Iverson Skips Practice

by | Nov 27, 2008 | 72 comments

Great holiday news for Pistons Fans.

“After Wednesday night’s 110-96 victory over the Knicks, he was one of many players who grumbled when coach Michael Curry decided to hold practice on Thanksgiving morning.

Iverson was the only no-show today. He will be fined an undisclosed amount and won’t start Friday night against the Milwaukee Bucks at the Palace.

Rodney Stuckey will start in Iverson’s place against the Bucks.” The Detroit Free Press


  1. Dominic

    I think that was a poor decision by Curry to hold practice on Thanksgiving. Everyone knows family comes first and players are in other states for weeks at a time. But they can usually count on having holidays to themselves. I don’t know how many teams held practice today but I don’t like that decision

  2. alex

    I think that it is pretty reasonable to hold a practice on the morning of Thanksgiving – I don’t think that they would miss much family time in the morning. It is pretty bold for Allen Iverson to be the only one to not show up since he is the newest member of the team.

  3. Justin

    Yea, I’m surprised he had the nerve to do this, especially because he is new, and wants to win a championship so badly. That just shows what character he has. It’s unfortunate, he already has proven that he is that kind of player.

    And truthfully, the practice was probably going to be about him and help him offensively and defensively. That’s so disappointing.

  4. Exzile

    I’m missing Billups more and more.

  5. Mike

    I am glad that AI missed practice.

    Stuckey deserves to start after yesterday’s game and continue to start.

    AI won’t be back next year so keep him on the bench

    He can join the Marberry Man as the all malcontent backcourt.

  6. Jeff

    Practice? . . . We’re talking about practice? . . . Not even a game, but practice . . .

  7. Kris

    i can’t agree with Mike more
    can’t wait to see Stuck get the start

  8. Kyle C.

    this is what you get when you have AI. this is how he is and I don’t think it was bad for MC to have practice seeing as you got blown out at home by the worst team in the league.
    Lets go Stuck!

  9. Steve in OH

    Not a fan of this behavior.

    I was hopin we wouldn’t be talkin about practice this season!

  10. Jimbo

    Lookin forward to getting his sorry ass outta Detroit – no way we should resign this malcontent.

  11. Stephen

    Well isn’t he just of to “a great start”.

    Do you think Joe D will talk to him about this?

  12. C-Quense

    I would trade him for Aaron McKie…

  13. Baller4life

    y would u hold practice on thanksgiving
    i dnt blame AI…

  14. JBump

    Big AI fan. Totally believe Thanksgiving is an important Holiday, but I work year ’round. There’s a ton of folks that would kill for a three-hour work day on Thanksgiving. But I guess for $2o million, what do you expect. Maybe if he got paid what the guy working down the street at the video store got paid, it would be different. What a drag. Hate it when superstars make being a fan so hard.

  15. Ryan Ricafort

    If Rip, Sheed and Tayshaun who are the anchor of the Pistons came to practice on a holiday, why wouldn’t AI? What makes him so special in this team (or in the NBA) anyway? He hasn’t won anything yet. I say we start Stuckey all the way, and let AI come off the bench. Then probably we’ll know his true colors. As they say, adversity brings out the best (or the worst) of a person.

  16. Will

    Truth is, I would have skipped too.

    Still, rather have Chancey on this team.
    Dumars reasoning was to show who is in charge.
    Cut off the head.

  17. Kyle C.

    if your in the NBA you should never skip a practice. There are people working hard year round just to get a shot to go to the NBA and they would go to practice everyday if they could be in the position that AI is in. It is a question of AI’s passion and commitment if he skips practiece even if it is on Thanksgiving.

  18. andyfrombrooklyn

    play amir all the time

  19. andyfrombrooklyn

    the only thing iverson needs to do is win games. the only thing curry needs to do is get amir the ball in the paint.

  20. Amer ican Prince

    JBump I second your comment (except I wouldn’t characterize myself as being an AI fan. Not defending him or nothing but I wonder what he had going on, was it an emergency or something?

