Pistons Shoot Down The Bucks – The Jason Maxiell Show

by | Nov 29, 2008 | 12 comments

No need for Allen Iverson to start this one, Rodney Stuckey did just fine bringing this Pistons team out on the floor. Stuckey got the team going out of the gate and Jason Maxiell’s high flying heroics didn’t hurt. Walter Herrmann capped off the night by scoring 13 of his 16 points in the fourth quarter in the Pistons’ 107-97 win over Milwaukee.

Key Points:

  • Rodney Stuckey was big in this one, 12 points with 5 assists, 4 steals and just one turnover. Stuckey starting over Iverson….success. My whole thing with Stuckey playing is that he’s getting Rip the ball where he needs it.
  • Rip, still not quite there but not that bad. Hamilton was 4-for-11 on the night with 12 points.
  • Kinda nice having Allen Iverson come off the bench and work with the second team.
  • Rebounding problem, Detroit lost the battle of the boards 41-47.
  • Stuckey’s steal and Alley Oop was Amirzing
Video Courtesy of The NBA, The Detroit Pistons and FSN
  • I had a chance to enjoy the game with The Fluidics, who was nice enough to share his prime seats with me. Best part of the night, the guys behind us who screamed PRACTICE every time Iverson shot the ball.
  • Six Pistons in double figures.
  • 14 turnovers for each team.
  • Didn’t like the fact that Walter Sharpe came into the game in the closing minutes and jacked up two shots on consecutive possessions to get in the books when his teammates were open and Milwaukee was still within 10.
  • Best thing Kwame Brown has done as a Piston. Well besides this.
  • Jason Maxiell brought the house down all night long. Jason had 6 blocks, 8 boards and 13 points with highlights galore. Jason has truly stepped his game up and it shows the minute he gets on the floor.
  • The Jason Maxiell show, second clip was the Play of the Night. Watch how Villanueva wants none of the Maxiell jam.
  • Allen Iverson led Detroit with 17 points on 4-for-10 shooting. He really is trying to dish the ball to his teammates and play Detroit’s style. Sometimes I wish he’d just be Allen, but no complaints here.
  • A quiet 10 points for Tayshaun who played a bit of the point last night.
  • I don’t like Richard Jefferson, he’s always got that pouty look on his face and it was as clear as day when he picked up a technical in the first half.
  • NBA.com Highlights of The Game.
  • Walter was truly the man, 5-for-6 from downtown for 16 points. He made the Palace erupt into a WAL-TER chant. It was great!

Walter Herrmann
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  • “He shot the ball so well and he made it so much easier for everybody else,” Iverson said. “He played a hell of a game, especially coming off the bench and not playing as much and coming in and contributing like that. … It says a lot about his preparation.” Via The Detroit Free Press
  • I know Tayshaun has been playing great, but Walter is a fantastic backup….utilize him more Michael.
    Solid night for Amir, 8 points, 3 boards and 3 blocked shots. That kid couldn’t get a call to save his life.
  • Detroit led 62-49 at the half, but the Bucks still remained in the game in the second half.
  • Detroit shot 48% on the night. Great shot selection.
  • Sheed 3 for 9 on the night for 8 points and 5 boards.
  • Two Walters in the game at one time is confusing.
  • Dyess jerseys back in the Palace Locker Room Store (Thank Goodness).
  • On a funny note, they had an advertisement running on the screen that circles the Palace. It was eyes only, and I could swear it was Dyess….Nope, an advertisement for a Brian McNight show at the Palace. They really do look alike.
  • Sunday afternoon game against Portland should be great.


  1. richard

    Two walter’s is confusing what about back in the day when we had two wallace’s, which one was more confusing

  2. TDP

    The ESPN guys (I think it was Sportscenter) were really dogging on Herrmann last night. They, evidently, don’t know how Rico Suave operates. They were cracking jokes about his scrunchie which, I suppose, is probably well-deserved. However, no one outside Detroit – save for Scott Skiles (See that shot he nailed right in front of him?) – must know he’s got an outside shot.

