OT Letdown in Indiana

by | Jan 14, 2009 | 56 comments

And the hits just keep on coming for Detroit. The Pistons are now on a three game losing streak after a 110-106 overtime loss to the Pacers.  Detroit went into Indiana having won eight straight against the Pacers, who currently have the second worst defense in the league. Despite a 30 point performance from Stuckey and the ball in their hands multiple times at the end of regulation, the Pistons came up short.

Key Points:

  • Small Ball Part II: 0-for-2
  • DNP Jason Maxiell and Kwame Brown. I know Indiana is fast but come on.
  • Another loss to a team that we should beat. As of now can we say the Pistons “should” beat anyone at this point?
  • Another fantastic night from Rodney Stuckey that gets soured by losing a game like this. A game high 30 for Stuckey who was 12-for-20 with 9 boards, 6 assists and just one turnover. Thank goodness George Blaha is so animated when Rodney is playing, it’s the best part of watching these days.

Rodney Stuckey scores 30
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  • A few Stuck HL’s.
  • Not a good night for Rip 4-for-13 from the floor for 9 points in 29 minutes.
  • Tay 4-for-12, it’s clear he is not the player he can be when he’s playing out of position.
  • Sheed put up a double-double with 17 points and 15 boards with a steal and a blocked shot. Yes great numbers but 3-for-11 from downtown (1-for-5 in OT)….Do we really need Rasheed to be taking 11 from beyond the arc? Stick to the post and witty banter Rasheed.
  • Outrebounded 48-50.
  • This lineup is messing with Dyess who had been one of the reasons we were winning since his return to the team.

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  • First overtime win for Indiana all season.
  • Iverson 23 on 9-for-19 shooting, that’s probably one of the best shooting nights he’s had percentage-wise in quite some time. Add 7 assists to that and it’s a nice line for AI. Yes he had 4 turnovers, but I’ll take a game like this over a 30% shooting night any day.
  • FSN Highlights by quarter.
  • Friday in Oklahoma should be interesting.


  1. New Coach

    Get. Rid. Of. Curry.
    Damn it, get Avery Johnson in here.. hell, get persuade Lindsey Hunter to retire, get him to coach Detroit. Joe D, come to the floor to kick Curry away and coach yourself.. Shit, let Maxiell coach since Curry apparently won’t let him play. Maxiell is the hardest worker on the floor any given night, yet he gets 10-12 minutes a game if not a DNP?? What the F… I wouldn’t be surprised if Maxiell asks for a trade after the season with that BS.. I can name 29 teams that would love to play him AT LEAST 20 minutes/game.. and some that would start like he SHOULD.

    F you Curry, you don’t know how to manage time worth a damn.

  2. Steve M

    Holy cow. Another blown win (w/ a last second shot).. We can bounce back to victory, starting with a win in Oklahoma City on Friday.
    Few side notes:
    – No Maxiell, Bynum, Herrmann, or Kwame?? hmmm…
    – Stuckey played pretty well as usual.
    – Rip needs to get the basket more to get to the line to get some kind of rhythm back.
    – Outrebounded? Again? Why??
    -I hope Curry can find a good line up!!

    This definitely should have been a game where there was no doubt we were going to win. However playing back to back is never easy. urg Pistons fans.

    We should win Friday. Should. And Will.

    – Steve M.

  3. The Fluidics

    Pistons BARELY beat Oklahoma last time, so this one certainly won’t be automatic. Hopefully Mr. Dumars has a sit down with Mr. Curry before then. Maybe they can watch some tapes or play some NBA live or double dribble or something. The law needs to be laid down.

  4. Blaze

    It is hard to go through this period,it is sad.
    My point is that:Curry needs to find a good line up ,or Joe needs to find new coach. Are you kidding me? He is lost(MC).
    Every game new line up
    Small ball is killing us defensively
    Tay is out of position
    The last shot is takin Rip that was on the bench for the most of the 4th
    Maxiel DNP
    Those are all coachable situations,as more time goes by ,the name od Avery Johnson comes to me very often.
    People were complainig about Flip,but at list we new what kind of team we were with him.With MC NO IDENTITY.
    It is cold ,and I am sad.