  21. Amer ican Prince

    I’m trying to remember, did Joe Dumars actually say he would only go after high character guys, or was it the fans that started that hype (I’m asking for real)

  22. Amer ican Prince

    Also there are teams that actually played games today, not to mention the teams that play on Christmas

  23. The Fluidics

    The whole thing is whatever for me.

    Good for AI not practicing on Thanksgiving, it’s a dumb thing to have to practice on thanksgiving, and family does come first.
    Good for Coach Curry to fine him for skipping it, it was a dumb thing to skip practice, and work comes first. Everyone gets their way.
    Except for fans like me who have tickets for the game tomorow and possibly won’t get to see Iverson play. I do believe Joe D made the Iverson move to put asses in the seats. Not playing the guy goes against that. The fine would have been enough, not starting him and possibly benching him just spits in the fans faces.

  24. Andrew

    Curry and Joe aren’t just to put asses in the seats, they’re trying to win a championship. Not that they don’t care about the fans, but the fans aren’t their first priority. They’re going to do their job and that is to win a championship, which requires some discipline. Although I don’t think it was a good idea to have a practice on Thanksgiving, I agree with the benching and fine. Everybody else showed up, why wouldn’t AI?

  25. The Fluidics

    Nope, fans are ALWAYS the top priority. No fans equals your team moving to oklahoma. The Iverson trade was made specifically because the fans were not into the first few home games this season.

    And why call the practice anyhow? The Pistons played good on Wed, did everything right and came away with the win. Good move rewarding them with an unnecessary practice on a national holiday. Don’t get me wrong, it was a bad move to skip practice, but it was a dumb move to call for it in the first place. Who knows, maybe AI was flying out of town for the holiday, and the practice would have screwed the whole thing up. Don’t blame him at all for skipping it.

  26. Dhrumil

    AI?? Man, first of all, you just came to this team about 2-3 weeks ago, we’re trying to win a championship, this isn’t philly, it’s work here in Detroit, that’s why we’re one of the most successful franchises, and plus, i think stuckey should start, we are better as a slow paced half court team and thats what stuck brings, stuck reminds me of a more explosive chauncey, and man i miss chaunce. : (

  27. Sheed36

    As a worker for the Pistons, trust me Curry should have had no practice today.
    1) Its Thanksgiving, let your players go home and spend the day with there families
    2) They just won a game, reward them by not having practice
    3) Iverson needs to shoot like he did in his Philly and Denver days
    4) We need A.I.

  28. pistons 4 life

    It disappoints me that this happened, but I guess it doesn’t really suprise me. We all knew how AI felt about these sorts of things before he was a Piston. I’m more happy to hear that everyone else actually showed up. That way AI just looks like the odd guy out and maybe they’ll call him out on it. Plus it shows that everyone else is committed.

    More practice between games = a better basketball team. Thankfully my job doesn’t require any holiday work, but if it did I definately wouldn’t call in sick or not go. I think what Curry did was the right thing. You can’t let him think that he can defy the TEAM and get away with it.

    I guess it just disappoints me to hear right out of his mouth when we got him that he was committed to winning a championship and then he can’t show up for 3 hours in the morning. I just hope this doesn’t screw with any chemistry that they’ve been working on.

    Lets just sit back I guess and see how the punishment unfolds. Maybe this is what AI needs.

  29. Justin

    I knew someone was going to break out the pratice line. But honestly he shouldn’t have skipped practice. But MC shouldn’t have scheduled a practice. It’s on him. AI wasn’t the only one complaining about having to practice on a holiday. But he is the only one who decided he wasn’t going to show up. Why do I get the feeling it was one of those agreements that guys come up with the night before something and then when it comes time to actually carry it out there is only one guy who does. AI got caught with his pants down I think.

    But like I said I put the blame squarely on MC’s shoulders. I think this incident might have de-railed any momentum that the Pistons would have had after that win against the Knicks.

