Michael Curry is ANGRY

by | Dec 13, 2008 | 48 comments

I know I was after the Pistons let a 29 point lead dwindle to one.

In his post game interview Michel Curry lashes out when asked about Allen Iverson sitting in the fourth quarter. You miss the question being asked, but it’s obvious someone questioned why Curry didn’t put Iverson back in the game when Detroit’s lead was dwindling.

That’s when he got angry….


  1. Rban

    Iverson needs to be used more as the star that he is, that includes putting him in the game as soon as needed. Dumb move by Curry.

  2. altan

    yah tht lead to be blown from 29, hmm? not necessary pistons, not neccesary, ill take it but, not wht should be expected, if this continues in playoffs… were in deep water, we cant afford to lose big leads, and we have to get out of tht habit in the 4th

    on the brightside, i was laughing my ass off when sheed did the shhhh thiing after that three…

  3. AIfan4life87

    this man is hater. his own coach is a hater. first off he sat the entire 4th, not 8 or 9 minutes or whatever he said. 2nd off, if you’re just trying to get a score and a stop to win the game, then why don’t you put him in.. its obvious nothing else was working.. he said “our guys” discluding iverson, this is bullshit… it was also obvious he was avoiding the question because he has no logical answer. F this clown, he is the problem, not iverson

  4. The Fluidics

    Would rather prove a point than put his best team on the floor. It was a bad hire in June, it’s a bad hire today.

  5. craig

    counting down the days til eddie jordan is named coach…

  6. The Fluidics

    What a clown. He really has no clue. Damn, Amir and Kwame were great in the 4th, they were fresh, pulling down rebounds, Amir blocked five or six shots in just a few minutes. Oh wait, the team didn’t hear Curry make that sub because his head was up his ass. Great adjustments coach. He stuck to his gameplan and didn’t make the moves when he should have, to preserve a lead, and goes on to blame the players.

    You stay classy Michael Curry.

  7. Th3 Answ3r

    wtf blamming the players?? ITs your fault fool and quit blaming AI fool

  8. The Fluidics

    That screen grab is killing me though, lol.

  9. mannie32

    wow, quick to blame curry are we?

    last year and the years before we blamed saunders… we sure miss him now

    before that, we blamed brown when we failed in the finals… b/c he was looking for another job with cleveland during that playoffs

    always blaming the coach and never the players… it’s what’s wrong in this league… it’s why coaches are the first to get fired, easy scapegoats… can’t fire the players, so we blame and fire the coaches

  10. Rban

    I havent been once to judge Curry so harshly this season but tonight was pretty bad, no Iverson especially when your team desperately needs scoring and acquired the player for these occassions when you have a lack of scoring, Curry looked really bad tonight.

  11. The Fluidics

    I’m blaming the coach because he’s an effing idiot, he doesn’t make adjustments, he does nothing to motivate the team, he can’t call plays, can’t draw up sets, doesn’t call time outs etc…

    In that clip, he goes as far as to say he doesn’t make adjustments, because they aren’t in his game plan. His plan was to run with the bench, and when they started losing control of the game, stick with them, because that’s the plan. And once again, huge leads slip away while fresh players are racking up DNP’s on the bench. As it is now, this team, with essentially the same players, is on track for a sub 50 season. Tell me in any one tiny way, that Curry isn’t the worst coach this team has had in 10 years? Yeah, people complained about Flip, Curry is worse than flip. At least Flip could come up with a way to score out of time outs. Maybe that’s why Curry doesn’t call them, his sets always lead to turnovers, maybe people won’t notice if he just doesn’t call time outs.

  12. tyler

    i miss flup sunders

  13. Richie

    +Fisrt, “AIfan4life”, Curry isn’t saying that AI only sat 9 minutes in teh 4th, he’s saying that he’d only sat 9 minutes for the rest of the game up to that point. He’s defending Iverson, and saying that he shouldn’t have to play 48 minutes because the rest of the team, inluding the bench is supposed to be able to defend a 20+point lead for a quarter. Get the chip off your shoulder- nobody is blaming Iverson and Curry is defending him.

    +Yeah, Amir (who was starting earlier this year) and Kwame (who has done well on D) didn’t play, and probably would have helped in the fourth quarter.

