Another Sorrowful Sunday

by | Dec 21, 2008 | 51 comments

For a minute… or two it looked like the Sunday blues would end in Atlanta when Detroit started the game seven for seven and had won 12 of their past 16 games in Atlanta. It seemed as if it went just the way it should have for the Pistons this season. They let their lead slip away and never recovered in the Hawks’ 85-78 win over the Pistons.

Key Points:

  • Mike Bibby, whom I had forgotten was even on the Hawks roster, torched the Pistons from behind the long line. Bibby had 27 on the night including 5 three’s in the second quarter alone. Now after he made three it would have been nice if someone locked on him defensively.
  • How bout this Pistons fans, The Atlanta Hawks are 4th seed right now in the East and have a better record than Detroit (5).
  • With small ball comes second chance shots for the opposing team and rebounding problems. War of the boards lost again 39-45.
  • DNP Jason Maxiell…..and Kwame and Walter Herrmann. Amir Johnson got eight minutes of floor time but I would love it if someone can explain Curry’s rotation schemes. At what point do you just play the best guys you have rather than trying to match up (unsuccessfully it seems) with every lineup you face?
  • Rip, a technical foul late in the game when the game was on the line after a Bibby elbow to his head. When he finally got up and went to the bench during a timeout his remarks to the refs after a no call got him tossed. They showed the replay a few times and it didn’t look intentional and wasn’t that obvious, the camera barely caught it. Not that I don’t deny that fact that it probably would have knocked me out but Rip has got to control himself, we needed him.

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Photo/Getty Images
  • “I don’t deserve to get kicked out of the game for that,” Hamilton said. “There’s a lot worse stuff being said out on the floor. I was in the wrong for saying what I said, but not by any means do you get kicked out of the game for that.” Via
  • Rip scored 16 with an assist, a steal and a rebound on the night before getting tossed in the fourth quarter.
  • Tayshaun 1-for-8 for 2 points on the night and the ball was in his hands for a desperation three with the score at 78-83 and 13 seconds on the clock.
  • Did anyone else wonder why Detroit didn’t foul Atlanta late in the game and stop the clock?
  • Stuckey is proving himself to be the biggest asset the Pistons have right now. He was a rebound away from another double-double, scoring 20 points with 9 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals and just one turnover. It was Rodney who gave Detroit a chance to win the game in the fourth quarter.
  • Rodney Stuckey Highlights of the game.
  • Yes the Pistons tend to NOT get their fair shake in the foul department, but are we really going to blame all Detroit’s losses on the officiating? Talk of conspiracy theory in the comments. They are losing because they aren’t playing well…come on Pistons fans.
  • Rasheed put up 20 for Detroit with 2 blocks, 5 boards and one heck of an assist to Allen Iverson.

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Photo/Getty Images
  • I really was never anti-Michael Curry but sometimes his decisions make me wonder, which usually leads to anger after the outcome.
  • The Pistons fell to 0-6 on Sunday.
  • The Pistons were down by as much as 18 until they started to pick things up late in the second quarter.
  • Isn’t it alarming when Rodney Stuckey is the team’s leading rebounder?
  • FSN Highlights of the game by quarter.
  • 18 Pistons bench points.
  • AI just 4-for-11 for 10 points.
  • Detroit shoots 46.7 % on the night and loses to a team that shoots 41.9% and 68% from the line.
  • I thought it was just me, but I wasn’t the only one to notice Iverson was upset he wasn’t in the game late in the fourth quarter when the game was on the line. In fact, maybe that was the reason he didn’t attempt the last second shot, choosing to dish it to Tayshaun. Is trouble brewing already?
  • Look it could be worse, William Clay Ford wants to keep things the same for the Lions next season.
  • I thought I was the only one who thought Jack Nies had it in for Detroit. (link via Detroit Bad Boys)
  • Comment away, I’m enjoying what all of you have to say.


