Stuckey to start!

by | Dec 8, 2008 | 37 comments

The scenario we have been talking about is going to happen on Tuesday.

“Pistons coach Michael Curry announced after today’s morning practice that second-year point guard Rodney Stuckey will be in the starting lineup Tuesday night against the Washington Wizards.  Center Kwame Brown will now come off the bench, and the other four starters will each shift up one spot.” Via The Detroit Free Press


  1. Dor

    Stupid decision by Curry.

    I think Iverson should come off the bench with the way he plays and the will to do everything (only talking as we saw in Thanksgiving) and not sliding Prince to the 4 just like that at the starting lineup, you need him at the 3 and two big men, and a good guard to back up the PG off the bench!!!!! Stuckey or Iverson – he should decide, but leave Bynum alone on the bench? maybe play Acker as backup??? horibble decision. I really hope he’ll understand it’s not the solution, but playing Stuckey, Afflalo & Herrmann a lot of minutes will be great.

  2. Steve

    Thank goodness. It’s about time!
    Although I don’t think Tay can play the 4 for a whole season. Something else has got to change. Bring Rip/AI off the bench.

  3. Amer ican Prince

    Gotta agree with Dor, this doesn’t make that much sense. We took Amir out of the starting lineup, because of the effect it had on Sheed. Tayshaun is better than Amir right now, but that is a lot to ask of Wallace to do by himself.

    Curry said he didn’t want to put Dyess in the starting lineup because “he didn’t want to put both his shooting bigs in at the same time” Not to mention he got the same shots last year when starting, as when he came off the bench the year before.

    So a couple months later what does he do? He puts three scoring guards on the court at the same time. Let’s see how efficent those guys are together. Not to mention the shots Tayshaun and Rasheed are gonna put up. Offense is clearly Curry’s focus. Everyone needs to stop saying he is a defensive coach.

    Luckily we’re playing a lot of small teams, like the Wizards, this month, so I think we can match up. I’ve been trying to get on the Curry bandwagon, but these are just moves he said he wouldn’t do with one player, then doing them with another

  4. Hoop Soup

    This will certainly help in the athleticism department and make the team more fun to watch….that’s all that matters right?!??!?

  5. Nate

    I’m all for this change. Kwame, Dice and Max coming off the bench will be a touch challenge for any bench in the NBA. Well, not so much Kwame. He is playing solid on the defense end however.

    The only downside is with change comes adjustment time, and from what I read, most Pistons fans no longer have patience for that.

  6. nike100s

    i agree with Dor.

  7. Rban

    You guys all have to get over it, Allen Iverson will never come off the bench alright, it would ruin all chemistry and theres no way Iverson would be ok with it, he has to be in the starting line up, say it over and over agai about him being the 6th man,, but hes in a contract year and he doesnt want to come of the bench.

    It ain’t happening so get over it!

    In Stuck we Trust.

    Ice for Dyess.

  8. ECJ

    I honestly would rather have Iverson coming off the bench than this short Golden State-ish lineup. Stuckey and the rest of the starters lull the opposition to sleep with halfcourt ball, then Iverson and the bench brigade ramp up the speed and take advantage. That said, Iverson is a starter, not a bench player. Maybe with this smaller lineup Curry’s hoping the opposite will happen: fast starting lineup, slower bench play. Risky move, but it’s worth a shot.

  9. AJ

    Its a real shame to see how badly we are playing on the defensive end this year. I do not think that prince could play the four , what will happen when we play teams with good big men. they should bring rip off the bench only because i think iveron’s ego would never allow him to come off the bench. so the starting line up should be PG stuckey
    SG Iverson
    SF Tay
    PF Dyess
    C Sheed

  10. ECJ

    This is inevitably the problem with Allen Iverson teams. He’s not a true point but he’s too small to play the 2; therefore you’re often stuck with no point guard on the floor. Hopefully Stuckey in the starting lineup will allow the team to run the offense through the 2-guard slot. I really don’t like Tay at the 4 though. He’s exactly the same size as Kevin Durant, and Durant plays guard!

  11. Steve

    This lineup only works for now because of the small teams the Pistons are playing soon and McDyess’ return.

    This should be a more permanent starting lineup:


    I don’t know how the whole substitution situation would work out though. But you gotta have 2 big in the starting lineup to be effective.