  5. Chris

    hahaha to Fluidics, MC and Joe D play nba live. Enough with the small ball, puuuhhhllleeeasssseeee.

  6. Richie

    Kind of a tough pill to swallow, but give credit to Indiana’s bigs for having hot hands at the right time. I can’t belive there was no foul called on Sheed’s last shot attempt in regulation. I also think that 11 3’s are just too many from the best post player on the team.
    7 game win streak when playing a balanced rotation, despite two starters not being active.
    0-2 with small ball, including those two starters.

  7. steve the hated

    this team is piss poor.. the only team we will be watching in june is the RED WINGS! need4datsyuk make the sight right now.. were supporting a lost cause and a faded memory.. wont happen till another 14 yrs..wooo hoo curry ur the man u peice of shit!

  8. steve the hated


  9. ben

    man dyess shoulda took the spurs contract or the lakers or the cavs he could have played with old pal big ben there and woulda had a better shot at a title than here

  10. Nik

    Its very sad…..
    Obviously this team needs more shake-up.
    I, don’t think there is a need4sheed anymore.
    Gte someone who wants to work hard rather than just jacking up 3’s.

  11. mobius909

    anyone taking note of the fact that we’ve had a string of games where we score less than 15 points in the 4th quarter and don’t allow more than 20? we’re playing defense, but not executing.

    i see afflalo stepping up with more minutes.

    i see stucky being the point of the future.

    i see dyess leaving at the end of this year and possibly rip too. rip is kind of being a crybaby.

    max will get frustrated with his current role and leave to play real minutes.

    stupid iverson will probably stay and tay will go back to his sf position, playing better with a faster team. we’ll keep sheed and his three chucking self and hopefully we do what i’ve been preaching all season and get a real center.

    folks, it ain’t the all star break yet and we’re still in 4th place. true, we should be slaughtering the bobcats and pacers, but it is what it is. it could be worse, we could be toronto 🙂

  12. Michael

    We need to see more Will Bynum. We could run a 5 guard line up. A.I., Stuckey, Rip, Afflalo, Bynum.

  13. pistons 4 life

    How many more games Curry? How many more small ball lineups do you need to see that it’s not going to work. Come on, they won 7 in a row while Rip was out because they played a normal lineup. And look at what was happening before he was out and now again because he’s back. Nothing personal with Rip, I’m just saying they don’t play their best ball when they play this stupid lineup.

    I feel like they also played better without Sheed in the lineup and guys like Max and Amir were getting more burn. Watching Sheed is very frustrating sometimes. He can be very valuable to this team at times but other times I think he can really hurt you.

    And you can tell that Tay is struggling again when he’s out of position. He played much better in the recent 7 game winning streak.

    Curry, I think it’s time to do what you’re so afraid of doing for some reason. If you’re so willing to try small ball and 5 million other lineups, why not try the one that everybody thinks is a no brainer, and bench either AI or Rip. Would it hurt to just try it. You’re willing to try everything else. What it comes down to is that he just doesn’t have the nads to do what needs to be done.

  14. Dave

    going small forces prince to guard PFs which hurts our D, not because prince is incapable but because on the defensive end he can no longer guard the opponents best offensive threat. that was his job every night.

    lets look at the leagues best teams:
    tay used to defend kobe, pierce, or lebron

    with a small lineup:
    hes guarding guys like gasol, perkins, and probably ben wallace

    leaving rip to defend the superstars. rip is a good defender but nobody would put him in even the same league as tay

  15. Ruy

    Is it just me that thinks Bill Laimbeer would be a better coach than MC?? At least Laimbeer would get in the player faces and hold them accountable.
    No way another team trades a center for Rip. Big men are hard to get by, why trade one for Rip??
    And Rasheed jacking 11 3’s!! I think he’s testing MC here. “I’ll shoot only 3’s and see if MC has the guts to say something to me.”
    This loss was tough to swallow.
    Go Pistons!

