guys have, when in fact, let them try to. I want to see some vets pissed on the bench calling out others. They’re all staring up at a rookie coach for what to do next and they shouldn’t be.

    Regarding Hollinger’s thoughts on the line-ups, I couldn’t agree more.


  10. Garrett

    Thanks for the links, Natalie! And what a lot of people probably don’t know is that most of the group shots were taken by you! If you want to branch out from blogging, there’s always photography….! 🙂

  11. steve (the hated)

    Alright mobius

    2010-2011 PISTONS

    David Lee

    Draft pick
    Draft pick

    amir will be exposed he will be gone.

    that team will be a title contender expecially if those are some lotto draft picks.

  12. steve (the hated)

    david lee great locker room guy plays detroit hard nosed blue collar ball get boards and gets his 15 a night cleaning up the bricks.. and stoudemire can be the face of the franchise like he wants with a down low presence and a sweet jump shot along with stuckey rip and tayshaun. with maxiell as a hype man hopefully lottory picks i love that team.. wit hthe right coach we will be back on top.. only problem is these players arent exactly lining up to play in this no media toilet of a city..

  13. nypistonsfan

    This season is not over yet. When we played Orlando a couple of weeks ago (ranked #1 on many power rankings) we stepped up and played. We can do it on any given day. Our veteran core just need some love. There has been a lot of drama going on lately…
    So far, we fired Flip, traded (arguably) our best player and traded the biggest “heart” on the team (except maybe Max), although we got him back, it was an extra burden to fill in for him for well over a month. That led to injuries. Then, after one of the injuries, we bench our leading scorer (last 6 seasons) and now (some irony) AI is getting upset. Look out now, but here comes yet another test, as the loses pile up (tough upcoming schedule), how long before he explodes.
    We just need to go back to our roots. We started in October going 10-2 (counting preseason) and 15-4 after the laker win, we’ve beaten ALL the current division leaders, except Boston (Cleveland, Orlando, San Antonio, Denver and LA)!
    Ideally, Iverson would have stepped up and taken the bench roll so Rip didn’t have too. If he had, he’d be scoring at least 25 per game, taking his 20-25 shots a game and we could play Detroit basketball. But he didn’t.
    So Joe, say it ain’t so. Please stop the bleeding!

  14. Whatsittoya

    Dumars has screwed up this team. He is the worst President of a basketball team in history.

  15. Whatsittoya

    I agree with nypistonsfan. This season is not over yet. I believe after Rasheed went to the post and showed Curry he is a post man that changed a lot. I believ with Affalo we will become once again a good defense team. And with Amir we will once again become a goo rebounding team.

  16. Whatsittoya

    I call a win against Minnesota and Cleveland. But I am not sure about the Celtics.

  17. steve (the hated)

    whatsittoya.. hey bandwagon boy do you remember the pistons before dumars was president? oh wait u dont ur a bandwagon ass fan.. the worst president in basketball history doesnt win championships and make it to the east finals 6 straight years.. do the world a favor and put a gun in ur mouth.

  18. The Fluidics

    Just don’t forget, the trade wasn’t about winning this year, it was about cap space for the next two years. You can’t have the same players forever, eventually guys move on, get old, or are worth more to get rid of them before they decline.

  19. Susan

    That tshirt is fantastic.

    I have to agree with McCosky. Curry seems to want to micromanage every aspect on both the offensive and defensive ends. It’s unnecessary and more often than not the team has more success when Tayshaun communicates with Sheed and the rest of the guys. Keep it simple, Curry.

    Are the Knicks really thinking of trading David Lee? I’ve watched him a bit and he is a seriously hard working player with no drama. 15 points and 12 rebounds a game would be a nice addition to our roster.

  20. DLicata

    Wake me up when it’s over… I’ve been hoping all season and every game seems to get worse and worse… it doesn’t look like theres any sort of system or flow to the team… and I’m blaming Curry… why Curry anyways!? What the hell was Joe D thinking?! WE MISS YOU FLIP!!


  21. Amer ican Prince

    Those were some cool pics from the suite night. The one where Natalie is chillin’ in the empty seats on her phone had me crack a smile because it reminds me of how I take pictures. I’m shoot straight from the hip. Meaning I never let people pose, I hardley even bring the camera to my eye it’s like “Hey” *bam*. Plus loved the pics showing the guys going through their shooting motions. And Garrett’s right, photography might just be in your future Natalie. Just crash a couple weddings and leave a business card with some people, saying you’re the photographer even though you aren’t. Then when people see the professional pictures they’ll think you did it and hire you, instant money

  22. pistons 4 lfie

    Anyone know of any other coaches that will be available after this season? Obviously all the ones that got fired, but are their any big name coaches with expiring contracts. I would love to get Avery, just like I would have loved it last summer too, but for some reason Joe hired Mike.

