Pistons vs. Thunder

by | Jan 16, 2009 | 68 comments

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UPDATE: By now you know and are frustrated that the Pistons lost by 10 (79-89) to the now 8-33 Thunder. I’m not recapping this one for two reasons, one is that I’m still a little upset with how Detroit played and two I have escaped the cold of Michigan for a few days or sunshine and I would hate to spoil my vacation by reliving the game last night.

I will leave you with one thing that just made things worst after watching last nights game.  Since I’m not in Michigan right now I watched the game on league pass which played the Oklahoma broadcast and I don’t remember the time but there was at least eight minutes left in the game when the Thunder broadcasting team noticed and stated…..”this Pistons team looks like they have just given up.”


NBA.com highlights if you want them. Therapy in the comments!

Detroit heads into Oklahoma on a three game losing streak to take on the 7-33 Thunder and try to get back to how they were playing when BIG things were happening.

Detroit seems to be a bit stunned over the way they are playing:

“It is surprising,” Iverson said. “I hadn’t even thought about it that way, but it’s a … good point.

“It’s even surprising having the leads we’ve been having and still can’t put teams away.”

But Iverson says too much is made of the closing minutes. If the team could take of business earlier, there would be no need for last-second heroics.

“It shouldn’t come down to that,” he said. “Even with all the last-second shots we’ve had to take, it should never come down to that.

“You don’t base what goes on in a 48-minute game on a last-second shot. It shouldn’t get to that point.” Via The Detroit Free Press

Most of us just want an end to the MADNESS of Small Ball.

Good news: Detroit has an eight game winning streak over the Sonics/Thunder.

Bad News: SB or “small ball” as we have come to know it all to familiarly.

Sheed may not play, he’s a game time decision after missing the shoot around today.

Tip off is at 8:00 P.M. and will be locally broadcast on FSN . If you can’t watch the broadcast, tune into 1130 AM WDFN The Fan. Can’t do either? Follow the game on NBA.com.

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  1. Whatsittoya

    AI trade. Change we can not believe in. Watch Pistons not win the championship and than not resign AI, sheed, or anybody else with a contract expiring this year.

  2. Whatsittoya

    If I Had the choice to watch between a championship game for Detroit or the inaguration. I would watch the inaguration.

  3. PimP

    I think we should be able to win this. But I hope Curry knows that small ball won’t work for the rest of the year…

  4. Joesph Milli


  5. Eddie

    I know AI isn’t a true PG, but why don’t they take Stuckey out of the starting lineup? That wouldn’t hurt anyones feelings, and we would have Stuck and Dyess scoring when the bench is on the floor. Stuckey can start next year when AI is gone. Ben Gordon was amazing off the bench for Chicago. AI and Rip and Tay can run the point at anytime, different looks will make up for not having a true point guard starting.

    Keith Langlois is the Pistons puppet and I’m sick of him constantly treating fans like we’re stupid and overreacting. He needs to get a pair and say what he thinks, cuz even he can’t be that stupid. FIRE CURRY.

  6. Amer ican Prince

    They tried Rodney off the bench, Rip and AI is not a good guard tandum.

    In fact this guy also believes AI should come off the bench. And come on doesn’t he just look like he knows what he’s talking about?


    just hit control+f to open the find command, and type in allen iverson, should take you right to the section.

  7. The Fluidics

    I think Stuckey leading by example while starting has been the best part of this season. He should be starting, he’s got that talent level.

  8. Chris

    why didnt Curry use Jmax or Kwame in the first half?

    We’re getting killed in the boards by 10..

  9. The Fluidics

    Why does Curry do any of the things he does?

    The Music on the PA in OKC is pretty annoying. Everybody clap your hands. Every third possession.

  10. pistonsfan101


    We have not scored a point in the 4th quater yet and they have scored 13!!!!!!!!1 WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!

    WOW. This is really pissing me off.

  11. augustslady

    This is nuts,we will be lucky to make the playoffs,
    now tay is hurt,pull the starters and let the bench play…we’re getting pounded on anyway!What’s the difference? Why let tay get hurt even more…
    Crazy coaching if you ask me.

  12. Nate

    I’ve tried to be patient with Curry, let the rookie coach find his way in running this team. Dumars has to see there is a problem here though, these line-ups are not working. When you’re getting slammed by a 7-33 team, there’s some serious problems. J-Max, a star in the making, is seeing no playing time and thus we got dominated on the boards. Thus far, Curry has not been able to find a working line-up nor light a fire under the veteran’s asses on this team. Making the playoffs as a low seed and having to play the ego-maniac Lebron (and his nut riding teammates) will be a disaster for us.