  1. steve the hated

    the pistons are drowning..they have a better shot at a lottery pick than making the finals.. time to build around stuckey and trade everyone..yes even the man the myth the legend amir johnson since u play him out more than a white girl plays out t pain.. this team is dead.. i wouldnt spend any money to see em live..get ready for another 14 yrs title drought it takes a LONG time to rebuild teams.. if i was dumars id keep eddie jordans number close cuz.. curry? wow..

  2. Kleen Gee

    is everyone confused by Curry’s rotation choices? Do you think Dumars asks this question after a game like this?

    I wish that I could see his logic to keeping Hermann and Maxiell on the bench. It’s not like there looks like a light at the end of the tunnel. Pistons have the right team; it’s the coach that has to go. But does Dumars see this?

  3. Po-Gee

    Again we’re still not consistent on offense and defense. This team reminds me so much of the Heat ’06-Championship season- in which they were so inconsistent during the season, but you always knew that they could play legit defense and offense if they wanted to.

    …Curry’s rotation is so so confusing, he should just hav a complete one and just incorporate some players to it.

    If the playoffs were to start right now, I’ll be real worried because I know that the Pistons would get owned. But playoffs don’t start yet, we got a long ways to go.

    It ain’t how you start but how you finish.

  4. A.s.a.d

    we need iverson to play like himself like he did in phili… the team playing iverson has not worked (aka denver) we need to try to feed him the ball… and if he is off then revert back to the team play… try and find the hot person… was there anyreason why they left AI on the bench with 2 and change left in the fourth… i was watching on league pass and they had the atl commentator and they were like “why is iverson on the bench at a time like this” “anyways thats detroits problem” i still have some faith in this team… they need to be more consistent..

    Anyone else want Mr. Bigshot back>?

  5. Miro

    The pistons’ frustration is getting bigger and bigger and here is where more and more mistakes happen. Detroit as a city would need a successfull team so badly. Curry, you will have to leave. You are not ready yet. You can stay as an assisstent coach though.

  6. mobius909

    positive thinking:

    the good news is we aren’t losing by 15 pts anymore, we cut that to 6 or less. we forget that Atlanta is a very decent team, one that took Boston to 7 games last year, which is more than I can say for our team WITH Billups…

    food for thought.

    We’ll get there… just keep watching. after the all star break we’ll hit our stride. check my schedule comment on the last post.

  7. mobius909

    oh, and sheed played well against horford.

  8. Blomberg

    Don`t get desperate just yet Pistons fans. Yes the team is struggling and chemistry seems to be a bit off a problem, but it`s a long season. At autumn no one remembers these losses and struggles IF the team can turn it on at the playoffs, or hopefully a bit sooner. Let`s try to stay positive and hope our Pistons will find a way to play as they should!

  9. Franz (detroit 2hot...)

    Frustration of not keeping a lead.

    At the beginning of the game ‘Sheed was on fire, so everybody else just got the ball to ‘Sheed and watched him play.

    Come on, it’s not high school basketball, you have to keep moving. I was so mad when I saw the other four players watching ‘Sheed playing one on one while the lead was being cut.

    The other thing: The Foul Line.

    They don’t even know it exists. And where is Maxiell when we need him to bring some energy against J-smooth? I got pissed because we can win every game that we have lost with Iverson.

  10. Maid

    Detroit pistons players must play better in defese;
    Sheed is good play in offense but D is terible.
    This season pistons loss versus Wizards,Knicks,76-ers,Nets,Atlanta,T-Wolwes,They dont loss this game,14-11 score is very bad in very good East conference,if they loss another game in december that be very bad.With this score Detroit is 5th in East,but in last 3 season they beenon 1st or 2nd place in east.So,win,win,win.
    Happy holidays wish you Maid and more wins in next year
    from Maid

  11. Taylor

    I must say, i am worryed about what michael curry has had running through his mind, i meen what is goin on with the teams rotation? I meen why leave Iverson out to sit at the end of a ball-game which can still be won?

    I think Curry needs to go :/

    And i agree with maid ^ , All those games should have been won by the team we are used to seeing hit the floor …..

