Curry on the Dallas Disaster

by | Jan 24, 2009 | 68 comments

“At the end of the second the way things were going I thought Tay would be our best guy to guard Dirk…..maybe looking back on it if we stayed with another big and kept one of the guards on the bench”

Chris McCosky of the Detroit News asks probably the most hard hitting questions of last night’s post game presser.

At the end of the 14-4 run you had three guards on the floor at the same time was there a problem with that?

It seems like you gave into frustration early.

Michael Curry post game press conference January 23rd 2009.

From most of your comments it looks like the ESPN broadcasters really ripped the Pistons.  I don’t really want to revisit the 112-91 debacle, but I just may have to.

If you DARE, here are the FSN Highlights of the game by quarter. If the Jason Kidd high glass circus make late in the game didn’t tell the whole story of the game, nothing does.

Leave your thoughts on the game, the Curry presser and the ESPN broadcast if you need to vent.


  1. pistons 4 life

    Why would Tay be the best person to defend Dirk? How about Sheed? All Dirk did was abuse Tay. I saw a couple of plays where he pretty much just ran him over for an easy layup or shot. Why hasn’t this guy learned his lesson with going small? I mean, I just can’t believe what I’m hearing/reading. I’m ready to pull my freakin hair out.

  2. Amer ican Prince

    pistons 4 life I agree I was really surprised when I looked at tay guarding Dirk. Especially when Fabio did so well on Dirk last year on defense. Though to be fair to Curry, he didn’t say best guy to guard Dirk. He said best guy to guard Dirk without fouling. That’s just me nitpicking.

    And Nat, i wouldn’t say the ESPN broadcasters ripped them a new one. Jon Barry seemed surprised and in a strange way he seemed personally saddened, by the teams lack of effort.

  3. Steve DiLullo

    Curry is now officially hopeless… why didn’t Joe just go out and hire Matt Millen to coach this team?

    Good grief!

  4. Dave

    Small ball?!?? SMALL BALL?!?!? How many do we have to lose playing small ball(it feels like a dirty word even writing it) before Curry and Dumars see that IT DOESN”T WORK FOR DETROIT!! GEESSH! WAKE UP! I ‘m sorry AI and Rips playing time and shots taken will drop, but they aren’t exactly playing team ball. Freakin’ small ball. WAKE UP JOE!

  5. Marcell

    Does anyone remember how good Walter Hermann played against Dirk last year. They used him for junk minutes in this game and sat him. Anyone think M. Curry can coach a time yet? No passion from the players. The ESPN crew were bad on the pistons last night. Don’t know if it was blocked out in Michigan.

  6. Amer ican Prince

    this would have been a good game to start Kwame over Amir, considering how big Dallas’s front line is with Dirk and Eric Dampier.

    The biggest thing Curry needs to learn is that he needs to stop trying to play the other teams game. Other team goes small he goes small. They run he runs. Instead when they go small he should go big. They try to run, he runs half court. Take away the other teams strengths. Don’t try to beat them at their own game. Dallas wanted to run, and guess what that’s what they did.

    Marcell it wasn’t blocked out. But I didn’t think the announcers were bad on the Pistons. I thought they were genuinely surprised at what they were seeing and were in a state of shock. Plus they weren’t lying when they said what they said. And that was Jon Barry, a former piston, saying those things.

  7. pistons 4 life

    To be honest I was glad ESPN was ripping them last night, because they’re right. They don’t play defense anymore and they’re just not that good this year. I get so tired of hearing the home town praise, and everything will be fine. Just tell it like it is. I would rather have them get ripped on than have someone telling me that everything is fine because as fans we’re not stupid. We can see the product that’s on the court and if they’re trying or not. And we have a right to be upset when they’re playing… well… terrible.

  8. Whatsittoya

    I was glad ESPN was ripping them last night.

