Should it have come down to this?

by | Dec 27, 2008 | 34 comments

The Pistons struggled to beat the NBA’s worst team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, Friday night at the Palace. Yes it was a W in the win column, but should it have come down to this after blowing another sizable (14 point) lead?

  • Then The Thunder almost pull off OT when Rasheed loses his man with .3 seconds left on the clock.
  • Yes they won the game 88-90, but can we celebrate?
  • No 4th quarter play for Rip Hamilton.
  • Highlights of the Game.
  • Had Arron Afflalo not turned things around when he was on court things may have been different.
  • I was at the game and walked out relieved, but frustrated. It’s been a long season already and I think it’s only going to get much longer Pistons fans.
  • Leave your thoughts in the comments.


  1. Whatsittoya

    AI gets about 2 minutes less than Rodney stuckey did in the game vs. the bulls he did half the damage.About half the points, assits, and rebounds.But great game winner by AI. If the pistons are not going to trade AI than they should only use him for game tying or game winning shots. Otherwise let Stuckey play.Maybe he could have made that game winning shot too if he had the ball.

  2. altan

    did anybody elose notice AI took sooooo many shots in the 4th quarter, he made most but, i think i only counted two passes, i feel its like, he has to reach a certain amount of points, and hes done for the night (stats) , idk, on tv, it seems lik he took ALOT of shots

  3. AJ

    I don’t think we have enough to win a championship. They need another trade. That Damn billups trade should have never fu#king happened.

  4. SickWitItYo

    dude, A.I. took over the game in the fourth, and we won, so stop complaining. The trade was smart, if you all were not so near sited it would make complete sense to you! We want to have enough money to pick up one of these guys in the 2010 free agency: Chris Bosch/Dwayne Wade/LeBron James

    We will likely take CB, and that would be awesome!
    Dyess/Sheed (pending season decisions to play or be re-signed)

    now that is a great lineup. A.I. is not here for the long term, so stop complaining and look towards the future

  5. VJ

    Thanks, StickWitItYo, if you didn’t say it, I would have. Thank God somebody else saw Iverson taking over the game. Granted, the lead got blown, but for Christ sake, Ivo saved the game, now everyone needs to get off his back.

    On a side note, everyone shut the hell up about the 2010 free agents. ITS A YEAR AND A HALF AWAY! Two NBA champs will be crowned before they are free agents, I don’t know if I can put up with all this nonsense for 18 more months.

    P.S. There’s no C in Bosh ^^

  6. Joesph Milli

    Get rid the coach he doesnt know what he’s doing. Dumars and the Coach are to be blamed for this pistons season in the past it was the players. Hang the coach he thinks this is high school, and he doesnt have one clue of what he is doing. Next blame dumars for putting a rookie in a well established organization for him to fall and break his neck if they have any less success than the previous years.

  7. paul

    Maxiell plays only 5 minutes…Pistons almost lose

    The trend continues! Its not a fluke!

    (BTW its BOSH not BOSCH! lol)

  8. Detroit Sucks

    Should it have come down to that? Yes. That’s a win in the books but a 2 pt. victory over the thunder in the final seconds means both teams suck.

  9. miguel

    i guess a win is a win… but i’d rather have the pistons sucking now and reaching their peak come playoffs. remember, iverson can take over a game whenever he wants.

  10. Gib

    I live in Vegas and don’t get to see all the games. But, there’s obviously a lack of denfensive effort in the second half. Maybe this falls on Curry, maybe the starters. Never the less, they all need to step it up or, we’ll be done in the first round.

  11. altan

    win,win win, its a win in the books, this is the THUNDER, so if we win by 2 to the thunder, what will happen with celtics, i dont care if its a win or loss, i knw tht were making the playoffs, wins only matter in playoffs.

    right now this should be a blowout game, where lik in the past pistons played people lik walter sharpe and other bench in the game,

    i knw we didnt have sharpe in the past, but people lik him getting barely 1 min of playing time, should be on, while we only win by 2, this should of been a blowout

  12. RIco Suave

    This team is not competitive. If any of you place a single All-Star vote for any piston, you are delusional and a homer. You might as well live in China and stuff the Yao and Yi ballot boxes.

    Stucks will be an all-star, but at this point he is not ready.

  13. Corey

    I cannot remember the last time we won a game by more that 10 points.

    THERE HASN’T BEEN 1 BLOWOUT. When there might be one, we blow it.
    I miss those days.

  14. lawrence

    hey, here’s the future lineup (2 years)
    SG-Lebron James
    That’s just how good Dumars is.

  15. blam

    Hey just a thought here.

    Maybe its better for us to have like 8th seed and go for Boston in the first round? I think it would be better than takin on them in east finals.

  16. Will

    Detroit fans need to have a little patience with this team – building the right chemistry and confidence to contend for a title takes time, and the Pistons still have 4 months to build. NBA titles are not won or lost in December. Once the playoffs start, it doesn’t matter how great a record, or how many consecutive regular season games were won…

    Detroit still has a great shot to make a run when it counts in June…

    Have no doubts that when the chips are on table, and it’s time to scrap for the Ship,, Sheed, Tay, AI, Dyess, Curtis and Rip are some seriously hungry dudes that will absolutely lay it all on the line… WE Pistons fans just need to be there to back them up with words of hope..

    As genuine and loyal Pistons fans, I know that we can contribute to the sense of belief that the team carries forward..

    Fear is useless, let’s juice them up with a stream of collective confidence!

    For Love & Detroit Basketball

  17. Chad

    As expected.. Iverson hits the game winner and everyone bitches and moans that he needs to go.