  30. Susan

    Practice on Thanksgiving sucks but there are teams that are PLAYING on Thanksgiving so suck it up, A.I. and get your ass to the gym and work on that D.

  31. Amer ican Prince

    Okay first of all they beat the Knicks, what do they need a reward for, second of all IT WAS AN HOUR

  32. JBump

    To all those who say MC was wrong to schedule a practice today, I agree. Bad move. But that’s what this should have been. A bad move by a new coach. AI didn’t just disregard his coach, he made his team mates look like chumps. He sent the message that their showing up was somehow weak. They had to feel left out in the cold.

    Team doesn’t come before family. But come on. How does a short morning practice betray belief in family.

    My idea for punishment: No fine. He still starts. But he wears number “0”.

  33. Kyle C.

    Fluidics just because AI doesn’t play against the Bucks doesn’t mean it is a bad game and if you are going only to see AI (im not saying you are) then you shouldn’t be a fan of the Pistons. The Pistons have a bunch of other great players and AI is serving his punishment for skipping practice. It doesn’t matter if it was on Thanksgiving. That is the reason why we got MC so he could be more in control then Flip and he knows that they need practice. So don’t be mad at MC, Joe or anyone else, AI is the answer this time.

  34. Steve the hated


  35. Corey

    Yea Chauncey is actually playing a game in Denver on thanksgiving.

    I wouldn’t be complaining Allen.

  36. mrbigshot

    Iverson is on the team, so support him u fuckers. Personally, i loved chauncey on the team and the team the way it was and it still hurts that he plays for denver now, but it was a move that had to be made i think. not only for an etablished go to guy, but we have alot of cap space for the HUGE 2010 free agent market(lebron, bosh, etc.).

    we talkn bout practice?…practice?

  37. Justin

    Detriot was a great team and still is but Iverson shouldnt start with that bullshit attitude like he always did not showing up for practice and showing up late and all that bullshit its just messing up the team chemistry

  38. lamont

    we need someone like daron willims in detriot

  39. C-Quense

    Right now practice is most important. With a new PG on your team, you have to practice as much as possible.
    This is why he never wins that ship before.
    He’s 33 years old, making the same mistakes since 1997.

  40. The Fluidics

    All I’m saying is that there are lots of people who bought tickets after the trade, based soley on the fact that they wanted to see AI. This is only his 5th home game here. If he doesn’t play, it’s a dis to all of those fans. People pay to see the players play, not to see the coaches flex their muscles. That’s what pissed me off so much during that first loss to boston, Curry was sitting Afflalo because he was pissed at him, while the team was getting blown out. Check your ego and put your players in the game, nobody ever helped their team win from the bench.

  41. Jop

    I told u since day number one. AI is a loser, and he shows this every single day, Billups come back home!

  42. Steve the hated

    i hope we get another superstar i LOVE watching u all cry this is hillareous! i love seein people suffering and in pain.

  43. Amer ican Prince

    steve the hated you’re cool man, you sound like a cartoon character sometimes, but it’s all in good fun.

    lamont I’m with you, I think Deron Williams is one of the best point guards in the game, just not sure if Utah would give him up.

    And why is Michael Curry wrong, he is in a tough situation and he knew his players needed practice time so 1 hour practice, not 3, 1. And why are you blaming Michael Curry for Iverson not showing up. He is a grown man he’s responsible for his own actions. Family is important, but this is what is meant by sacrificing for the good of the team.

  44. Kyle

    ai deserves to be punished and will be punished. a one hour practice was not unreasonable and attending one does not disrespect or betray your family or the holiday or make you look like a chump.

    it makes you look like a true championship contender, which is why it’s so new to ai.

    i’m less interested in how the coach and joe d handle it than how the other players react. if i’d just lost someone like chauncey, decided (against my better judgment) to buy into ai’s song and dance, and then he shit in my cereal like this… i think my professionalism might flag in regards to warning you about picks and whatnot, or how hard i take practice (when you make it).

