McDyess’s Return Spoiled

by | Dec 9, 2008 | 132 comments

Antonio in red, white and blue.
Stuckey starting.
Richard Hamilton with 29 points.
A 15 point lead gone to waste.
Amir and Maxiell and Kwame Brown with DNP’s.
A loss to the 3-and-15 Wizards……………….


Antonio McDyess
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FSN VIDEO Recap by the quarter.

Coach Curry’s post game comments.

Discuss! I know it’s not going to be good Pistons fans.


  1. Kanneth Jay

    Joe Dumars better have a championship in 2010, because he f***ed the next few years of this franchise!

  2. Dan

    well that’s ridiculous. Dumars didn’t screw us for the next few years. way to be way too hasty.

    but other than that, nothing to discuss, answer’s simple –

    fire Curry.

  3. TomW

    Joe D should coach until he finds the right head -thats Defensively minded!

  4. alex

    you know what, i hate iverson period! an i’m not hating! but if it wasn’t for him i bet we would be doing much better right now! i’m not saying he’s not good because he is, but am i right? joe messed up big time, billups for iverson? come on u just ruined the team’s chemistry! without chemistry teams don’t play well! pistons will always be the team that i love but this year they are disappointing, i mean come on why are we loosing to less better teams then us? an i agree with ^Kanneth Jay^, i’m not settling for less anymore! i’m tired of this every season! come on pistons pick up the slack and win a ship already! Deeeeeeeeeetroit Baaaaaaaaasssketball!

  5. mac

    the team is really missing chauncey’s leadership on the court and off, something that no one has right now. If we never got rid of chauncey, we wouldn’t be hearing all of these fire curry rants, if Joe gave chauncey a chance with curry, we wouldn’t be in this shit position that we’re in now. Someone really needs to step up in the locker room pronto or it’s just gonna keep getting worse.

  6. The Fluidics

    People always talk about Chaunceys leadership, but the truth is, Ben was the leader on this team. Chaunceys leadership always disappeared late in the playoffs. Ai is not the problem, Chauncey is not the problem. Chemistry is not the problem.
    Having a coach who can’t coach is teh problem.

  7. The Fluidics

    Pardon, THE problem.
    Not to go at you mac, I just think it’s still a good solid roster, but I’m always seeing turnovers after Piston time outs because Curry can’t draw a play, I’m seeing productive guys sitting on the bench when the team starts to slip, never getting in the game. Max has been one of our best players the past few weeks, why wasn’t he in the game tonight? No Amir? No Kwame? That’s not bad chemistry, that’s a coach who doesn’t know how to manage his players, doesn’t know how to motivate his players, and can’t call plays. Pretty bad combo for a coach in a PROFESSIONAL LEAGUE! Was Curry really the best Joe could come up with?

  8. Amer ican Prince

    we need someone off the bench who can come in and change a game like Lindsey Hunter did. He was also a good leader

  9. mac

    If they have no chemistry, they will not win. I agree that curry has made some stupid decisions, but the onus is definitely on the players. It ultimately comes down to effort and curry should not have to motivate them to play hard all the time. Without a leader to straighten everyone out, that is ultimately our biggest problem.

  10. The Fluidics

    Isn’t the head coach supposed to be the leader?

  11. zaid

    the postons gave up 102 points. Against the wizards to many points we used to hold teams to 80. You cant a good team and gave up that many points. Defense wins champions our O is fine. Tay hurts us at the 4 I think kwame needs to play more.

  12. Amer ican Prince

    the coach can only do so much from the sidelines, you need vocal leaders on the floor, as well as those players who lead by example

  13. T Kinslow

    @ Amer ican Prince

    That’s true, but Curry has no idea what he’s doing with the rotation. I mean Maxiell destroyed the Wiz last time, this time around — 0 minutes. He better see big minutes next week against this team.

  14. shaun

    whats with iverson never playing the whole 4th quarter when were down,I want the superstar player out there the whole time,why did we get a superstar type of player and not use him correctly,right now i see the trade as kind of pointless because were getting about the same amount of point production out of iverson that we could of had with chauncey but we lost alot of defense, sorry this is kind of long but im just frustrated with curry and his strange lineups when the games on the line

  15. Youtalkinboutpractice?

    Want to start off by saying good game pistons, you tried hard. I want to follow up by sayin good game, you tried hard, you played against a great team in the wizards tonight hahahahahahah. I want to finish by sayin your trying hard this season see you next year.HAHAHAHAHHA DEEEEEEETRRROITTTTTTTTTTTTT BASKETBALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  16. mac

    no the coach isn’t supposed to be the leader. Flip most certainly not the leader of this team the past few years. I agree that our coach should be in charge of drawing up plays and should be putting the proper personal into the game, but without enough effort and execution, the coaching doesn’t matter. This has been a team controlled by the players the past few years, not the coaches. Curry has probably tried to straighten this team out in the locker room by yelling at them, but someone needs to step up and lead by example

  17. Knappy

    Curry needs to go. Max needs to start. Joe did the trade for the future… 2010??? Remember this is still Pre-season to them NBA players don’t play hard til April. I was at tonites game and it was hard to watch the 2nd half.

  18. shaun

    another thing,im not one who thinks coaches should be fired for slow starts but I personally think michael curry just isnt a head coach,i could be wrong but maxiell playing no (0) minutes is unacceptable to me.

  19. Grebe

    k fellow fans i honestly dont even know who to blame, what the fuck is going on,
    is it CUrrys fault for our losing streak, or is it Iverson in hte lineup. WIth Billups 4-0 after him who even knows but not good, losing ot shitty teams. and then is it because Curry dont know how to handle such a team, i mean we were ap ower house and he just gets the reigns, i dont think he is ready. i miss Flip, and Billups now.

  20. Jason Axel

    This is ridiculous. Max, Amir and Kwame not playing…no front court.

    This team is faultering. The trade was a big FAIL, and the team needs to be disbanded and they need to start all over. The only guys that should still be on this team is Tay, Max and Stuckey. Sheed’s too old, Rip has lost it, AI is CRAP, they just aren’t the same hungry guys. Bad trade by Joe, he better be doing something else to make the Detroit fans happy, because planning for the future in such a crappy economic time is NOT a smart idea.

  21. Fahed

    I think everyone needs to relax a little.