  9. DVO

    Curry is in a bad position; he seemed to know how he was going to give out minutes when the year started and then the trade happened. He’s been clueless ever since. How often can you say your team would be better if Allen Iverson or Richard Hamilton were abducted till June? We held real strong those games AI sat out while the trade was being processed and we won 7 straight w/o Ripper.

    I’ll throw out my suggestion instead of just the typical whine and cheese. AI, starting or coming off the bench, cannot play more than 25 minutes a game if he isn’t lighting it up. We need to commit to him when he is in the game. An AI that isn’t scoring is useless. Last part (promise), Max has to play 20 minutes a game. I don’t care that he is undersized; he is fire every time and he produces.

  10. DVO

    ON ESPN…I’m still bitter. I remember the year before we won it, Tim Legler said we were the worst Eastern Conference #1 seed EVER!

    We had no respect when we were dominating and we have no respect now, so what’s new?

  11. PimP

    This guy (Curry) dosen’t even kno what he is doing
    …I think we should get Avery Johnson

  12. doran


  13. Patrick

    Nice job Curry on taking a great team and making them mediocre!

  14. Drew

    The Mavericks were just a hot shooting team last night. They were making circus shots. Even if Curry made some adjustments, we would have just closed the margin but probably not have won, still. Give Dallas credit: they were making everything.

  15. CRA1G

    Ok i’ve been reading all over the rumor sites and amare wants out of pheonix land.. now this could very well be impossible but just the thought and hope keeps the idea in mind for me. im open to do almost anything to get him!!! i dont know but the supposed thought of us letting sheed and ai walk at the end of the year and having this money for free agents just doesnt sit well with me.. theres no guaransheed that we’ll be able to land someone like that.. the door is open in my mind NOW!!! I dont know what it will take but if hes truely that unhappy it might not be as much as you would think(they could settle for less now insted of getting nothing later) maybe AI,maxiell,picks.. just a suggestion.. natalie let me know what u think.. i have a gut feeling, dont sleep on this.. Joey D. cant be happy watching the same thing we are.. right!!

  16. CRA1G

    Oh, and another idea.. jerry stackhouse will most likely be waived by dallas in the coming weeks if not traded. DETROIT PICK HIM UP!! he has a relationship with curry, dumars, sheed and detroit. Walter and aaron are not even playing and we NEED a back up for tay. Stack has NO ego anymore.. he wants to just play. perfect fit. if you have watched him over the years in dallas you can respect his game and i feel it would be welcomed back to detroit. perfect of the bench player. its better than staying up. shake things up. DO IT DUMARS!!!!

  17. pistons 4 life

    I was kind of under the impression that Stack wasn’t too happy to be traded for Rip back in the day. I don’t know that he’d come back to Detroit. But he would be great off the bench.

  18. ruy

    let AI be AI and shoot more and dominate games
    he still can do that, the little guy has the heart of a lion

  19. Melodeath1221

    There were obvious coaching flaws, this game but curry shouldnt get all the blame for this one, every player looked sloopy and sluggish all game. Tho id like to have tryed Walter Herrmann on dirk he played very well defensivly agisnt him last year.

  20. American Prince

    Amare is a whiny little baby who wants everything to be about him. He’s a premadonna who isn’t willing to sacrifice for the good of the team. Always talking about MVP and all this individual acheivement. I haven;’t heard much from him about a championship. He is about himself. Maybe in a few years when he has grown up we should make a run at him, not now.

    As to Jerry Stackhouse, now that’s an interesting idea if he’s willing to come here. I like the fact he has his own mind, I don’t think he’ll try to just fit in. Which is why a lot of players fail here.

    AI’s problem is that he’s a volume scorer. He gets points because he takes a lot of shots. He doesn’t have great shot percentage. But we didn’t bring him here to be Chauncey, so maybe you’re right.

  21. fahim


    Say what they want shawn is out of here no question. instead though of maybe atlanta. also antoher option is Detroit. here would be the trade.