  3. Mikey F Baby

    Little haterish towards AI..he played a hell of a game teamwise.

  4. El Patron Himself (Accept no imitations!)

    Things to ponder after the game:

    1. To comment a little on what TDP shared: The fact what the ESPN people (not a collection of Rhodes Scholars behind the booth, mind you!) were making jokes about Rico’s ponytail just shows you how little they know about Argentina and sports in general. You see, Argentine athletes have had a long (no pun intended) tradition of sporting long hair, specially in futbol. So, it’s not a surprise that Rico goes long hair. But, it’s hard to ask a group of broadcasters who can only talk about Brett Favre and LeBron James and Pacman Jones 24/7 to do a little research about the world…

    2. It’s always good to see Sir Rodney get a good game. Sir Rodney needs to prove every chance he gets that Joe was onto something when he traded for AI. It’s no secret that Joe pulled the trigger because he trusts Stuckey.
    3. Another MONSTER game for DARKNESS himself, Mr. Jason Maxiell. Darkness really had some nice putbacks right there. And seriously, Charlie Villanueva, here’s a suggestion for you: MAN UP!!! You’re 6’11” for crying out loud, post up a little, earn your fat paycheck and don’t be afraid to be posterized by Darkness on TV… You WILL be posterized, but better to look like a man on the ground than a pansy on the sidelines.
    4. Good to see AI showing he was sorry. I still think it was very boneheaded of his to miss the PRACTICE, not a game, not a game, but PRACTICE (sorry, I couldn’t help myself… my bad!), but it’s always good to see that he manned up (see Charlie, that’s what you’re supposed to do!) accepted coming from the bench without pouting (Natalie, I agree with you, Richard Jefferson’s “mommy, the kids at the playground hate me” pouty look is pretty annoying) and did what he does every night, guaran’sheed: play tough and hard! I do respect that from Allen, no matter what, he always brings intensity!
    5. It was one play, but I have to admit that Kwame looked pretty good right there! He looked pretty quick and had solid footwork. Maybe the fact that all the eyes are on Iverson might be the best thing that can happen to Brown. Hasn’t it occurred to anybody yet that maybe Brown is a big man that plays best like Rasheed does, when he’s not the focal point or the go-to man all the time? Plus, let’s face it, if there’s someone who can help Kwame, that’s Sheed…

  5. Amer ican Prince

    I hate run and gun basketball. It creates highlights yes, but I always preferred to watch the other team get shut down, more than I liked watching my team score (I like to see them score, just not as much as a block or a great defensive possession. Steals are not always considered good defense)

    I just don’t have that player on the team that is my player that guy that does all the little things without even worrying about putting up a certain amount of shots unless that’s what his team needs him to do. Hopefully that’ll change when Dyess comes back

  6. Mike

    Another game in which Tay absolutely refuses to pass the ball to Amir no matter how much Amir is open.

    I think Tay’s gold metal has gone to his head.

  7. Steve the hated

    jus got home from the palace lockeroom, hermann jerseys are on order and will be in before x mas most likely in couple weeks, and iverson jerseys will be in next week, the real iversons not the peel n pull garbage.

  8. Marcos

    hey Nat do u have anymore Walter Hermann highlights from this game. i didn’t get to see much seeing as i live in Miami where the gayest/worst team in the world plays. go pistons!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. The Fluidics

    Game was a blast, it was a great crowd, and Dan Cortez dropping threes all night really got them going.

    3 things I saw that I really liked:

    #1 Allen Iverson caught smiling.
    #2 Walter Herrmann caught smiling.
    #3 Tayshaun Prince caught smiling.

    Winning is fun, isn’t it guys?

    Don’t forget to vote Tay for the All Star team.

  10. Steve the hated

    tay isnt an allstar…vote iverson

  11. Steve the hated

    iverson could be the first starting allstar in the allstar game since grant hill.

  12. El Patron Himself (Accept no imitations!)

    Nice going The Fluidics… Dan Cortese!!!! Funny!!!!

    Hey, maybe we should start making a list of all the nicknames that we’ve come up here for the players – just to see who’s got the most… just a thought…


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