    *New Coach
    *Big Trade
    *Attempting to develop the bench

    There is a lot going on around this team. I think this team the way it is can win a championship. It’s a long shot but it can happen. give it another month. if things still suck, then start screaming for the coaches head.

  22. Kelly Tripuka

    We have the players (4 all-stars) to have a championship team we just need a coach who knows how to use each player in the role they were meant for and blow a 17 point lead

  23. Ryan Ricafort

    Sam Mitchell, Eddie Jordan, Avery Johnson, the guy that Sprewell choked… among these available guys, I’d say Joe D should get Eddie Jordan.

  24. zola

    I’ll say this guys the DEFENSE has left the building. I know you want to make a mad dash for the ring Joe D but how could you create a formula that gets a championship then abandon the prime ingredient that made your formula work? I know the past is the past but truthfully…. the Bad Boys formula was always the D!

    Walk with me a few years back now…. remember the Allstar game that had 4 Pistons in it?? The West was trouncing the East up until the 4th qtr when Flip put the Masters of Defense in and THEY SINGLE HANDLY smacked the West down for the win…. do you remember that?

    It was that Defense Joe… i don’t think that you’ve forgotten about it, but your flirting with the natural balance your team once had, seems to have hurt the chemistry…… that no nonsense style of basketball. You had them setting records holding teams to 80 pts a night and now well..

    Joe are we vulnerable now to the inevitable that plagues all who tamper with that delicate balance it seems like what the Celtics are today….. to sum it up Joe, the real reason why our beloved Pistons are seeing what appears to be the darkest of days is because the entire league has copied your style! What worse is they’re beating YOU with your own STYLE!! The way the Pistons smashed up every team (I mean EVERY TEAM!)on a nightly basis was incredible! 3 -15 teams knew that when your guys came to town, they were gonna be 3-16 when the smoked cleared.

    I trust you Joe I do but I just want to know do you trust yourself with where you are taking us?

    Tonight y’all just left yall mojo home…

  25. bluesteel

    Since when did a rookie coach in the NBA won a championship?!? We still got a solid roster. we just have an inexperienced coach plus, Rip looks lost when AI is having a good game. Rip and AI can not co-exist. I say fire Curry and get a veteran coach. A defensive minded coach, cause our defense right now is like a cotton.

    Another thing i suggest, AI should come of the bench for stuckey to avoid cancelling out rip.

  26. TCpiston

    lol, Eddie Jordan? Avery Johnson? Sam Mitchell? weren’t all of these guys fired for losing control of thier teams? Hell, lets give the old coach from OKC a job, what was his name? That’s some ignorant shit Ry.Lets remember that there actually very few good coaches in the league. Popovich, Phil (coat tails) Jackson, (larry) Brown and maybe Jerry Sloan. It is still early, and we still don’t have an inkling to what our identity is. Iverson is a defensive liability and isn’t even near his offensive production of the past, wasn’t he dropping 27 a game last year? All the talk curry made about sheed being down on the block more has not come to fruition he still takes to many 3’s, they’ve doubled (attempts) ever since Brown left. Rip needs to stick to his game and never put the ball on the floor. What we need is to move rip nor AI to the bench. Then we would be deeper than Linda Lovelaces’ vagina.

  27. Richie

    There is no one problem. There’s a combination of things that don’t add up well. Curry is an easy target because he’s a rookiw coach, but not everything is his fault. I was upset that Amir, Maxi and Kwame got zero burn tonight- espeicially when Dyess got 25 minutes when he said he didn’t even want to think about playing 20 minutes yet.
    I’m not surprized at the lack of chemistry though- I’ve been preaching the importance of team chemistry for the last three years that people have been pleading for a superstar. Now you got one and gave up your team leader and a ton of team chemistry in the proccess. Awesome.
    What happened with boston last year worked out well for boston because the superstars were all unselfish and meshed with impressive speed. It’s not happening here with Iverson and I can’t say I’m entirely surprized.

  28. Patrick

    Wish Larry Brown never fucked us over!

  29. Detroit Sucks

    Personally, I’m glad to see detroit take a nose dive. What a bunch of losers. I can’t believe Joe D traded away Billups (the only respectable member of the team) for the cursed Allen Iverson. Losses to the knicks and wizards? DETROIT BASKETBALL SUUUUUUUCKKKKSSS. Don’t worry too much detroit fans, even without the changes, the pistons would’ve been dominated by the cavs or celtics again anyway. Go Cavs! Go Nuggets!

  30. Keith

    Dudes, no wonder we didnt have energy. What do you expect if you do not play Maxiell or Amir. Coach Curry better figure out this rotation.

  31. pistons 4 life

    What is this the Lions? Everybody has a big game against the Pistons. How do you not play 3 out of the 4 big men coming off the bench?

    I said even before AI’s first game that he couldn’t coexist with Rip in the starting lineup. You know why? Because they play the SAME POSITION. Going small is not going to work and it’s stupid to even try. It’s hasn’t gotten other teams anywhere.

    One thing to take notice of is that in the past 20 years or so the majority of championships have been won by Phil Jackson, Greg Popovich, and Pat Riley. That right there tells you how important a good coach is. Curry just appears to be lost and he’s having a hard time doing what he said he wanted to.

    How weird would it be if we didn’t even make the playoffs? Just a question, not saying it’s going to happen.

  32. A-To-D


    –Get Avery Johnson in here. I like Curry, but he really hasn’t shown much skill in the coaching department when it comes to managing player time, when to rotate who in and who out. By now, a teams hould definitely know 1) What line-up is starting, and will be the go-to if necessary in crunch time. 2) What line-up works well together off the bench, whether it be 5 bench players or a mix in of bench and a starter or 2.. KNOW THESE THINGS.. Curry doesn’t seem to have that down. I was disappointed in the offseason when I DIDN’T hear an annoucement that Avery Johnson was coming to Detroit.. I was expecting it in a way.
    –Once this season is over, regardless of the outcome, work with free agency to get a roster that can blend. AI just does not work. (Iverson is great, but I would have never envisioned his presence on this team since his rookie year)
    –For the sake of W’s…. get Maxiell in the game damn it! We just signed this guy to an extension, and we’re not even using him nearly as much as we should. There is no such thing as a point in the game where Maxiell is in where he is not giving his all. He deserved MINIMUM 20 minutes a game!