    Rasheed wallace,amir johnson,kwame brown to miami for joel anthony,shawn marion,and jamal maglore. its perfect since kwame now starts so that would peak interest and it would be a big for a big. i think thats the best bet for them.

    aint gonna see this happen

  22. FloppyD

    I’m sorry. But am I the only one who can not wait for this nightmare to end? Curry is an idiot. I don’t live near Detroit and don’t have League Pass but I do watch the Pistons whenever they are on national television. After watching last night’s performance I’m ready to mail it in. Why should I care? It doesn’t appear that anyone on that team or in that organization really does. It makes me sick to my stomach. I just started getting over Ben Wallace (though seeing him in a Cavs uniform doesn’t make it easy) then they hit me with Chauncey, and now this Mickey Mouse outfit that rarely resembles a NBA contender. They tease you with quality wins and upset you with horrid losses. Go Steelers!!

  23. nick

    some1 in that locker room needs to have a meeting with every1 an tell em theres way to much talent on this team to have been playn like no1 cares….thats wat chauncy did he was a leader an kept every1 togeather…seems like eevry1 on the team is for there self an just waitin to c wat happenes nxt yr

  24. Aries Red

    ESPN guys were right, there’s no heart, no defense, nothing.
    First game (since the L.A. one) that I’ve seen out here on the west coast and I must say I would much rather watch a Laker game than a Piston game right now, no one in Detroit plays like they care, there’s a purpose in L.A. and Bos. Cle. that has been lacking in Det. since 05, they want to win and they play hard every night. Maybe it’s the Coach.
    But poor Dice, he should have gone to Boston, Cleavland or L.A. if he really wanted a ring, just goes to show you loyalty is rewarded with a slap in the face.
    God I miss Larry Brown, at least he got Sheed to play hard every dang night! Why is he so non existent this season?

  25. Th3 Answ3r

    I miss Chauncey :`(

  26. Susan

    American Prince, I absolutely agree with you about Kwame. When he was on the floor, late in the game, he used his size to make things happen for the Pistons. Curry is officially clueless about who to play and when to play them.

    I have to watch the games on league pass and only rarely get to hear Blaha and Kelser so I am used to other commentators not giving the Pistons their due. Barry and the ESPN team were rough on them but not needlessly so. When the lead was 25, Barry did say something to the effect of “this is getting embarrassing”. He also mentioned that he didn’t think that Rip and A.I. could be on the floor together.

  27. Dauro

    Lamentável! Antes tínhamos uma defesa temida, um padrão de jogo.
    Billups era um tecnico dentro da quadra. Não cometínhamos tantos turnovers.
    Estou muito triste. Estamos humilhados.
    Eu quero meus Pistons de volta!!
    Fora Curry, AI.

  28. augustslady

    I would not stay up nights worried about what Legler thinks he’s a TWIT. Chalk scrapping on a blackboard is less annoying then him!!!
    As far as this team goes,our fire and spirit left with the two players that are gone now…C.B.&Big Ben.
    We are left with kinder mentally.
    Also a coach that can not handle them!
    Too bad really…Joe needs to make some tough choices.

  29. Piston BLUE 4 Life

    hey.. im just as sick of this mess as any of you are.. but if we get rid of sheed for tyson chandler or marion.. its like saying we gave up on the season.. but if it came down to it i’d rather chandler becausee hes a good center and then we would be able to have a power linuup with chandler and Amir or Kuame at the starting spot with A.I/Rip, Stuckey, and Prince.. that would be good wouldnt it? what do you guys think?

  30. sam mikhael

    this is unreal , if i was the ownder of the pistons i would fire the president for hiring curry after 1 year of being assistant coach , i hate to see this team play like this i swear , pistons are my idol but the way they have been playin is unbellievable i swear , n this year everytime were up by 15 or 20 pts the other team ends up coming back n beating us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wont be surprised if our team wont make it to the playoffs cuz of the way were playin this year , shame on us were 24-18 n thats half way n we had one of the easiest schedules!!