  45. Pat

    First off, this is the first time commenting on this site but I have been reading for years and it is phenomenal. Natalie I believe it is your site, and its amazing so keep up the amazing site!!!!

    I live in TO and thanks to family have been a Piston’s supporter since the bad boy days. I must admit that when AI was traded I was ticked off at first but then became somewhat happy (and now realizing I was just lying to myself). After this incident happened I was so frustrated it was almost unbearable. First of all this guy has messed up our rotation huge. Even when Dyess is back, it doesn’t solve the problem that Hamilton and him can not be on the court at the same time (why I think Hamilton should be the Ginobli of the east and go with stuckey and bynum as PG’s all year). Given that, he decides HIS time is more precious then any other players and HE decides to stay home and do HIS own thing while everyone else gave up their time on thanksgiving. The rumour is that he is going to be getting a “hefty” fine and will not be able to start? I don’t know about you guys (and I agree with another readers comments, he is cheating Piston’s fans by being selfish) but this punishment is almost as pathetic as his actions. He can not start? How about not playing him for 5 games. Let him practice during that time but what is he learning by not being able to start against the Buc’s? Come on, that is a joke and not the standard Joe D or Curry should be setting or claim they will set. If I were a selfish jerk, I would see that as a good trade, you get to skip practice, eat food and be lazy, then you get less minutes in your first game after? That is beneficial to him almost, and this hefty fine? Unless it is 10 mill then it means nothing to this guy. Bottom line is he cheated this team worse then even the selfish Sheed has (don’t get me wrong he is my favorite player but he has proven to put himself before the team plenty of times). I really don’t care what stats Iverson has, this is a huge blow to the team in my opinion and this lame punishment does not show that to him. For any of you who are lucky enough to go to the game against the Buc’s, do me a favor and BOO the s%$t out of Iverson to let him know how much of a selfish punk he is. Thanks again for the awesome site its amazing!!

  46. Amer ican Prince

    Pat, good post and welcome to the world of being a need4sheed poster. It’s a hoot.

    I think with the timing of this, only being here less than a month, his reputation and quotes in the past, plus what he said in the press conference about doing whatever the coach asks him to do he kind of set himself up for a backlash. I can’t remember the exact quote, but he said in the interview with Sheed and John Thompson that when his teammates look to their left they know he’ll be there in the foxhole

  47. pistons 4 life

    Not that I’m defending the guy because I think he was in the wrong. But why don’t we wait and see what his excuse is, if he has one, and how he’ll react. Like I said in my first post, maybe this is just what he needs to have reality set in that he can’t be the old AI. He said he wants to win so lets see what happens.

    In the end this whole thing has been blown out of proportion from the get go. Yeah it pissed everybody off but come on, is it really that big of a deal as long as it doesn’t get out of hand.

    I didn’t get to watch the Knicks game because I have DISH, but I did record the replay at 12:00 and watch bits and pieces the next day. I was really suprised how much better the team looked when AI wasn’t even in the game. It reminded me of those couple games after the trade when he couldn’t play yet. I just think he throws the whole team out of what they’re used to. Hopefully they’ll find a way around it.

    But as I’ve said before, I’m not going to get my hopes up that high. This team has a lot to prove to me to show me that they’re actually contenders. I’ve learned to lower my expectations for this team because of all the times I’ve been let down. Not saying we haven’t been good the last couple of years. Just not good enough.

    Oh, and Steve the hated, I love your comments sometimes. It adds some humor to these posts. You can’t fault the guy for being honest. I just can’t believe how pissed off everyone gets.

  48. Keith

    Yeah. It may have been a poor decision form Coach Curry to have practice on Thanksgiving, but hey, if Sheed showed up with all of the rest of the players, why couldnt AI spend an HOUR of his day for the team. Lets hear his side first, then we can really have a judgment.

    But for now, wrong move AI. Thats is not how Detroit Basketball rolls. Bounce with us, or your ring will bounce out.

