Smoked in Boston

by | Nov 21, 2008 | 21 comments

Detroit went into the Garden and ran off a 13-2 lead on the Celtics, but Boston bounced right back to tie the game at 21. A false hope of optimism for Pistons fans in reality turned into a stomping (again) by the Celtics, who made Detroit look almost silly by the third quarter. The Celtics took this one by 18, but the 98-80 victory didn’t do the Celtics’ domination justice; it looked like a 30 point plus blowout.

Key Points:

  • From Domination (Cle) to Disheartening in one day.
  • It was collectively a bad game from everyone. Nobody on the team besides Iverson (5-13) took more than 10 shots.
  • The whole team looked miserable, by the second half nobody even looked like they wanted to be on court. From the looks of it they gave up after they headed to the locker room
  • Think Rondo gave Billups trouble? He blew by Iverson all night long…
  • 16 turnovers that translated into Boston buckets.
  • Boston has now embarrassed Detroit to the point that they should be ashamed. Right now it’s clear that they truly are a better team all the way around. The ball movement alone was textbook. And their defense… stellar.

Rip Hamilton
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  • “Oh yeah, definitely,” Richard Hamilton said when asked if the score was an indication of how far the Pistons are from the Celtics’ level. “We’ve got to be a lot better. We lost to them two times by 20 points — that’s absolutely bananas. We don’t play like that.” Via The Detroit News
  • Out muscled and out hustled all night long.
  • There is really not much more to say, it was bad enough to be at the Palace when Boston stomped on them. We chalked that up to Iverson being new to the team. He still is, but this was just awful. Do we gauge the team on these two losses to Boston? Right now we do, they are the team to beat and if Detroit didn’t know that before then shame on them.
  • I miss these…
  • A little Will Bynum dunk to maybe put a smile on your face.
  • I promise you if I would have seen a little more “want” on their faces it wouldn’t be that bad. The looks could kill last night and the whole country saw them.
  • Herrmann was in the Hospital?
  • We need Dyess more than ever.
  • PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION – I am going to do whatever it takes to get as many signatures as I can and get this thing in the right hands. PLEASE pass on the link to anyone you know that will sign it. Let’s give Dyess some Love.
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  1. Keith

    Over the past few games, Im just wondering Nat, where the hell is Walter? He has not seen much since the Iverson trade. I do miss him on the court.

  2. Damien W.

    Man, that WAS hard to watch. To tell the truth, I had to turn the t.v. off for a moment mid way through the third because it was so bad to watch (I haven’t turned the t.v. off in mid game since the ’05 season)

    I think the dagger in my heart, even though the game was long gone in the Celtics ‘W’ slot, Rasheed shot a little 8 foot jumper that bobbled out then Rip got the rebound and went to put it back in… which rolled from left to right in to the palms of a White and Green jersey. That was a spit in the face and dirt in the eye.

    The only good thing came out of that game truly was the Rip to Tay alley and the Will Bynum power jam. It was good to see him get up like that, it was like he was dunking everybody’s frustration with that.

  3. Dana

    this game brought tears to my eyes… literally
    Boston is the better team, I hate to say it. Thanks alot JOE!!

  4. Amer ican Prince

    Agree Keith. I’m not saying he’s the final piece or anything, and he’s not really a great defender but he offers that outside shooting and that intangible just everyone cheers for.

    I think the announcers said most of the things I’ve been saying
    No passing
    Standing around
    Settling for jump shots
    Soft finesse team

    Ever since the trade we’ve lost Chauncey, Dyess, Cheikh, RIP, Jason, Amir, Walter.

    I can’t remember the last time we’ve had one of those great hustle plays where multiple players are involved and everything went right. And when was the last time we saw the ball swing to the other side of the court.

    Can anyone tell me why Curry wouldn’t have a practice today when practice time is so scarce? How many days off has he given them?

    When Paul Pierce calls the Pistons a running team, you know something is wrong.

    But I just can’t stop laughing at RIP’s word choice for the game it was “bananas” I guess that led to some “poo poo shots” haha

  5. augustslady

    Made me have have smoke come out of the ears!
    Just awful!
    No excuses for this,hey I know it was a back to back
    but sheesh!!!
    Bananas is mild,my expletives made my dogs head for cover last night…LOL!

  6. Mike

    There is not doubt that the state of the Michigan economy has warped the Pistons fans view of games.