    A team with this much talent and potential should NEVER be 2 games over .500 20 games into the season. Fact of the matter, we should be at about 15-5.

  33. bakary

    not motivated players + bad coach= detroit pistons

  34. Kian

    Quote from a different blog.. that is exactly what I think. U are all blamin’ AI but I don’t think he is the problem at all! Curry is just an idiot

    “Detorit is an excellent team that is not playing to their ability, plain and simple. for me, these types of problems are on the coach. Michael Curry is one of the most unintelligent coaches in the history of the NBA, the fact that the man has a job is incredible. This guy couldnt put together a decent line up if his life depended on it. The current starting line up offers absolutely no post play, its basically like 5 guards, jacking up jumpshots. I hope nobody continues to put this off on AI. the guy has completely thrown his natural game out the window to compensate for his new team, for heavens sake let the man play his game. why trade for a prolific scorer to only let him shoot the ball 10-13 times a game? thats like getting D-Wade and telling him not to shoot the ball. it makes absolutely no sense.”

  35. altan

    you knw wht “Detroit Sucks”


  36. Sheila

    It’s Iverson. If you look at majority of games even the ones we have won. When Iverson goes in we go down and when he is taken out we go up. He doesn’t know how to direct the ball. All the other players do better with Stuckey. They should put Stuckey in for AI and bench AI and we would start improving. I don’t think it is Curry we can win with him and we were did at the beginning before AI came.

  37. Kyle

    well i really like curry but i thought he would of been more of a hardass than he is. this team is so mixed up that they need a team leader. but your not getting a team leader with a rookie head coach. so where does it come from? i think sadly they fire curry and bring in avery johnson. i said this guy should of been the head coach day one. he will be a perfect fit.

    avery johnson let the name be known.

  38. jj

    What is up with the lack of Amir. He has had some great energy of the bench recently.

  39. Kevin

    Lack of Defense.

  40. Ben from Seattle

    DNP for Kwame: Understandable
    DNP for Amir: OK
    DNP for Maxiel: WHAT?!?!

  41. TDP

    Jeff Van Gundy is available out there in TV Land. A defensively-minded coach, too.

  42. Kyle

    the fact that he talked about our defensive intensity waning yet max, amir and kwame didn’t play is painfully idiotic. there is no excuse for it. i keep trying to stand up for curry because he’s got a really hard job to do integrating ai into this team, but this is just plain stupid. he looked like a dead man walking in that clip, wouldn’t surprise me if he wasn’t around long.

    seriously, i can handle regular season losses if i can see what he’s doing and i can understand how it’s making us better. but i see no rhyme or reason to this. we’ve become a team that is FAR worse than the sum of it’s parts. curry may be the new darko.

  43. Amer ican Prince

    Dyess needed playing time, simple as that. And if you think Michael Curry’s an idiot, i’d have to disagree, but put that on Joe D for hiring a first year coach while trying to rebuild without telling us.

    We lost Chauncey Billups, Lindsey Hunter and Juan Dixon (you saw how he torched us last night, I still think we should have resigned him). Now we have AI Rodney Stuckey and Will Bynum. Good players, but the first 3 just have have that veteran savvy.

  44. Amer ican Prince

    AI=Flip Murray

  45. Vanalope

    Too many variables got changed all at once and now it’s a train wreck. Talent has not ever been this teams problem, it’s always been a question of motivation and drive. Unfortunately Dumars made choices which didn’t solve that problem but only exacerbated them even worse.

    I hope they can ground out and find some sort of new path. AI however needs to put his ego aside and start doing some things that inspire his teammates cause he’s the new kid on the block. The onus is on him. That fiasco at Thanksgiving where a special practice is called specifically so your teammates can practice with you and they all show up but you don’t is exactly the WRONG message to send. That is not the type of action that brings a team together and fosters unity.

    I also wonder why the heck Max wasn’t put in last night, hes pretty good for bringing some energy to the team when he goes in.

  46. Mark

    I still believe in this team, and the coach. Although, I can’t tell you how much longer that feeling will last. In my opinion, Hamilton should be coming off the bench. The small lineup isn’t going to work, especially if you aren’t playing Maxiell, Amir, or Kwame Brown, but Will Bynum somehow finds minutes. I would keep Stuckey as the point, Iverson at the two, put Tayshaun back at the three, and than insert Amir or Maxiell as the starting PF, and keep Rasheed at center. Curry than needs to emphasize the role for Maxiell or Amir, and that’s fighting for rebounds and playing defense, nothing more.

    This lineup allows us to actually utilize Iverson, something we have yet to do. It also gives us a scorer off the bench along with Mcdyess. And it’s not like Rip won’t be averaging starter minutes, so it’s nothing against him but Rip and Iverson just doesn’t work. I’m hoping Curry is going to find a set starting lineup soon, and he needs some sort of consistent rotations, because I’m having a hard time trying to figure out what he is trying to do.

  47. Mr. Miller

    First of this is a great site for current info on Detroit Basketball. We have had great wins this season and big loses. Whenever you lose a great point guard your going to have the rollercoaster effects. Iverson is for a year, its early in the season. If our team stays at this pace we’ll be on track to turn it up a notch after allstar break. Remember in Joe we Trust, theirs a reason why he is present at most road games. Our GM is always working to improve our team!

  48. DetroitBuckeye


  49. Susan

    I’m not calling for Curry’s head just yet but yes, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to his rotations. The fact that this team is arguably the deepest and most talented in the league and is not getting used to full potential is just salt in the wound. No minutes for Max or Kwame makes no sense.

    I was never a huge fan of the idea of starting three guards. Someone may bite my head off but I think Rip should come off the bench. Ginobili manages to be very productive coming off the bench, so can Rip. Iverson gets 30+ points every night and we’re smiling.

    My god, Pistons defense sucked last night! It wasn’t just the usual Butler and Jamison having their way but Songalia? Come on, Sheed!

  50. Chad

    That was awful..

    Is it me or was the Kwame signing to develop him properly? How is that being done on the bench?

    How can Curry complain about a lack of energy on the court when he doesnt play Maxiell or Amir?

    How much more of this trash will we tolerate?

    Fire Curry’s ass. Bring in Avery Johnson or Bill Lambier. Rookie head coaches are for shit teams.


    Off the bench..


