Pistons vs. Pacers

by | Jan 14, 2009 | 32 comments

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Detroit is on the second game of a back-to-back tonight in Indiana. The Pistons will try to snap out of their offensive woes against the 13-25 Pacers who return home after allowing an average of more than 120 points during its five game trip. A much-needed win tonight for Detroit would make it nine straight against a Pacers team who once were Detroit’s biggest rival in the East.

Boy how things change fast.


Small ball part II tips off at Tip off is at 7:00 P.M. and will be locally broadcast on FSN . If you can’t watch the broadcast, tune into 1130 AM WDFN The Fan. Can’t do either? Follow the game on NBA.com.

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  1. Exzile

    That video reminds me of good times.

  2. Jeff


  3. DETstuckeyMVP

    Watching that video just proves to me that were not the same team we used to be, but thats change, for better or worse. I still blead red white and blue. Never giving up on the pistons, we still have the potential, maybe not the enthusiasm, but potential to take it to the big dance. I mean come on, I’ve seen the Thunder go out and play their hearts out and continuasly lose, but never lose the passion. Lets get us a win here guys.

  4. Baller4life

    u noe rii now we have no option
    it wouldnt make sense 2 bring the man dat has lead detroit in scoring 4 6 years off da bench nd it would make sense if u bring da 3rd leading scorer in history off da bench either
    rii now i think RIP 4 Boozer is da best thing 2 do
    it would give us a good defensive threat as well as our offense

  5. Russian_Pistons

    Folks, what about stream video link? Have on ADTHE.net. Any alternatives?

  6. Onin

    another loss

  7. The Fan

    OMG. Please trade somebody. I don’t care who. Just trade them.

  8. Metah

    ok, where is that petition. seriously. im sick of this.

    and WHY can we not make shots or free throws?

    wtf. seriously.

  9. Metah

    seriously. if we made some free throws. we would not be in OT.

    im so frigin mad.

    the pacers have a rabits foot and a horseshoe up their asses. (like that lucky lakers win.)

  10. Nik

    This is killing me.
    What is Saunders doing??? Is he still available.
    Did, laimbeer sign an extension with SHOCK already…..

    Deanna Nolan would have played better than RIP tonight…

  11. Metah

    prince shot 0-3 on his free throws. wtf. and why is curry not getting that small ball doesnt work.


  12. OIG

    cant make shots??
    i mean common Sheed hit 2 of 10 from downtown!!
    no but honestly Stuckey is playin like an allstar and he makes shot after shot so at least we got one big time performer!
    A.I. isnt playin like A.I. since he wears true blue (though he hit some big shots) but we still would win more games with 2 big men so please Curry Rip or A.I. of the bench cmon man please!!!

  13. Kian

    u know what gets me sick? sheed’s 3s. i mean 3-11 .. are u serious? man we all know this guy can play in the post so do it!!

  14. Onin

    First of all, get rid of the small ball. It doesn’t help our defense or our offense.

    Second, why didn’t Max or Kwame play at all?? These are defensive bigs that provides energy for us…Seriously Curry, I have sticked with you and believed that you know what you’re doing by now, but we’re like half way through the season and you still don’t have a rotation set?

    Bring AI or Rip off the bench..Please!!!!!Play your bigs!!!Play Afflalo more! Stuckey you’re the man but please be a pass-first point guard doint be always looking for your shot first.

    ..and what is wrong with our free throws? If we would’ve made one during regulation, we woul’de won.

    I seriously feel a trade is coming. We have too many players that are the same in what they provide. We have players that should be starters that are getting limited minutes or aren’t playing at all.

  15. Steve

    Wow. I hate watching the Pistons lose games that a) they shouldn’t be losing in the first place and b) in which they have a lead late in the game.

    I normally don’t blame Curry for the Pistons’ woes, but come on, putting in an ice cold Rip off the bench to shoot the potential gamewinner at the end of regulation? Dumb.

    And out of the timeout w/ 0.7 seconds, we get….a Sheed shot that hits nothing.

    Look at the play-by-play. Stuckey, who was again the best in the game, took 2 shots in OT. One was a missed layup w/ 3:18 left and the other a meaningless three pointer at the buzzer. Iverson, who also had a good game, took one shot in OT, a missed three pointer w/ the game already decided.

    Sheed meanwhile shoots 1-5 on threes in OT.

    Oh, and FTs! 11-19??!! That’s not gonna win games.

    And again no bench as it was pretty much Dyess and Afflalo.

    So for those keep score, that’s 0-2 w/ the return of small ball. Rip does not look good out there as he’s 8-25 in the past two games.

    Bench Rip or Iverson…or find a coach who will.

  16. Michael Curry

    I appreciate pistons fans voicing their opinions as far as our team philosophy. Tonight we came up short and that will happen off and on during the season. I feel very confident that the lineup we bring gives us a great chance to win every night.

  17. pistons01

    ^^^^^ I’m sure you really had time to get on a computer and write to the fans on a blog 10 minutes after you lost. Like that was really the first thing on your mind “Michael Curry”

  18. kariMkariM

    TRADE RIP !! remember the portland game ??? remember the effort… the skill… with rip we look sloppy n force shit

  19. Nate

    This team just cannot finish a game. Blame it on whatever, but for the past couple years we have not been able to finish games consistently. The scary thing is we have experienced players who SHOULD be able to finish games.