  16. Slim Shady

    Without small ball and a set rotation with Max or Dyess in there more at the 4 or 5 with Sheed Prince Rip/Ai and god (stuckey) we would have beat indiana and charlotte by at least fifteen

  17. AJ

    Curry needs to go. how could you not play maxiell??? this is not the first time this has happened. fire that fool !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. The Fan

    Pistons are 0-3 with Rasheed back in the line-up. Please trade him for whatever we can trade him for. He is like cancer for the team.

  19. David

    Curry might not have what it takes to do what he has to do (bring Rip off the bench, give 15 of Sheed’s minutes to Max and Amir, and give bynum and hermann a chance a few minutes a game) but I know there is at least one per sonwho does have what it takes. And that is Joe D.
    You can bet he’s not just sitting there oblivious to what’s happening on the court (and being said off the court). The trade deadline is not too far away, and several teams are listening (the Raps, Bucks, Knicks, Mavs). I know Pistons fans are always asking for a trade or a coach’s head on a stick, but this is a much worse season than we’ve had in a while. Rip and Sheed don’t even seem to care anymore. I think Joe HAS to do something, or we aren’t going to sniff the NBA finals for another five years, at least. I don’t care if he trades Iverson (lots of teams want that contract), Rip, Sheed, Amir, Max, anyone except Stuckey or Tay.

    Don’t get me wrong – Curry is a TERRIBLE coach. He has no idea how to manage the game, the players, the minutes, the refs, anything. He is lost.
    But the problem is much bigger than Curry. We need a new attitude, new players, new sense of desperation. We need … we need CHAUNCEY BACK! AAHHHHH I HATE ALLEN IVERSON!!! IF WE HAD NEVER MADE THAT STUPID TRADE, WE WOULD BE WITHIN A GAME OR TWO OF CLEVELAND, IF NOT AHEAD OF THEM!! ahh stupid IVERSON!!

  20. Michael

    Well I hope after b2b loss to teams below .500 causes upper mngmnt to change something. cause if not you can kiss the playoffs goodbye!

  21. The Fluidics

    I Chauncey were still here, we would be complaining about Stuckey not getting any minutes. Max and Amir would still be bringing in DNP’s. Rip would still be bored, and Sheed would still have taken 11 3’s last night. The AI Chauncey trade is not the problem here.

  22. Amer ican Prince

    What makes you guys think Rip is the one who needs to come off the bench?

    And Flu man come on, the one thing that no one can deny Chauncey brought is leadership, and he got EVERYONE involved AI doesn’t bring that so maybe it did affect those things you mentioned.

    I also can’t believe MAx didn’t play, and I miss Herrmann, though I understand why he’s out, I still misss h

    And am I the only one who was shocked when they looked at the lineup coming on the floor for the last shot in regulation and Dyess (who is our best rebounder right now) was not out there? Then when Rip missed there was a tip in opportunity, but Tay wasn’t strong enough to get there through the other teams bigs.

    The only reason Tay suffers in small ball is because the bigs don’t touch the ball,other than Sheed cause he’s on the perimiter. That is why he shoots so many threes, because he can’t get the ball on the interior except in the first quarter

  23. Amer ican Prince

    And can I just add can we stop using phrases like “supposed to win” or “should be automatic” They are not owed anything, you get what you earn, and if you don’t earn it you don’t get it.

    And by the way Fluidics, NBA live? That should do it.

  24. blam

    I remember how Nat said that the last game we won with the jazz was the 64 – 62 win and that it was ugly. YOU ARE VERY WRONG! I was very proud for the Pistons that day. Ben had a game saving block on Kirilenko at the end. This is the kind of game Pistons should play! Every game we play ends up around 105 – 110 and the opposition is making layups in our face like it was nothing. That kind of team will never make it to the finals. They want to outscore the opposing teams instead of outhustlin them like they did before. Larry Brown was a great coach, I miss him so much. He was like 6 mins from repeating. We need to bring our bad boys soul again. We should hire Laimbeer, he is badass and thats what we need!!!

  25. Marcell

    Do you guys think Coach Curry is making the right choices? This would have been an oppurtunity to tell rip he has to come off the bench until he gains his strength again. Maybe they should call Flip and tell him he’s fired again?