    This is just pathetic. This great fan site is slowly becoming a disgruntled pistons fans therapy site. We need some wins.

  13. Tariq

    i extremly agree nate, i have had enough this has not only become sad but embarssing, and i am officially sick of going to pistons.com to get reassured that thier is constantly no problem, thier clearly is. Major changes are need immiedatley

  14. Amber

    FLUUUUUUUUUUU! What’s going on?! The music drove me crazy as well. It was probably worse than the game itself. I’ve gotten used to us sucking. What else could you really expect? We got a second shooting guard, when we never needed one, lost our leader, and still need a center. I wouldn’t mind getting a new coach, too.

  15. Chris

    Yay we lost to the OKC!we should be havin a 3 game wining streak instead of the 4 game losing streak.Hopefully this is enuogh sample size for that Coach to realize that Pistons cannot win with the small ball lineup. Yay we’re playing the Hornets tomorrow!

  16. Onin



    we should be able to win tomorrow we’re playing the Hornets, who am I kidding…

  17. Clinton

    Watching Curry Talk Is He kinda retarded?

  18. Steve

    Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.

    Well, at least this means change is coming. You can’t lose three in a row (Charlotte, Indy, Thunder) to teams w/ a combined record of 38-82 and now have changes.

    I don’t know what it will be….lineup changes, Curry getting fired, a trade, or what….but I guarantee that something will change.

  19. Steve

    Oh, some quick stats/thoughts:

    Out rebounded 35-52.
    DNP Maxiell….why?
    Just 8 FTA’s
    Stuckey 1-10
    Durant 14-21…defense anyone?

  20. Tariq

    i have given up, this is absoulety ridicoulous

  21. The Fan

    I feel ill…

  22. Tariq


  23. Nik

    Pistons are starting to make the Lions look better….
    Curry, shame on you.

  24. Jack

    WOW. Losing to the Thunder by 10??? This is embarrasing.
    I don’t know why its taken Dumars so long to realize that Iverson was a mistake and Curry was a mistake and needs to get rid of both. I know Pistons fans are spoiled because of the success of their team but this…
    And the small ball revolution? I won’t even go into that.
    The Pistons are in serious trouble.

  25. The Fluidics

    What’s up Amber, long time no see? You made my night!

    Is that three DNP’s for max, or two? Either way, bad times for pistons fans.
    I don’t see a trade coming, because I think Joe knows that the players aren’t the problem. Question is, does he have the guts to take care of Curry?

  26. Onin

    what did Curry say on the interview guys? please don’t tell me he said, ‘we’ll stick with the small ball lineup” please no!

  27. PimP

    this is very sad, I don’t understand currys rotation at all….

  28. mobius909

    note the trend. i said it last game too… pistons in the 4th – 12, opposing team – under twenty. we’re not getting it done and we’re not getting guys (MAXX) in the paint.

    AI to the bench because he’ll be far more productive off the bench than a crying rip hamilton. let everyone else play their damn position and lets get on with it!

    ***ahem, cough, CENTER, cough***

    Sheed is a PF, end of story.
    Tay is a SF, and he’s productive that way.
    Rip is a SG and Stuckey is a PG.

    Get a damn center and make everyone play their effing position. we might beat a sub .300 team one of these days.

  29. Th3 Answ3r

    “were sticking w/ small ball” what the eff?…….

  30. Mikey F Baby

    I’m pissed like everyone else but you can hardly blame this one on AI! The entire team refused to play defense. It’s pretty bad when the OKC announcers are saying “The Pistons look like they have just given up.” and there was 9 minutes left.

    The Almighty “I Can Do No Wrong in the eyes of Detroit fans” Stuckey looked like garbage. Rasheed continued to shoot every time he touched the ball. Another DNP-CD for Maxiell, who is ALL ENERGY; exactly what the Pistons needed this game. It’s a no brainer, Wilcox comes in…Max comes in.

    And getting out-rebounded like that, especially offensively….

    I can tell you the answer to the problem here people. AVERY JOHNSON

  31. Nik

    Agree with Mikey.
    Pistons need a new coach. I 1st Laimbeer and 2nd Avery Johnson.

  32. blam

    I can tell you the better anwser – BILL LAIMBEER

  33. blam

    LOL you typed it faster than me. All pistons fans should make a huge movement and bring Laimbeer over here. You can be 100% sure he will bring the D back and Maxiell will be in his fuqin fave five.

  34. RIco Suave

    Hey Pistons Fans-

    If you want to prosper during this crappy year, take the player prop bets on the stud of the opposing team. I have taken 15 opposing player prop bets so far, and 12 of them have hit. THAT IS SICK

    Pistons can’t shut anyone down, even when they play well the opposing team’s stud usually goes off.

