Pistons vs. Hornets

by | Jan 17, 2009 | 40 comments

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The Pistons will host the 23-13 New Orleans Hornets tonight at the Palace to try to snap their current 4 game losing streak. The Pistons have not lost five games in a row in five years, so a loss tonight against the Hornets will just add another black eye to what’s been going on with the team lately.

Will Maxiell get some time? We sure hope so, especially when he’s posted DNP’s in the last couple of games and when he has gotten some playing time he’s lucky if he reaches double digit minutes. You know things are bad when Pistons fans and Maxiell are pissed.

“It’s coming to a point in my career where it’s getting old to me,” Maxiell said. “I’m coming up on my fourth year already.

“It’s getting to the point where I would like some consistency and see where it leads.” Via The Detroit Free Press

Hey Coach Curry….this is what Jason does to pesky Hornets!!!! You remember it don’t you? You were an ASSistant coach then, now look at you.


Play him.

And if you’re wondering The Pistons are currently 9 games back of the first place Cleveland Cavaliers.  Doesn’t that just make every Pistons fan want to scream?

Good News: New Orleans has dropped three in a row and seven of eight games over the last four seasons to the Pistons, losing by an average of 14.3 points.

Bad News: Small ball, the lack of a rotation, rebounding, DNP’s and dare I say MC.

Tip off is at 7:30 P.M. and will be locally broadcast on FSN . If you can’t watch the broadcast, tune into 1130 AM WDFN The Fan, with pre-game coverage starting at 6:30 P.M.. Can’t do either? Follow the game on NBA.com.

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  1. Onin

    hopefully he switches back to the traditional line-up and surprises everyone, and we win. is Prince gonna play tonight?

  2. Onin

    wow…just wow… how much data does he need to realize that small ball does not work?

  3. Nik

    We love you.
    Really loved the ASSISTANT with bold A S S .
    The guy is a joke so far. He hasn’t shown any sign of maturity in the past almost 40 games.

  4. ben

    hornets will win tonight by at least 8 guaransheed if we use small ball that block was amazing i just wish we could see some more of that only if hed get some playing time he showed signs during the post season last year of his midrange game.

  5. David

    All I have to say is: MAxiell better play tonight.!!!!

  6. The Fluidics

    Hey, it’s 17 out, we should have a BBQ.

  7. The Fluidics

    Did anyone catch the pre-game, when Coach Curry said the Pistons played better in their last 3 losses than they did when they won 7 straight?

    Yep, AI is the problem for sure.

  8. Onin

    O my gosh is Curry serious? Pistons played better during their losing streak?

  9. Dominic

    Sheed’s bossin up and playing like a center. 4 boards already. Nice job Roscoe

  10. Onin

    Maxiell is hustlin tonight. He should NEVER have a DNP-CD beside his name.

  11. Amber

    I got so excited when AI got hurt and left. Now he’s back, and we’re down 8.

  12. Amber

    If MC would like to win, he should really put Jmax back in.

  13. Ryan

    Small ball makes me want to vomit.

  14. The Fan

    Un F’ing believable. Take maxiel out with 3 and half on the clock and put lazy sheed in to brick a handful of three’s.


    Is curry even watching the same games we watch. What an idiot. I finally saw some passion finally liked what I saw. We get heart out of McDyess and Maxiel and MC puts sheed in. I can’t believe it. I hate this s#$t

  15. The Fluidics

    Told you we should have just had a BBQ instead.

  16. The Fan

    0-5 with sheed back. Does anyone know any links to video of Joe D. or Michael Curry explaining what the hell they are thinking.

  17. Eddie

    If they really wanted to get something done not only do you start these guys but give them the minutes, they’re the only ones who hustle.

    Main Bench rotation
    Sheed, Stuck, Dyess, Afflalo

    Fast hustlin’ Starters
    Strong Bench.

    I love sheed but he has no ups, speed, and really takes too many tre’s. Hes gettin old and its showing, dude needs to get the benched and 15-20 minutes a game. Curry has to go cuz he can’t bench his friends. Who else wants to see MAX start in Sheeds place?

  18. Meow

    Barbecue Chicken sounds good.

