Possible Sheed Trade – Dumars is listening

by | Dec 14, 2008 | 49 comments

The New York Daily News:

“According to one Eastern Conference executive, the Pistons will take calls on Wallace. One team mentioned as a potential destination is Dallas.

“That’s a ‘Mark Cuban move,’ ” said an Eastern Conference executive. “Cuban would take Rasheed, no question. It would be bold, but he knows he’s got to do something to spark his team.”

Cuban tried that last season when he acquired Jason Kidd, but ended up making a mistake by giving the Nets Devin Harris.

The Mavs don’t appear to have enough to get Wallace. And the Pistons would like to use Wallace’s money – along with Iverson’s – to create enough cap space to make a run at LeBron James and/or Chris Bosh in two summers.

But it’s hard to believe that Dumars will sit still as the losses mount and Detroit slides in the standings. Wallace and Iverson haven’t been a good fit. In their recent eight-game stretch, the Pistons lost four times to teams with losing marks. Then again, no one has meshed with Iverson since the Pistons traded Chauncey Billups and Antonio McDyess to Denver last month.”

It’s something to watch but my guess is that it’s long shot. I doubt Dumars would trade Sheed unless the offer is right, especially since his 13 million dollar contract comes off of the books at the end of this season. But then again who would have thought Iverson would be wearing red white and blue right now?

I also know that Mark Cuban loves him some Sheed, he told me himself. But I doubt he’s willing to part with Dirk and that’s what it probably would take.

Keep your eyes open.


  1. jessi

    So I ahve not been on lhere in a long time but I really think the worst thing Joe did was trade billups and brought Iverson to detroit. I mean it was a bad move even if the interest was to get money and romove for the future but do you really think we will end up with Bosh or James? I don’t and that is my true feeling we had a change with bosh and passed it up. Lossing Ben Wllace was fine with me becuase we still had a team but billups is our team and that has been shown since the trade. I know that tay shed adn rip are good players but come on joe moved too fast on this trade he should have seen how the season was going to go before making a big move and one that looks likes it will cost more than just a ring at the end. I love the pistons and will never give up on thembut i really think this move could cost joes his job this time if things do not turn around.

  2. Dave

    With 6 Eastern Conference finals, 1 championship, a Finals MVP, a 3 time defensive player of the year….I don’t think that Joe D really has to worry about job security for bringing on of the most prolific scorers in history. You are watching the rebuilding of a championship team, that while rebuilding, still has a chance at the Finals. Give it some time Piston fans, this losing to sub par teams is nothing new.

  3. Nate

    It’ll be a sad day in Detroit if that happens Jessi. I swear if Dumars is ever booed at a home game, I’ll lose all respect for D fans. They’ve already done it to Barry Sanders.

  4. skidp3

    I think I’d be fine with it if we got Nowitzki. But then what happens to the “Need for Sheed”? :'(

    I agree with you though, “It’s something to watch but my guess a long shot. I doubt Dumars would trade Sheed unless the offer is right, especially since his 13 million dollar contract comes off of the books at the end of this season.”

    It is interesting. Maybe this will motivate Sheed to prove he wants to win. By playing well he could make other teams interested in him.

    Definitely something to watch for!

  5. Nate

    I know, it’s all the frustration from the Lions that is carrying over to the Pistons, haha….

  6. DETstuckeyMVP

    no credit to the find

  7. Steve DiLullo

    It’ll always be Need4Sheed… Nat’s said that a bunch of times in the past. It’s a Pistons site, first and foremost!

  8. Natalie Sitto

    DETstuckeyMVP – did I miss that someone posted the link? I found it myself after I got an email alert on my phone.

    Was it you? If so, sorry

  9. skidp3

    The ‘New York Daily News’ link is not working.

  10. DETstuckeyMVP

    i put the link on the forum a little under a half hour before your post, i didnt send that alert to your phone, i dont know your phone number. no problems though, i just hope sheed doesnt get traded

  11. Natalie Sitto

    All news comes to me on my phone, it make it easy for me to keep up with the team.

  12. Franz (detroit 2hot...)

    Wow, just imagine Dirk in a Piston uniform, but I would only accept that, if he played next to Rasheed.

    I don’t think Dumars should do ANY trade right now, and should rather hold on until next year, let’s say end of January. They have won two tough games, and I do see sparks, and they are starting to click.

