Iverson and Stuckey Lead The Way

by | Dec 18, 2008 | 27 comments

It took until the mid fourth quarter for The Pistons to finally put the Wizards away in their 74-88 victory at The Palace Wednesday night, but at least they did it. This looked like the Pistons team we have come to recognize late in games. Though they let the Wizard get within one with nine minutes left in the game, they shifted their defense in high gear and put the Wizards away.

Key Points:

  • The Pistons’ hard-nosed defense allowed the Wizards just 13 second quarter points and just 16 in the fourth.
  • Detroit did their best closing the paint and limiting the Wizards to 30 points down low.
  • From starter to riding the pine in consecutive games, Amir Johnson had another DNP. I know that Herrmann, Brown and Bynum didn’t get any burn but is there something up with Amir? From what I have seen of him lately his energy does wonders for the team. On a side note….I’m not complaining because Detroit is winning.
  • Curry understands Amir and Kwame’s frustration – “First of all, when I was a player … I had a couple teammates that didn’t care if they played or not,” Curry said. “I wouldn’t want guys around me that didn’t want to play. As a coach, I don’t want no guys on this team that don’t want to play.“So, I know we got guys that want to play. On the flip side of that, guys have to understand for their role, it’s not called upon on a night-to-night basis. When they’re called upon, they need to be ready, and when they’re not called upon, they need to handle it the right way.” Via The Detroit Free Press
  • Tayshaun Prince had a quiet double-double with 14 points and 10 boards. It was nice to see him play well after being a bit silent the past few games.
  • Sheed on the other hand was just 1-for-8 for 2 points, the two coming from a dunk set up by Stuckey. He also was assessed his ninth tech of the season.
  • A three game winning streak from the Pistons has us cheering today. How things change so quickly.
  • Even Iverson is ecstatic about the Pistons’ third consecutive win.
Video Courtesy of The NBA, The Detroit Pistons and FSN
  • The play that led Iverson to Skip to his Lou.
  • Dyess was a board shy of a double-double with 10 points, 9 boards and 3 blocked shots in 29 minutes. How happy are Pistons fans that Diggity is back? I know I am, I made sure I got a new McDyess jersey last night for the Holidays. And no, I didn’t get the red. I’m still not a fan of the red uni’s, in fact they have been nothing but bad luck for quite some time now.
  • Curry isn’t worried that Rasheed isn’t putting up offensive numbers.
  • Rodney Stuckey just keeps playing well and putting up double-doubles like they give them away for free. He seems to adjust to this team a little better after every game. Just 2 turnovers on the night while putting up 18 and 11 assists.  Here are the Stucktacular HL’s.
  • The pass……..
Video Courtesy of The NBA, The Detroit Pistons and FSN
  • It’s my job of sorts to keep an eye on all things Pistons on the interweb and let me tell you that there is a serious buzz about Stuckey. And don’t get me started with the Fantasy numbers he’s putting up.
  • Detroit held the Wizards to a 33% shooting on the night.
  • Richard Hamilton did a fine job on the defensive end. He scored 12 with a steal and a blocked shot.
  • It was nice to get the win and I’m happy that my drive home from the Palace was a happy one, but it really shouldn’t have taken what it took to hold the Wizards down. Sure they won the game, but the Wizards have won just 4 games on the season (one of those courtesy of the Pistons) so I don’t think we can take this win as a sign of things to come.
  • I will tell you this, if the Pistons play defense like this the rest of the way things will be changing quickly.
  • FSN Highlights of the game by quarter. Please take note of the Iverson pass to McDyess.
  • Iverson had probably his best game as a Piston, leading the team with 28 points, with 6 boards and 3 assists,  and knowing just when to be AI when Detroit needed him in the fourth quarter.

Allen Iverson Scores 28
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Photo/Getty Images
  • Rip held Jamison to 14 but don’t give Tay’s defense too much credit holding Washington’s leading scorer Caron Butler to just five points. I didn’t really pay much attention to it until the drive home when Rick Mahorn suggested Butler was mailing it in trying for a trade.
  • With the small lineup comes rebounding issues. Once again Detroit lost the battle of the boards 41-43.
  • Pistons led by as much as 18.
  • I have to give it to the Palace crowd last night who were pretty loud throughout the game. It may have something to do with the group of kids that were sitting a couple of rows behind me who were so excited to be at the game that their biggest argument of the night wasn’t who the best Pistons was, but what Super Power would be the best to have. Four voted flying, two wanted to be indestructible and one chose bulletproof.
  • Best defensive effort this season.
  • The true test of this team’s turnaround…Friday’s game with the Jazz. I can’t remember the last game Detroit has taken from the Jazz.  The Pistons may even get a little push  if Carlos Boozer (strained left quad tendon) isn’t on the court for Utah. It’s as good time as any to start fresh.
  • Great SLAM Game writeup – The Temptations! (Thanks to Senior Team N4S member TJ for the link and for other things as well)
  • Gilbert Arenas Loves Motown.
  • Thanks for the Votes!