    This loss disappoints me. D:

  19. The Fan

    Please Maxiel instead of Sheed. Please. Please. I totally agree with you eddie on that point. I do however think Stuckey plays his heart out. Bench AI instead of stuck.

  20. Eddie

    Yeah, I can’t beleve Curry said we play better when we lose. Well then, lets play shitty again so we can win some fn’ games dicktard!!!

  21. altan

    this is getting embarrassing, seriously

  22. The Fluidics

    Max can barely get into a game, he’s gonna start now?

    Scratch that, Curry would probably do that, because it’s a rotation they haven’t done yet, and he’s going to want to eff up in every way this season, I think it’s a record he’s going for.


    I look at Stuck, Ai, and Rip as all shooting guards and will all get they’re minutes. Rips the captain, Ai honestly isn’t a bench player, and Stuck can be just as effective off the bench. Hes the young guy and can wait a year to start when Ai is gone.

    I wonder if Curry accidentally put Max in. I couldn’t believe he put him in and wasn’t suprised he took him out for Sheed to pop two stupid 3’s. If I’m coach, no threes for a month for anyone.

  24. TDP

    Natalie, you’ve got a Need 4 Sheed plug on FS Detroit. Nice sign!

  25. Amber

    This is Detroit’s first five game losing streak in nearly five years.

  26. PimP

    They missed six free-throwes
    I’m so ashamed…

  27. pistons01

    that AI 8 second violation just shows you how lazy he is. With 2 or 3 minutes left down two and dribbling up the court like we’re up twenty. get his ass out of detroit. HE IS A POISON TO ANY TEAM HE GOES TO!!! WHY DO U THINK HE HAS NO EFFING RING!!!!!

    I was at the game and i literally jumped out of me seat when he got hurt… just praying it would be season ending injury… BLAHHHHHH!!!!

    this is so sad what has happened to our team. i miss the best starting 5 in bball!!!

  28. The Fluidics

    Nothing like hoping that players get hurt.
    You stay classy Detroit.

  29. Michael

    F@ck Michael Curry. My 13 year old brother could coach better basket ball.

  30. pistons 4 life

    The pattern is so simple. We won 7 games in row when Sheed and Rip were out, we were playing a better starting lineup, and the bench was getting more burn. Now that the two of them are back all the chemistry that was being built is gone and no one knows how to play anymore because they’re all out of position, and never know when they’re going to play. Except for the starters, they can pretty much pencil in about 47.5 minutes a game.

    How can you be so stupid to not see this. I have no idea what is going on with this team right now. If this continues and they can’t play consistently I wonder if some of these guys will start to turn on each other. I think you’re seeing the end of an era in progress. This is in no way the same team that we’ve seen since the early 2000’s. They have really gotten away from any defensive philosophy. You can see it when they play, they just don’t care about it anymore.

    You have to wonder if they’ve all checked out on Curry already. He keeps talking about all this stuff they need to do better, but they never get better at it. Do they just suck all of a sudden or have they just given up? I don’t care what they do the rest of the year, but they need a MAJOR shakeup this next summer. And hopefully Curry will get bought out and we’ll get a real coach.

    And how can you possibly think about continuing this starting lineup. This is just wrong. It’s not like they’re playing that good right now anyway, so why not try something else. You don’t owe these players anything. If you want to put some of them on the bench JUST F&%@#ING DO IT. It’s not their team, they just play on it, and they get payed millions of dollars either way. If you ask me Rip or AI and Sheed need to be benched. Let Dyess or Max or Amir start in Sheeds place.

    All this team has shown us this season is that they are slowly but surely falling apart. I personally expect a lot of changes this summer.

    One more thing. I noticed that in Curry’s post gamer after the OKC game when asked about the starting lineup, he talked about WE’LL make a decision, and WE’LL decide what the best move will be. I wonder is Joe D. is making his presence known?

  31. Ken

    Pistons continue to disappoint and frustrate me!

    I’m no bandwagoner and I have patience. But FFS wtf is going on?????????????????!!!!!!!!!