    It would be stupid to trade Rasheed or any Piston start right now, because we don’t know how far this team will go.

    The only guy I want and I would trade for, would be Dirk, but there won’t be ANY defense. His contract goes until 2010, so it wouldn’t effect the free agent market.

  13. piztonz

    great..more change, just what we need

  14. tduke53

    We should trade Iverson for Dirk, just think of the starting five, Sheed, Dirk, Tay, Rip, and Stuckey. We would definentaly give Boston a run for their money.

  15. Amer ican Prince

    Of course Joe Dumars would go after ANOTHER finesse player. I’m sorry I think what I want to see the most is a power player, just someone who gets where he wants and can dunk over people and block shots and everything. Someone athletic that can hang with the superstars in this league on a physical basis and will commit to playing defense, and he has to be someone in the starting lineup. OR just someone who can bang with people, this team is so finesse based it pisses me off sometimes. I like Jason Maxiell but he can’t do what he does with starters minutes, he’ll get tired too much. I don’t think we should give up Sheed or even Tayshaun for that player.

  16. Amer ican Prince

    Don’t know if I like Dirk coming here. I would rather go straight up AI for Jason Kidd, he also has an expiring contract and doesn’t need shots to be effective. Can rebound, pass, and is a great floor leader

  17. Nik

    I, don’t see Dirk for Sheed happening. It will be Dalls’s loss. Nothing against Sheed, but Sheed is not a leader.
    If, we have to part ways with Sheed, I want Lamarcus Aldridge……

  18. tyler

    i love it that trade dirk pistons go all the way

  19. Chungi

    I don’t think Dirk would go away from Dallas

  20. OIG

    Sry Pistonshomies but thats never gonna happen couse we all know that Cuban loves Dirk and wants him to finish his great Career in Dallas!
    I love Rasheed he is my favourite player since Portland days and just one of a kind but he is old and not a Leader like Dirk who lad the Mavs to the Finals and just look how great he is playin this season with his team strugglin a little bit!
    I agree with Nik Lamarcus Aldridge is a very talented player who can score from everywhere on the court and he is gonna learn how to play D but why should Portland trade him cause with Oden,Roy,Outlaw and him they got a great future not to mention the two spanish ballers!!

  21. Mark

    I would see a trade involving Carlos Boozer more likely to happen than one with Dallas.

  22. Amer ican Prince

    Chungi OIG
    I agree with you guys, I don’t see Dirk leaving dallas. And OIG I agree with what you said about Lamarcus Aldridge aka Little Sheed


    He would definitely be welcomed here but don’t see Portland giving him up

  23. Nate

    I can’t see a Dirk/Sheed trade happening either…Joe D would probably go for it, but not Cuban. Sheed’s lost passion for low post play will be a drawback to many teams who may have interest. But who knows.

  24. TDP

    I don’t see one player on Dallas, other than the obvious, that I’d want playing here.

  25. Chad

    I dont see any weight to this rumor.. I dont think Dallas has anyone who is worth it.

  26. Amer ican Prince

    There’s probably not anyone long term I’d want here either, but I think Jason Kidd is a true point guard, he’s a veteran AND his contract is up after the season so there is low risk. Plus with Dallas struggling, they are more likely to be trying to make a move than a team that is doing well. Plus AI and Jason Kidd make the around the same amount, which means we wouldn’t have to take on another contract or give anyone else up (which we couldn’t do anyway for another month, AI has to be traded by himself until then

  27. Nik

    All I say, Joe D pls. don’t trade Sheed for Howard.
    That will be really hard to swallow.
    He doesn’t fit the character of this team.
    I, say don’t trade anybody. let them get used to each other, and only way to go from here is to get better.

    If, you really wanna change anything, bring Laimbeer for Curry, but we are good with the roster.

  28. Nik

    You guys know, I meant Josh Howard, not Dwight Howard, because that will never happen ( as much as i would like).

  29. Ice4Dice


    After reading the Cuban story again I realized you never commented on your Reggie Miller 2004 incident (or I missed it somehow). Now I’m all curious, care to elaborate? 🙂

  30. The Fluidics

    I don’t see sheed being moved unless it’s for a big name or an 09 free agent. Wouldn’t make sense as far as the AI trade and open cap space in the off season.