  12. Craig

    I would happily send AI to Minnesota for Mike Miller, Al Jefferson and Randy Foye. 🙂

  13. asad

    Craig I love that trade!!! Best part is that it would go through!! Doubt it would happen because Minnesota only trades with people who were former teammates of people that work in their front office (KG trade). The problem is we pick up two good guards that will need minutes on top of our young bench that we have now. Al would give us a low post threat that we need, we get rid of AI, Sheed will still be Sheed though. So are you then thinking a depth chart of:
    PG- Stuck/Foye/Bynum
    SG- RIP/Miller/Spell Check or would you have them splitting minutes?
    SF- Tay/Walter/Spell Check
    PF- Sheed/Baby eater/Amir
    C- Al/Dyess/Brown

  14. Steve

    I think Detroit would love that trade.
    But why would Minnesota trade a 23 year old stud (and an up and coming PG) for a 33 year old point guard?

    I know Minnesota’s trades typically don’t make sense, but they’re not that bad.

  15. Fariduddin

    Three guard attack to start… maybe to end or play during the course, but start? won’t last the whole season that way. i agree with some of you guys in regards to Stuck or Ivo! I personally like the idea of Stuck starting the game. this cat is a killa and brings more passion in my opinion. he makes good choices and knows when to attack and when to pass the rock. i personally think the lineup is fine. but Curry must be serious about who he keeps on the floor. PLAY MORE = Stuckey, Arron, MAX, Herman or whoever is bringing energy and PASSION!

  16. 7mile

    lineup for rest of season:
    Pg-stuckey best point guard on the squad
    Sg-ai or rip…take ya pick/probably ai because he would never come off the bench
    Sf-tay too small to play 4
    pf-sheed…no need to comment
    c-kwame-by default

  17. Steve

    7 mile,

    I like that lineup.
    The only thing that worries me about starting both Stuckey and AI is that who’s gonna guard the Tmacs and Kobes? That’s why I think Curry has to, he has to bring AI off the bench and let him create chaos w/ the second group. AI, Afflalo, Herrmann, Maxiell, and McDyess is a sick second unite. And then play Stuck, AI, Sheed, Rip, McDyess, and Sheed in close, tight games. Stuckey or McDyess, depending on the opponents and who’s hot, etc.

  18. Matt

    Love the move! three guards have been good this year for the pistons on the floor. Solid bench now with dyess, herman getting more time, and afflalo. I now have a little hope.

  19. ski dp3

    I think the only change needed is Stuckey starting over AI, but of course, AI must start! :0

    We’ll see what happens. I really don’t think that ‘Starting Lineups’ means anything. In reality it’s the minutes chart that says who played more.

  20. Steve

    Who’s going to lead the second unit now? Bynum?
    There’s just too many bigs (McDyess, Amir, Maxiell, and Kwame) and not enough perimeter players (Affalo, Bynum, Herrmann) on the bench now.

    You got to have 2 bigs start. I like what Kwawe is doing. It’s similar to Perkins in Boston w/ KG. Just play some defense and that’s it.

  21. Amer ican Prince

    can switching Stuckey for Kwame technically be considered a change to the starting lineup? I don’t think Kwame played enough games as a starter for this really to be change to the starting lineup. I mean in my mind Kwame wasn’t really a starter, he was more of a placeholder. I’m not knocking Kwame, I think he brought what he was supposed to bring, just don’t think this was a change to the starting lineup.

    Also how is Dyess gonna get his shots? No one really passes on this team. Chauncey got Dyess a lot of his shots

  22. zaid

    Who cares about AI IGO?
    He says he wants to win the ring if he really wants to then he should come of the bench. I think he will play hard no matter what. Its his contract year why wouldnt he?
    Tay neeeds to be guarding pierce, kobe. Not perkins/ KG.
    Celtince will eat us alive.
    Who cares about wins becasue that what this lineup will do what matters is rings.

  23. Js

    Did anyone hear anything about dyess?????

  24. robd

    like Steve said, this line up will only work against small teams. any team with a decent sized PF and Curry will be forced to change it. Prince has length and height but he’s way to weak to guard most PFs.
    i personally think Stuckey should stay on the bench because he brings a lot of energy and is proving quite effective in that role.
    The problem is with the starters – not the bench!

  25. KG

    Sry guys you just cant have Iverson coming off the bench, not gunna happen. This lineup is gunna be fast real fast!

  26. ben

    yeah puttin tay on pfs he will get dominated wow this is a gay line up i say when dyess comes back after a few games get him in the startin role start him at pf and put sheed on c then leave stuck as startin pg and who cares about iverson whehter he wants to come off the bench or not hes the reason were like this if he would have never came we would be dominating with chauncey

  27. pistons 4 life

    I don’t like this decision. In my opinion Rip or AI has to come off the bench. We’ll see if it works but no team has ever proved that going small wins championships. Eventually you’ll get dominated by a team that has really good bigs.