  31. fahim


    trade ai for kapono n bosh
    trade sheed n sharp for bosh
    trade sheed amir n someone else for marion
    if the mavs waive stackhouse then pistons get him back
    or get flip bak plz

    n we gotta get another big trade before the deadline shit if we had got kobe last year we could have ben in the finals n won

    but lakers wanted to much

    but we gotta fire the coach or do a trade

    wad u guys think???

  32. Whatsittoya

    I call a loss against Houston and a win against Minnesota.

  33. fahim


  34. Vanalope

    “The biggest thing Curry needs to learn is that he needs to stop trying to play the other teams game. Other team goes small he goes small. They run he runs. Instead when they go small he should go big. They try to run, he runs half court. Take away the other teams strengths. Don’t try to beat them at their own game. Dallas wanted to run, and guess what that’s what they did.”

    Nail….head….hit. It’s rare I disagree with you AP.

    Yeah I couldn’t help but think after hearing the ESPN commentators talk about the Piston’s weak defense that 1. they’re right 2. it’s like living in a world where gravity reversed and the laws of physics are suspended when the Piston’s are being deservingly criticized for weak defense.

    I actually quit watching 3 min into the 4th and instead started to get ready to go out. I needed to shake it off so I wouldn’t ruin my entire night. At least I had a good time after the game!

  35. Nate

    I’ve said this many times before and it still holds true to me…yea, Curry is a lost coach out there who more than likely needs replacing soon, but our vets are not helping him any with the lack of intensity and passion they play with. Every nationally televised game this year I’ve watched (excluding the Lakers), the commentators have harped on how lifeless are guys look out there at times. It gets old hearing that year after year.

    A new coach may be the first step, but the whole team needs to get it together and play to win.


    Alot of you are puting equal blame on the players as dipshit Curry. We as fans think that the players are doing what they want to do at times. If that we’re true, Tay would have switched with a big to defend Dirk. I really believe they’re doing what they’re told to do, not all the time. They seem frustrated with the play calls, guys are seen ignoring the coach when hes drawing up his lame plays, and they just seem fed up.

    How beat up and dumb did Curry look in that post game interview? He knows hes on his way out. He can’t help but panic, and won’t let the small lineup die. Give it up assbag, it doesn’t work and probably will never work. Let AI do his thing, quit calling plays for everyone and let him score his points. This whole thing is F’d up. I enjoy watching Cavs and Lakers games now. I might give up on the Pistons and start watching Lakers games so I don’t get so pissed off.

  37. Pistons fanatic

    Concordo com tudo o que voce disse

  38. DB

    I’m so frustrated, angry and sad. No this is not the same team of 2004, but oh my god can we look any worse? I don’t see any kind of excitement from this team. I think some of them just come to collect their paycheck. I am all for you RIP. I think you are still the best player on the team. You have just been thrown too many obstacles this year. I wish the best for you. Hopefully you can find a new team that really wants to win the title. Looks like we’re going nowhere real fast. All we can do now is pray real hard for a miracle.

  39. JCA

    Maybe Curry doesnt remember the Job Herrmann did on Dirk last time he faced him. I know, Walter’s shot is MIA, but man just look back at the great defensive job he did on Dirk that time, you have to take chances as a coach. But what the heck folks, Curry was handing DNP’s to Jason in regular basis, theres no freaking way that should be happening and its happening. This is a way more talented team, they are getting beat by their own “coach”.

    Start Stuck, Rip, Tay, Antonio and Sheed. I dont care, I just want to see a classic Detroit starting unit to set a positive tone. We cant allow big guards to attack AI from the get go. We should give AI the chance to abuse back up guards and ballhog a little bit with guys like MAX and Amir watching those missed layups and setting good screens. Play Herrmann with Stuckey, AI, Sheed and Kwame. Two guys attacking the paint while sheed and Walter open the floor with 3 point shooting.