  26. Chad

    – Curry.

  27. Amer ican Prince

    You know I can’t believe I missed this article on Lindey, now all I know is I don’t care if Curry wins us a title, Lindsey was going to come back.

    Sorry if you guys already saw this, I wasn’t here when that article came out.

    I am literally angry with rage

  28. David

    most of what you said is true. however, with chauncey instead of iverson, we would have less turnover problems, better shot selection, and most importantly, be able to finish games in the fourth quarter. chauncey’s swagger was the primary reason why we could always put the lousy teams away at the end. if you asked iverson to do his best impression of swagger he would probably run out of control, fall backwards, throw up a super high piece of shit rainbow over a 7’2″ defender, fall on his back, start crying, miss the shot and lose the game by 2.

  29. Nate

    Curry has to play Maxiell more…He should have prominent minutes in every game. I don’t believe Dumars will pull another trade this season, but due to line-up inconsistencies (and soon to be unhappy players), Dumars may pull the rug out from under Curry before season’s end.

  30. Eddie

    Rasheed is irreplacebale. Yeah if we could get Garnett, Duncan, or Howard I would accept the trade. But they’re not available and no one else compares. I’ll take Sheeds consistant defense and a bad shooting night rather than have him on another team. Why is ok for a guard to go 8 for 23 but sheed can’t? Every player pisses me off once and awhile, but Sheed is an asset.

    Curry has to go, why have Carlisle, Brown, and Saunders been under constant watch by Dumars but this clown Curry gets a pass? Theres no reason this roster shouldn’t be a title contender. Get someone with some rocks in here, who isn’t afraid to change the entire starting line-up if he chooses. We need to get a FIRE CURRY chant up at the Palace, that will get it done. This organization is smart unlike the Lions.

  31. Slim Shady

    With our talented athletes on this team i’m lost for words on how weve been playing.
    Pistons either need to trade RIP or AI, fire curry, or go with a big line-up and get role players more minutes.
    I think the last thing i listed would obviously be the quickest, the easiest, and get us winning again
    F-ing faggot Curry go F a goat

  32. PAUL


    I TOTALLY agree with New Coach!


    I swear im going to make a design for a t-shirt that says “TRADE MAXIELL”.

    Didnt curry say his new rotation was going to give him 20 mpg night in night not, not…….ZERO!

    Stuckey played well, but thats about it for the pistons. Its all 1 on 1. Stuckey absolutely hates passing the ball, same with Iverson. You wont win with them as PGs. Its sad when most PFs in the game are getting more assists than each of these so called “point guards” the Pistons have. Why are sheed and mcdyess getting so many minutes? They should have their minutes cut in HALF. They obviously arent winning with how they’re performing currently!

    Take those 10 three’s sheed missed and turn them into dunks for Maxiell and a win for the Pistons…or keep letting Curry destroy the franchise.

  33. Dominic

    I’m not jumpin ship on the Pistons but Curry’s rookie is showing. We need some stability in our lineup at this point I think any of us could coach better. Curry get ur shit together and realize this is the Pistons, not the Grizzlies

  34. Joe C

    Ok, seriously. Are we running a fantasy basketball team or what? Change lineups and minutes based upon who we’re playing? C’mon Max should NEVER have a DNP, the guy brings energy into the game. I don’t care if Indiana is fast, what is he a sumo wrestler who can’t run the floor? Give me a break. I hate bashing coaches, but I think it’s obvious that Curry has no clue.

    Small-ball doesn’t work, it seems that has proved itself already and yet he sticks with it.

    Max needs to play, Rip and AI need to split time with no crying allowed, Tay needs to stay at SF, and Sheed needs to stay down low where we need him. The lineup must stay the same consistently to get consistent play. Otherwise we’ll get the crap we’ve had a lot this season a lot of up and down play and losses that shouldn’t happen. No more Fantasy lineups!