  32. Kyle C.

    In the beginning of the season I tried to stick up for MC when we were struggling but now I am not liking what he is doing. On Pistons.com it said “Max was good,” Curry said.
    “His activity level was high and his rebounds were high. When he plays with that type of activity, it’s really beneficial for us.”

    It seems like he is trying to not put the best lineup out on the floor and when someone is playing well he doesn’t go back to him. MC better figure this rotation out and soon because Pistons fans and the organization can’t handle anymore of this.

    I still have hope because in 04′ when we won it all that was Larry Brown’s first year and the we struggled early and they went on a 6 game losing streak so I am not going to say that the same thing will happen this year but I am hopeful that the we can pull through this.

  33. Nate

    The three point chuckin by Sheed has to stop…we need post play. Yea, when he’s knocking them down it’s great, but most of the time it’s just a quick miss and done on the offensive end. We can’t have our biggest guy standing out behind the three point line all the time.

    I didn’t think I’d join in on the fire Curry bandwagon, but Joe D needs to take a serious look at what seems to be no direction coaching. I dont’ think Curry has any idea what’s working and what’s not, we see that in the inconsistent and poor choice line-ups. Turmoil is hitting the fan in motown and players are going to start turning on Curry if they haven’t already.


    I know AI isn’t a true PG, but Curry really never gave him a chance to develop at the point. They we’re getting better when AI was at the point. I know there is some AI haters, but hes a starter in my book. Curry just needs to let him dictate the game. No one is dicatating the game now and thats why we’re losing. You got to have that one guy who points everyone in the right direction and Ai is capable of that, even if I has to treat his teammates like the chumps he had in Philly. There is no leader on the court. Tell me you see someone out there communicating on our team, you can’t cuz there is no communication. The talent is on our team, no doubt, but we’ll never know how good this team is under Currys direction, mis-direction.

  35. iverson310fan

    some of you guys are such dicks to ai. ai gives his heart out every single game and does everything to win every day and nite then to hear ppl like you say i was hoping it was a season ending injury. yeah i agree, he fucked up on the turnover, but you cant say ai is trash. we are making the playoffs this season hands down as the fourth seed prob playing the hawks. these reg season games dont rlly mean shit bc playoffs is wat it comes down to. id rather mess up with rotation and test out different things right now, than in the playoffs.

    AI is the missing piece to winning the conference champsiohip. he will finally get his ring this year.


  36. Walter5

    if the streak reaches 10 straight.. Joe D should fire Coach MC. Hell Yeah!

  37. Blaze

    Fans in D are hard to please,but this got to stop.Curry is joke of a coach.Joe D grant him a contender team(chance that many good coaches are dreaming to be part of),and he has not shown any signs of improvement. Where is the defence,energy. Only thing that he has shown is creativity. He made some line ups that nobody would think of .What a genius. He is flat.
    The era of praising Joe D. on the national TV disapeared ,thanks to his choice of Curry as a head coach.This is a chaos than only he can solve,because he created the whole “chemistry”.

  38. Gummi45

    Do you really think putting sheed in for max was the problem? I agree that Max should not have been taken out, but McDyess… What the hell was he doing? He didnt play NO defence.

    Sheed in for Dyess.

    Starting lineup: Stuckey. Rip, Prince, Sheed, and Amir.

    A.I and Max first of the bench, then McDyess, Johnson and Afflalo.

    And for christ sakes. When Prince goes out, please put a 3 in, Herrmann is RIGHT THERE!

  39. DJ

    Maxiell is lazy at times and seems lost on the court. His defense is horrible but what can you expect from a 6’6″ pf playing amongst the trees.

    ai should be coming off the bench no matter what he is getting paid. He is no longer a nba starter.

    I would trade rip in a heartbeat because it is obvious to me that he no longer wants to be here. Plus the fact that his decision making is horrible and his defense is bad also. He should be a catch and shoot guy because when he puts the ball on the floor usually a turnover is about to happen.

    I will be glad when this season is over and we are eliminated in the 1st rd of the playoffs so I don’t have to watch sheed and iverson in piston blue anymore.

    Maxiell can take a hike too, and he can take Hermann with him.

    And yea coach curry was a BAD move. We should have hired avery johnson.

    Well Joe D. You built this crap. I guess it’s on you to fix it.


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