Pistons vs. Jazz

by | Jan 10, 2009 | 33 comments

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Detroit’s lost seven in a row to the Jazz (21-15) the last one was a 120-114 double-overtime heartbreaking home loss on Dec. 19 despite getting a season high 38 from Iverson. It’s time to get that Utah monkey of the Pistons’ backs, but again they will have to try to do it without Rip Hamilton and maybe Rasheed Wallace, who is a game time decision.

Don’t count on Stuckey either, he’s said he probably wouldn’t be good to play after leaving the game early in Denver with back issues.

I know plenty of you would love to have Boozer in Detroit, you can’t deny his game or what he would bring to the team. But me….I still think he’s a bit shady. Not to mention what happened in Cleveland or the fact that he was talking about opting out of Utah a month ago, he’s not even telling his team what’s going on with his injury.

“Jazz general manager Kevin O’Connor was obviously miffed Saturday because he still had not heard back from Dr. Richard Ferkel – nearly 24 hours after the Los Angeles-based orthopedic specialist performed arthroscopic surgery to clean out the damaged left knee of All-Star power forward Carlos Boozer.

“It’s surprising that we haven’t heard anything, but we have not heard anything,” O’Connor said late this morning. “We’ve called him and we’re expecting a response soon.” Via The Desert News

I hate playing Utah, but I still miss Memo. Did you know he was the money man?


He does what he does out there…

Tip off is at 9:00 P.M. and will be locally broadcast on FSN PLUS. If you don’t know what your FSN Plus Channel listings are FSN provided us with a list. If you can’t watch the broadcast, tune into 1130 AM The Fan. Can’t do either? Follow the game on NBA.com.


  1. The Fluidics

    Anybody notice how Curry has been playing starters 44 minutes a night and now over half of them are out?

  2. Pablo

    Dumars should try get Memo back, he would be better than Boozer for us

  3. Natalie Sitto

    I noticed it, but can’t blame that on Rip….he wasn’t getting the minutes. You can make an argument for Sheed and Stuckey.

    More Will Bymum!

  4. Natalie Sitto

    I would take the “money man” back in a heartbeat.

  5. mannie32

    okur vs. okur was… very trippy to say the least haha

    nice vid all around

  6. Nik

    I, smell a trade brewing…
    Its not gonna be Sheed, Sheed will retire as a Piston( There aren’t too many good big men in the league you can trade Sheed for).
    Pistons trade Rip for cash, and setup a perfect recipie to rebuild around Stuck next year.

    Curry will be gone too, David Cowens for Head coach….

  7. Amer ican Prince

    I agree with you Natalie, Boozer has always appeared a little devious to me too. Plus he can’t play d and overall if I could choose I’d go with Pablo and get Memo back.
    Last game not one big scored in double figures I hope that changes tonight.

  8. blam

    I just started watching the end of 3rd quater and WTF????????????????? WHY PISTONS PLAY LIKE LOSERS? They dont even try, they like defend standing 10 feet away of their guy, nobody wants to drive to the basket, they are setting plays for rasheed when hes hurt. Wtf is going on with this team?? they are starting to turn to some kind of dallas shit, this is not the team I fell in love with.

  9. Russian_Pistons

    Curry is as dumb as Kwame’s mentality. Pistons is a bunch of veterans vs Utah, unmotivated and uninterested. When MC played Max, Aflallo, we cut Utah’s lead to 4-6 points. Put there starters and he we go – 12-15 Utah’s lead. Curry’s place is behind a COACH. Assistant for 3-4 years more, then may be to promote him.

  10. Russian_Pistons

    Amazing, how bad coach could lose game for his team in duration of 5 minutes. 17-2 run between 3rd and 4th, and no attempts to swith on his mind. Sorry for your helplessness, Mr.Curry

  11. Russian_Pistons

    2 blam

    They play like f**ng losers, cause they don’t have coach. Yeap, team is tired, but it’s your profession as a coach at least to try motivate guys OR find those on your bench, who could fight. May be lose, but FIGHT.

