The Pistons vs. The Jazz

by | Dec 19, 2008 | 46 comments

The Pistons vs The Jazz
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The Pistons host the thorn in their side Utah Jazz tonight at the Palace of Auburn Hills. The Pistons are looking to extend their three game winning streak to four but the team they can’t seem to beat is in town.

The last time Detroit beat the Jazz Ben Wallace was on the team. The 64-62 win over Utah in 2005 wasn’t a game to remember except for the fact they won. The Pistons have lost six straight to the Jazz (16-11), losing three in a row at home to them by an average of only five points. The Pistons have given up 100 points in their last four games against the Jazz and that’s when Detroit’s defense was their calling card.

We will wait to see if Jazz forward Carlos Boozer is in the lineup tonight. He’s been sidelined their last few games with an injury, but the Jazz are stacked with great players. Just ask our old friend Mehmet Okur

Watch out for Paul Millsap, who’s putting up serious numbers this season.

Tip off is at 8:00 P.M. on FSN. If you can’t watch the FSN broadcast, tune into 1130 AM The Fan where you can catch our friend Matt Dery with the Pre-Game starting at 7:00. Can’t do either, follow the game on

For those of you willing to brave the storm and head out to the Palace tonight….it’s dollar hot dog night!

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UTAH 120- DETROIT 114 Double OT


  1. Clinton

    Good Luck In That Traffic Hope its not to bad anymore

  2. Corey

    I’m brave enough to go to the game tonight.

    I would drive through a hurricane to go watch the pistons. That’s how dedicated I am.


  3. mobius909

    Man, I called that boozer talk before the season started. y’all don’t listen to me tho… eish.

  4. AIfan4life87


  5. Th3 answ3r

    AI broke kyle korvers ankle lmao!!

  6. AIfan4life87

    someone stop williams

  7. Whatsittoya

    Pistons might actually beat a above.500 team today with AI.If they win tonight it would be a great victory because they will actually beat a team that has a better record than them.

  8. Whatsittoya

    Pistons have let go a 12 point lead down to a tie.With about 10:00 left in the 3rd quarter.I hope this is not another one of games where they lose after they a healthy win.

  9. steve the hated

    Corey ur the tool of the day.. IM SO DEDICATED LOOK AT ME..shut up please

  10. AIfan4life87

    WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! play of the game noooo look from rip to dice on the break for the slam… that was sexy!! lets go pistons, D up, put these chumps away

  11. Dominic

    Wow looks like the refs are trying to decide the outcome of this game

  12. The Fluidics

    Sheed got greedy. low percentage 3 when a two would have put Utah’s back against the wall. Looks like OT.

  13. The Fluidics

    Don’t they know I work in the morning?

  14. AIfan4life87

    god i love rip

  15. Dominic

    David Stern better take a long hard look at the game film for this one. 4 Pistons foul out in about 3 minuts of play? And no Utah player with more than 4 fouls? I want those refs looking for a new job tomorrow morning

  16. Dominic

    Btw I love the reaction the crowd gave Herrmann lol gotta love pistons fans

  17. Bobby

    I’m wondering exactly why we sacrificed so much for AI, and him NOT to be taking all of the last shots and possessions down the stretch… He’s supposed to be our All-Star and he’s dishing out to people for last second shots…

    I miss billups 🙁

  18. The Fluidics

    I love the hating on AI after a 30+ game. Dumb.

  19. Amer ican Prince

    You know this would hurt more if I didn’t have so much respect for Utah’s team.

    But one thing that I just can’t stop asking myself is why did Curry take Dyess out in the forth and 1st overtime when he was the one doing all the rebounding? Maybe it had something to do with fouls or something.

    Dominic I smiled too when Herrmann came in. Imagine if that 3 went in.

    This was the game I’ve been looking forward to all year, other than not getting the win, it didn’t disappoint.

  20. Bobby

    I’m not hating on AI, In fact I was in favor of the trade. I think it’s a coaching thing… He’s our all-star and the REASON we brought him in is to take control in big game situation and get to the FT line.