    I mean so much that you can do with all that talent. Give this Roster to Greg Poppovich and enjoy the show. But No… We got a rookie coach. If somebody is missing Chauncey its gotta be Curry.

  40. JCA

    By the way…

    Avery Johnson, whos with me?

  41. CRA1G

    Im tellin you that the amare thing isnt that bad of an idea. unfortunatly curry isnt going anywhere(hes too close to joey d) MC is going to be someone we are gonna have to deal with and prolly for a while. Amare may only need a change of scenery, i meen look at big shot he looks a lot better in denver then he did hear the past few seasons. i think pheonix can get away tradeing him cause they have shaq… i dont know….. i understand its a long shot but you never know. right.. they could want ai, maybe max and picks.. i like that… and im starting the BRING BACK STACK!!! common nataile.. do it with me bring back stack.. the dude is tough, team player, something to prove, like i said before relationship with curry and sheed. i would love to see him back. i dont think he has bitterness, plus hes a bigger gaurd/foward and i tired of these small gaurd lineups.. and dang we got half a season left im not givin up on this team yet, we just need to do the right moves!!

  42. Stephen

    The ESPN broadcasters did rip into the Pistons, and righfully so. They were accurate, citing examples that illustrated validity behind the question of ..”although 2010 is an important year, why not focus on 2009 as well….?” This game was horrible, I did not even watch the fourth quarter beause it was horrible.Does anyone remember the game when we put Walter Hermann on Dirk, and he pretty much gave shut him down…This game illustrated three things, Curry can not coach, The Pistons are not a true team but more of a one on one offensive philosophy (cited by the broadcasters, emphasized by the fact that Rasheed and Maxiell barely touched the ball,just Iverson and Stuckey, and three that Iveson should be on the bench…(we went on a pretty good run when he was on the bench, the dumbas Curry went back to the three guard lineup and we sank) We are not a team anymore, this is not Detroit ball, this is a joke!

  43. Whatsittoya

    I officially name the Worst Coach In Detroit Pistons History Award to Micheal Curry.

  44. pistons 4 life

    Question for everyone with these stupid trade talks. Why would teams give up people like Bosh, Amare, Marion, for a washed up Sheed and bench scraps other than to get an expiring contract. I would much rather let AI and Sheed go after this season and go out and get who I really wanted.

    I have to agree with Augustlady. This team has been on a steady decline since Big Ben left and trading Billups was just icing on the cake. If you ask me Ben was smart to leave. He knew what direction they were headed once LB was gone. And look at him now, he found himself on another great defensive team that just happens to have, oh yeah, Lebron. Maybe he’ll get a second ring this year.

  45. CHAD

    Avery Johnson or Bill Lambier..

    Fire this dipshit now.

  46. ryanr

    Since MC is fond of Small Ball, maybe from now on we should call him, Michael “Small Balls” Curry.

  47. Clinton

    I can’t even listen to curry talk he sounds so retarded and stutters.

  48. CRA1G

    Pistons 4 life.. wow.. you sound like you dont know what your talkin about. its ok though your just typical… teams let players go all the time before the trade deadline good and great players.. gasol last year and how did we get sheed again?.. oh ya bench scraps as you call them.. deals are made all the time and im HOPEING joey is out there doing his thing.. there is nothin wrong with talkin possibility and its certiantly not stupid.. i have no idea how the mindset of the suns are but i feel that there is an oppertunity 2 get a quality guy and im hopein joe d is gonna right this ship. and curry isnt goin no where.. i think everyone can just hope he grows as a coach. and just a note for mr. pistons 4 life, benny wallace was traded to cleveland its not like he left us to go there, the bulls didnt want him cause he was overpaid and under producing so dont give him all this credit for leavin us.. like he was making this great thought out decesion cause he didnt like the direction we would be in in 2009 he left for the doe…bam…. oh and a BRING BACK STACK..