  1. Amer ican Prince

    I didn’t catch a lot of the game due to a final, but I will say what I did watch, the fans sounded really loud on tv, it wasn’t just your section. Maybe the fans needed a little disappointment and uncertainty to really get going again, or maybe it’s because the bandwagoners stayed home. Either way great job Pistons fans.
    Saw some highlights and the last part of the game which seemed okay, from the score doesn’t look like run and gun basketball, so cool.

  2. Chad

    That pass was the best pass I’ve ever seen. Anyone disagree?

  3. Natalie Sitto

    Chad…the pass was pretty sweet but I can’t claim it was the best pass ever. Watch a little of Isiah Thomas, Pistol Pete, Magic Johnson or Chris Paul for that matter and then make your judgements.

    But for a recent Pistons pass….it’s at the top right now.

  4. Mike (from the ATL)

    WooHoo! Loved the energy from the Pistons. The players were smiling, hustling… I don’t know if any of you guys were switching back and forth between the ATL/BOS game (HATE BOSTON), but I really do not want the Pistons to play the Hawks in the first round. They are extremely athletic. If Joe Johnson would pass the ball occasionally, they would win that division. Horford will give Sheed fits.

  5. Steve the hated

    This game was the shit! first time i ever sat front row a couple seats down from darren mccarty.. this is one of the top 4 games ive ever been too.. #1 the nuggets game when sheed hit the full court shot.. #2 when ben wallace wore the goggles and billups had the game of his life with like 18 assists..#3 this game cuz i was so damn close and could hear everything.. #4 when terry mills went off and hit like 13 3’s with hill and dumars feeding him the rock.. GGGYEAH! everyone stay warm tonight a storm is a brewin.

  6. Susan

    Great game. The crowd was excited and loud which was nice. Did anyone else hear the section that was calling for Hermann through the entire game?

    Love Rick Mahorn but I have to respectfully disagree regarding Caron Butler. I think he had an off-night and there’s nothing more to it than that. He has played unbelievably well this season; 26 pts, 8 rebounds and 5 assists against Indiana two nights ago. This is not a Wizards site so I’ll leave it at that!

  7. mr big shot

    steve it wasnt a full court shot it was from right behind the half court line

  8. mobius909

    ok, pistons played defense… not the whole game, but most of it. they let james in the lane way too many times. not a bad showing though.

    sheed – my .02

    sheed is the only one on the court that isn’t playing his position. he’s supposed to be a center. he’s 0-4 last night from 3pt land with no boards on those plays. being the tallest piston, he needs to be down low, backing guys in; providing the post presence we desperately need. he’s one of the only guys we have that can play the post effectively (tay can’t back iverson in, no body weight).

    Sheed plays his position correctly and his outside presence will wreak havoc with the floor spread. we got 3 guards… the floor should be nice and spread sheed, no need to try to bring the center out… he’s got his hands full already trying to rotate high. i get that sheed being out high clears the lane, but we got enough weapons outside. we need offensive rebounds for when we don’t shoot 55%. free amir and stay on the glass sheed.

  9. VJ

    I hate everybody jumping on the Iverson bandwagon. I have been down with Ivo and this team since day one, and I look at the comments on this site every day in disgust at how many fair-weather fans there are. If you are like me, and bleed Pistons Red, White, and Blue no matter if they win, lose, or blow a 15 point lead, then respectfully disregard this comment. However, if you are one of the whiners that piss and moan every day to sit Iverson, fire Curry, or any other negative things I see all the time, you have no right to cheer when things go well. You jackasses can all go cheer for Boston or L.A.

  10. Chad

    VJ – I’m with you on the AI bit..

    I’ve been pro-Pistons since i was a kid
    Pro-Iverson since he was a 76er
    and Anti-Billups for as long as I can remember.

    I was beyond pumped after “the trade” while all my friends were whining about it.

    I am, however, a huge advocate of the fire curry movement.

    Keep your insults to yourself, everyone is entitled to an opinion.

  11. Maid

    Great game by Iverson,but Sheed isn´t playing well.
    I hope so that him play better against Utah Jazz.
    They now have three win in row,excellent:-)

  12. Amer ican Prince

    If anyone’s interested on nba tv rasheed and Dyess are on greatest games when sheed was with portland and dyess was with the suns

  13. VJ

    Chad, I am glad you agree with me on some issues, and also respect your opinion. After reading my own comment, I realize it might be easy to misconstrue my meaning. What I am pissed about is that some “fans” out there scream “fire curry” or “trade Iverson” when the team loses and then sing their praises when the team wins. Those are the people that piss me off. The fair-weather people. I realize its not everybody, but there are plenty of them out there. As long as your opinions don’t change according to if the Pistons win or lose, I will respect them.