    Happy Holidays to you all =)

  12. Marcus

    I agree, but to put Iverson on the bentch was the right move. Iverson has played bad on Sunday. I don’t understand, why Curry gave him more than 40 min against Atlanta. Iverson played bad Defense against Bibby!

    I miss Maxiell, Hermann and Afflalo. Curry has to change his rotation now!

  13. Johnny

    Marcus- Bibby has always been a sufficient scorer when needed (aka Sacramento), so to act like he’s just some other player is ludacris. AI, i will admit, is not a good on the ball defender and left Bibby open multiple times for 3s in the game. We need to get things done on the defensive end first then offense will some easily. i don’t know where we will be with a first year, first rate coach, but we need something…I hear trade rumors for Boozer…I just hope it would be the right move and not a dumb one at this point. Also I think that Stuckey is amazing right now and mark my words I told everyone he was going to be spectacular before he even walked on to the court.

    But as far as I’m concerned right now we are to inconsistent with the way we play. What happen yesterday was ridiculous with not getting to the free throw line and them out rebounding us and out shooting us from 3 land. Those are the main reasons we lost the game IMO. Have a safe adn happy holiday everyone!

  14. Tigger

    The trends this year are killing me.

    How many games have the “defensively stout” Pistons been burned by a guy having a game-of-the-year?

    Tayshaun is not an All-Star. His d is solid, but playing him against a 4 mutes his best asset of length. He’s 180 pounds defending a 4.

    Stop telling yourself that this trade will work out in the end. If by “in the end” you mean “clearing cap space to not get Lebron or not get Bosh, then that is the only way you are right.

    Curry is a first year coach. I coached junior high basketball for 4 years, that would make me more qualified. Curry was an appeasement to the man who this site is named after. Speaking of him, he played well last night, but he turns in one good game for every 3 bad ones. He is still the lazy Sheed and would prefer to chuck a 3 and hear the crowd call his name as the rock is flying toward the rim.

    WHY DNP Amir, Max, Walt? If you are not going to play these guys, trade them. No one wants Sheed or AI. They want young cheaper studs. Package two of them and get a first rounder next year.

    This year is over. Done. Joe D gambled and lost. Thats what happens when you gamble. He took a risk for many different reasons and it will not work. In a perfect rotation, AI would come off the bench like Ben Gordon and dominate the ball with the second rotation. But, because he is a superstar, he will not do that…or Curry is too much of a pussy to try it.

  15. Javier

    I am very disapointed with the Pistons this year. At first i thought it was because they havent adapted to Iversons game but thats not it. I think Curry needs to go. He is CLEARLY not ready for this team and his coaching style doesnt fit the pistons players style.

    ps. I want flip back =[

  16. Johnny

    Wow Tigger, I can see you’re a die hard fan lmao. i can agree with some points you put up, but I can also disagree with the validity of the irrational ones. Saying “this year is over” is well….a silly statement. To be honest, I don’t think you or I can predict the future of anything, so I doubt you can possibly know that for certain. As far as the coach goes I can concur with the fact that Curry isn’t the best fit for this team with a rebuilding process here. The rotation lineup was a challenge for him and I actually believe (other than the rebounding) this is our best line right now until we get an efficient center who can give us an inside presence on both ends.

    Let’s take a long look at Sheed and seriously look at his move to center…is he really a center or a PF? To me, he will always be a PF, not a center. Blaming Iverson will get you no where this season, he wants it as bad as anyone and deserves to have a title shot.

    Billups is at high MVP rankings IN DENVER, NOT DETROIT. He didn’t have the drive I saw in him a few years back, or that hunger that a player gets for a championship. I see that rekindled in Denver, so let us as Pistons fans leave him there and let him be happy with the situation he is in.

    As far as Iverson becoming a Ben Gordon…not going to happen, even if you think it will benefit the team. Iverson is a proven scorer and all star in this league, where Gordon has not (streaky if you ask me). I don’t even see how you compare a player like Iverson, who has established himself like he has, to Gordon…and let’s look at it like this, our chances of getting LeBron are slim (very slim), Bosh would be a decent fit, but to me getting Boozer next season and then having the cap room the next season for another all star is a great thing to look forward to!

