Dumars – The Pistons are not trading Wallace

by | Dec 15, 2008 | 28 comments

Chris McCosky of The Detroit News:

“There was a report in the New York Daily News the Pistons were taking trade calls on Rasheed Wallace . Not true, Pistons president Joe Dumars said Sunday. He said the Pistons were not trading Wallace — period.”

So either the New York Daily News is wrong or Dumars is trying to keep things quiet.


  1. The Fluidics

    The original story was so vague, and didn’t feature someone from the Pistons OR Dallas, that it seemed like a story just for the sake of writing a story. Joe knows Rashheds worth to defense, and for cap space. They could even bring him back at a lower price next year, and still have the cap space.

  2. steve the hated

    Rashheds? merry christmas the fluidics

  3. Dave Dial

    Yea Natalie, I saw that this morning too. I was going to update the story but what the heck. McCosky also claimed that Flip Saunders would continue as coach for the Pistons just hours before Dumars fired Flip. heh-heh

    It is unlikely that Rasheed is traded. But the reasons are that Wallace is more valuable to the Pistons than what Joe could get for him right now. And if Joe did trade Rasheed and did not get a solid big man in return, the Pistons may be headed for the lottery this season.

    So it may be that Dumars is willing to listen to offers, but would have to be blown away in order for him to consider one.

    Keep up the good work.


  4. DETstuckeyMVP

    He might be shopping for brad miller

  5. steve the hated

    Brad miller? sick..

  6. Mike (from the ATL)

    Sheed will be in a Pistons uniform next season. He knows he isn’t worth what he was and he never wanted to carry the load. With the Pistons he will be assured to fade into retirement while being on a team that will contend until he does. Dumars and Curry love him (as do I, so this is a little biased) and he’s a GREAT teammate and potential coach. We’ll still have a ton of cap space if we re-sign Sheed. No Brainer.

  7. Amer ican Prince

    I’m hearing Reggie Theus just got fired as coach of the Kings. Jeez could these firings be a ripple effect of the AI Chauncey trade? Everyone trying to make a move early or something because this is just getting ridiculous.

  8. altan

    i love my life, lol

    i read this sentencee and i was lik :O
    There was a report in the New York Daily News the Pistons were taking trade calls on Rasheed Wallace

    then i read the rest Not true, Pistons president Joe Dumars said Sunday. He said the Pistons were not trading Wallace — period and I was like YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS 🙂

  9. Whatsittoya

    Who cares if they trade Wallace. He does not help out much. There are better people out there.

  10. mobius909

    we’re still missing the dyess graphic on the side, nat.

  11. Detroit Sucks

    I can’t decide who is a bigger over the hill piece of garbage, Rasheed Wallace or Jermaine O’Neal. It doesn’t matter what the pistons do with wallace because in the end, they will still be a soft batch of cookies.

  12. D-town owns!

    Wow. Someone really has no life.

    To Detroit Sucks: Do you honestly have nothing better to do than to go to a Pistons fan website and trash Rasheed? Or Detroit for that matter? I don’t know who your team is and honestly I don’t really care, but I guranSHEED you that if sheed was a free agent your team wouldn’t mind having him on your team. Go stalk your own teams site and back off ours. Bitch.

  13. Altan

    actually it would matter if rasheed was traded, i heard i think last week on a pistons game, Ryan Field quote, ” Rasheed is shooting 46% best since he ever was a pistons his first year” that prob change because of the games that passes since tht game but i bet he’s shooting around there still, and hes shooting more outside shots, so 46% isnt tht bad, so it would matter if he got traded, he hit clutch shots against indiana, and tht charlotte game, and cleveland game earlier, the rest were either a big win, or a big loss… GO PISTONNS!

  14. Whatsittoya

    I think the pistons need to stop signing players long term. Because when they do that the players dont play has hard. Maybe telling Tay,Sheed, and AI that they need to play better and harder or they will get traded wiil be good.

  15. Nate

    The pieces are all there, we just need to start playing like we should be. Sometimes you want to walk up to them and tell them, “You know you’re getting paid millions of dollars to do this right?”

    Let the winning streak begin!

  16. Whatsittoya

    I would trade Sheed, Tay, AI, and Kwamae Brown to Oralando for Hedo Turkuolo, Dwight Howard, and JJ Redick, If they dont start playing as good as they are getting paid and stay consistent.

  17. Chad

    Kwame is playing his ass off, or at leasst he does when he gets PT. He needs some burn and Curry needs to be shot.

    The players are find.. its the coach, his rotations and his methods that are the problem.

  18. Whatsittoya

    I would watch what you write down CHAD

  19. Amer ican Prince

    it’s not just one person. And Kwame will play against bigger teams. At least I hope, I have no idea who is going to play from game to game

    Whatsittoya, you’re giving up a lot of defense with that trade. Even with Dwight in there

    I second that Nate

    And altan I’m with you. Whenever Sheed puts up a 3 at the end of the game this season I’m thinking, “it’s good” before he lets it go. But if anyone asked me last year or the year before, I’d be like “miss”

    I don’t will be traded, but I wouldn’t mind seeing AI traded. We have a lot of holes on this team that we need to plug up. Like gettting one guy on this team that is an actual pass first point guard. A suitable backup for Tayshaun at small forward( though technically it would be a backup for Rip cause of this dumb small ball) And a veteran or two sprinkled in.

  20. pistons 4 life

    I’m glad to hear this was bogus. (at least Dumars says so) If Rasheed was traded we would be one of the worst defensive teams in the whole league. I know he’s a little washed up, but at least his D is usually solid.

  21. adge

    sheed is the only reason why im a piston fan…. period…

  22. Mike (from the ATL)

    Some of you guys kill me. First of all, Orlando wouldn’t trade Howard for all the players mentioned…secondly, some of you complain about everything…not playing certain players or not having the same rotation, etc…we are 13-9 in a REBUILDING YEAR. It’s a rebuilding year everyone, face up to it and enjoy your Pistons. I’ve lived in ATL for 13 years and we’ve been rebuilding EVERY YEAR. Thank God for my Pistons. What I love about Dumars is as long as he makes the playoffs he is going to do everything he can during the SEASON to get ready for the playoffs. Letting Curry make mistakes is one of them. Give this guy a chance, if you really listen to what he’s doing/saying you can tell he’s got a future coaching.

  23. Nickie

    I’ve seen enough!!!! Joe’s top priority should be trying to get rid of the cancer on this team, Allen Iverson. For a man who is willing to do whatever it takes and has changed he has found himself being fined by the league and/or the team twice in less then a month. The joke is really on the Pistons. We had the wool pulled over our eyes by some thug who claimed things wouldn’t be different now. While the Nuggets now have a proven leader on their team who has continued to do so not to mention while putting up one of his best seasons in at least the last three years.

  24. Nickie

    ..who claimed things *would* be differnt now.

  25. AIfan4life87

    “some thug”… hahaha even though they’re from the same area, he isn’t michael vick. chauncey’s done pretty well so far, but take a close look at the nuggets schedule since he’s been there. With the exception of a victory over boston and houston, they have had all easy games. tonight they suffered a 12 point loss to the rockets where they just turned up the D in the 2nd half, shutting down denver’s offense and holding them to 34 points, and there next 5 games are against very good teams. see how they survive that, and so what detroit’s had a rough start. everyones getting acclimated to finding their new roles, but its not how you start, its how you finish.


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