Small Ball is Back

by | Jan 13, 2009 | 19 comments

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Curry cops out…for now at least.

Rip and Iverson to start tonight.

“We want our best players on the court as much as possible,” Curry said. “But for 32 minutes (of a game’s 48 minutes) we need to be big. A lot of nights Alan or Rip will be subbed kind of early but they’ll come back at the start of the second quarter with (Will) Bynum or Stuckey.”

“I don’t expect those guys to want to come off the bench, but if we’re at the point we need to do that, we will,” Curry said. Via The Detroit News

I’m not happy about this one bit. Detroit had been playing their best ball since the Iverson trade since ditching the small ball lineup. I will be shocked if this lasts long. I do understand neither Rip or AI should be coming off the bench, but when does it become about the team?

“I don’t expect those guys to want to come off the bench, but if we’re at the point we need to do that, we will,” Curry said.

Said Iverson: “You always are supposed to do what the coach asks you to do. I’m not trying to be a distraction. Obviously, it would be difficult for me. It’s something I’ve never done in my career. It would be different. We’ll see what happens. That’s something I’ve never faced in my career, back to when I was a little kid. That’s something I’ve never been through in my life.”


  1. Steve the hated

    big suprise.. another puppet of a coach.. they wont win nothing with a puppet. period. too many egos.

  2. Chris

    wow..Atleast AI was somewhat willing to come off the bench and said that he didn’t want to be a ‘distraction’.

  3. sagat

    i think its easier said than done. AI is a first ballot hall of famer, and Rip is the captain and the leading scorer.

    benching stuckey is easier. bring him in at the first whistle. its curry’s job to figure this out, thats why he makes the big bucks. make it work, mike

  4. Daniel

    Curry’s a pussy. He’s got Joe D’s backing, so he needs to do what’s best for the team. He’s bowing to the players’ egos, which is pathetic.

  5. Amer ican Prince

    just the fact he said he’s going to sub one of them out early, speaks volumes about why he chose this, he’s afraid of his players. Oh Flip you looked better before you shaved your head.

  6. The Fluidics

    BTW, they had a winning record playing small, but not as good as when Rip got hurt. Still can’t believe he flat refused to come off the bench.

  7. James

    Too early to start hating on Curry. He needs to test waters before jumping into a ocean. I understand that. If the small lineup starts to backfire he will do whats necessary.. Let the season play out. Everyone is too critical.. You do know the East is weak enough where the Pistons can stumble in and make a run at this. STOP HATIN’

  8. Eddie

    Why no one in the press has challenged Curry as a coach is beyond me. He has no experiance and this is not a team to experiment with. The small line-up isnt bad but the fact that he changes his mind a day later is rediculous. Get this cat out of here and bring in Laimbeer and Mahorn who will demand respect and will surely get sheed back in the post more often where he belongs. Even when we’re winning, we’re not winning by enough.

  9. Amer ican Prince

    Eddie the press are too busy attacking us, saying we’re overreacting and such. And making backhanded I told you so comments every time the Pistons go on a 1 game win streak

    James we already tested those waters, we sunk into it. In terms of hating, I’ve defended Curry many times even though I didn’t agree with him, look back at this site and see some of my posts. I knew there would be time to learn the team and learn the style, I didn’t like hiring him in the first place, but went with it. The reason this bothers me more than most other decisions of his is the FACT that Joe D said the one thing we didn’t have to worry about is him holding guys accountable and not backing down. And this move proves he can’t do that. So what exactly was the point of hiring him? Joe D said he wanted Curry so he didn’t follow the typical protocal of coaches throughout the history of NBA. But as we can see, that’s exactly what he’s doing, he just doesn’t have the experience to do it well

  10. KG

    That’s because people are overreacting….
    Simple solution AI off the bench end of story makes us that much better of a team.

  11. Vanalope


    Well at least I’m not the only one frustrated. We’ll see what happens, though I’m thinking we already did see what happens with this small ball line up and it was a disaster.

    I too am thinking that Curry needs to grow a pair.


  12. tyler

    curry sucks !!!!!!!! go to big lineup now !!!!! or will the season

  13. tyler

    rip or ai has to come off bunch amir jhonson has to be a starter defese wins champingships neather big man shot blocker

  14. tyler

    I miss filp sunders bad. Why did we fire him !! we were a champingship team now were just FUCKED UP joe dumers makes the line up we still get allin iverson any ways i dont no why joe filp ????? !! :{

  15. tyler

    i dont no why joe fire filp

  16. tyler

    we better go big NOW !!!!!!!!!!! are seasones are counting on it.

  17. tyler


  18. Fernando Fore

    Pistons need defense, not offense neither ego, that is the solution. So, we neeed Dyess or Amir on the court and AI coming from the bench. He could be 6th Man of the Year. Please Curry go Big!!!!!


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