Pistons vs. Bobcats

by | Jan 13, 2009 | 40 comments

Pistons vs Bobcats
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The Pistons and their old/new small ball lineup will face the 14-24 Charlotte Bobcats tonight at the Palace.

Like it or not it’s going to happen, whether it’s successful or not is another thing. The true test of Michael Curry’s coaching abilities will come if this new/old/new starting lineup fails….how long will it take for Curry to make a change? If he’s “hard nosed” and he gets respect from his players like we are told, then a quick change will be no problem.

Benefit of the doubt…that’s up to you.

We know what Rip had to say about a possible bench role.  In fact, he did not even speak to the press today.

UPDATE: Rip seems to have changed his tune, saying he would come off the bench if it means winning:

“Whatever makes us win, I’m going to go ahead and do it … You can ask anybody who plays the game; nobody wants to come off the bench … I want to win. Everybody here wants to win. That’s what we’re all in this for…” Via Mlive. (Thanks to Chris in the comments for the link)

Iverson on the other hand “says” he wants to win and will do what he’s told.


Video courtesy of Channel 7 Detroit

Larry Brown takes a back seat in this one considering the current Pistons coach is making more waves than the former.  Thinking about what LB would do in the situation? I know I was, and I’m certain I know the answer.

Rip is back and Sheed will probably see limited action after re-aggravating his foot injury against the Jazz.

Tip off is at 7:30 P.M. and will be locally broadcast on FSN . If you can’t watch the broadcast, tune into 1130 AM WDFN The Fan, with pre-game coverage starting at 6:30 P.M.. Can’t do either? Follow the game on NBA.com.

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  1. ski dp3

    Almost like AI is indirectly telling Curry to let him come off the bench if things don’t work.

    If the rotations are good, the starting lineup doesn’t mean too much. We have started out well with our small ball lineups before, but everyone knows we have given up several leads. Smart rotations down the stretch is what we need.

  2. Dominic

    I believe we need at least a week to see how this plays out. If it doesn’t go well there is only one decision in my mind. Trade. I hate to be the one to bring this up and I like the Pistons as they are but it is common knoledge in the NBA, when you have a surplus of talent at one position (guards) you trade for youth, cap, or another position (center).

    It happened with TJ Ford in Toronto. Jose Calderon broke out and Toronto realized TJ was expendable. Whether it be Rip or somebody else, somebody must be moved. Otherwise we’ll be uncertain about who’s going to be starting throughout the entire season.

    Come playoff time, you better know exactly what to expect each and every game or it won’t end well.

  3. Amer ican Prince

    look what happened to toronto without a dependable backup at the point guard. And a player that steps on the toes offensively of Chris Bosh (Jermaine O’neal). The only obvious solution when those are problem areas is to fire Sam Mitchell and make him a scapegoat.

    And while I would love a more all around young player at center, one thing we do need is an actual backup for Prince, I think that is one reason for small ball too.

    Am I the only one who thinks that if the Pistons start losing we are going to hear well Rip has been hurt and the team needs time to gel, then after a month or two they’ll say it’s a little too late and we can’t keep juggling the lineups so smallball stays?

  4. Chad

    I agree with both comments thus far..

    AI is basically telling Curry to bring him off the bench so Rip’s feelings don’t get hurt.

    Also, trade. Rip will be more valuable to us as trade bait for a Center.

  5. Dominic

    Amer ican Prince

    WE are much deeper and more experienced than Toronto. We’ve obviously shown we can play without Rip. Imagine if we had an additional player of Rip’s caliber at Center?

  6. Amer ican Prince

    are we that deep anymore? We have role players, but not really those great all around bench players. We have a couple but they’re either really young, or just don’t get playing time. but definitely I agree with a Rip of the center position we could definitely do some good things. However Michael Curry doesn’t really seem like a coach that cherishes his big men. That is why the current bigs Sheed, Dyess, Max, etc barely touch the ball unless the guards spend 15-20 secs of each possession looking to score themselves

  7. Russian_Pistons

    Have you folks have stream video link to the game? Thanks in advance

  8. Amer ican Prince

    also another problem with smallball is Tay plays small, he doesn’t box out, block shots, and he has already fell once in the game, let’s count how many times he gets knocked down, or just falls

  9. Russian_Pistons

    Amer ican Prince

    Thx, though this link is awful. Anyway better than nothing 🙂 Prince should play SF, no other options in my opinion. BTW, sorry for my English, not too much practice here. I’m die-hard-fan of Pistons since 1988. 🙂

  10. mobius909

    i like iverson’s attitude, and for that he should start… shows maturity. it’s not like they’ll both stay on the bench for long, even if either sits or not. the object is to sub one for the other and keep the opposing team tired. this isn’t rocket science, folks.

  11. Amer ican Prince


    here’s another someone posted in the chatroom


    my biggest problem with it is about Curry, in my opinion it showed he is not willing to stand up to his players, this was a cop out, when he couldn’t decide what he wanted.