  28. tyler

    i love this point guard stuckey shooting guard ai small forward rip power forward macdyess or tayshean cater sheed

  29. pistons 4 life

    Guarensheed, that Sheed gets into early foul trouble with this line up. He’s got no help. I don’t understand why Kwame gets bumped when he was actually starting games pretty well. I don’t think Tay will be terrible at defending the 4 but I think in some cases it will be a huge match up problem. Do you think Tay is going to be able to stop somebody like Garnet or Stoudemire? He’s not big enough and they’ll just back him down like he’s not even there.

  30. Melodeath1221

    You all are all saying you want AI to come off the bentch, And I agree. althought they arnt going to just put AI on the bentch in one false swoop. I belive this is one of the steping stones, to eventually get AI there.

    Stuckey will be able to better set up our starters, in a half court offence while also keeping other deffences honst by pushing the pace a in a more controlled mannor, than iverson does.

    Iverson will become Man on the bentch, while if Arron and Herrmann were to get constistan mins they both could be snipers for us. Then AI would also have Energetic rebouding bigs for Tip backs.

  31. asad

    What needs to happen is Curry needs to live up to what he said when he was appointed and that was that he is going to play who’s hot, and he needs to stop worrying about the egos on this team and give the minutes to who deserves them. Sheed doesn’t deserve to be getting these minutes after everything was said about how he was gonna move down into the paint and be more active. If a guy isn’t doing what he should then bench him until he realizes that he should be doing something different and if he doesn’t bench him again till he figures it out. Sheed would figure it out real quick since he’s in a contract year. Tell AI that he’s going to come off the bench, I don’t care if he’s the superstar you’re on a TEAM now and you need to start playing like you’re on a TEAM, you said you would be willing to do what it takes for the TEAM to win a championship, well it seems right now that that would be you not starting, come in with the second unit and go off. That’s what this team needs right now, someone that can rip apart second units, we don’t need two of them in the starting lineup because it’s not working! And with this lineup Tay would get torn to pieces against a legit PF. So Curry prove to us that you’re willing to do what it takes and make some REAL CHANGES!
    Alright I feel much better now after getting that out. GO PISTONS!!

  32. Benix86

    Come on Pistons fans… AI is a beast dont blame him for our crapy games this is how we have played in the playoffs the last 3 years are you blind suck it up stop blameing AI what about sheed playing when he wants we have more prblems then AI.. and your stupid trade with minesota would never happen r u serious lets all suck it up and play detroit basketball DEFENSE!!!!! thats true BLUE RED AND WHITE

  33. Chris

    Great move Curry…I agree with the decision to start Stuckey, but I think that the starting lineup should be, 1. Stuckey 2. Iverson 3. tay 4. Sheed 5. Kwame/Amir…I like rip off the bench to give us a change in pace and rally the bench. However, resigning Rip and then benching him would hurt his ego too much…probably won’t happen…

  34. Ryan Ricafort

    Right Idea, Wrong Execution. at least one starter has to sacrifice ego for starting rights (i’m thinking AI). I think first five should be

    Stuck – pg
    Rip – sg
    Tay – pt.f
    Sheed – pf
    Kwame – c

    This is a very good half court executing line up with stuck as a penetrator on the side. This also sets up Tay to get into his playmaking groove.

    Second unit should be

    AI – Go to scorer
    Afflalo – defensive ace
    Herrmann – spot up long range shooter
    Jmax – energy guy
    Dyess – spot up mid range scorer

    This group needs minimal half court sets because they will be bringing in a hustling and athletic style of basketball.

    I dont really get why MC would downgrade the starting line up size-wise…

    Go Pistons!!!

  35. Piston Fan in CT

    This all sounds fun and all, but if this does not work – all hell could break loose in a few games. Curry will come across as pulling straws and loose credibility not only with the fans but also his team. News flash here – Sheed and AI not the players to try and coach with no credibility.

  36. D

    not ‘need for sheed’. the One that we need IS the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ IS Almighty God manifest in the flesh, and He saves by His grace. And yes, Jesus Christ will make it easier by His grace. Jesus Christ IS Almighty God manifest in the flesh, and He saves by His grace.

  37. D

    not ‘need for sheed’. the One that we need IS the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ IS Almighty God manifest in the flesh, and He saves by His grace. And yes, Jesus Christ will make it easier by His grace.


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