  35. skearn41

    3 things:
    1) GET CURRY OUT OF DETROIT! hes not giving ANY minutes to maxiell….
    2) Rip, dont be a baby, go on the bench….
    3) I smell another trade in the air……

  36. Slim Shady

    I think what the city of Detroit needs is a trade for everyone to get over this small ball crap. IDK who will be traded. I think that trading rip wouldn’t be a bad idea. i mean we could get a quality player, plus we have AI for however long he’s here and Afflalo is really progressing into a fine basketball player.
    i think Curry is totally oblivious or ignorant to the fact that small ball isn’t working and and we might have to wait till the end of the season to wait if he gets fired…. Anyways i can’t wait for Oklahoma…. hopefully not a lot of small ball, good minutes for our bench (mainly MAX and Afflalo). I’m tired of losing to crap teams i mean we let tall WHITE GUYS from indiana of all places out play us, PATHETIC. I think if small ball stays and another loss to a crap team, the pistons will implode

  37. pistons 4 life

    I totally agree with letting Curry go. But it shouldn’t be now. If we suck this year then we suck. Firing a coach mid season will only make this team worse. The main problem here is stability like everyone has been saying. Athletes in general need to know what their role is and what to expect in any given game. When you screw with rotations and starting lineups all the time all that does is hurt your team. I realize you have to do a little bit of that maybe at the beginning of a season, but come on, we’re like almost half done with this season, and we’re still talking about who to start and what rotations to make. Curry should have that figured out by now. And the fact that he doesn’t shows his inexperience.

    It’s pretty obvious to me that to win games consistently this season they need to return to a lineup resembling what they had in the 7 game win streak. And play the freaking bench more. What do you keep all these guys around for if you’re not going to play them. I’m seeing the same thing that
    Flip always did, and that’s running starters to death and not developing a bench. Except when Flip did that, we were winning games. (Still don’t want him back though)

    The season is far from over, but this roller coaster thing is getting old. You think they’re getting somewhere by winning 7 in a row. And then they follow it up by loosing 3 in a row, and counting. The Thunder just beat the Jazz last night so maybe that will be their forth loss in a row.

    CONSISTENCY, CONSISTENCY, CONSISTENCY!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s how you win games.

  38. Whatsittoya

    Get rid of Hamiton, Fisrt two games back and we lose them bith.Trade to denver.

  39. Amer ican Prince

    technically we lost the last three games when Sheed came back. But I see what you mean. Though I don’t want Rip traded I want AI traded.
    We can trade AI to Portland for Lamarcus Aldridge and Raef LaFrentz’s 12 million expiring contract. And since the whole Darius Miles thing is gonna ruin their cap anyway, they might welcome AI’s expiring contract. By the way I know that would never happen, but still fun to dream

    And that Dyess picture is heartbreaking

  40. Chris

    uoh-oh we’re gonna play OKC tomorrow…

  41. hunier

    okk if tay made that tech free throw we wwouldnt have lost. FREE THROWS…………………….

  42. Susan

    So, Joe D.’s Michael Curry experiment has yielded disaster for our championship caliber team. I know we shouldn’t “expect” to win against these teams but losing to the Bobcats and the Pacers is embarrassing and unnecessary. It is pretty clear the Curry does not utilize players to their best capabilities. DNP for Maxiell should never happen and it seems as though Curry is stingy with Hermann’s minutes, even though he has proven to be an energy guy and someone who can rain threes (against the Spurs).

    I can’t believe he went back to ‘small ball’! How many games do The Pistons need to lose before Michael Curry understands that it doesn’t work?

  43. The Fluidics

    As for Lindsey, Detroit was not going to bring him back as long as he has his legal trouble, teams like to keep their players in the sports section.

    I also like the part of the article that talks about how Curry was going to clamp down on the players complaining to the refs. 12 techs later, “well, we’ve got some emotional guys.”
    Or you have no control over your team. hmmmmm.

  44. pistons 4 life

    “I also like the part of the article that talks about how Curry was going to clamp down on the players complaining to the refs. 12 techs later, “well, we’ve got some emotional guys.”

    Good point Fluidics. I’ve thought that many times as well. Curry said a lot of things that sounded great before the season started. I think he had all the right intentions, but is learning the hard way that coaching in the NBA isn’t easy, and that controlling these players is impossible. Especially Sheed.