  12. Chris

    I knew we were gonna lose today…back to back….Utah…banged up…

  13. Russian_Pistons

    Being banged up doesn’t mean stop playing after you got under 10. And doesn’t mean to let Utah screwe you up

  14. pistons01

    its funny how evryone starts hating when the pistons lose… yeaaa ok we lost to utah AGAIN. i was annoyed with how long it took curry to take useless kwame out of the game.. we needed rebounders in the game… hello??? put dyess and sheed on the floor together>> it not rocket science
    BUT our guys are banged up and have had a long trip. utah had been off since wednesday. we played last night … so calm down ppl.
    and the ones freaking out i have never seen u post here b4. do u just come on when the pistons lose or what????

  15. iverson310fan

    win some lose some.
    we didnt play too hard and look at the result
    at least we going back to our home floor for hopefully a easy win agaignt the bobcats

  16. blam

    “do u just come on when the pistons lose or what????”

    If you mean me then No, its not the case. I completely understand that a team can lose, but they didnt even try today. Thats why Im mad. They made a little run and cut the lead to 6 and then instead of being energized about it they are walking around the court like it was a pickup game. What is more instead of using our new weapon “stuckey drivin to the hole point or faul dwyane wade style” they let 40year old injured rasheed to make fadeaway jumpshots. I would also didnt give a shit if it was minnesota or something but Utah is emberasing us for a long time, Detroit should have been pumped up for this game. Show the improvement but no, they made a picnic out of it. Thats not the detroit pistons. I want my team back.

  17. Chad

    agree with the broken-english postings about Burry’s inability to lead this team…

    we may win some but thats just our players’ skill overcompensating for our awful coaching.

  18. Serbiaz Piston

    First of all sorry for my English…That was a very poor game! I love this team and I am a big Pistons fan, but when you play D like this,and your FG precentage is 36% it’s sure that you will loose the game…Like somobedy said before, they don’t even try to play D,they are just standing around and watching Jazz players hiting jumpshots. Curry was making awful rotations all night long and our plays were always the same: Iverson or Stuckey drives to the rim or/and setting up (bad) screens… Hope we play better against Bobcats on tuesday! GO PISTONS !
    P.S. Natalie keep up with good work with this website! 😉

  19. pistons 4 life

    Boy the Pistons just can’t win against the Jazz can they? I can’t even remember the last time they won against them. I didn’t watch the game, but I’m guessing that Stuckey didn’t play. And without Rip and Sheed at the same time. I’d say loosing by 10 to 15 isn’t terrible considering all the injuries. I think the Pistons have played pretty well on this road trip when you consider all the injuries they’re dealing with.

  20. pistons 4 life

    Sorry, just looked at box score and Stuckey did play. My bad. Still, you can’t win them all, and they do usually struggle against the Jazz.

  21. Pistonomics

    memo for rip especially after rip’s comments on not wanting to come off the bench. sad to see rip go but memo can join walter hermann in our attractive man front court. were probably gonna have to cut Darko for this to happen OH wait Darko doesnt play for us.
    See when life gets you down as a pistons fan especially after todays loss, remember, we dont have darko, darko is gone. no more waking up in the middle of the night struggling for air reaching for a pistol to end the darko blues. DARKO is gone

  22. ..313..

    dam did u see will bynums dunk..
    why the hell does curry start kwame brown?
    and where was mcdyess??
    we should get rid of michael curry..
    and another thing is that they went to their starters real quick!

  23. aaron

    good team,good record, y are we calling for curry to be fired? give me a legitimte reason why, honestly, because if you fire him you change up the chemistry and it wont get you anywhere! Firing a coach doesnt solve your problems guys, just look at the other teams around the league who fired their coaches and thought they would get better and didnt… its annoying getting on this site and alllllll day long i hear. FIRE CURRY FIRE CURRY FIRE CURRY. Talk about the game and how the team wasnt shooting well, how hermann clocked in 10 minutes and did absolutely nothing, how amir was in foul trouble, how wallace isnt at full form, stuckey a lil banged up, and rip not even back (though he should come off the bench or be traded for a bigggg man).