    Also this fouls were pretty alarming…

    21 fouls for Utah
    34 for Det.


  21. Whatsittoya

    What a loss. Pistons have a healthy lead than loose it in 2nd overtime because they freaken cant stay out of foul trouble.HORRIBLE.Still cant win with a team over .500 with AI.Should not have traded Billups for AI.Bad move. Joe Dumars just did that so he can just say he tried to fix the team.And so the piston fans will get off his back.And thats what happened.Joe Dumars needs to be fired immediately by the owner of the pistons or whoever is higher than Joe Dumars.This is not the kind of answer I was looking for. Pistons probably wont even make it to the playoffs. If they do they will not get to far in the playoffs.If Joe Dumars does not start trading for more better and more consistent players than he should just save the money for 2010 free agency.WOW CANT EVEN BEAT A TEAM OVER .500 RECORD WITH A SO CALLED SUPERSTAR OR ALLSTAR.

  22. Whatsittoya

    Piston fans are wasting their money by going to the home games.

  23. Kian

    never read so much BS on one post to be honest

  24. Nate

    The hating on this team that comes with each loss by their own “fans” is just embarassing. It was a tough loss but we’re getting better. I’ve come to believe that this team could go on a huge winning streak and come their first loss, we’d see the regular haters on here typing in their CAPS, saying how we should trade AI or fire Curry.

  25. The Fluidics

    You are right Whatsit. Pistons would have blown out Utah if Chauncey was still here, just like the last 6 times they played. In fact, AI should be thrown out of basketball, and him and Dumars should be exiled to Newfoundland, fourced to play doubles squash for the remainder of their careers.

    You know, if you aske 100 people across the country if the AI Billups trade was a good one for Detroit, 94 would say yes, the other 6 would be Pistons fans with a keyboard.

    Now here is the actual truth as to why Utah won that game: They played better in the closing minute. That’s it. Somebody has to lose a double OT game, and it’s gonna sting, but it’s nothing to hang your head about. Sucks that it was Detroit this time, but there you go.

    Jot this down and commit it to memory: BOTH TEAMS PLAYED HARD.

  26. Nate

    I second that Kian.

  27. altan

    wow frustrating… im not saying this team sucks, im just mad, they are a good team, jus didnt win

  28. AIfan4life87

    why are you all hating on AI. he scored 38 for your ass… why not hate on the refs, or the 4 solid players that fouled out?! u expect to ai to give u a miracle cuz he was traded for billups?… well billups team is down like 20 right now and about to get on a 5 game losing streak bc theyre actualy playing half decent teams right now.. you fans need to stop bitching and get out there an support your team, i saw about a whole 7 fans out there tonite… in philly a little snow doesn’t slow us down from filling the house in a team we belive in. cmon now, hamilton on a hot deron williams is so hard to watch, get affalo or prince on him, what a mismatch. stop the hating and get behind this team, better defense and we’re one of the leagues best

  29. Bobby

    I think the problem with a lot of pistons fans is just that the expectations for the team have been raised so high because of the constant success, when you gotta remember, the championship team was pretty much at this point in the season.

    To be honest I think our team will get better because we’ll start to fly under the radar. In the shadows is truly where the pistons thrive.

    We’ve never been a Boston, we’ve never been an L.A. but that’s what makes this such a special team, scrappy play which leads to inconsistency, but in the end, the upset over a Boston/Cleveland is entirely possible and we’ve all seen it happen before.

  30. Mark

    I can’t say this was a bad loss at all. Our Chemistry is really starting to show, now we just need to find consistency. They came to play, unfortunately they didn’t get the win. It doesn’t help when three of your starters are on the bench during crunch time. Or when you can’t get the call you were looking for. It was one of those games where it seemed like they were doing all the right things, just nothing was going there way.

    I can accept a loss like this. Now it’s all how they rebound against Atlanta. Hopefully they can get it done.

  31. Whatsittoya

    Dont you just love the way AI plays defense. Just Stands there and pushes Rodney Stuckey to do it for him.Awesome DEFENSE RIGHT!