  17. Vanalope

    I am curious, seems Pistons fans are now divided into two fan camps, “the trade was a bad idea” fans and “the trade was a good idea” fans…what would it take for each of you to admit you were wrong about your feeling about the trade, and I am talking about this season? Have any of you changed your initial stance on it since the trade?

    I’ve been pretty solid about my feelings about it and know what my event is that would make me admit I was wrong, where I’d call up some friends and say “ok you were right, beer’s on me”. Am just curious as to what other people’s thresholds are.

  18. Tigger

    Yes I was rather p’d off when I went on that rant. But chemistry is huge, and I have been on many teams in my day, and you know it when you see it. My guy on the training staff says that in the past the best asset of the team was its chemistry (there was an unspoken trust in his words). But he keeps telling me that there is so much grumbling about AI and that most of the key players are checked out on Curry.

    Johnny- you are 100% right about Chauncey. “Mr. Big Shot” was not “Mr. Big Game” anymore. Big difference. It is bittersweet to see him doing what he is doing in Denver. More bitter than sweet though.

    I wasn’t comparing Gordon to Iverson, but my point was rather that having Iverson come off the bench and dominate the ball with the second unit would, I believe, be the best thing for the pistons. Stuck needs to start, and has developed a nice rhythm with the first unit. We both agreed that it “is not going to happen.” Iverson is pissed that he is being used as a rental, and it is showing.

    If the trade needed to happen, I am glad Joe D did it when he did. If they would have made this trade at the deadline, they would be dead in the water. At least they have 80 games to try to figure it out. I don’t think the Pistons get out of the first round. They are a 50-win team this year. A hungry and jelling team will take them out. Barring major injuries there are far better teams in the East. Sad but true.

    I like Johnny’s thoughts on Boozer. He’s a stud, but I am concerned about his commitment to the team. He is a “me guy” 100%, but hopefully in the right environment he can be happy.

    BTW, who else kicks themselves when they see Okur’s statline night after night?

  19. G Men

    Tigger is mad! lol Sadly I agree with most of his ideas. This team is not into it. I endured through the Gentry era, and I have not felt the way I feel now since then.

    The trade was made to make Worldwide Wes happy. If you do not know who he is, please research him. Worldwide Wes can do a lot of things, including bring a top star to Detroit.

  20. Johnny

    Not only night after night, what about Pistons vs Jazz? Everytime he plays us? lol

  21. whyAI

    hey AI, defend…..

  22. gMac

    Aside from what everyone said.
    My frustration mounts even higher seeing Sheed having this type of game. It makes me angry that he doesn’t play like this ALL THE TIME.

  23. richard

    The bottom line is – The Pistons Suck

  24. Chad

    The trade was a good move.

    The coach was an awful move.

    That is all. With a real head coach, one who knows how rotations work, we’d be doing fine.


    Bring in Avery Johnson or Bill Lambier.

  25. Michael

    Hermann doesnt get plat time because Michael Curry is racist.

  26. Mikey F Baby

    Everyone is correct with the idea that Curry has no clue how to work a damn rotation. He needs to go, and the movement to remove him needs to start on THIS blog!

    An official post on the subject would be a good start =) (hint, hint)

  27. Michael

    AI plays defense like a car can drive though brick walls.

  28. Michael

    Next year we will be the OKC of this year except a lot worse.

  29. Michael

    Michael Curry is a spy from Boston trying to ruin the Pistons.

  30. paul

    Maxiell didnt play, Pistons lose. Did that happen the last game Maxiell didnt play? Same outcome? YUP!

    Stop giving McDyess and Sheed so many minutes each game if you keep LOSING!

    Bring in Max for some energy and helps the team run. Plus he can defend better on switches!

    If you dont play him, get rid of him! No plays are run for him ever, maybe try running a few and letting him feel comfortable out there instead of busting his ass for every damn shot he takes. Most coming off offensive boards.

    Pistons sure know how to hold down talent. Just run some Maxiell/AI pick and rolls with RIP running off screens set by Prince/McDyess/Sheed and there you go!