    Come on guys stop callin for the firing and look at the team for what its worth. Seems like we try to find something or someone to blame for our losses just because its the first year with a new coach and its not the way we want this season to go, we are in good standing so why fire him, why?

  24. aaron

    oh and another thing… seems like there are a lot of bandwagon fans somewhat.. we praise the team and curry when they get a great win, then when they try hard and cant get it going (which u wont every night) we call for firings and trades and everything.. make up your minda and stick with it…. im done

  25. Whatsittoya

    C’mon people. Nobody played good against Utha. Except for Amir Johnson who got only one shot and made it. Give him the ball more. But the Pistons wont because they are hard headed. They have no excuses other than they did not want to play and weren’t using their eyes and brains. I would trade Herman, 2nd round draft pick, and Sharp for Okur. We need him back. Dumars has destroyed this team.

  26. steve the hated

    they dont give amir the ball more because he sucks.. hes a mediocure defender with 0 offense.. u all overrate that dude like no other.. pistons cant beat utah sorry get over it.. u all suck too.

  27. Whatsittoya

    Trade AI and Herman for cash Why? The 2009 class of free agents are just as good if not better as the 2010 class of free agents. Some players are Kobe, Okur, Shawn Marion, Al harrington, Hedo Turkolu, and much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO TO THIS LINK BELOW TO SEE THE FREE AGENTS OF 2009 AND 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. steve the hated

    whatsittoya you made everyone dumber once again thanks i was starting to feel smart again till u posted a comment.. if he kept okur we wouldnt have rasheed hense u wouldnt be leaving a comment right now on here.. 22-13? not a bad record at all.. how do you figure dumars ruined the team? because hes building for the future and doesnt want a bunch of fossels on the court at the same time for your own pathetic amusement to see ur widdle favowite pwayers play together.. shut up please.. ur trade is shit by the way learn some nba knowledge before you talk little kid.

  29. Whatsittoya

    Steve the hated. Dont ever change your name because it suits you well.

  30. pistons 4 life

    All you have to do is look at their record people. Say what you want about dumb trades and firings. This team has around the same record as any other good team except for Boston, Cle, and LA, who by the way each only have about 7 or 8 more wins than the Pistons. Sure I’ve gotten upset at this team before, but I don’t think it’s the end of the world when they lose to good teams on the road. I think they’ve steadied the ship pretty well and as long as they can continue to play like they have or better, lets wait and see what happens in the playoffs. And if they get knocked out early, then we can look forward to what will happen over the summer.

    And it does seem like I see a lot of posts on this board from people I’ve never heard of before when the Pistons lose vs. when they win.

  31. pistons01

    ^^^^ THANKYOU!!

  32. The Fluidics

    I’m probably the biggest Curry hater around, but even I wouldn’t call for him to be fired mid season, because that is pretty much your GM throwing the towel in on the year.

    Steve, I’ve never said Amir walked on water on D, but he’s a rebounding beast, it’s kind of important.

  33. Johnny (#1 Stuckey fan)

    We need another 3pt shooter, since chauncey has been gone i think the attempts and makes have gone down, puttin more pressure on sheed for 3’s. Both AI and RIP are midrange player and Stuckey (and tay) isn’t a very prolific 3pt shooter either….I just think that it’s somethin we are lacking is all…so a 3pt shooter and a post player would be great! lol not goin to happen prolly. As far as curry goes, he wouldn’t get fired during the season unless we were way below .500, it’s just not goin to happen.

    Steve, I think you need to take some prozac bud…you’re a lil too hyper with all of the BS you talk, calm down.



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