    My prediction for next games starting lineup..
    A player for the Developmental Leauge weve never heard of.
    An empty can of tomato paste.
    A Falcon. Yes, a falcon.

  51. Fariduddin

    i think the problem is simple — start Stuck in place of Ivo. Think: Dyess, Herman, Arron, Max, Amir, etc coming off the bench would be great! Forget cats egos.. Ivo can come off the bench and bring that scoring. I’m a die hard Piston fan! and the hardest thing to watch is how these cats are not playing with passion for the whole game. Thats hard to watch… i can watch a defeat but a defeat with no determination to go HARD is crazy. btw… Joe D and Mike are not the problem! these cats get paid to bring it! it falls on them. btww… damn it was good to see Dyess back on the court.

  52. Chad

    but If you’re having AI come off the bench why not have Rip come off the bench instead? AI>Rip.

  53. Amer ican Prince

    we need instant offense off the bench which is why AI should go to the bench instead of rip. (but no way would Curry have the marbles to bring a $20 million contract off the bench) If you bring RIP off the bench, everyone off the bench has to worry about screens and such, rather than playing their game. AI doesn’t really need his other teammates, they would just need to get open so he can hit them when he needs to.

    Amir really needs playing time, he can’t go to the end of the bench. That is another problem with going small, less minutes for your bigs. I hate our perimeter players and there the ones I constantly have to watch play selfish and lazy.

  54. Kyle

    i never called curry an idiot, but when you see your defense waning, yet you give three hard working, distinctively different, defensively gifted player DNP’s, that is just an idiotic decision.

    i’m all for giving dyess time, but we have lots more of the season to go. confusing three players that happen to be important pieces, not making the adjustments the game is demanding, losing YET another game to an embarrassingly inferior team, there is no way that this wasn’t a strategic disaster.

  55. Kyle

    rip deserves the starting spot, but ai supposedly can’t (or most probably won’t) play good basketball unless he’s dominating the ball for 41 minutes a game. unless something significant changes this may be very bad. detroit pistons culture is at stake, do we do the right thing and respect rip and move ai to the bench. or do we accept the realities of star system and just let our own personal little diva have it however he wants, just so he can trash us later for not putting him in a better position to win.

    ai, be a man, ask to come off the bench. learn to play defense, do a better job of getting the ball to the bigs down low. you’ll win a championship, i swear it.

  56. ben

    idk if anybody wrote thise or not but if playoffs started today we would be embarassed by lebron were 7th right now in the standings thats embarassing this team is one of the best in the east not the 7th best

  57. Amer ican Prince

    kyle I have to agree with you, there was probably a bunch of better ways to handle the rotation, so okay.

    One thing I do like about Curry is that he will get in players faces. The highlight for me last night (other than the Dyess put back dunk) was when AI got trapped in the corner and instead of passing the ball like a smart player would do. He decided to try and dribble out of it and ended up turning the ball over. A timeout was called right after and Michael Curry went right up to AI and called him on it. It was beautiful to watch.

  58. Amer ican Prince

    hey ben if you’re not happy with 7th seed, don’t even look at the online power rankings

  59. shaun

    avery johnson would be perfect,its who i wanted before the season

  60. Chris

    Curry is costing this team games. plain and simple

  61. Colton Keck

    Well said shaun , I think avery would be a great match up with the type of player’s we have . It was a horrible descion for the mavs to drop him like that .

  62. Amer ican Prince

    You know looking back, I think Joe Dumars shot himself in the foot with the “everyone’s in play” statement. I think making fans think about all the possibilities of who could come was just so tempting to resist, then no one got traded. And instead of bringing in a coach that fans could go ohhh this is interesting, he appoints a coach with 1 year assistant coaching experience with loads of question marks. This was not exactly what you call a “sexy” move to the fans. It wasn’t really intriguing the way it would be if we did get someone like Avery Johnson or another more established coach from somewhere else. From somewhere else is a key phrase I think. I don’t think hiring a guy who was here the year before made people believe he could change things for the better. Fans wanted someone with an outside perspective of the Pistons, not someone who already knew the inner workings. I think those things really led to the dead crowds and waning interest from the fans. It’s not that we didn’t like our guys, we were just like oh same old.

    Anyway that’s me getting philosophical on this Michael Curry thing

  63. Steve

    Stop all this bullshit talk. Switching around the starters or playing more of the bench will make NO difference. We lost Billups and he was the best player we had. Iverson plays no D. You see him not even bother to put a hand up when that guy was dribbling to the hole at the end of the quarter? What a joke.

    We were 4-0 with the new coach and without Iverson. Now we almost have a losing record. How dumb can fans be to think this isn’t about losing Billups for iverson?

  64. ECJ

    Curry’s got to go. He’s got the right attitude, but he’s not a head coach, per se. He makes bad subs, he doesn’t recognize opposing coaches’ strategies quickly enough and he certainly doesn’t seem to have any playcalling abilities. Yet here he is trying to blame the Pistons’ struggles all on Joe Dumars. Michael, Joe’s given you a team with a future hall of famer, three NBA champs and a talented young bench. If you can’t win with that, the problem is not with the GM, it’s with the inexperienced rookie coach who seems to have bitten off more than he can chew. Bring on Avery Johnson, Eddie Jordan or Sam Mitchell!

  65. Steve

    Jason Maxiell is OVERRATED.

    He’s all flash. Big deal he gets 1 big slam or 1 big block a game. Where is he on the boards? Our team has lost the rebound war nearly every game this year and ever since we lost Ben we’ve been losing often.

    He’s averaging 3.8 rebounds per game this season. That aint going to cut it.

  66. D-town suckas!

    I can rarely watch Pistons games because I live in Virginia. Grew up right outside Detroit though. So it’s hard for me to catch many games and when I do I am stoked about it all day. I get to see national games and games vs. Washington.

    I was not only disappointed, but disgusted with the way this game turned out. No words. I observed a few things and thought long and hard about the position we are in now. When Larry Brown first came to Detroit in our first 29 games we were 16-13. They looked sloppy and unorganized. Things started to look up for them though. Needless to say you can’t quite pull the trigger on MC just yet. I think the lineup should be Stuck, Rip, Tay, Kwame/Max, and Sheed. Let Iverson come off the bench. Iverson is an amazing player and I have always thought he was great, but you need to start Rip for a few reasons. 1. Rip is our Captain 2. Rip plays defense 3. Ginobili comes off the bench b/c he plays better off the bench.. You can’t just bump everybody up a position. Just try it. Iverson is easily one of the best players in the league, but he would run better with the bench. It hurts to go through this as a fan, but I think if this team can pull their act together and play hard they can be one of the best. We beat LA, SA, and Cleveland, but got blown out by MIN, and lost to NY, PHI, and WAS? They can’t do that.