    What’s frustrating is that we’re halfway through the season and we still can’t figure out a rotation that works, yet alone a starting line-up. Curry needs to talk with Poplovich of the Spurs. He’s a master at finding rotations that work. Not many coaches would have Ginobli, and now Bruce Bowen as well, coming off the bench. Yet he does, and he has rings to show for it. Hopefully the starters (whether it be Rip, AI and whoever else) that may have to come off the bench can set their ego’s aside. They’re saying they’ll do whatever it takes, we’ll see.

    We’re TOO DAMN TALENTED to be losing games at the end like we keep doing to sub .500 teams. AI needs to run the floor more in the 4th and for God’s sake, stop launching so many 3’s Sheed and dominate the post!

    I feel better now.

  20. Th3 Answ3r

    Thats not curry -.-. Posers, lmao

  21. pistons01

    my question is why didn’t rip play the ENTIRE FOURTH and OT (except the last shot in regulation) we needed offense and i think poor Rip has earned to play in the fourth. AI sucks. IDK what you all see in him. Rip prolly feels replaced on this team… way to crush one of our best players Curry. If I were Rip I’d be so pissed. WTF???? IDK I miss the ’04-06 team… its Rip, Tay, and Sheed who keep me watching considering their the only ones left 🙁

  22. pistons01

    and dyess

  23. Slim Shady

    trade RIP seriously i don’t care if he’s been importnt to the team… i mean look what hppened with billups, trade rip for quality big men he doesnt look like he belongs on this team anymore even though that makes me sad i love rip but i think its tme for detroit tomove on with out him

  24. The Fan

    Only person out there consistently playing with there heart is Stuckey and some of the guys off the bench.

    Another thing. We don’t even look like we are running an offense when we go down the court. We go down pass it off to a player and expect them to finish it off. Bah!!!

  25. Ryan

    Okay… Steve read my mind on this game!

    I fell asleep half way through because I was so tired today. I woke up to us winning in the 4th, and then they let us down like that.

  26. Steve

    LOL, thanks Ryan.

    It’s puzzling….instead of feeding the hot hands (AI and Stuckey), Rip (in 4th qt) and Sheed (in OT) tried to play hero.

    One bright spot is that of Stuckey….he’s a monster. I’m so glad Dumars stole him in that draft.

  27. ALMEI

    I am in Louisiana so I am just “watching” the games on Yahoo GameChannel and listening through NBA.com. Maybe there is more happening than what I see, but a few observations. 11-19 on free throws in this game. We shouldn’t have had to go to OT. We missed two critical ones in the closing minute–one by Iverson and the technical by Prince. Billips seems to be automatic for us late in the game with free throws–don’t see a leader on the team in that area yet. In the loss to Charlotte, 11-16 with Stuckey 5-8. Of course not making any points in the last 4:30 of the game against Charlotte is ridiculous. And I thought I heard Blaha say at one point late in the 4th of this game that we were on a 0-10 run. Does anyone remember the Porland game where we lost by 1? 9-16 in free throws that game. Total of only 34 points in the 2nd half–15 points in the 4th. OK, these things happen, but really Charlotte and Indiana? And for my 2 cents, small ball needs to improve quickly or get rid of it. In the last two games maybe those 5 starters are beat by the 4th. Can anyone explain the horrendous shooting when the game is on the line? I read from someone that we were 6-2 when Hamilton and ‘Sheed were combined out playing a normal setup but we shouldn’t take much stock in it because we were playing sub .500 teams. Well, we just lost two in a row to sub .500 teams! No, I’m not one who thinks the sky is falling, but where’s the old-fashion Piston ball with defense and clutch free throw shooting. That is something Curry and the players can control and work to improve. The three games I mentioned above should have been Wins, not “oh my gosh, I can’t believe I sat here in front of the computer for the past 2 1/2 hours just for us to blow leads and lose it again in the closing seconds!”

  28. The Fluidics

    I love the “AI sucks, I don’t know what you see in him” comment.

    How about a Higher PPG% than Bird, Kareem, and Jerry West, you know, the guy in the NBA logo?

    Whenever someone tosses an “AI sucks” comment, I simply ignore that person because they don’t know what the eff they are talking about.

  29. Steve

    I for one don’t think that AI sucks. I just think his style just doesn’t fit with the the rest of the starters, which is why he should come off the bench and freelance like he’s used to doing.

  30. The Fluidics

    I think he’s playing better now than rip is, so I’d have AI start and Rip off of the bench, except Rip doesn’t play well with the second unit. The fact that the Pistons aren’t exploiting AI as a scoring presence bugs me, they should be taking full advantage of it. It would be hard to exploit with AI playing bench minutes. Still, Rip should probably be the one starting since he needs to play with Rodney and Tay to be effective, Ai can be effective with anybody as long as he is allowed to play his style.

  31. Chris

    look get rid of small ball and start AI for a couple games, and have Rip off the bench. Then eventually, have AI come off the bench as his style of play is more suited there with the second unit.(that’s not a knock on AI, I am an AI fan but I really think this would somewhat help put us on top).

  32. Joesph Milli

    Fire Dumars and Curry


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