    At least try something new if the wins arent coming…or TRADE MAXIELL! (I might design a T-shirt and start wearing it as a protest 😀 )

  31. Whatsittoya

    All the piston fans need to investigate in the nba and the referees.The pistons are getting bad calls called on them. On youtube there is a video where a ref winks at a player after calling a foul on Aaron Affalo.And today there were enormous amounts of bad calls called on the pistons.In the end there was one about a shot clock violation. This is serious. Pistons cant win with refs cheating and calling bad calls on them. Remember that one ref that was caught for cheating.And it was a big news.And David Stern did not say much when asked about it.The Nba is all about making money they dont care how or if they cheat and lie to make it.

  32. Dhrumil

    Man, i’ve been one of the biggest pistons fans for so long, im 17 and i’ve been watching them since iwas 5 years old. I loved the pistons with Chaunce running the show. I still love them now, but it’s all different, AI doesnt play defense, he plays too much 1 on 1 basketball. I think Michael curry should start Stuck, Rip, Tay, Sheed, and Dyess and bring AI off the bench as the 6th man. I know he wont be happy, but we want to win, we dont care about him scoring his 20 points everynight, stuckey plays better with tay n rip and sheed n dyess downlow. Stuckey also reminds me of a more explosive Chauncey. He is getting his jump shot down just like chaunce also. Unless Iverson steps up the D and starts playing team ball instead of 1 on 1 basketball, i say bring him off the bench.

  33. mobius909

    i still say rip to the bench. rip is one of my fav pistons, so it’s not about him being less of a player than AI. lets see how well he can anhilate other teams benches (ginobili/gordon effect). imagine if we had 45-50 bench points a night.

    starting lineup;

    a for real center(no kwame brown, i’m becoming a broken record)


    we will have the fastest starting guards/bench guards combo ever. we have solid forward play all around. with real centers, we could beef up our defense and we SHOULD never have a lag in play cause dyess and rip can score all day every day.

  34. pistons 4 life

    First of all, Whatsittoya, stop pasting the same post over and over again. What’s this like 4 times now? I think you’ve made your point.

    Second of all, NEWS FLASH PEOPLE, this team sucks right now and there’s probably about a 1% chance that they will actually get better as the year goes on.

    None of these players know what the hell is going on anymore because Curry has screwed up anything that was familiar to them. He’s not playing people to their strengths, and oh yeah, where’s that freaking accountability he talked about before the season even started. I don’t see Sheed in the post at all. You’d think the head coach could say, get your ass in the post on offense or you’re not going to play. But that’s probably asking too much of him right? Curry is a total joke. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, but he’s totally lost it. I don’t understand how you hired this guy when Avery Johnson was available. He got Dallas to play defense and they got to the finals. How long is Curry’s deal because it would be in our best interests to buy him out after this season.

    Tigger I agree with you. You people can say whatever you want to make yourself feel better, but this team is DONE. Joe D. did gamble and it backfired. Despite how big Chauncey’s contract was, Joe underestimated how important he was to this team in a lot of other ways. He was the glue and how he’s gone forever.

    I’ve given the trade enough time to show me something, but my original fears that I had the day this trade went down are coming true. I had a feeling this move would ruin chemistry and make us a worse team. Especially having two all star shooting guards on the same team. Oh wait they both start too even though they play the EXACT SAME POSITION. That makes a lot of freakin sense. Small ball sucks and just like every other team that tried it has figured out, IT DOESN’T WORK. You need balance. aka- Sheed and other bigs posting up. I’ll use my football analogy again. You have to run to pass, and you have to pass to run. It’s not that hard to figure out.

    Oh well, enough ranting and raving. You’ll all be better off if you do what I’ve done. Stop thinking this team is going to go anywhere this year. Like Tigger said, there’s too many quality teams in the east this year, and mark my words, we WILL get eliminated in the first or second round this year if we even make the playoffs.

  35. Po-Gee


  36. ladyPiston

    We need a “Pistons Whisperer.”