    If the Bucs can fire Gruden for overachieving, the Pistons can surely fire Curry for underachieving.

  35. Clinton


  36. Nik

    And, if he doesn’t want to give up on the Shock dynasty, Avery Johnson, Maurice Cheeks… (* considering we might face Philly in playoffs, if we make it).

  37. steve the hated

    lol i knew id be that guy eventually telling u all..I TOLD U SO!

  38. ben

    lol steve u are right u did tell us so

  39. eralefe

    We were good with Rip injured, we should just trade him for a solid scorer of the bench

  40. andrew

    lol this is sad, so yeah small ball is awesome, how about benching sheed and tay and lettin bynum play center, AI at PF and inserting afflalo at SG? after 4 losses smallball has proven itself, lets go all the way in now…

  41. augustslady

    I don’t think we need to worry guys, I don’t believe we will even make the playoffs! The blame should not be placed solely on the coach though.I agree he is not good,but the players need to be mentally tougher.
    Being as there are favs in this league that routinely get slobbered over and do no wrong.LOL!
    See the 04 finals for proof.
    That was a case of mental and physical toughness and the lakers imploding.
    Oh and the grand head of this league is a *#^*#^$$$!

  42. The Fluidics

    I think mental toughness and the coaching problem go hand in hand. It’s hard to be mentally tough when the guy who is supposed to organize and lead your team really doesn’t know what he’s doig. The players can only work with what their coach gives them and the other way around. The players give top performances to the coach, who in returns, sits guys for several games, constantly changes the rotation, and goes with a lieup proven not to work. The players know it won’t work, but still have to get out there and play that scheme. You would have to be VERY mentally tough to deal with that.

  43. C-Quense

    8 losses against losing franchises.
    Bench AI, play the 4 with Kwame, Max, Amir or DYESS.
    I don’t know how Curry could let them play Small-Ball and telling everybody that his priority is defense…

  44. Baller4life

    do it rii now
    cnt have small ball
    nd we are gettin killed on da boards
    AI+Stuckey+Tay+Sheed+Boozer= 09 CHAMPIONS
    nd fire curry nd get avery johnson or even flip back!!

  45. Nate

    Natalie – That’s the second time this seasons a tv announcer has stated that Pistons look “like they’re just giving up.” That’s why in my opinion it all can’t be put on Curry. Sure his line-ups and DNP decisions to Maxiell are not good decisions, however, the veterans on this team have played like crap for the better part of the season. The young talent have stepped up to the plate and saved our starters most of the time. Otherwise, Tay and Rip are off and on, Sheed plays well when he wants to (otherwise he just launches threes), and AI is still reluctant to try to take over periods of a game when scoring is hard to come by. The formula in getting back to winning is simple for me. Possible coaching change and the veterans need to play like the millions they’re getting paid. A rookie coach may not be what the lazy veterans of this team need to get their asses in gear.

  46. Slim Shady

    Does onybody think that the reason we look so ragged and terrible in the 4th quarter is because our ood role players don’t get any minutes and our starters get tired and beat up by the 4th….
    i know there body should be use to it but having it happen every game and us having to fight hard in every game because we can’t get a big lead or hold one…. it seems that in the 4th quarter we should already be up by 15 or 20 to teams like charlotte indiana and oklahoma and then just hold on in the 4th….. I’m so depressed right now….

  47. Slim Shady

    I think trading rip is a great idea now… who cares if he’s meant a lot to the franchise, because we know that that has nothing to do with you staying on the Pistons (Billups). If we really can get Carlos Boozer like Baller4life states, then i’d do that in a F-ing instant….. Crack a Bottle- new song by eminem, check it out on youtube or limewire

  48. Will

    Forget small BALL
    start this line up

  49. Slim Shady

    “and AI is still reluctant to try to take over periods of a game when scoring is hard to come by.” (Nate)
    Cmon AI take over the game we all know you can and nobody else seems to want to… we all know your the best pound for pound scorer ever, and you’ve been taking over all your life in Philly (and most of the time in Denver)…. Take over if you really want that ring and hey, you don’t have a whole lot of time left being in your 13th year…
    RIP 4 BOOZER then we’d have no lineup confusion other than getting AMIR, DYESS, and MAX getting time but that will be F-ing impossible to with arrogant T-me-up-everytime-i-don’t-get-a-call-i like-and-i dance-around-like-a-little-baby Rasheed

  50. Slim Shady

    RIP ISN”T VALUABLE TO THE TEAM ANYMORE….. LOOK HOW GOOD WE PLAYED WITHOUT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Dominic

    Man it’s clear how many bandwagoners there are here. If you wanna jump ship on the Pistons now then do it. It’s clear you have no loyalty at all. You should go to Memphis, they’d kill to have a team as talented as this.