    You can’t blame Joe D for making the trade. Something needed to be changed and Iverson is a tremendous player. Only time will tell for Motown. I still believe in our squad. They just have to.

  67. Steve

    Stop making escuses for Dumars. Enough of the cool-aid drinkers with their dumb ass “In Joe We Trust”

    Joe single handedly turned this team into shit. Curry was 4-0 with Billups. 7-9 without billups and with Iverson. Get of Dumars balls and wake up to what the problem is.

  68. D-town suckas!

    Curry was 2-0 with Billups. The other 2 we won, but it was without Billups and Iverson.

  69. ECJ

    Who else noticed Curry throwing Walter into the game after he hadn’t played a minute the whole second half to shoot a critical three in the waning moments of the 4th quarter? Reminds me of Mike Dunleavy peeling Steve Novak off the bench to do the same just a week or two ago for the Clippers. Good strategy, coach. Good strategy.

  70. ECJ

    Stop making excuses for Dumars? Oh, I’m sorry. He’s only the best GM in the league, one who assembled a championship team out of spare parts, kept us under the salary cap since he first took the job, built a 50-win team five years in a row and resurrected the entire Pistons franchise. He’s not going to make the right decision all the time, but in the long run he’s going to do what’s best for this team. Even now, we’re not playing well, but the future is brighter than ever with $20 million coming off the books this summer. Get your head out of your ass and recognize the steady hand of a leader when you see one.

  71. Steve

    Bull shit. Nothing needed to be changed. Pistons fans are just a bunch of spoiled brats. Detroit had the 2nd best record in the NBA last year. We lost to the team with the best record but we took them to 6 games Losing games as close as 102 – 106.

    Boston was a great team but so WERE the pistons. Billups played better than anyones vs Boston. Getting rid of him just for “a change” makes no sense. We were damn close yet again but fell short. Tossing out the captain, the best player, the core of the team, a great defender. Makes zero sense. Even if it was all about money and we’ll land some superstar next year. Big whoop. Pistons basketball was never about one superstar and Dumars is a chump for losing site of that. His old ass was kept around and let to stay on the team even with his team had a horrible record and didn’t even get close to the ship again. Dropping billups after his great perfomrance and the teams consitant great record was an IDIOTIC decision.

    Fire Dumars.

  72. Steve

    Dumars aint shit.

    The only credit desrved for the Pistons championship should go to Larry Brown. We’re just luck some of his coaching stayed on this team after he left.

    Because dip shit dumars fired LB, Hired a joke of a coach in Flip. Let Ben go. Traded Billups. Drafter Darko… Yeah real impressive there Dumars.

  73. ECJ

    Joe also signed Chauncey, traded for Ben, traded for Rip, drafted Tayshaun, Stuckey, Maxiell and Amir.

    What do you guys want, for him to get out on the court and play too? We were two games from the Finals last year and you guys are all whining as if we were in the same boat as the Lions.

    And just who do you think is going to step in and do a better job than Joe? I reiterate, when you have a team with a superstar hall of famer, three NBA champs and a young talented bench and you can’t win, the problem is with coaching, not with the GM.

  74. Steve

    97.1 THE TICKET valenti and foster right now has just said an nba insider says there is a strong interest for allen iverson and wants to cut salary..for who? dun dun dun amare stoudemire!!.. i hope this is true if we can toss iverson for stoudemire..x mas present from god himself..but im not gonna get excited.

  75. the hated steve

    i wrote 97.1 the ticket thing..since somone jocked my name.

  76. Bigguy

    Without chauncey’s leadership……………were nothin
    1. A.I’s not the player he used to be.
    2. Joe Dumars messed up the pistons
    3. without chauncey theres basicly no rip
    4. A.I’s not a team player that chauncey was
    5. Chauncey beat boston, we didnt(we lost by 20)
    6. the nuggets are 2nd in the west while were not where we want to be
    7. we are not playing piston basketball
    —-if you ask me joe dumars is an Idiot for letting big ben go, chauncey and ai is not going to take us anywhere but bringing us the worst record 1-8
    i’m sure were going to make the playoffs but it will result in what happened before……… ice4dyess!-which by the way he deserves!

  77. ECJ

    How is Joe an “idiot” for letting Ben go? Ben was the product of a system that fit him perfectly, but he was in rapid decline. Anyone who’s watched him play since he’s left the Pistons can tell you that. Was Ben, a guy who shamelessly played no offense, worth his asking price of $60 million? I think not.

    Say what you will about the A.I. trade, but the problem is with Curry. He’s trying to keep us playing like the old Chauncey Billups Pistons, even though that’s impossible under Iverson. When you have a superstar, they demand the ball, they demand shots, they demand control. Iverson’s already sacrificed all of those things for this team and people still don’t get it. If we’re going to win, A.I. needs to be the focal point of our offense and until our coach understands that we’re going to keep pissing away games to mediocre teams like we did last night.

  78. True

    After reading some of these comments I have to wonder, “Are these really fans that are commenting here?”. Amir and others didnt play because Curry has to develop the starting lineup. They have to play through tough games. People worried about the beginning of the season, Joe and Curry are worried about the Conference Finals. People actually think in the CF in the 4th quarter of a tight game, they will insert Amir or Kwame Brown? Or if they are down 10-15 points, they are insert these players? NO! You place your bet on your starting lineup to give you the best chance to win. Team chemistry is a must, that’s only developed with playing together.

  79. Mark

    Bring in Laimbeer!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Steve

    I love all this talk about how amazing our bench is. Amir, Maxiel, and Stucky aren’t shit. They’ve shown SOME flashes of potential but they’ve PROVEN nothing. There are countless nba players that never developed into much after showing potential.

    Losing ben was a big blow for us. We never returned to the finals after that. Having both Wallaces down low on defense was incredible. We ACTUALLY won the rebound war with ben on our team.