  45. Amer ican Prince

    Fluidics you right, I had forgotten about the legal troubles, but still the team could of stuck by one of their 50 greatest players if that was the case. But anyway, Lindsey has always been one of my favorites, so I’m going to side with him regardless of logic. No offense to Will Bynum or Alex Acker, but Lindsey should still be on the team.

    And I agree with the statement that he doesn’t have control of this team. I just keep leaning on the idea that maybe the other choices sucked worse for Joe D’s vision of the future.

  46. Eddie

    If Hunter was on the team he wouldnt be playing anyways or he would be playing too much under Curry. For once I don’t blame players for not giving a crap anymore. Inconsistant minutes played, constand tinkering with the lineup, and bad play calling would piss anyone off. Just imagine this being your job and your manager is the least qualified guy in the business. CURRY SUCKS, FIRE HIS ASS.

  47. The Fluidics

    Why would Curry be able to control these guys, he has no experience that the players don’t have themselves. I’m sure the young guys listen to him, but the vets, what can Curry tell them that they don’t already know? What has he done to prove he’s got what it takes to lead the team? Nothing at all. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that he can’t control this team, LB was the only one who could, and as long as Mr. Davidson is alive, Lb will never be back.

  48. Walter says

    Coach MC is the main reason why Detroit has not found its rhythm and continuity. His frequent lineup changes, crunchtime decisions wasn’t that good at all. Well, what can you expect from a rookie coach from its X’s and O’s of the game. In fairness to Coach MC, he did fair so far making Detroit 7 games above .500 but its hard to accept with that kind of roster Detroit has.
    Maybe Flip is better controling his players although Rip and Sheed had feuds with Flip. Good thing for Flip they are winning, making East Finals 3 straight times and Central Division Champs. Sad thing, Detroit can get over the hump. The Cavs are going to be the Central Division Champs this year. Unless there is a season ending injury to Lebron. Pistons has a chance and start winning games on playoff teams or lottery bound teams.. Nah?!

  49. Thomas Rooney

    Top site you have here. Really enjoy reading it.

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  50. Johnny (#1 Stuckey fan)

    You know…I don’t even want to talk about them anymore, let alone watch, they make me sick with this $&!%. They can never just blow a team out or even hold a decent lead anymore…when was the last time you saw the Pistons even win by 15? Idk anymore guys…I’m a diehard and I’m always goin to be, but I can’t stand this BS. I got so angry with them the other night, it was just ridiculous to lose to them (pacers). Granted, I’m goin to the game on Saturday, but I’m not wasting anymore money til I see some major improvement from this team and IT’S COACH. RIP needs to stop whining so damn much and play his role…it amazes me that the new guy (8 time all star, MVP, AI) said he would do whatever to help this team including coming off the bench, but RIP on the other hand? OH no not RIP, he is just too good to come off of anyone’s bench…just selfishness. The only bright spot is Stuckey and I knew that from the start, so it doesn’t suprise me. Hopefully things start to look up again…

  51. Andre

    cum on guys…
    Pistons play better with Iverson on the starting line up.
    They should put Rib on the bench and substitude him in second quarter.

  52. pistons4lyfe

    y do u think the pistons are still contenders cuz they are not. stuckey is definitely not an upgrade from chauncey..yet, he will be in the future a.i. is too selfish and he needs to be on the bench. they should have traded for a real superstar not a regular all star. the only good thing is sheed is trying.. if u saw video from last year compared to this year he is doing better but he is no where near the competitiveness of the 04 season

  53. Kian

    a.i. is too selfish?? are u serious pistons4lyfe? what do u consider selfish? why do u call him selfish? i don’t get that. the only one who is selfish these days is rip.

  54. Whatsittoya

    Trade sheed, rip, AI. For Okur and Kobe.

  55. ryanr

    I think small ball is still in effect not because it would hurt Rip’s or AI’s egos by coming off the bench. I think it is still in effect because it would hurt MC’s ego because it would only show how M****RF***ING wrong he was to use that line up in the first place and he is does not want to M****RF***ING accept that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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