    +The bottom line is that Both the players and the Coach made mistakes. Curry’s not blaming his players though, he’s holding them accountable. I was calling for him to insert the bench sooner. Mid way through the 4th quarter the team had a 26 point lead with al of the starters in. We’d have been putting Flip on the chopping block for that, and rightfully so. Granted, the bench should have been slowly inserted in small quantities at that point, because it’s tough for 5 guys to come straight off the bench, some of whom haven’t played a minute all game, and play productively. HOWEVER, Curry is right to hold those guys accoutable for such a poor defensive showing with such a massive lead.

  14. DK

    The problem is with curry and the whole mentality we have about iverson. Right now we want iverson to be like billups and do the same things that he did. Iverson is not chauncey and he definitly cant do what chauncey did. However he can score and thats why we got him, go back a listen to the day we traded for him Dumars says it himself. WIth that being said the problem is iverson is only taking 13 shots a game, hes flat out not being utilized. his scoring has dropped by ten a game because his field goal attempts have been cut in half. The guy can score its time to let Iverson be Iverson and after that we can fill in the rest

  15. aaron

    Richie hit it right on the head… i dont even have to say anything more to u guys. stop coming at curry like he’s the bad guy… if the team continutes to blow leads… flashback to wizards game… there is something wrong with the clutch D and closing out games… not the coach in all circumstances though he does have some faults.

    Curry knows what he wants out of his team, but theres some sort of communication defect where the players arent getting it.. this calls for a meeting and an understanding. then we will see the pistons playing well.

  16. Michael

    I agree with Michael Curry. Iverson shouldnt have to be used just because our bench isnt good enough to take care of a large lead. What if Iverson is injured? Are we supposed to lose every game until we get him back?

  17. DK

    i disagree with you michael we need to win games right? I mean if we were winning there would be no discussions about this right now. but we arent and that is why we are discusses possible problems. To say that iverson should play is ridiculous. We are better with him on the floor he should play as much as possible. You dont see cleveland sitting lebron because he dosnt need to play, or boston sitting the big three. The Point is, in tight situations we need to play our best not the bench. Thats why they get payed alot more.

  18. Benix86

    Come on all you haters want to blame curry!!! All of you said “oh Ai sucks un selfish” why are you definding him or why would you want him in the game you want stuckey who i love however we need AI and as soon as every one understands that we will win…. Things do not happen over time yes curry should have done something quiker but he didnt and he stuck up for AI for not haveing to come bacj in the game that shows he respects the team which saunders lacked so get over your self… yes we have never been this bad in a long time but we are a differnt team and this is a work in progress stop being so judgemental and wait untill at least till May to make such a harsh comment

  19. VJ

    Did anyone else feel like this game was more like a circus? awful offense, worse defense, and then my personal favorite, the Rasheed SHHHHHHHH!. Which could only be topped by his sweeping sky hook that hasnt been used since ’78. Aside, I am grateful for the win but really, Pistons? you blow a 29 point 3rd quarter lead? Im usually the most optimistic Piston fan out there, but this one raised a red flag for me. Its just one more thing that needs to be ironed out before June… Thank Goodness SHHHHHHHHEED was there to save the day.

    PS- I know he is an easy target, but lay off MC. He is still learning, so have more confidence in him

  20. AIfan4life87

    i believe iverson is being utilized alright. the reason he’s not shooting as much is because he doesn’t want to just come onto a new team, and a pretty good, established one at that, and just put up 20-25 shots a game. he wants to be unselfish, and just fit in. but eventually, he will begin to start taking more shots as he feels more and more comfortable in the new environment. however, by curry benching him the entire 4th quarter, it doesn’t send a very good message to him and it certainly will prolong this stage. i’m just extremely frustrated by this, and i’m sure he is as well. he wants nothing more than to be a part of this winning team, but detroit needs his confidence up, and taking 15-20 shots and 10 ft attempts a game to be getting the most out of him. like someone said, he’s the complete opposite of chauncey, but i think this team can play to another level and dynamic if they can get him rolling. the team defense and unity should get better every game if they avoid mishaps like the one curry created in the 4th tonight

  21. Franz (detroit 2hot...)

    Lol @ Fluicids with the screen grab. Does look pretty weird.

    But I think Curry, what he’s trying to say, is that he wanted to give the bench time, and experience, to finish out games, even if they’re struggling.

    that was his main goal of the season: Get the bench more experience.