  49. Sheed's Balls Don't Lie

    Chauncey had to play on Thanksgiving; I just believe the arrogance–read somewhere that he apologized and the gamenotes show Iverson starting, but that’s probably a mistake

    –interesting if they win and look better without him but I bet he plays AND I bet he does it again

  50. shtokinblockin

    I love need4sheed, but this is just absurd. Your making way to big of a deal out of this. It was Thanksgiving, not an ordinary day and not an ordinary practice. I think that AI has his prorities right by actually having Thanksgiving with his family and not participating in one out of hundreds of practices. I think the players who showed up to this practice seriously don’t care about their families.

  51. Sheed's Balls Don't Lie

    Latest rumor–and I admit it is a rumor–but you guys have probably heard that he several people claim he was playing poker at the MGM Grand–Whether that’s true or not, in the NBA , there are games scheduled on Thanksgiving, a lot of stores are open on Thanksgiving–so to all those people saying its family day–out of respect to the others he should have gone–and it’s believable that he would be playing poker instead of with his family–just a rumor, but a believable one

    With all of the previous jokes/history, I still can’t believe he did this. I bet he gets booed.

  52. Dor

    Great decision by Curry.
    I know that the holiday is very important, but wheh the team looks like that, they have to understand the situation and do everything to get better.
    I think Curry has shown them that he’ll be tough, because if they don’t deserve this day off, they won’t get it.
    I have a lot of respect to what theyr’e going through and how important the holiday is, especially for them, but they have to be committed to the team and if the play like they do, they have to do everything in order to change that, and Curry is doing his job as an educator and a coach.

    So with all the respect, it is a sensitive situation, but good call by Curry.
    And about Iverson? I’m out of words, he’s showed us and his teammates what he thinks about us, on and off the court.



  54. Kyle

    i knew that when we got iverson there would be a deluge of bandwagon “pistons” fans obsessed with iverson but some of these posts are ridiculous.

    was the practice a bad idea? irrelevant. iverson knew it was happening and everyone showed up except for him. outside of a family emergency, that is inexcusable, and “i didn’t want to leave them for 2 hours” is not a family emergency.

    stop trying to justify iverson’s arrogance and disrespect by claiming the practice was unjust or unnecessary. those are excuses. and to those of us who have seen the sacrifices necessary to win a championship they are pathetic excuses. if iverson’s a man he’ll own up like a man and take responsibility like a man.

    if he’s a champion he’ll change his behavior, subvert his ego and do whatever he can to make this team better. champions eat, train, practice and play like champions. until allen iverson realizes that, he’ll never be one.

    and let’s put an end to this notion that ai was brought here to increase ticket sales rather than to make a serious title run. anyone who thinks that knows nothing about joe d. or pistons basketball.

  55. El David

    I´m a Pistonsfan from Sweden where Thanksgiving means fxxk all but I reckon it´s an important holiday in the US. I´m bitterly dissapointed about AIs behavior, thanksgiving or not. Having watched losses against Boston, Phoenix and Minnesota it´s obvious they need som extra paractice to get organized defensively.
    Feels like the trade is above all a good move to get some capspace more than adding Allen to the team.
    Looking forward to Dice´s return though. A man who truly deserves to wear the Pistonsshirt

  56. Andrew

    i have liked Iverson throughout his career and i love him as a player but i am starting to doubt him as a piston. i mean this shows that you can take the guy out of the hood, but you cant take the hood out of the guy i mean come on A. I what were yout hinking that day, you have gone through this practice thing again,only hear in detroit we dont need you as much as Philly needed you. so get better adn help us out and yourself out

  57. Derek

    I think it was irresponsible of a fading superstar with no concept of what it means to be a leader or a winner to skip practice. This situation is not surprise, its disappointing. The good thing is with the mental strength of the vets on this team and the head of the organization, it is highly unlikely that A.I. will tear this team apart. Its actually a good thing that this sort of foolishness comes out early so hopefully it won’t be an issue by the second half of the season. This situation also makes me feel like it will be one and done for A.I. in a Pistons jersey.

