Pistons vs. Timberwolves

by | Nov 23, 2008 | 27 comments

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It seems like forever since Detroit hit the court, especially since most Pistons fans would like to forget their last “effort”. Detroit hosts the 2-9 Minnesota Timberwolves this evening at The Palace. They may not have a great record, but they are still a good team. Keep your eyes on Al Jefferson, who always plays well against Detroit.  Jefferson has scored at least 20 points in six consecutive games, but Minnesota has won just once over that span.

This game starts off a four game home stretch of very winnable games for Detroit.

Tip off is at 6:00 P.M. with the game being broadcast on FSN Detroit. If you can’t catch it on TV make sure to tune into 1130 AM The Fan where you can catch our friend Matt Dery with the Pre-Game starting at 5:00. Can’t do either, follow the game on NBA.com.

Enjoy the game, leve them in the Comments or live in Chat.

Oh and let’s get Dyess back.


  1. Dan

    should be an easy win and thank God for this homestand. by the way, it says pistons vs bucks instead of timberwolves

  2. altan

    btw , u wrote bucks instead of timberwolves but anyways we should win this one with ease, EXCITED

  3. Franz (detroit 2hot...)

    Minnesota Bucks.

    Who cares, we understand you Natalie.

  4. Natalie Sitto

    Thanks everyone…I guess I had Bambi on the brain.

  5. ben

    alright wow they aRe down by 20 detroit is sooo good!!!! they cant even beat the damn timberwolves? give me a break rip sucks

  6. jaraad

    THE PISTONS DROPPED FROM GOOD to a 500 basketball team as soon as chauncey left. ALLEN IVERSON HAS MADE THE TEAM WORSE! LAST FOUR GAMES: phoenix,cleveland,bostons, nd today minnesota: they trailed over 14 points. nd only 1 comenback. ALLEN IVERSON HADNT DONE A THING!!!!!!!!

  7. jaraad

    YA UM BEN I AGREE: rip sucks. they shouldv traded him instead

  8. TDP

    Can we start a petition to fire Michael Curry?

  9. Ryan

    That’s pathetic if you give up on YOUR TEAM because of a few games. Apparently you weren’t a true fan to begin with; go bandwagon somewhere else, please.

  10. brs197

    Thank you, Dyess!!! MLive is reporting that McDyess has officially told the Pistons that he’s returning. Yeah!!

  11. The Fluidics

    I just have a few points, then I’m off to bed.
    I know coach Curry talks a lot about defense, and how that will be the focus of the team. Perhaps then, he might want to start coaching it. It’s easy, you get up, and talk to your players during the game, telling them what you want them to do. See, coach Curry, you might not know about this, you having never been a coach and all, but you can talk to your team at times other than time outs.

    There is also this other thing that I see a lot of coaches doing, and I think it might work for coach Curry too. It’s called plays. See, it’s a pretty neat concept, you might like this one Mike. What you do is have set plans of what your players are going to do, involving ball movement, passing, and shooting. It works a lot better than AI going right up to the rack, only to kick the ball out to somebody shooting a low percentage jumper EVERY SINGLE POSSESSION. Anyhow, ask one of your vatly more experienced assistant coaches about plays, I’m sure they will be able to tell you all about them.

    Coach Curry talks a lot about accountability. Does that go for you too coach? 8 and 5, that’s not too good. And you can keep blaming the Iverson trade, or the road games, or whatever, but you just got blown out by the Wolves, and you have yet to lose a close game. They are ALL blowouts. If you have a bunch of guys shooting 30%, answer me why you still hadn’t put Bynum or Herrmann or Acker in the game? Where is the “accountability”? Every time I see #12 in the game, he makes a big difference and brings a lot of energy to the floor. Try playing him when you aren’t down by 24, you might get a few more wins between you and .500.

    Joe D talks all the time about how of all the coaches he’s hired, mentally Curry is the most like him. That’s great and all, but he’s a shitty coach. That may have been a fine hire with Chauncey at point, since he was running the team, but now with AI, do you really think he gives two shits about Michael Curry? Dave Cowens get ready, cuz if Mr. Dumars bumps into you in the hallway, he might just promote you to head coach. That’s how MC got the job.

    Don’t forget to vote Prince for the ALL STAR team, he deserves it most so far this season.

  12. elainefan

    Is it just me or does Allen Iverson not look happy to be a piston anymore?

  13. Amer ican Prince

    Fluidics you and me are right here (fingers going from eyes to eyes.) Why aren’t you yelling from the bench, even Tayshaun was coaching against the Cavs from the sidelines before he was about to check in. And cudos I thought I was the only one noticing the driving and kick out. It’s okay to do it but not every single time. Call a play go to Flip’s old playbook if you have to cause say what you want about Flip and we could say a lot, but the dude knew how to draw up an offensive set. But I can’t be mad at Michael Curry because he is new and he’s still learning the players. But I think he’s trying to establish some consistency among the starters and without practice, they need to play together in games, that’s why he waited so long. I kind of see the games as Pistons practice right now.

  14. SickWitItYo

    and P.S.