  12. Kyle C.

    this loss showed that we cant hold leads in the fourth quarter and that seems to happen with small ball. MC needs to change the lineups after this one.

  13. ksk_CaRTmaN _TR

    thanks for them.sh.. basketball and they lost again they are crap this season Aİ is not playing well ı dont understant what happen to him.ıt was 71-78 almoust game is fınısh but they give the match 80-78 dammm

  14. Chris

    awful…Wow… shocking….just shocking…. 13-2 run for the Bobcats to finish the game…. When I was watching the game and we had an 8 point lead with like 6 mins left, I really had a feeling that the Bobcats would make a huge run.

  15. Natalie Sitto

    Well that wasn’t fun at all. Call on Sheed was tough but you can’t blame the whole game on that 13-2 run for Charlotte and only 10 fourth quarter points.

  16. steve the hated

    P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C.. great coaching curry u bum.. worst coach since dick vitale..serisouly get his ass out of here..im officially done.

  17. Th3 answ3r

    That was the gayest call on R. wall that I have ever seen -.-. I mean wtf, both Omeka and Sheed were aggresive. WTF…. I believe we lost this game cause’ of that call regardless if Bobcats were on a run -_-

  18. The Fluidics

    Can’t blame less than 80 points on one call. Charlotte played good, Detroit did not.

  19. Amer ican Prince

    way to go The Fluidics. I like hearing people not make excuses

  20. Onin

    They seem to downplay thir opponents. Yu can’t do that, I mean we need these games to be able to get home curt advantage. Now we’ve got a game tomorrow against a rested Indiana Pacers. Small Ball ain’t doing nothing for us, we always lose big leads. We had a 11 pt lead wiuth 7 mins left in the game and we ended up with the L. Curry must realize, no matter who we playing against, we got to have the tradititional big line-up regardless the opponenent. He also needs to find Afllalo consistent minutes.

    Come on Curry let AI come off the bench, he’d be a tremendous fit off the bench with the second unit.

    2nd quarter Curry incorporated Rip with the second unit it did nothing. Let AI play with the second unit..

  21. Jeff

    I am the biggest AI fan ever and even though i love seeing him start (it’s all he ever does) i think it would be better for detroit to go big, put AI on the bench, and have him come out with the second unit. I think it could give this team the spark they need and AI says he’s okay with it because he only wants a title… but i wonder if he “really” is okay with coming off the bench

  22. blam


  23. Onin

    I agree with you Jeff, I too am a big AI fan, but maybe this game is a blessing in disguise for Curry to really realize that small ball has to go.. Rip and AI are willing to come off the bench, whatever it takes for them to win.

  24. Pistonomics

    big ball 1
    small ball 0
    simple as that

  25. ben

    this is ridiculous.. im sick of losing to nobodys.. we need to trade for a good center not no kwame not amir im sick of him pickin up 2 fouls in within the first 6 minutes of the game im surprised roscoe fouled out and he didnt.. shocker

  26. sheedville

    Big ups to you Natalie, for putting this up! I was wondering what AI was thinking about it all. It’s really sad to see the Detroit Pistons’ battleship going down this way…jealousy and drama. I really wouldn’t mind Rip leaving for a decent backup for Tay or a big man.

  27. The Fluidics

    Onin, Rip said coming off of the bench was not an option for him, basically refusing to do it. EGO.

  28. The Fluidics

    I think that’s more backpedaling than anything. Rip isn’t used to being disliked, and a LOT of people disliked what he said the other day.

  29. Jeff


  30. mobius909

    i don’t curse very often, but FUCK THAT. NOBODY looses at home to the bobcats, oh, except us.

  31. Nik

    So much for a hard nosed coach…
    Where is the defense???

    Pistons need to bring Laimbeer back…. The guys still has passion and enthusiasm for the game.

  32. mobius909

    i can’t wait for tay to be the coach.

  33. Michael Curry

    I appreciate pistons fans voicing their opinions as far as our team philosophy. Tonight we came up short and that will happen off and on during the season. I feel very confident that the lineup we bring gives us a great chance to win every night.

  34. MiXmAsTeR

    curry=fail plain and simple.

    ai needs to go to the bench.
    we also need to trade one of the following player
    rip, tay, or rashweed

  35. augustslady

    I don’t think it’s about injuries,they don’t help but
    I really believe it’s about all the coaching changes and player changes….Look at S.A. they have been good for a very long time.
    Too much upheavel,and most players can’t handle it, very ego driven.I hope we make the playoffs!
    Right now I see a detroit team that is doing their
    best impersonation of the tigers.(WELL MYBE NOT THAT BAD!)Either way I don’t see this incarnation of my beloved pistons getting out of the first round.

  36. Baller4life

    u noe rii now we have no option
    it wouldnt make sense 2 bring the man dat has lead detroit in scoring 4 6 years off da bench nd it would make sense if u bring da 3rd leading scorer in history off da bench either
    rii now i think RIP 4 Boozer is da best thing 2 do


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