  58. khan

    ayy i would trade ai, dnt care about lebron in 010 becuase theres more players in 010 so we should trade him to the suns because staudamire wants to leave the suns i think

  59. Derek

    As for the decision to practice for 1 hour on Thanksgiving, it makes since for a team that wants to win a title to get everyone on the same page. For the 1st time in 5 years this team is not in the top 3 in the east. They are not favorites to win their division much less the conference or the title. Curry made the right decision…it was only 1 HOUR.

  60. Bryan

    You know, it is pretty disappointing to see A.I skip practice because he said in his press conference that he would do whatever it takes to win. I mean, the practice was only for one hour, and it was held early, so I don’t think there was many reasons for Iverson to miss practice. But I’m glad that Allen apologized and said that it won’t happen again. That’s the Allen Iverson I want to see.

  61. JC

    It was just an hour long conditioning session. So I guess the practice wasnt to get AI acclimated a bit more with his brand new teammates anyway. However Its inexcusable, he was joking about his practice outburst at Philly the day of his team introduction, So Come on AI youre 33 freaking years old!! I know it sucks working on holidays(because I did actually) But man, you should know better than that, you should realize that sometimes we are judge by our past. Curry is one lame boss LOL, just like mine, but my goal is getting a promotion to get a salary raise, so I know good enough to not get on my bosses bad side. AI dude youre goal is a championship(I assume) So do what your boss says, specially since the team is struggling to adapt to you, talk about starting with the left foot.

  62. Richie

    I just want to say that I Coach high school wrestling, and we had a two hour practice Thanksgiving morning. My HIGH SCHOOL athletes showed up, got a work out in, then went home and spent the rest of the day with their families.
    If pros are getting paid millions for to give up less time than what high schoolers are doing for free or even paying to do, there’s a big problem with them not showing up for practice. I’m on Curry’s side here.

  63. osama

    hey i just wanted to say there is no reason of putting iverson on the bench because then there would be no reason for him to even be on the team.

  64. VJ

    Natalie, I am quite disappointed in you. For as optimistic as you always are, I feel like you are giving up on Allen. I miss Chauncey just like the rest of us, but Allen is a Piston now and I am behind him every step of the way. I have confidence in his abilities and his character. I know that I sure wouldn’t show up to a practice on Thanksgiving morning, and I am fine if Iverson doesn’t want to either.

  65. Kyle

    vj, you say you have confidence in his character, and then you say you’d have skipped the same practice. no wonder you have confidence in his character, you have none of your own.

    honestly, what degree to punish ai is up for debate, whether or not what he did was wrong isn’t. and we as pistons fans (as opposed to ai fans)have every reason to be upset. he lied at his press conference and then gave us a perfect example of how he’s still the same arrogant, self-centered little jerk he used to be.

    if you don’t know what “detroit basketball” refers to then please, find some allen iverson fan site you can post on. excuse every stupid thing he does, and blame the most consistent team in the east as all being idiots except for the infallible ai.

    ai is the opposite of detroit basketball and his fans are the opposite of detroit pistons fans. it sickens me. i believe he has the potential to help this team win a championship this year. but he’s not going to do it unless he gets over himself and his cadre of devoted apologists.

    why would you even continue to excuse this kind of behavior? i take it you’re an ai fan? you enjoy seeing him act like a child? do you not want him to win a championship? do you enjoy seeing him lose? does seeing him not live up to his potential make you feel better about yourself?

  66. Natalie Sitto

    VJ, by no means am I “giving up” on Iverson, but how can you not be disappointed in someone who defied the coach and his team for his own purposes.

    People have to work on the Holidays, what makes it different for him?

    I don’t make close to 22 million dollars a year and I work when I’m told.

    It’s about a championship.

  67. VJ

    If Ivo can put up 17 points in 28 minutes without attending a “crucial” practice, then I really wouldn’t care if he didn’t show up for another practice for the rest of the season. He gets paid to play basketball, and the heart and dedication I saw from him last night on the Palace floor was enough for me.