  49. Aries Red

    Lambier would have to be brain dead to leave the cushion of coaching the Shock. As for Johnson, who would respect him?
    Should make a big run at Bosh this year, before he starts to decline. He’d anchor the front line for sure, solid 20 pt. 10 Reb. a night kind of guy. Plus his teams in decay, O’neal? Really? He’s gonna solve Toronto’s problems? I think not.
    If not this year than 2010 balls to the wall Chris Bosh hunting, don’t give up until you get him!

  50. Aries Red

    why does Detroit need another guard in Stackhouse? Don’t we have Stuckey, AI, RIP, Bynum, Afflalo, and Acker???? Get some big center and sit Sheed’s ass on the bench! He obviously just wants to get through the year and retire, so let’s help him along by benching him. Seemed to do fine without him.

  51. Alwayzreal


  52. Andrew Grebe

    OK fellow piston fans i know we are all tired of this bullshit disguised at DEEEETROIT basketball. IN my opinion we fire CUrry, and either bring back FLip who got us some where or hire some one not in there first year cuz come on we were a power house and then A hall of famer like Iverson to much to handle for a first year cocah. and then second of all…we need some one big that can score I am praying and hoping that we should get Amare Stoudemire he is a big player that can be a threat both D and OFFense..

    what do i know i am only a Junior but something tells me i could coach better then CUrry

  53. pistons 4 life

    Sorry for my bluntness fellas, just a little fed up with this team right now. And really fed up with Sheeds lack of effort on a lot of nights. They got him to a dominant post player and he’s been the exact opposite for quite some time now. And maybe my opinion of the bench would change if they could actually buy some minutes.

    And trade talks and rumors just don’t make sense to me because it’s not like you can do anything about it. They’ll get who they can get, so why get all excited about who you MIGHT be able to get. To me that’s just preparing for a let down when you don’t get who you want. Isn’t it ok for me to have my own opinion? And oh yeah, I know plenty about the NBA and how it works, just so you know.


    I remember listening to some NBA show on Sirius, and Rick Mahorn seemed to think Laimbeer and Mahorn had a good chance at getting the job. Rick seemed excited about the choice and was called in for a meeting at the Palace. And then the bomb dropped that country-ass Curry got the gig. Bill and Rick want to coach in the NBA and I think they’re holding out for the Pistons gig over any other team. They’re strong minded, take no shit, and demand instant respect from the players. We’ve listened to them for years, they want Sheed in the paint. You know they would have Sheed in the paint all the time. No small ball with these guys. I’m just suprised Curry hasn’t experimented with an all Big lineup.

  55. Kleen Gee

    Everyone is saying “Fire Curry.” But would Dumars fire Curry? I’ve heard that their friends, so there is no light at the end of this tunnel.

    T-wolves move over, the Pistons will need some space to be a bottom dwelling, perennial lottery team.

    Solution: The Pistons need a mutiny. Tie up Curry and Dumars before the game and leave them in the locker room. Prince could be player/coach.

  56. doran

    whoever said bring back flip is dumb too. the players hated him, and he was a joke. how about we bring in a good coach that can win, and has some experience.

  57. Amer ican Prince

    You know it occurs to me that we keep talking about Curry and Joe D, and calling for their heads. But one thing we forgot to mention is that the owner Bill Davidson wanted Curry to. I’m not sure why, but he did.

    Although one thing that does bother me is that Joe D and Davidson had such little respect for NBA coaches and so little respect for the things basketball people have learned over the years that they thought it was so easy, even a caveman could do it.

    I’ve said before I think Curry could be a good coach down the road, but he is not ready. To think a man could go through one season of NBA basketball head coaching and be ready for the playoffs is ridiculous.

    But anyway I doubt the team is responding well to all this critisism, so maybe we need to show them that we are still with them somehow

  58. Whatsittoya

    TO Craig:
    Ben Wallace actually did leave. If he really got traded than why did he put down the offer he got from the Pistons and went to the Bulls. And If he did get traded than who did the Pistons get in exchange for that traitor.