  14. Kory

    I remember the last game we won against the Jazz, Natalie. Pretty sure it was in 03-04, and we won in Detroit, 66-64. Ben blocked an AK47 layup attempt at the buzzer to protect that terrible, terrible win.

  15. AIfan4life

    LEZZZZ GOOOOO!!! there’s going to be another W tomorrow night, jazz might not have boozer.. I want to see some interior scoring besides dribble penetration dropoffs and offensive rebound putbacks. show us you still have some moves, sheed.

  16. Mike

    Yea the Pistons are winning 3 out of 4 against the 3 worst teams in the EC.

    Its nice to know that the Billups giveaway for $20 million in cap space has only made the Pistons a lottery team waiting to happen and not a top 3 pick in the 2009 lottery.

  17. mobius909

    i betcha joe knows something we don’t know.

  18. Amer ican Prince

    I concur AIfan4life, I’d like to see the other bigs get more touches as well.

  19. Dominic

    Great win for us! Next up is Utah. Sure Boozer most likely won’t be playing, but don’t think we’re getting some scrub in his place. No, we’re up against Paul Millsap and if you know anything about fantasy you know Paul Millsap is nobody to push around. He has an amazing Double-double streak of 13!! Pistons also have a reputation of letting little known guys drop 20 pts on us. (Tony Allen anybody?) Detroit needs to lock in the paint defensively, prevent kick outs and key in on shooters, and disrupt Deron Williams’ game by pressuring him with traps and double teams. We may see AI’s true impact at this point. If he can help us get over the hump that is Utah, this trade may be alright

  20. OIG

    Peace Pistonshomies

    I love the way Stuck is developin and that matchup against Deron Williams should be fun to watch and im excited cant wait to see that!
    I have to say something that really concerns me and that is the way Sheed is playin offensivly this season!
    I mean we all know how he loves to settle for the trey but he always had some stretches in the game where he worked down low the last years but this season nearly 50% of his shoots are 3pointers and i think thats way too much!!
    I think we need to ask ourselfs why he is playin like that and an answer could be that he has not much left in his tank to show us his low post moves we all know he used to do!
    I mean why should he play like that i cant believe that he just doesnt like to play in the post he seems to have lost many of his moves cause he doesnt look that good if he posts up every third game this season although he is not too old with 34!
    But he still can draw double teams and he is a good passer so he still can be effective without scoring there!
    Whatever if we keep winning thats just a sidenote…….

    Go Pistons

  21. pistons 4 life

    This is the first time in a long time that I just felt like the Pistons would pull it out. When they’re really playing and things are clicking you can just feel it.

    Nice 3 game streak going. In my opinion though these wins don’t have anything to do with anybody in the current starting lineup other than Stuckey. See how much better they play with an actual point guard in their starting five!! I knew that Stuckey was going to be good, but dang. He’s playing way better than he ever has before. And the thing I like is that he’s looking more and more like Billups every game. And I think that’s why we’re winning some games. He brings some familiarity and stability to the starting lineup and really to the whole 48 minutes of every game.

    It was just the 4 win Wizards, but at least it’s something to grow with. Hopefully we’ll see steady improvement from here on out.

  22. Mike (from the ATL)

    OK, don’t blow me up on this; Sheed as the sixth man and Dice as the starter. Think about it…think about it…Who’s the better rebounder? He’s just as good defensively. Who’s better offensively right now? Imagine Sheed with Afflalo, Max, Tay and Johnson…He’d be the offense, forced to stay down and kick out…Just a thought. A good one though.

  23. altan

    we havent beat jazz, for i think about 4 years (no joke) its been our bad luck team, i hope tht doesnt happen tmrw,

    its a good stat , but doesnt mean were losing

  24. Ryan Collins

    Natalie: Any thoughts on making your links pop up in a different window or tab? i always want to pop right back to the main page, and it would be soooo much easier on older computers if it didn’t have to reload each time. Nice Curry head, by the way.

  25. Ryan Collins

    NATALIE: Also, i just checked and you’re only losing the blog competition to the #1 seed and that’s only by 50 votes or so. The only blogger even close is behind you by nearly 200 votes. I think you can cruise through this thing to the final round, lay it on a little thicker on your website when you’re up against deadspin and crush this thing. For realz…

  26. Natalie Sitto

    Ryan..I will try it for the next post. If people don’t have an issue with it I would be happy to make the links pop up in a separate window. My experience though tells me most dont like to have multiple windows pop up.

    Lets see.

  27. ski dp3

    Just hold control and click, or press the scroll wheel when hovering over the link.


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