    I’ll admit this game was ugly, these past few games have been ugly in fact. But it is no reason to lose faith in the franchise simply because of a bad stretch of games. I guarantee firing Curry will do this team no good it will only cause turmoil among the players and staff considering how much faith Dumars had in him.

    Bringing in Laimbeer won’t help anything. I love Laimbeer just as much as anyone but a big name doesn’t necessarily mean a good basketball mind. (For example Michael Jordan is a HORRIBLE GM, he picked Kwame!) If you have actually watched Shock games, as I have, you would know Laimbeer is a fair coach but could never compete against the NBA’s great minds like Popovich and Pat Riley. Laimbeer may get his chance someday, but on a budding team that is experimenting with different staffs.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m as frustrated as any other fan out there, but to say we won’t make the playoffs above teams like Milwaukee and Miami is ludicrous. Don’t get carried away.

    From my observations of tonight’s game, it is clear the small-ball lineup will never work in our favor.

    Rebound margin: 52-35
    For real? we let Chris Wilcox Nenad Krstic and Jeff Green outrebound us? Pistons actually played fair defense (OKC 42.7% FG Shooting) but OKC got so many offensive rebounds (14) it was rendered obsolete.

    OKC forced 11 turnovers from us which is very unPiston-like Rip had 4 of those TOs

    The Pistons had 15 assists. That’s it. Just 15. THe main distributors Stuckey and AI had 3 and 2 respectively. In my opinion, the small ball lineup takes the Pistons off of their comfort zone and they don’t perform as well and make the right passes as a result.

    AI: 6-14 He made alot of foolish attempts but it was clear he was trying to takeover the game. That’s the impression I got at least.

    I miss Maxiell. These DNP-CDs are driving me crazy, one of the best energy players we have on this team and in my opinion, better than Amir Johnson. Yet Amir gets 25 minutes and Maxi gets 0. Care to share some of those Amir?

    As mentioned previously, Durant was 14-21. It is obvious who the star is on the team, why can’t you shut him down Detroit? He waltzed into the lane without any resistance at all!

    OKC attempted 20 FTs. While Detroit only attempted 8. We played poor defensively while not being aggresive on the offensive side of the ball.

    On the positive side:

    Sheed only attempted 3 3pters. Maybe Curry got into his ear about how many 3s he’s been attempting.

    Amir had an impressive rebounding night with 6 rebs to go along with 3 blocks.

    We had a pretty good shooting night at 46.3% mostly because of Rip (9-19) and Prince’s (9-14) shooting. But Prince when you let Durant score 32 that 9-14 shooting night isn’t so great anymore.

    That’s enough for me any real Pistons fans left let me know your thoughts.

  52. andrew

    fire dumars and curry, promote team mascot Hooper to a head coach position

  53. Amer ican Prince

    Man I think a trade is gonna come, and knowing Joe D this trade is going to suck for this team. He hasn’t made a good MAJOR trade in years. And since we are all saying fire curry, you know what that means. He is going to trade a player to get some of the heat off of his buddy Mikey. Carlos Boozer is not someone who should be here. Like we’ve said before Carlos Boozer is a little to sneaky for my taste

    Rip plays off screens, he’s played that way for years. If there was a back up plan for not doing it then fine. But all Curry has done has eliminated Rip’s game for the simple fact he does not know how to run a half court offense, and neither does Stuckey or AI neither of which is a point guard, even if they do get assists

  54. Amer ican Prince

    Dominic I agree with what you said about Lambier everyone just seems to like him because he was a Pistons player I don’t think he is really as good as advertised. Though he would definitely be an upgrade over Curry.

    But do me a favor, stop calling fans bandwagoners just because they want to vent a little bit. Saying something negative doesn’t mean their jumping ship. With the way the Pistons are playing, I can’t even make a guarantee that they’ll make the playoffs. Especially with so many injuries, Tayshaun even seems to be hurt.

    I blame the injuries on Curry and his new way of doing things, since that’s the only thing that has changed this year.