    You can’t give them more experience by letting them do mistakes and then taking them out, they won’t learn anything.

  22. wyzzy

    Avery Johnson should be the headcoach instead of MC.

  23. Dave

    Fluidics said it, curry’s about proving a point rather than winning.
    I agree with curry that the bench (any bench players, nevermind the DNPs) should be able to defend a 20 something lead, BUT if pulling them, and putting the starters back in, is necessary, DO IT!
    Plus if your one of those 2nd string guys, and you get pulled because you couldnt hold a big lead, that should be reason enough to make you work harder or whatever curry wants out of those guys. If a 2nd string player isnt motivated by being pulled from a game he doesnt belong on the team.
    i guess what im trying to say is that benching players should be sufficient motivation and its not necessary to go so far as to allow them to lose a game to teach them a lesson.

  24. andyfrombrooklyn

    the pistons had a great coach who shaped them into a championship team. then they had a good coach who sustained their dominance over all but a couple teams. now they have a terrible coach who is challengeing the players to win despite his odd decisions and behavior. he reminds me of isaah. curry is nuts

  25. Clinton


  26. Clinton

    Even As A Pistons Fan You Can Tell When The Game Is Changing When Pistons Got Down 16 Points I Was yelling At Curry Well The Tv Time For Lineup Changes But Nope He Waited Way Way To Late. You Could Tell It Was Going Down Hill But He Didn’t Do Anything

  27. Jack

    I agree. Curry has a right to be angry if that group who you all hailed as the Pistons future could not close out a 25+ point game in the fourth against CHARLOTTE!

  28. The Fluidics

    This is the NBA, you shouldn’t have to give it time because your head coach is learning, you should have a head coach with some ammount of experience to draw on. All MC has is one year as 3rd assistant to a guy named Flip. Pistons deserve better than a guy learning how to be a coach on the job.

  29. Chad

    I’m going to read all these comments, but first I have to say..

    We, the fans, are ANGRY. What did we do to deserve this shit head coach?

  30. JACK

    The main assumption that you guys are making that is wrong is that this is a great team. You see them not winning and you blame Curry because you can’t bring yourselves to blame the players, they are championship material! Curry’s not above fault, but let’s get something clear for a change: this is a slightly above average team, nothing more. Accept that and you will have a better perspective on things.

  31. ducler, an Amir fan

    Curry hasn’t have to be angry. Fans have to. Fans need to see Amir, who was very good earlier this season, on the floor.

    I am so angry because of Curry’s decision to play with a smallball, and because of his decision to DNP Amir and Kwame.

    Last year, a big Pistons problem was to lose the rebounding battle.
    Earlier this season, we don’t have any problem with that, because Amir and Kwame played.
    Now, with that smallball, we lose and will lose ALL our rebounding battles.

    Move Rip or AI on the bench, it doesn’t matter, but stop this fucking smallball !

    Move Stuckey as a starter was a good decision, but he took 2 bad decisions with this good one : move Prince at PF and move Hamilton at SF. When we’ll play against teams which have good SF and/or PF, like Cavaliers with LeBron, Celtics with KG and PP, Wizards with Jamison and Butler, Lakers with Gasol, etc… win will be more than are, next to impossible.

  32. ducler, an Amir fan

    more than hard*


  33. Nate

    There has been only a couple games this seasons where our starters have played like they should for 48 minutes, and that was in LA and SA. Other than that, they’ve been inconsistent and unmotivated. Curry has to be frustrated with that, that he can ‘t get a spark in these guys. So he has to keep fiddling with the lineup’s to get guys in that not only WANT to win, but PLAY to win. This has led to some poor choices and now 1/4 into the season fans want Curry’s head.

    They’ll be another trade coming soon involving one of our starters if this poor play continues.

  34. Avery Johnson

    Curry goes to say Iverson should not need to be used with such a big lead —— agreed upon with a big lead, we didnt have a big lead 2-3 minutes out why wasn’t he subbed into the game.
    Allen has stated that he isnt comfortable with the reduction of his minutes as he isnt used to playing so few. So Iverson want’s to be out there and its just Curry trying to teach the team a lesson for losing a massive lead. Curry would rather his teaching go through rather then the most important thing which is the W.