  37. Marcin Gortat

    Marc Gasol like piston
    marc want play piston
    marc caveman

  38. mobius909

    piston 4 life needs to change his name. quit being short sighted. so what if we tank this year… u actually think we were going to beat boston in the playoffs? they’re gonna repeat, or lebron is going to sign with cleveland after they beat boston in the semis.

    whomever we play will dance on us, some scrub will go off… like always, then we’ll sign or trade for a CENTER like i’ve been preaching for the past 6 months. defense will improve and we’ll be back to our old ways.


  39. Bo

    I was at the game last night, AI was slacking on Bibby and got burned for it, curry eventually put stuckey on him in the fourth but it was too late. AI never looked like he wanted to be playing. He sat on the bench by himself during the timeout while the rest of the team was discussing the next play. The officiating in this game was BS, it took the refs 4 minutes to discuss something after what looked to be a shot clock violation on the hawks. They of course gave it back to the hawks with 30 seconds left which gave them the game. This was no surprise to me because the pistons usually have to beat the refs too. We did have a chance to win this game, but after rip got hit in the head and got the tec it was over. Sheed and stuck had a great game, but i have no idea why max didnt play but i think he could of given us a good spark. lot of detroit fans reppin for us, but we were screwed by the refs.

  40. Bo

    I saw Joe Dumars at the game, he did not look happy and hopefully sees his mistake of trading Chauncey for AI. i know AI is one of the greatest basketball players, but chauncey was the leader of our team and now we are seeing what happens when our team has no leader. I know everyone is noticing how great Chauncey is doing in denver and i am happy for him, just wish he was still with us.

  41. mobius909

    i agree with the above stated – saying chauncey is revitalized on his new team. he would have been the same old bored chauncey here.

  42. Detroit Sucks

    The Pistons x-mas wish list:
    1. To miraculously advance past the first round of the play-offs.
    2. For the NBA fairy to sprinkle some talent dust on their players.
    3. Somehow acquire Lebron James in 2010.
    4. Move to a state the doesn’t smell like garbage.

  43. The Fluidics

    It’s always a grind when neis refs.

    You stay classy Detroit Sucks.

  44. Pistonsbaby01

    I love Rip and all but:
    It looks like Rip’s hairline is receding in that pic of him.–Maybe it’s just a bad angle.

  45. mobius909

    it’s from having his braids too tight

  46. augustslady

    Detroit sucks wouldn’t know classy.
    He’s a dweeb,probably a kid whose parents
    have not instilled any moral compass into.
    Best to ignore his asinine remarks.
    Win or lose PISTONS RULE.
    40 plus year fan here!!!
    Detroiter (all teams even my toothless lions)for sure.

  47. Johnny

    I agree with augustlady for sure on that one! I’m sick of this ranting on about the Pistons suck and all that other shit blah blah blah…shut up and support for god sake, instead of complaining. Saying they are done and all is redundant and a dumb statement on top of it. Yes we all have our opinions and that’s fine, but instead of shooting them down all the time becuz we are so used to something here, let’s embrace the change and hope we can turn things around and get it goin. Let’s not judge a team by their season and judge them when t counts (PLAYOFFS). They were always judged that way before, so why not now? I’ve stuck with them through the rough days in the mid 90’s and I will stick with them again…more than what I can say for most of the people on here…

  48. Whatsittoya

    This should be the starting lineup.


    11th and 12th man.

  49. pistons 4 life

    For the record Mobius, I don’t really care if the Pistons tank this year, and I’m not short sited. I know the options Joe will have after this season will most likely be very good.

    I just went on a little rant because I’m frustrated with the fact that things went South so quickly. And more than that, I’m just fed up with people making excuses for this team. Maybe I’m too pessimistic, but it’s just hard to get excited about anything Pistons this year when until now they’ve been so good.

  50. andrew

    detroit at denver on the 9th of january

  51. Ripper32

    I am still trying to find out, why a retard would choose a rookie going by the name of Michael Curry, and not choose a professional HEAD coach who is EXPERIENCED going by the name of Avery Johnson.



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