  32. Th3 answ3r

    when the fuck did he push rodney to play D for him?! AI put up fuckin 38 points. What else do u want him to do? And btw, he was playing his best D against Utah.

  33. pistons 4 life

    I think there are teams in the NBA that get favored when it comes to fouls. I don’t know about the Jazz, but just watch a Celtics game sometime. They’re allowed to be so physical against other teams, and then when they’re on offense they get every freakin call you could imagine. I watch a lot of basketball other than the Pistons and you see it all the time. It’s like they reward good teams by not calling as many fouls on them.

    In the end it’s games like last night why there’s a lot of people that won’t watch NBA basketball because they feel it’s a controlled sport. And the funny thing is if any player or coach says anything about it, Hitler, oops I mean David Stern slams them with a fine. I don’t understand how after the Donaghy thing they can do an investigation on NBA refs and find nothing wrong with the way they call games. You know that certain players and teams get favorable calls. You always here people like Hubie Brown saying things like, well you’re not going to get that call in this situation because blah blah blah.

    If you could swap out all NBA refs with all NCAA refs for one night I think you’d be amazed at how many of these players would foul out of before the first half.

    With all that said, the Pistons just need to learn how to play better and win against better teams, and I think they’re on their way. They’re in a huge learning curve right now and basically they just need time. Maybe they’ll get better and maybe they won’t. Only time will tell.

  34. altan

    if rasheed didnt get tht technical, we coulda still tied aftrer korvers three

  35. Tim

    If rasheed didn’t get the technical, we would’ve won.

  36. Tim

    AI did about all he could 38 points AND 7 assists. This was a game that the refs decided they wanted to give to Utah. And it didn’t help that Rasheed has so many techs. He does need to shut his mouth, but they are very quick to give him a T just because his name is Rasheed Wallace.

  37. aaron

    im tired of reading these comments.. so much complaining… so many lames and fair weather fans

  38. yzermansteve

    it obvious that the nba doesn’t want the pistons to do well. lets face it, the nba is a league that wants names, not teams!! david sperm and his band of thugs(refs) have a higher calling. if the nba wanted to grow don’t you think they would want every team to be big market? this looks like profesional boxing if you ask me! every time i watch the pistons lose a close game its been decided that they will lose before the game even starts. how can you justify having called enough fouls to have 4 players fouled out of a game 2 min. into overtime?? these refs and mr. sperm need to be lined up and caned!! rasheed for comish!
    oh yeah i told you all that ai cant play d.

  39. Franz (detroit 2hot...)

    This team showed in the last four games how they can play.

    They have had a better or +10 lead in the last 5 games. They just couldn’t hold it until the end.

    The last two games showed – even with the loss – that Iverson can be Iverson, and Rip can still be Rip.

    I think this game, was a winning game for the Pistons as a team. They got a lot closer.

  40. Avery Johnson

    good loss if thats even possible
    didnt win because we had 4 of our 6 best players gone down the stretch
    simple as that
    good times ahead and its exciting to see

  41. Tim

    to whatsittoya:

    what are you talking about? we can’t beat .500 teams? how about the Cavs, Lakers, Spurs? It’s the teams under .500 that we can’t beat. Detroit has so much potential. to many haters.

  42. pistons 4 life

    I agree with Nick. Boozer wouldn’t be bad, but I would much rather have Bosh or Stoudemire.

  43. Whatsittoya

    Were there any bad fouls called on the Pistons against the Jazz. If there were than THEY SHOULD BE POSTED ON YOUTUBE.

  44. Whatsittoya

    All the piston fans need to investigate in the nba and the referees.The pistons are getting bad calls called on them. On youtube there is a video where a ref winks at a player after calling a foul on Aaron Affalo.And today there were enormous amounts of bad calls called on the pistons.In the end there was one about a shot clock violation. This is serious. Pistons cant win with refs cheating and calling bad calls on them. Remember that one ref that was caught for cheating.And it was a big news.And David Stern did not say much when asked about it.The Nba is all about making money they dont care how or if they cheat and lie to make it.



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