  81. Pat

    Curry has made 1 good move – put a REAL PG on the floor.

    Next step is to realize Iverson and Hamilton cant be on together for the majority of the game. Iverson is a stuck up baby, so Hamilton mu accept to the eastern version of Ginobli.

    Trade one of the to many big men we have for a back up PG to stuckey. That way we can play our players where they are best, not where coach envisions them playing. Get some verteran leadership there and Mike James is being traded like a piece of meat, maybe bring him back or let Bynum go as back up for 10-12 mins a game. Regardless stop putting a round peg in a square hole.

    This is getting painful.

  82. the hated steve

    Why destroy a great season NOW for the unkown potential at “MAYBE” ab etter season in the future. We KNEW we were a GREAT team. If not the best in the NBA close to the best. Throwing that away “because we need a change” or “to sign some unkown free agent” Is a FUCKING DUMB ASS move.

    Fire Dumars NOW.

  83. Mark

    How the hell could you be complaining about losing Ben Wallace? Joe D. would have been an idiot to pay that much for a one sided player. Let’s look at your argument, we never returned to the Finals after losing Ben Wallace. Hmm…..good argument, but he was on the same team that lost to Miami, it’s not like we lost him and all of a sudden we never went to the Finals again.

    Now Joe turned this team into shit? Other than having a record of 11-9 I really haven’t noticed a difference. Steve, maybe you could explain it? Because last I checked, it’s still the same team that comes out with a big lead, and blows it. The same team that plays only when they want too, they’re the same inconsistent team. We weren’t going to win with Chauncey anymore, this was the best trade we could have done because we can finally rebuild.

  84. Adolf

    This team sucks flat out.. quit hanging on to 2004.. its dead and so is this team.. joe dumbass cant draft and ruined a good team.. o well.. LETS GO RED WINGS!

  85. chazz

    WHO WANTS JEFF VAN GUNDY???? itll be a huge loss for espn. but hey. he did great in houston, nd im sure hell do good here too

  86. frank

    this is so retraded to all u guys
    1. fire coach curry that dummy doesnt know anything
    2. joe d ur an idiot for trading chauncey for AI
    3. denver is doing so good billups made them good
    4. hire avery johnson
    5. joe d umass is a retarded gm fire him too because we could of got somone better then darko and joe d messed up this francise we had such a good team and he messed it up
    6. pistons suck we ned to get better fire CURRY!!!

  87. pistonsfan101

    I understand you guys are all mad and all. But you guys gotta give this lineup change some time. Likes its probably was a while ago when Rip played SF.

    Be patient. for another game or so. lol


  88. D-town suckas!

    You guys are some haters for real. It’s painful for me to watch them like this, but you guys are tearing apart your players. They have great potential. Give it time. It’s 20 games into the season

  89. ben

    did u guys hear? suns and pistons talkin bout tradin iverson and amir for stoudemire??? they say they are in very serious talks!!!!

  90. Pistonsbaby01

    I doubt Joe would trade Amir.

  91. pistons 4 life

    Where did you hear this? Sounds like a joke to me.

  92. Scott k

    I looked everywhere on the web. Nothing came up. I think this is made up.

  93. Amer ican Prince

    doubt it cause we can’t trade AI with another teammate. It’s a lie. If it is straight up AI for Stoudamire and another person if neccessary then it could go through. But even then why would they trade a dominant young big man for AI when they have Steve Nash? Too many holes in this for me to believe unless I hear something credible

  94. Bakary

    After all was said, i think as fans -as we like to describe ourselves as such- we must stop these harsh words and start believe in our team. I hate seeing them lose, i hate seeing these Boston cats trash talk us, i don’t care how bad or unexperienced Michael Curry is, he does has a cast of coaches surrounding and Joe D, there is one thing that should be mentioned, the man is trying and he’s not giving up on the team. I believe -in fact i’d like to believe- that we will learn from this.

    See what Eli Zaret has to say on this matter and also what the players have to say:

    Iverson is mindful of his role and image through all of this and said after the Washington loss, “I know the bull’s eye’s on me.”

    Actually there are a lot of bull’s eyes. When a team is underachieving like they have been, everyone comes into question, from the top down.

    Summing it up best perhaps, Wallace says, “We’re playing kinda bad and our fans are not used to seeing us play this way, to be barely over .500 this early in the season. We have to pick up on it to be there in June. The guys in here are still hungry and we’ll get it done. It’s 20 games into the season with 60 some to play and we gotta correct it and I think we will.”

  95. Steve

    Tough, tough loss.

    The new lineup looked good at first, but I noticed on 3-4 straight possessions in the first quarter that AI didn’t even touch the ball. Gotta move him to the bench. He’s be so much better there. His shots got to start dropping too…only 38% shooting?

  96. Amer ican Prince

    pistons organization always know exactly what to say to the media, the problem is they never fix the problems they identify

  97. Amer ican Prince

    no one really touched the ball other than sheed

  98. Amer ican Prince

    The only trade that would work is AI for Amare and 1 of these three players

    Goran Dragic
    Grant Hill
    Robin Lopez

    They spent a fortune getting Dragic out of his contract
    You really think Grant Hill and Amare for AI would happen?
    And no way would they give two bigs for one small in Amare and Robin Lopez

  99. Mark

    We’re not going to get Amare, don’t listen to Mike Valenti. To prove it, the Suns just traded away Bell and Diaw for Jason Richardson. Now why would they trade their star PF for yet another guard.

  100. Amer ican Prince

    not sure what they expect from that trade other than maybe cap relief later

  101. Susan

    Kyle and D Town suckas!, you make some very good points about the “Rip/A.I. who to bench?” debate and you have changed my mind.

    Start Rip, bring A.I. off the bench!

    As I said before I’m not ready to call it a day on Curry but the thought of Eddie Jordan coaching this team has got me thinking of the possibilities.

  102. Damon

    the pistons had very lackluster starts to the 03-04 and 04-05 seasons and look where they finished. they played very well for almost the entire 05-06 ond 07-08 regular seasons and look how they finished. they have a new coach and a new offensive gameplan. they’ll figure it out.

  103. mr big shot

    yea i dont see why he wouldnt try and trade for amare its not like he plays amir anyways so whats so great bout our future center riding the pine pony??? how is he so good? if he was good he would be playin and not gettin DNP so try and trade him

  104. Steve

    Also, the Pistons last reached the Finals when they were not the #1 or #2 seed in the conference (in both 04 and 05).