    MICHAEL CURRY IS THE SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!! He has done fine… AI needs to get aclamated and Rip needs to find his touch, and with dyess back we have another big man threat… everyone needs to chill!

  15. mobius909

    Do us a favor and don’t mention how easy teams are to beat anymore.

    side point: this is becoming tiresome at a very rapid rate. I don’t like seeing our boys get ripped for more than 10 points, let alone 15 or 20 by the stupid timberwolves, who can’t beat anyone… cept us.

  16. Dana

    Ooo my damn.. what the hell kind of performance was this tonight after being raped by Boston thursday??
    WOW.. this is going to be a long season,
    the only good news is DYESS IS BACK <3333

  17. The Fluidics

    No, I’m sorry, I have to disagree. Michael Curry is not “the shit”.
    Michael Curry is a rookie head coach whose only experience is one season as a third assistant. That might fly for a team like the Thunder, but if your expectatinos are to win a championship, why would you hire a coach with no experience? All Curry has done is memorized Joe Dumars talking points and said thats how he’ll run the team.

    This country is full of high school basketball teams with more experienced head coaches.
    This country is full of college basketball teams with more experienced head coaches.
    This country is full of WNBA basketball teams with more experienced head coaches.
    This country is full of NBA basketball teams with more experienced head coaches.
    There are international leagues full of basketball teams with more experienced head coaches.

    Are you telling me the Best Mr. Dumars could do is hore this yes man with no credentials to try and lead a team of professionals to the top of their sport?
    Now I’m not saying he’ll never be a good coach, but I am saying he’s not one now, and if this team has the expectations of winning a championship, then they can’t be running around with a head coach who is trying to figure out how to do his job while the team keeps getting blown out night after night. Joe and Mr. Davidson should have put out some dough and hired a top coach away from another team, not hired a guy who has paid zero dues and never held a clipboard to run his multi million dollar team. The players and fans deserved better.
    Damn this has been pissing me off all summer!

  18. SickWitItYo

    dude, michael curry is fresh and makes the best use of the team as a whole… he has really gotten the bench involved… it isnt his fault that he does not have a true center… it is Joe D’s fault… I am sure you will see a signing or something that will bring in a better big guy… Kwame/Amir can’t hold it down, and J-Max coming off the bench is not a huge help at Center… Dyess on the otherhand comes of the bench and is one more able body to score on the offensive end hence making teams scramble around on the court. CURRY IS THE, “SHIT” i have never seen a coach play the bench the way he does, and I like it… so just deal with it man… and go complain somewhere else… they need a big man who can produce defensively (we won the championship with big ben… not cause of his offense but because of his defense…) michael curry isnt bad at all… get your facts straight son!


    ill stick it out with dtroit, i have hope, i saw us blow out the 1st 4 teams we played, i saw a glimmer of hope in cleveland where everyone played their heart out, just give it some time and remember that the 2004 Championship team started out 16-13; give it some time, mcdyess will help us, we have all the pieces, just havent found a way to connect them yet.


    i was at the game today and it was bad. I left in the mid of the 3rd qtr. I felt like since they werent giving an effort tonight im wasting my life. Hopefully curry or dumars will light a fire under their asses to play with passion.


  21. Alwayzreal

    Gettin blown out at home by the Timberwolves????We suck!!!!!!We suck really bad right now and got some major frontcourt issues to deal with even when McDysse come back………..And a rookie coach……Just keepin it real Alwayz!!!!!!!

  22. Alwayzreal

    Contenders?????? Please!!!!!!!!More like Pretenders!!!!!!!!!

  23. mobius909

    have faith, y’all… doesn’t help that rip and ai were like 6-25 combined.

  24. The Fluidics

    What geting the bench involved?
    Last night, the Pistons started getting their asses kicked in the 2nd quarter, and Curry didn’t make an adjustment until 5 minutes left in the 4th.

    That’s not coaching, thats having real good seats.

  25. pistons 4 life

    I’ve been thinking about what Rip’s problem might be. You know how when you have two dogs for a long time and one passes away. Rip just hasn’t been the same since Billups was traded. Did you see him after the game last night walking with Curry on the sidelines. He just doesn’t look right.

    And here’s another analogy. You know in football how you have to run the ball to be able to pass. We have absolutely NOOOOO low post game which in turn makes it harder to get open shots. And as a result we become very predictable. That’s funny too because didn’t Joe trade Billups to become more unpredictable.

    Honestly people I think we need to stop making excuses for this team and accept it. We’re not going to have a great run with this current team. I’m not saying that we won’t be good, just not great. Look at the way Boston and LA have been playing on both sides of the ball. We’re not even close to that and I don’t think we will be this year. So you might as well not torture yourself thinking that we’re going to be this great team that gets to the finals.

    The only way I’ll accept the AI trade is if we actually do the salary dump at the end of this season and gain the cap space. I was on board with it at first but you’re seeing the same result as any other team he’s played for. I just don’t think the way he plays works well with team basketball.

    I’ll always love this team but I don’t think this year will be our year.

  26. alwayzreal

    Finally somebody with common sense on here………I totally agree wit u Pistons 4 life


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