  31. tyler

    i would make this trade dike for resheed and akeer

  32. Amer ican Prince

    Does anybody know anything about Kelenna Azubuike? I haven’t seen him play outside Golden State so I don’t know how good he really is. But he is super athletic and strong, and if he plays defense, which is a stretch considering he plays for the warriors, he could be that backup small forward we’ve been needing. Not suggesting we trade for him, just wondering what people thought of him

  33. Melodeath1221

    Yeah you cant trade sheed, take away sheed and we take away our best Post Defender, Shot blocker. The only person i would entertain trading at this point is Tay. If we could get dirk for Tay and a few, that would be great, i know you think thats probably im possiabll although…Dallas has a really stupid GM so i wouldnt doubt anything.

  34. marcdane07

    im a detroit fan, but detroit now gettin sucks! I hate allen iverson!

  35. steve the hated

    marcdane07 what are you 7?? speak proper english and learn how to type..then ull have permission to talk basketball..allen iverson hates you too.

  36. ben

    yea i dont like that trade if ur trading anybody get a true POINT guard in J KIDD and get rid of ball hungry iverson if joe d does this trade he is reallly lookin forward to losing this season

  37. aaron

    y trade for a real pg if the trade for iverson was to develop stuckey? bad move…

    dirk is never coming here because that is the dallas version of god, so it would prbly be for a player like brandon bass and green or george for sheed. but if anything happens it would prbly be with utah for boozer and brewer (doubt it though) or with the wizards (haywood and jamison) two possibilities for good big men who play D.

    but sheed is a good player when he wants to be.. i doubt they will trade him.. but if Joe does, it better be for a solid big man or a defensive person

  38. mobius909

    j kidd does nothing for our roster. give stuckey his minutes and have bynum as his backup. pg situation solved. i still think putting rip on the bench as our “ginobili effect”. that way AI and rip both play their respective positions and at a very high rate. tay can’t play PF, so he’s gotta play sf, or trade for another SF, OR get LeBron. Either way, we have to give up the SF slot in our lineup for L or Bosh, cause sheed needs to play PF, all day, every day. that leaves us to look HARD for a true defensive Center, like Camby or D. Howard.

    Pistons will fall in the conf. finals again this year. I say this because we can beat orlando, atlanta, toronto and cleveland in a series. we still can’t beat boston until we play defense, so when it’s all said and done, we will realize this only after another heartbreak. The bright side is most people are quitting now and it won’t be so dissapointing to lose to boston in the ECF. The reality is that we know this now and should be orchestrating our lineup to accomodate for that big centerpiece now.

    Don’t be surprised to see Rip go though, possibly to a team like Minnesota or Sacramento, for one of the top 5 draft picks in next years draft. We’ll either draft a center (and probably miss out on another Melo or D.Wade) or sign another big name. Sadly though, i see it turning out like denver last year. Sorry kids. This is reality. I’d love to see us win, but realistically, it don’t look good.

  39. Richie

    Terrible trade- I hope it never happens. Dirk is one of my most loathed super stars in this league.

    American Prince, we have the physical ‘power player’ that you described- his name is Amir Johnson, but he can’t buy a foul call and it’s killing him. Curry dishing him DNP’s isn’t helping either.

  40. Franz (detroit 2hot...)

    Thanks LMR for the link

  41. steve the hated

    humbug fludics

  42. lamont

    Detriot team is falling apart piece by piece. and dumars lebron wont come to detriot hes already talking bout ny and the nets nothing about detriot. and chris bosh is good but fuck datt

  43. steve the hated

    RICHIE amir johnson sucks! hes the most overrated piston EVER..Outside this site no body cares about amir..i know someone who works in the palace lockeroom he said amir jerseys sit no one wants em.. hes garabage and will never amount to anything but a 12th man. get off his jock please! he got replaced by kwame midget fingers brown!..christ almighty stop the amir bandwagon.

  44. Whatsittoya

    Gee i wonder why everyone hates you..Amir is better than you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. kalis

    AI should be traded!

  46. Syed

    Sheed will not be traded. Guaranteed. Not now, not at the trading deadline. Believe me….there is a reason why Sheed is still around, he is the heart & soul of this team and Joe D absolutely loves him. And to those who think that Joe is waiting to get rid of his contract…think again. At the end of the year, when Sheed’s contract is up…he will take a pay-cut and stay in Detroit. I see him probably signing for 3 years and around $25 Million to end his career right here in Detroit….and when that is up, he will have an assistant coaching position waiting for him….guaranSheed!


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