  18. TeyShawn

    WOW, lawrence is an idiot! There is no way in hell we would have the money to do that let alone the players cut their salary down that much. I think our best chance is we cut AI after the season, hope Sheed and his mouth return for 2 more years, and sign Bosh or Boozer(hopefully bosh).
    P.S. Curry has no clue what he is doing!

  19. Will

    And fantastic shot by AI!

    Keep working hard, Pistons!! This thing is going to come around nicely!!!

  20. Eric

    Allen Iverson is the man, he just took over the game…yes we shouldnt have been put in that situation in the first place but when faced with it, he overcame it almost single handedly.

    Oh and people, its Chris BOSH not Bosch, shows how big of basketball fans you guys are…

  21. Mikey F Baby

    The way I see it, the reason AI shot so much in the 4th was because he never got the damn ball through the first 3 quarters! It always seems like he’s on the weak side of the court standing around, while Prince or Stuckey wander around. That is a waste of the man’s talents. See what he did when the ball was in his hands.

  22. pistons 4 life

    Can we just stop with these ridiculous future lineups. Lets just assume that Joe D. knows how to put players together a little better than we do. Some of these lineups are a joke. There’s no point in even talking about this until after next season. Yeah we’ll probably have a bunch of cap room, but there’s absolutely no guarantee any of these big name guys are going to be available or want to come to Detroit.

  23. Chad

    in responce to pistons 4 life..

    Good point. I hadnt reallt thought of that. None of these big-name FAs are going to want to come to Detroit if Curry is still here.

  24. big nba fan

    we should get rid of tayshaun,rip,sheed,dyess,allen iverson, and stuck..and we should get darko milicic, cheick samb, andre iguadola, chris webber, derrick coleman, and put will bynum as point guard…
    now THAT is smart!!!!!!

  25. yeeeeee

    I totally agree with Will.

    Everyone was hating on the Pistons in the past for not winning the championship, but were’nt really appreciated during their season success. But yet here you are judging the Pistons during the season?

    Judge them during May.

  26. mr big shot

    lmao has anybody seen hollingers rankins on espn?? were behind everybody includin the bobcats lol what a joke this team is… were 22 in the rankings

  27. Colton Keck

    How does rip not play in the 4th

  28. KG

    One **** the power ratings, two it’s a win so stop bitching. Why is everyone so surprised by this game the Thunder have taken numerous teams to the max like that this season do some HW. Tonight makes up for it though good win at MIL.

  29. Joe

    The Pistons never get respect in the power ratings. Even when they were the best team in the league a couple years ago, everyone always wanted to rate them #4 or #5. It’s an anti-Piston bias from the media.

    Anyway, I don’t think the AI thing is going to work out. But that’s alright, because this is the last year on his contract.

    I don’t think our plan should be to wait until 2010 and then go after Chris Borscht. What if we don’t get him? Then we have basically waited for 2 years and gotten nothing out of it.

    After this season (08/09), we’ll only have $33 million in salaries. So I think there’s a good chance Dumars will let both AI and Sheed walk, and then try to pick up another player. We need to re-sign McDyess and Maxiell, but after that we’ll still have a lot of cap room for the ’09 offseason. Maybe we should be focusing on one of those free agents: Odom, Marion, Gooden, Artest (?!), or Boozer if he opts out of his final year.

  30. Brian

    Remember when the Pistons were battling with the Heat & lost to the Pistons in the ECFs then they made a bunch of trades? Their season was pretty bad until playoff time & them everything jelled together for them and they beat the Pistons in the ECF and won the championship. With our point guard traded, its going to take a long time. I just hope these guys can stay focused and get it right.

  31. Kevin

    All i have to say is the pistons were undefeated this season with billups. we trade for iverson (Who Is An Outstanding Player) and trouble starts. Is it his fault? NO, Its team chemistry. We Have The Best Talent in the league. As far as the trade goes i see why it happened just wish it didnt. if you all remember we could of had dwayne wade. instead we got a victory cigar. Awwww Memories. But I would take billups back over wade, james or anyone else. especially chris bosh or bosch for some of you. everyone wants a superstar well we had one years ago almost averaged a triple double/game and we couldnt win. maybe it was that maybe it was those ugly ass teal jerseys. but anyway stop pressuring these guys there not going to win everygame but once we get a system we will win. also we need to bring back jerome williams anyone with me.

  32. Kevin

    and to all you artest hopefulls if we gat him ill throw a beer at his ass everygame for the rest of his carreer so get your chairs ready

  33. Zach

    I attended the game and what lost the Pistons game was Curry’s coaching. He is a terrible coach. JoeyD needs to get smart and fire him. That is why the Pistons have been blowing huge leads. Curry is to blame. Is offense is screwed up and just because he played good defense int he NBA, doesn’t mean he knows everything about coaching. I hope he is the next one on the coaching carosel that seems to be rotating in the NBA this year.

  34. Steve

    The Psitons ar bsicaly a worse version of the seventy sixers when AI was with them, except that we are better without him…oh wait, we are better without AI…yeah but Philly did not have a solid pint to handle the offense and bring out the best in the rest of the team….oh wait, they did in Andre Miller, wait we had that zas well in Billups….wow, one big ass step backwards Dumars….imagine how great the pistons would have been with Billups and the emergence of stuckey….cap space…LeBron in Detroit..get real….Amare, BOsh, seriously?…..Boozer…injured…wow, Wade…lol, no…hey Joe D, mayvbe you could trade all of our tema for Millicic…the thunder…seriously, win by opnly two pints…AI takes over the game…yo9u guys are on crack!



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