  105. Miles

    Curry is defensive minded, he knows that you need that defensive toughness to be competitive in this league. Its up to the players to play hard, i don’t see that. People expect great things by looking at our roster on paper, but we are still trying to find an identity, especially defensively. What we need is that toughness, especially inside. It’s a marathon not a sprint, once we get another 20 games in we will be able to make a better assessment. Dyess is a huge key to our team and will help a lot wit his leadership, hustle and toughness. We need to put sheed on the block and let him go to work, we have no interior scoring. We have the shooters but a solid low post scorer would give us a balance that would keep the defense on their heals. Good things take time.

  106. Ryan Ricafort


    I choose eddie jordan over the others because, during his stay in washington, he turned that team around (except this year) with three all-stars and a crappy bench. He even contended for the COY award a couple of years back. So I don’t see why he can’t succeed with a starting line up of unselfish(except AI) quasi-all stars, and a deep bench. And I don’t believe you when you said I put up some ‘ignorant shit’ in my previous post. Peace!

  107. mobius909

    btw, natalie rules.

  108. mobius909

    lets call rick mahorn to play again… and bill to play, not coach.

  109. Ali Dourra

    Everyone just relax…if you guys were real detroit fans, u wouldnt care wats going on…i personaly believe that by january, we will be doing fine.Starting line up looks great, but the coach… not so much. The pistons squad are championship material, its just the coach, c’mon losing against the worst teams in the NBA… not cool… Anyways, the factor is time…. thats all … Time.

  110. mr big shot

    hey steve u said we didnt win it with the 1st or 2nd seeds but we sure as hell wont win it with the 7th or 8th if thats even what we get

  111. Steve

    That’s true, but I don’t think anyone thinks this team is gonna be a #7 or #8 seed come April.

  112. Nate

    Amazing how fast fans will bail out on a team in rough patches…and amazing how fast they’ll jump back on the bandwagon. I’m reading comments such as “Joe Dumars has screwed this team over” and “Maxiell is way overrated.” Are you kidding me? Maxiell is not getting voted to any all star games yet he makes huge blocks and dunks every game. Who’s exactly rating him so high besides Pistons fans? And I wont’ even touch upon the Joe D comments….ridiculous comments.

    If you notice one thing…everyone seems to have the no fail way to fix this team (trade AI, start Stuckey, fire Curry, etc.). Everyone has a different opinion and yet the only one with the wrong one is Curry/Dumars. I agree with most that Curry has made mistakes with lineup changes but is it not inevitable when you’re tyring to figure out what works? And is it not even more inevitable when you’re starters are playing with no passion? It only makes it harder.

    All I’m trying to say is we need to stop crying “fire this person and trade this person” every time we lose. We’ll get better. We have too much talent and nobody seems to know how to sort it out yet so it can all come together. In the mean time, stop bashing everyone from Joe Dumars to the towel boy.

    I’m sure Cavs fans love reading the negativity in these threads. We’re better than this. Go Pistons.

  113. Th3 answ3r

    You guys all get excited and shit when they win BUT, when Pistons lose, you guys all outrage and rant. Your supposed to like your team wheather or not they win. >:]

  114. mr big shot

    Steve what seed do u see us being come april?

  115. Steve

    That depends on a lot of things….
    But for now I’m thinking 4th seed….maybe 5th.

  116. Denis

    Just Fire Curry
    And hope Larry Gets Fried to
    SO the pistons could get a real coach back

  117. Randy

    does everyone really think we would of won a championship this year if Chauncey was still here???? hell no!! we woulda fell apart in the playoffs like the past couple years. and you can’t blame Iverson for everything. quit using him as a Sscapegoat!!!


    Rip could come off the bench cause he brings instant offense. he could be like what Jason Terry brings dallas

  118. AIfan4life87

    ok folks here’s whats got to happen.. atleast for the remainder of this season(unless they decide to move him before the trade deadline), this has to be iversons team in order for them to takeoff and start winning consistently. you traded for iverson the answer, not iverson the role player.. you remember way back when he got his first couple wins for detroit against the kings and warriors, he scored about 25-30 and had 7-10 assists, played a lotta minutes, had a few steals.. well thats the man this team needs every game, and he can be that man every game, but for some reasons he’s not.. he’s being way to unselfish to try to fit into this team, but right now this isn’t a team. i dont know if someone is telling him to only take 11 12 shots a game, but if they are they need to do the opposite. detroit needs him to takeover right now and get this thing on the right track.. they are something like 6-1 or 6-2 when he scores 20 or more, and horrendous when he fails to reach 20…please someone somehow get that message to him, otherwise I’m canceling my league pass and throwing in the towel for this season. its way too frustrating to watch bc i know what he is capable of doing on nightly basis..i am one of his biggest fans and supporters, but i do realize he is not a natural point guard, he lacks the ability to run an offense like a natural PG would, make the decisions that a floor general like chauncey could make, and his defense greatly needs improvement. BUT, you traded for this man BECAUSE he can score the ball with the best of them AND create havoc and chaos for a defense, which is what you need to beat a great defensive team like cleveland or boston in the playoffs… CURRY please bring rip off the bench, and or get a real pg for this team (im sorry, but i think stuckey is more a scoring type pg too), and play AI at the 2.. this team needs better bench play and how sick would it be to see mcdyess and rip both come off the bench and play 25 min a game. ‘sheed needs to post up more, and be more consistent. i think a fired up AI can help fire him up and bring him to life, we saw them both dominate the 4th quarter of the spurs victory… one area CURRY needs to help work on with AI and the rest of the team defensively is how they are going to play pick and roll/pop, because teams are setting picks on AI left and right when he’s covering the ball, and there seems to be major miscommunication there on whether to switch or not and what to do.. sure that up, get a solid starting lineup and stick with it (ai, stuck, tay, amir or max, and sheed), and get the rotations down, allow AI to be AI, and if hes not being himself, someone tell him to be more aggressive, and emphasize defense, and i guarantee this team will get much better… i can only hope, they cant get much worse. AI hates to lose but right now he feels like this team is already great and established and he just wants to fit in, and contribute, but by him being here instead of chauncey, he needs to realize this is his team, and he needs to be much more than that. when this happens, youll see the AI you envisioned when you heard about the trade.