    However maybe he isnt so mental after all
    It is good that the bench is getting used to these type of situations and this can only benefit us in the future. But honestly this is the Detroit basketball. Get the W. Go home.

    Avery Johnson’s kind of available just puttin that out there.

  35. Amer ican Prince

    I agree with Jack and manny32. We’re so quick to blame the coaches (I mean how is Maurice Cheecks fired this soon after a big roster move.). I agree that we should be talking about the players. The bench slacked off and maybe you’re right AI should have been put in for this game, but I think this is probably the best game for the players and coaches to learn from. I doubt we’ll see the bench play so selfish after they think the game is over.

    Although I will say I agree with Richie, I was expecting some bench players to be inserted at the end of third so they could get it going before we empty the bench, but instead all the bench guys came off the bench at the same time, which I think hurt.

    ducler, an Amir fan I agree I hate that smallball lineup as well. And I hate our guards. Every single one of them is shoot first. They don’t reward bigs when they run the floor, or notice when someone is struggling and get them easy baskets. Just don’t like perimiter oriented teams. Larry Brown tried to use his bigs, which freed up the perimeter players.

    Overall I like this win because it is something we can learn from, as opposed to blow outs where you don’t learn nothing except not to mope or you’ll end up on the big screen

  36. DK

    playing and developing the bench is all fine. but when it comes down to it, in the postseason 8 maybe 9 players on a good night see minutes, and with max and dice locks for minutes that leaves one other slot for maybe a bynum or aaron. The point im trying to make is in the postseason the bench is not going to be the reason whether or not we win.

  37. Amer ican Prince

    If it’s moldy I’m sure there are creams for that

  38. DK

    sounds like somebody hasnt been laid in a while. but why do you think they come fresh off the bench? oh yea cuz they are not good enough to start. the starters built the lead. Flat out our bench is not good enough consistantly enough.

  39. Whatsittoya

    Are you guys all blind. Chauncey Billups is better than Allen Iverson. He used to score more points and give out more assits than AI in lesser time. He also does not suck at defense.( Chauncey Billups). If you give Rodney Stuckey the same amount of time he would have much better stats than AI.( AND BETTER DEFENSE).And by the way its not a 1 man or 5 man team. The whole team has to play good when it is their time to play.

  40. Jay

    ^ Uh, Iverson is 3rd All-Time in PPG average, he has also averaged more assist throughout his career then Chauncy, so get over yourself. They are two different types of players, Iverson isn’t a PG as was not traded to the Pistons to be Billups, they either need to start using him correctly, or that team will continue to struggle. You dont make a trade for impact players and not utilize their skills to the best benefit of your team, that is just crazy.

    This team just needs to find itself and they should be fine, they have enough talent and personnel to compete with the best of them.

  41. Whatsittoya

    Ya when pigs fly

  42. Whatsittoya

    Iverson is a one man team. Every team he as gone to has come down.

  43. DK

    this is only the second team he has gone to you are just dumb. TIME TO LET HIM DO WHAT HE DOES BEST SCORE!!. iverson is not chauncey, so its time to let him out of the cage curry has put him in. otherwise he is useless

  44. Whatsittoya

    Smart its the third. Sixers, Denver, now Pistons. Looks whos dumb now.

  45. Whatsittoya

    Rodney Stuckey is better than AI. Most of the games AI has played with the pistons he has shot under 50%. And he got to play 30 and 40 minutes against teams with a record below .500.And he still performs like this.If you want AI to play the whole game like you guys wanted him to against Charlotte than get rid of all the point guards like Rodney Stuckey and save your money. Ai only did not play 8 minutes and you guys want him to play those minutes too.

  46. Whatsittoya

    Coach Cuury Rocks, Buy could get more strict.

  47. DotNetBuddha

    The lack of chemistry that is created because of all the switches throughout the game is the real issue with the pistons. As soon as they get in a groove, curry pulls throws in the bench and then lets the bench play to long. It happens every game. After the first quarter you rarely see the starting 5 together again. He needs to just let them play together. Detroit has a great bench and can go pretty deep. But there is no reason to play them just to play them… I sometimes wonder if the bench is getting so much playing time because Dumars is trying to showcase some of them for a trade later on. Bottom Line: Let the starters play longer together. Use the bench wisely and sparingly. The overuse of bench is whats killing us.


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