  23. mobius909

    actually, it might as well be a traded center, because lord knows we don’t play rookies here. i am a firm believer that even IF we got any of the aforementioned players other than darko, we wouldn’t have used them to their potential, gotten rid of them and they would have turned into Memo Okur’s on us.

  24. Normal 2

    I don’t usually write to these message boards or websites or whatever you want to call them but I feel like I’m the only true Piston’s fan left. I’m mean true Pistons fan because I support them to the fullest through the good times and the bad. All I’m seeing across the internet is blame but the fans are the biggest ones to blame. Now is the biggest time to support the Pistons. Yeah it’s hard to see them lose but to not even give it a chance is just crazy. We lost 3 years in a row in the PLAYOFFS. Look at Boston in last years Playoffs. It took them untill they played us, how iroic, till they got there grove. What make’s you think the same thing won’t happen here. Curry is not the greatest coach in in the world but he’s the Pistons coach and until we get another one, we should support him. I’ve been a Pistons fan for over 20 years and I’ve never been to the Palace until this year. I live 5 hours away and I came to watch them play the Trailblazers and I supported my but off because I feel like they need me as a fan more then ever. I bought more ticket’s on the bottom row to support them when they play the knicks. I will drive 5 hours to the Palace for the second time in my life to support my butt off once again. I’m a true fan in this fast life society. Pistons forever.

  25. Ken

    We need Chris Bosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. The basketball player formerly known as Tayshaun Prince

    AI must be traded ASAP or the team will form a riff between Rip and AI and self-destruct worse than already

  27. PrinceofD

    I first off want to say I am an AI fan.
    I do not think he has been a detrimental addition, maybe because I remember that seven game winning streak.
    I do think looking at Detroit, the problem is Michael Curry doesn’t respect his bench. If you play well you should take time out of the starters and give it to the bench players.
    The best PG in Detroit is Bynum. I said it BYNUM! Not Stuckey and Iverson, they’re both SG. McDyess should be starting over Amir. But Maxiell still has a lot of DNPs.
    When people play hard and they don’t get rewarded they lose energy, motivation, and thus drama happens. Make people compete for minutes. I love Iverson, however, if he isn’t being effective put him on the bench and tell him he’s gonna have to play better if he wants mins. This team was the best, when Coach Brown sat his starters down for slacking on defense or not passing on offense. Hate him as much as you like, but he worked them harder than any of the other coaches they’ve had and none of them have returned them back to the finals.

  28. Max-Aholic

    Normal 2, you shouldn’t have written this time either. We do support the Pistons, we just want them to do whats necessary to win. If that means firing Curry or trading another player, then we will voice our opinion. I tell you what supoorting your team is. I had season tickets during the teal and burgundy days. I watched every game that was televised and was always hopeful that we would get the 8th seed in the playoffs. The bottom line here is that the Pistons suck and they shouldn’t suck. They have too much talent and you can’t argue that a chump former player with no coaching experience is mainly to blame for our output this season. It starts with the coach, then we’ll see what to do with the roster. I’ll boo the shit out of this team at the Celts game Friday, but I’m still a fan.

  29. Normal2

    Max-Aholic, Like I said. I feel I’m the only TRUE Pistons fan left. You go ahead and booo all you want. My cheer will be louder and my voice will rumble the heavens. Your right, Curry sucks but I will support him until he gets fired. That’s all I will say. Go Pistons!!!!!

  30. steve (the hated)

    Normal2 is a tool

  31. augustslady

    Whats up with the toilet remark?
    The media alot of times is an ass,I love this area…
    I’ve been around and let me tell you the people who constantly look down their noses at others,and who worship at the great alter of money are not the people you want to cultivate as friends.
    They will turn on you in a (NEW YORK MINUTE!)
    OVER 40 YEARS!

  32. steve (the hated)

    On 97.1 The Ticket at 10:40 it was announced on doug and gator that the an insider with espn reported that a trade is brewing between philadelphia and detroit.. detroit would send rasheed for elton brand and pick up brands 5 yr contract and sheed would come off their books at the end of the year.. I LOVE IT! Pick up brand and get a good free agent this summer!!!and possibly a good draft pick! Brand could take the place of the 2010 agent.

    Free Agent

    Draft Pick

  33. ryanr

    Isn’t Brand injured? And if we pick up Brand, wouldn’t that leave us with a huge hole in the center and another superstar ego to manage? If a trade with Philly is really in the works, I’d rather have this trade.

    On the side, if this rumor is true, then Dumars is sending our vets back to their hometowns. LOL.

    Back to the trade, we would have a legit center, although overrated, and a fine backup for Tay in Young.

    line up would be

    C – Dalembert
    PF – Mcdyess/Maxiell/Amir
    SF – Tay
    SG – AI
    PG – Stuck


  34. AI SUCKS

    hey ryanr

    what makes you think we’ll keep AI. He’s contract is only for a year, and we’ll probably toss him and sheed for the cap space

    get rip back in the starting lineup you dunce


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