  119. Maid

    what is wrong with Iverson,when I heard Iverson came in pistons I say:wow,pistons is new NBA champions,but IVERSON IS SUCKS,Stuckey is better.Pistons now have 11-9,three lost game in row,horrible.If they caming to loss game vs.Wizards,76-ers,NYK they won`t win champion ship

  120. Adolf H

    Pistonsbaby01 “i doubt joe would ever trade amir”

    WHAT?! why should he even deserve to be on this team? he lost his starting spot twice!.. all u need4sheed tools are in love with a under weight scrub that was takin late in the 2nd round..he will never be anything but a 12th man.. he isnt gonna be shit in this league and dumars fucked up by not trading him when he was a mystery to other hes exposed and no one wants him..good move.

    pistonsbaby01 go watch save the last dance one more time u need it.. haha tool

  121. Chad


    There is absolutely no reason for it. The problem is chemistry; ya know how Chauncey had.. 5 years to develop chemistry with this core? yea, AI has had three weeks.

    Curry is absolute shit.

    I have lost all respect for Joe D, hiring a friend of his to coach a team at this level.. wow. And he will never fire him because they’re pals, and he’ll never step down because hes being paid way too much money to do something way above his capability.

    Michael Curry = Matt Millen.

  122. Johnny

    ok let’s not blame one individual(even though i would like to have curry fired, cuz i knew from the start he would be bad). i would have to say it’s the entire team. They need to start playing right defensively…it’s ridiculous how teams just run right through a lane or can get open shots when they want now. I don’t think that just blaming iverson would be the solution, i think it would happen even if we had chauncey still. It just is upsetting to everyone to see there beloved pistons go down like they are, but we still have 62 more games to go, let’s not just give up on ’em becuz of a bad skid in the road. We have to stay positive.

  123. Johnny

    With a further note I have to agree with Mark with this one: “Now Joe turned this team into shit? Other than having a record of 11-9 I really haven’t noticed a difference. Steve, maybe you could explain it? Because last I checked, it’s still the same team that comes out with a big lead, and blows it. The same team that plays only when they want too, they’re the same inconsistent team. We weren’t going to win with Chauncey anymore, this was the best trade we could have done because we can finally rebuild.”

    It was too predictable. Let’s face it did Chauncey really do that much as of recent 2 seasons? Love the guy (he was my fav player), but i didn’t see the drive out of him like I did when we used to dominate the east. I see it rekindled in Denver a bit, but i think Denver needed a confidence booster and they got it. As far a Big Ben goes…SCREW HIM! Remember he left us! Not the other way around…I was so mad at him for being so selfish like that and he was at the peak of his career when he went with us, now he’s garbage. I did think that Billups would of finished his career here but now that we made the change it doesn’t really matter anymore. I think we can turn this little mishap around. People are always so quick to blame AI for this…I guess that’s what gave him the drive he’s had his whole career is people like you who hate on him constantly…Even if we don’t end up having a fairy tale season and don’t resign AI, I respect the little guy and the things he’s accomlished in this league of giants. Hand’s down one of the greatest to ever walk the hardwood…face it champion or not…

  124. CJ

    No Chad, Michael Curry < Matt Millen.

  125. mann

    iverson sucks go back 2 denver

  126. pistons 4 life

    Ben Wallace didn’t just leave for more money. He left because he knew that from that point on DEFENSE wouldn’t be a priority anymore because of Flip Saunders, and that’s where he hangs his hat. And as for the statement that he’s garbage, I’d say he’s playing his role pretty well in Cleveland. I was pissed when he left too, but man do we sure miss him. And just think, there’s a good possibility that he wins a title this year.

    I’m not saying this because I’m at all a Cleveland fan, but him leaving marked a downturn for the Pistons.

  127. joe

    It seemed like Rasheed and Tayshaun played the entire second half and rip, iverson, and stuckey got short rests but not too significant, only for McDyess to play while johnson and maxiell rode the bench for some reason. Could someone explain the logic in letting a small lineup play most of the game with a lead, while blowing it and staying in and eventually getting exhausted. what happened to the bench? and it seemed like curry didn’t draw up any defensive plays at all second half, and not much offensive either, there was a point when the Pistons were losing their lead and a player, i forgot who, took a quick shot, bricked it, someone else got the long rebound, turned around and shot before they could even see the basket, then iverson gets another long board and puts it up before the ball crosses below his chest. i dont even know what is happening to this team, but when they play the terrible teams in the league, its like watching a jv high school team

  128. JC

    Now I see why Joe was so hesitant to change the core for so many years… I mean look at them. The Pistons formula has to be recreated in the middle of the season and Im talking about big changes in the way they run almost everything, the good thing is that we have an experienced coach. NOT! As of now this is a rude awakening, it appears Chauncey was More than a great point guard, he was underestimated by many of us at the time of the trade. Allen is a great player, but Im losing my hopes of him playing Detroit Basketball with the guys. I like the cap space for the future, but since the trade they went from #1 in offensive efficiency, a 4-0 record, and a margin of victory of 10 ppg to a 7-9 team with a margin of loses of -0.6.

  129. Ryan Collins

    Wow, this has got to be some kind of record for comments. Too many for me to read, so I doubt too many people will read mine, but I have to agree with CHAD. There is too much talent on this team for us to lose to Washington and then Boston stomps them by 34. Ridiculous. I subscribed to the growing pains shit for a while, but the only rookie we really have affecting us is Curry. Gotta toss him. And I REALLY agree with CHAD in that I think Avery Johnson would be a great coach for this team. He was a great coach for Dallas (minus the meltdown to the Heat,) but we melted down to the Heat before that. Too much talent on the court and a coach that isn’t making it work…

  130. Ryan Collins

    DETROIT BUCKEYE just blew my mind… Lambier as coach? Could it happen in any universe. 2 WNBA titles under his belt and a Bad Boy for life? In a perfect world…

  131. Johnny

    Pistons4life- what would his role in cleveland be not much of one if you ask me…he doesn’t do much anymore, they would still be fine without him around, if anything he was on the downturn as well let’s face it bro. I understand he went becuz of Flip, but i also realize that he let down a lot of fans and we pretty much made his career here, not cleveland or chicago, us…


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