    And for everyone who is making this issue a bigger deal than it has to be: Drew Sharp hit the nail on the head in his Free Press article on Saturday. If you haven’t read it by now, I suggest you check it out.

  68. Kyle

    ai put up 17 points in 28 minutes against the bucks, who were missing their two best players. how did he do against boston? against the freaking timberwolves?

    if “the heart and dedication” you saw against the bucks was enough to satisfy you, then fine. enjoy meaningless wins against crappy teams. but winning a championship demands a level of heart and dedication outside of the games themselves.

    you think garnett skips practices? you think kobe bryant skips practices? no, because they’re champions. they realize the dedication required to win that ring is greater than just showing up to games. much greater.

    they get it. iverson doesn’t. most iverson fans don’t.

    i read the drew sharp article. it basically says iverson needs to be treated like a child and that “Iverson and the concept of rigorous practice are about as compatible as the Lions and winning a game.”

    this is the behavior you’re defending? showing up to games should be a given. if that is the extent of your dedication you don’t deserve a pistons uniform.

  69. VJ

    Good points Kyle. I can definetely understand where you are coming from. All that I’m saying is that the ultimate fate of the 08-09 Detroit Pistons does not bank on which players attended or did not attend an hour long practice on Thanksgiving morning. I get the fact that its about principle and I get the fact that the practice was called with the goal of acclimating Ivo.

    However, rest assured there will be many more practices throughout the year, and come May, I expect AI will fit right in. (my comment above about never going to practice again was facetious)

    As for the Garnett/Kobe thing, you do have an excellent point there. I must admit, I’ve never thought of it that way before.

    Further, the entire team played horrendous against Boston and Minnesota, so I don’t know if its fair to throw all the blame on Iverson.

    I also think it is unfair to chastise Allen without even knowing his excuse. Granted, the fact that he did not offer one doesn’t look good, but nobody on the outside can be completely sure.

    Finally, give him more of a chance. At times when it looks like he is half-assing it, remember that his life is different than yours, so you can’t expect him to think like you. I trust Joe D and his instincts. He was the one that rebuilt our great team and he is the one that saw fit to shake it up. I am confident that it will all work out in the end, but if it doesn’t, I will be the first to admit that I was wrong

  70. VJ

    One more final note: I take pride in being a Detroit Pistons fan no matter who it is out there on the floor. From the moment I laid eyes on my first hideous Grant Hill teal jersey at age 5, I’ve wanted nothing but the best for Detroit Basketball. I am a Pistons fan, and that entails all Pistons, past and present (yes, even Ben Wallace, Jon Barry, Jud Bucheler, etc.). From my favorite player (Rasheed) to the captain (Rip) to the guards, big men, and all the way down to Alex Acker, I am behind them every step of the way, because they share the common goal of bringing a ship back. Some players might go about it differently, but I love them all. In response to your above comment, I believe that to be a true Pistons fan, you must be an Iverson fan, but not necessarily vice versa, if that makes sense at all (it probably doesn’t, but its like that whole “a square is a rectangle but a rectangle isn’t a square” thing they fed us in geometry)

  71. Vanalope

    Like Nat I tried to give this guy the benefit of the doubt and was starting to thaw towards him after the 1st round of west coast games, it did seem like he was trying to play like a team player which is why I like Detroit as a franchise int he first place. There just aren’t a lot of teams in the NBA that are competitive based on team work instead of being a support system for a superstar player.

    However my thaw towards the guy is over with this. He’d have to commit a major act of selflessness now to regain my good favor. This is the same ole AI crap, different jersey. That guy so does NOT deserve to be wearing Chauncy’s #1. Still love the team but I will be happy when he’s not wearing a Pistons jersey any more. He has not demonstrated to me that he’s a Piston’s caliber player. For me that includes talent AND a good work ethic and attitude.

    I wear a McDyess jersey to games for a reason.


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