  55. aaron

    DOMINIC! i have said it before and said it again… there are a lot of bandwagon people on this site.
    its ridiculous…

    again im mad but im not gonna say my team sucks when they are in the playoffs and still have half the season left, and can still make that 4th spot (maybe not the third) and they have plenty of cap and trading opportunities that joe D (who has done phenominal) can look at. Of course they arent playing like we thought they should have but hey, thats life and thats the way things go. i’ll still love this team no matter what

  56. Walter5

    Take a 5 game losing streak coming up.. next is the Hornets!
    maybe a 6 game slide against OJ Mayo and the Grizzlys.
    i wish CP3 will be on a Pistons uniform someday.. Not a bad idea.

  57. Amber

    Flu–Yeah, I know! I’ve missed our Pistons talk! Guess where I was a bit ago? Sterling Heights–I love it there. 🙂 I’d like to add that whenever Detroit went on their winning streak, it was when I was nearby. 😉

    Anyways, why are you all blaming Rip? It isn’t his fault he isn’t as good at playing out of position. Sheed isn’t as good, Tay isn’t as good, and Rip isn’t at good–at a different spot. We all know AI isn’t. Obviously we’re going to lose, but trading Rip is not a good idea.

  58. Amer ican Prince

    Agree Amber, Rip has not gotten a fair shake.

    And guys you can’t call someone a bandwagoner if they are still watching the Pistons and commenting on the games. That means they are still here, if they give up on everything Pistons (watching, commenting, etc) then you can call them that.

    Instead of a negative Fire Curry campaign (while accurate) Let’s try to lobby for something postitive. The negative attention has to be affecting the team.

    I propose the campaign to put either Kwame Brown, or possibly Dyess back in the starting lineup.

    And I hear Edjuardo Najera might be available from the Nets. Have you guys ever seen him and sheed on the court? Always talking and laughing with each other. Then you get Najera and Herrmann. Plus I’m a little biased because I’m part Mexican.

  59. aaron

    what will a head coach firing do… honestly, tell me cause i really dont know… all i hear is fire curry, but i havent read a legitimate reason why??? (if they are even supported with a reason)… will it better the team… i dont think so, just because we change personnel doesnt mean the chemistry and the way the team performs will change

  60. Nate

    Pleaseee Curry, observe how Poplovich handles Spurs rotations….We’re similar in many ways to the build of that team with the exception of more young talent. Observe and learn Curry. Demand more veteran leadership and veteran bench roles (certain starters coming off the bench). When the team is playing ilke crap, aka last night, let the veterans coach the time out. Force them to become active leaders over the young talent and maybe then they’ll step their game up.

  61. PAUL

    does anyone think maybe these few DNP-CD’s are possibly a sign that Max might get traded? I was thinking that.

    I really hope he does, Pistons team have been holding him back from first time he stepped on the court.

    Id love to see him traded and then be a starting PF on a team and come back to play Detroit and just dunk all over Sheed and McDyess and heck the whole team.

    This is just getting insanely out of hand here!

  62. Eddie

    aaron, I’ll give you a good reason to axe Curry. He lacks leadership, experiance, and balls. His play calling is weak, rotations are inconsistant, and anyone who tries to tell me Stuck is a point guard is an idiot. Stuck wants to shoot just as much as AI and Rip. Hell Tay is the best pg in that line up. And if we we’re going to run a small lineup, I would have Bynum in. He can direct a team, set up plays, and doesn’t feel he has to score to validate his playing time.
    Why did Curry give up on having Iverson run the point? We all knew it would take some time for them to gel, but durint that time everyone was having fun and trying to win. And all the players we’re just getting used to something new. FIRE CURRY, PLAY MAX, BENCH STUCKEY

  63. Amer ican Prince

    Eddie agree with the first part of your post, up until the Tay is the best point guard, he can fill in fine, but relying on him to do it all the time is not a good idea.

    And why have Iverson at the point, you just said Stuckey shoots too much to be the point, so instead you think Iverson should still be running the point? We don’t have a point guard because “Coach” (yeah I put it in quotation marks big whoop wanna fight about it) Curry supposedly wanted more players to make decisions with the ball so he thought he wouldn’t need a true point guard.

    he needs to stop coaching in the way that makes me think he is living vicariously through the team.

    And Max ain’t getting traded, unless it is a really good deal. Plus he plays so hard he burns out, I doubt he can be a consistent starter in his career. But I definitely look forward to finding out

  64. The Fluidics

    I agree. Said it the other day, firing a head coach mid-season is giving up on the season. Can’t do that while you are still playoff bound. However, I’d have no problem if there was a coaching change in the off season.

  65. The Fluidics

    as for Laimbeer, he’s proven. He may not be the best choice, but he’s legit, and a definate upgrade over the chump we have now. Laimbeer has won more championships as a coach than Chuck Daly and Larry Brown combined.

  66. The Fluidics

    ^ meant to say as many, not more. but still…


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