Team Need4Sheed Podcast – Are Pistons fans Overreacting?

by | Dec 3, 2008 | 13 comments

“Are Pistons fans overreacting?”  Bennie and Jeff discuss the in’s and out’s of the Iverson trade and how we as Pistons fans feel about it.

Don’t forget please leave Bennie and Jeff your thoughts in the comments. They are waiting to hear what Team Need4Sheed has to say. They want to know if you’re overreacting.

Team Need4Sheed Podcast – Are Pistons fans Overreacting?

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  1. Sal Militello

    Most are overreacting for sure, no doubt. We are changing our team so much with this trade, we have to adapt to a real scorer on our team (Iverson) which we haven’t had in a while. While Denver got a true PG who doesn’t do anything special, but does everything great. So it’s an easier adjustment for them. Plus we didn’t have him for the training camp, and we have the new coach. All in time Detroit, just chill.

  2. Franz (detroit 2hot...)

    To answer the question:


    I live over in Germany, and watch some games on the internet. On the site where the game is being played, there’s – most of the time – a little space for chat.

    The things I read, coming from Piston Fans. Wow. Then here on the forum, sometimes it doesn’t make me mad, it makes me laugh.
    “Fire Curry…”
    “Trade Iverson…”
    “Trade Hamilton…”

    Like Curry said, they are still in the training camp/ mini camp phase, even if the season has already started.

    I never had a doubt Chauncey could play, like he’s doing right now. Every player has new motivations when he changes from one spot to another. He maybe got too comfortable. He had guys around him that had talent and that he new for a couple of years.

    Jeff said, that the start didn’t work out like some fans expected.
    You always have to know what kind of fans are saying stuff like that. If you’re a “real” fan, go to, every day, then you have some basketball knowledge.

    It’s like if you just got hired and start to work in a new business. The first week, maybe month you’re going to try to get to know everyone.
    After a couple of months, you’ll know what kind of person this co-worker is.

    What I’m trying to say, is that the real fans, understand, or should understand, that you can’t expect W after W.

    I agree more with Bennie than Jeff on some points.

    For example did the Pistons (fans) expect to win a championship in December of 2003? If yes, did you expect that Chauncey would be Final’s MVP after the addition of ‘Sheed?

    I mean the thing that they need is time.

    Time will tell, and that’s rhe only thing fans don’t have. They want to see improvement right away. It’s not fair to say Iverson is the person to blame, or Curry. No.
    Does the boss expect climbing statistics right the day where he fired and hired another employee?

    Plus with ‘Dyess coming back, it’s going to be another change.

    Let’s see what happens with this team.

    I see something coming. The best part of it is that Curry is seeing it, too. He says they have a long way to go, but some sparks have shown, how this team can play.

  3. Omar

    Ithink everyone should stop talking Iverson is the best thing that ever happened to us in years.

  4. MIkeymoe237

    Can we please wait until we are midway through the season. They have beaten some great teams so far and all they need is time. That barber shop bit was ridiculous, even if your barber said it Bennie, don’t mention something like that ever again. It makes us all look dumb!

  5. Rban


    Ba Ba Ba Bennie and the Jeff lol

    a littl Elotn John refrence.

  6. Johnny

    Well I see it like this…

    As far as people overracting, i do see it a lot. Let’s not forget that AI already has a bad rep with people, so when we got him in the trade people already were skeptical…as they should be with any trade. But let’s not forget the adversities this guy has been through and where he took a no name(other than him) 76er team to the finals and held their own against a laker’s roster that a lot of teams feared for three long years. I personally love his game and to me I feel that it’s an adjustment period and people need to realize that. I tell people all the time that we had a system here where for 6-7 yrs the team knew each other…sure you might of gotten the occasional trade but nothing this drastic. Iverson, along with the rest of the pistons, need to have time to gel. After they get themselves together they will be a good ball club. If Rip can play to what he is capable of playing and Tay can get back that swagger with Sheed shooting decently and not being lazy…throw AI in the mix and you’re looking at a championship calibur team again with or without Chauncey(although at one point he was my fav player). We shall know what to expect by March for sure. We will be over .500 by then i’m sure so it’s up to us as the underdogs this year to prove the critics wrong. We can come out of nowhere again like we did in ’03-’04…you just never know…in the meantime pistons fans please as they say “don’t jump the gun”…

  7. Kyle

    dude, i love chauncey. i named my dog after him. but the billups you’re (jeff, i think) putting up on a pedestal doesn’t really exist.

    yeah, he’s had the nickname “mr. bigshot” for a while, but for just as long people have pointed out how stupid that nickname is as he’s not really known for hitting that many big shots, nor is he any more likely to hit a big shot than sheed, rip, or even tay.

    he’s also been pretty well known for disappearing the playoffs the last two years. hurt or not.

    not to mention the fact that almost every coach who has ever beaten us has stated vocally that they did it by pressuring chauncey. when chauncey struggled, the team died, and he struggled mightily in the last few offseasons.

    i had to stop listening after a while. if you want to do a legit, objective debate i’d like to hear it. but i’m already against iverson for real reasons, hearing him compared to your idyllic version of chauncey is just pointless.

    the way i see it, this is the superstar experiment. we’ve seen our B list role players smashed the last two years by superstars, 2 from boston or one from cleveland, take your pick. when those superstars started taking over games we struggled and drowned. now we have our own superstar to either take the game over himself or at least contend with that other star. if it works we get a finals appearance or a championship, and we move forward from there. if not, no harm no foul, we lost iverson and look for something better in the future. joe is giving us all we could ask, a legit shot at a title and planning for the future.

  8. Kyle

    chauncey has struggled in the post-season, not off-season.

  9. omar

    Lets wait till after the allstar game and see. Chauncey did when us a championship. But we havent won anything in 5 years.

  10. det fan

    dawg why can’t we download this podcast

  11. MIkeymoe237

    Well said Kyle… Well said

  12. Mike

    Bad trade. You don’t trade you’re captain 2 games into a season. Iverson can’t play with other players of similiar stature. At some point he’s going to revert and begin to dominate the ball. This won’t be successful on a team with at least 4 other All Star calibur players. Joe is gambling but in my opinion we took a steep step back. By the way did anyone notice that Denver is in our customary position (1st place) and has won more games than us? Winners win and pretenders talk about wanting to win-the difference between Big Shot and a Ball Hog.

  13. Dacia Godsman

    Reading your blog put a smile on my face that lasted all day, thanks!


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