  59. Clinton

    When I Watch Sheed Play Looks Like Hes Trying Like 30% Of The Time He Lets People Run By Him.. And I noticed We Made A Big Run With Ai On The Bench WHY Did Curry Put Ai Back In During The Run? Then We Started Playing Like Shit Again. Ohhh Curry Put Ai Back In Bc He Was On The Bench For Like 7 Mins Already And Was Scared To Keep Him Benched

  60. Amer ican Prince

    Clinton, part of it is tired for Sheed, and it’s also the defensive schemes don’t really allow for any help, which is the way it used to be for Sheed. Michael Curry only wants the players to worry about their own man rather than play good solid team defense.

    Plus take into account the fact Sheed and those guys are more knowledgable than Curry, it is very easy to assume he and the other vets see themselves in more of a coaching role this season than a players role

  61. Amer ican Prince

    meant tired legs

  62. augustslady

    I have no ill will against curry,but he seems in over his head.
    Sort of feel for him really….seems we have been on a coaching carousal for a while.
    It is not all the coaches fault.
    The players must accept some of the blame too.
    But aside from Prince it is true that we are left mainly with starters that are still immature.
    If not by age then by attitude.
    How do you address this?
    Hope someone figures it out soon.

  63. pistons 4 life

    I think with Sheed it’s about motivation. And apparently Curry has no clue how to keep him motivated. Sometimes I wonder also if he just doesn’t have the same skills that he used to have as a younger player. You have to believe that coachs are telling him to get on the block and produce. Maybe he can’t anymore?

  64. CRA1G

    whatsittoya… ben left us(detroit) via free agency to the bulls( one of the worst moments in my life) i was responding to a comment before mine.. which said he made a good move and now he is in cleveland a bout 2 get another ring.. i simply was saying he didnt leave the d to go 2 cleveland.. he left for the doe to go to the bulls… he didnt leave us because he for saw us being this inconsistant in 2009.. he was traded to cleveland from chicago because he was unwanted and overpaid. thats all… im just not givin ben all this credit for winding up in a cavs uniform… BRING BACK STACK…. yes we do have a lot of guards but we clearly still need a backup for tay and whom ever we have ISNT filling that role.. heck there not even getting playing time… plus im a stack fan…


    If you we’re Sheeds teammate, wouldn’t you refuse to pass him the ball outside the arc? None of the guards are sending him inside. Flip was the one who called for sheed to shoot 3’s. And I believe Curry is just taking a page out of the Flip playbook. Lets act like Larry Brown came back today, that would end Sheeds 3 point shooting. Its obvious Sheed is standing outside because Curry wants to un-clog the lane for guards to get to the rim. By keeping sheed outside, it also keeps a big defender out of the paint to block a layup. Its stupid to do all the time but it makes sense why Sheed isn’t on the block.

  66. Amer ican Prince

    pistons 4 life I agree with you on the point that maybe he is being told to get on the block but just isn’t. Obviously there is a complex answer for this but some of the things all together that play a factor
    1. Sheed’s getting a little bit up there in age
    2. Has to constantly carry the load, with the small lineup and the month without Dyess.
    3. Stuckey and AI are such great improvisational penetrators that Sheed is trying to get out of the way so they can play their game offensively. So he hovers around the outside to clear the inside.
    4. Doesn’t touch the ball much in the post much after the first few possessions. (true part of it is that he’s not calling for it)]
    5. He has had to try to keep himself in check because he has so many techs so he tries to keep out of areas where there is a lot of contact and could lose his cool if a foul is called. This has left him a little bit of a shell of previous Sheed incarnations.
    6.Is trying to figure out how much to do himself and how much to let the young guys do on their own.
    7. Is also affected by both Chauncey, and Lindsey leaving. Especially since Lindsey was his “fellow king of comedy”

    And I’m sure there’s more that I forgot, add on if you think you know

  67. Whatsittoya

    Sorry to Craig



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