    In a period of 60 – 90 seconds in the first quarter I counted 6 consecutive Boston fouls of which only the last one was called.

    I turned the game off after that.

  7. TDP

    I’d like that damn Paul Pierce graphic taken down immediately.

  8. Jonathan

    man i’m sick of seeing cocky celtics fans hate on the pistons. sure the celtics are now better than detroit, but the fans are way too cocky for their own good. living in boston, it’s hell listening to all this trash about detroit but at least detroit doesn’t have bandwagoners

  9. The Fluidics

    Do I thik Iverson over Chauncey was an upgrade? Absolutely.
    Do I think Iverson over Chauncey and Dyess was an upgrade? You’d have to be crazy to think that.
    I trust that when Dyess comes back (hopefully) that things will get better.

    And I still think Curry was a bad pick for head coach. He’s got that chair on lock though, I can’t argue that. The chair is staying put.

  10. Dontay

    OMG… I’m a die hard pistons fan! but that was just not the pistons, that was more like the 07-08 Sonics.. We Sucked! Joe think by letting Flip go who took us to the Eastern Championship 3years sr8 and letting are Team Captain go Mr. Big shot! (DUMB) and Dyess man Dyess played with heart, it remind me of Ben Wallace!… That were going to be a better team.. No Iverson is a good player, Yes! but he doesn’t fit in with the pistons, He’s Not A Good Point Guard! He wanted a point, Should of got Baron Davis! or Chris Paul, but to me CB IS TOP FIVE WHEN IT COMES TO POINT GUARDS

  11. Amer ican Prince

    Fluidics I think Curry’s trying to establish his butt groove, so he has to sit for long periods of time without moving, probably why it takes so long for him to call timeouts.

    Did anyone else notice Paul Pierce have a mini orgasm after one of his threes? Licking his lips and everything.

    I think what really makes me mad is reading and listening to the propaganda of guys like Keith Langlois and those guys after a loss calling these games meaningless when the Pistons lose, but after every game they win they can’t say enough about how great the Pistons are. I know their doing they’re job but I still don’t like it.

    Dontay I personally prefer Deron Williams over CP3. I mean he’s good, but you can’t take advantage of Deron Williams on defense like bigger guards can against CP3. But Deron Williams is also fast enough to guard quicker guards.

    he’s a quote I love from Dyess from last years playoffs when he got tangled with Dwight Howard

  12. altan

    okkk buddy,relax, its ok to admit ur a bandwagoner

  13. Rewind

    I’m still waiting for Allen Iverson to do something super-star-ish… not blaming him for anything (bad or good) yet but I haven’t seen him do what he was supposed to come here to do. AND every time I have to watch a Dyess-less Pistons team take the floor I ask myself WHY?? Man, I am bummed right now!


    *To mr. or mrs. all caps up there… get a friggin’ life!!

  14. Amer ican Prince

    FUCKDETROIT are you a girl cause you sound hot

  15. DGIRL08

    F***Detroit, how did you even find this site? you are such a lame who clearly has nothing to do with his or her life. Yeah Boston is a good team, but shut up already. In a couple of years those Pierce, KG and Allen will be gone and all those lames that think their big stuff now will soon look like the scrubs they really are. Don’t act like you didn’t need a miracle for your team to be where they are now. Chances are, you were not rooting for Boston the year before last. You probably was cheering for the Pistons,lol. 🙂

    Get a life dude you’re LAME!!!

  16. RyanR

    — 16.5.. Because your #17 should be divided equally with the Minnessota Timberwolves.. give credit where credit is due, you f***ing ingrate. And every championship that Boston wins with KG will be counted as half a championship.

    “BTW, not only are kg, pierce, and ray going to be gone but your big three (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA)is also going to be gone”…

    — yes, our big threes would be gone years from now. but Detroit is poised to have another batch of great big threes because JoeD knows the concept of succession planning (something Ainge needs to learn). Tell me, years from now, who will McHale and Ainge swap so that Boston could win another title? None. So even though playing for the present is correct, playing for the future is not a lame excuse.


  17. pistons 4 life

    Give it couple years and Boston will be nothing again just like they were two years ago. Ainge traded away about half of his fricking team to get Garnet, so basically when their big three are gone they’ll be starting all over again.

    Could someone inform me also who are big three are? I had no idea we had a big three. Oh yeah that’s because we play as a team and don’t trade away everyone we have to get three superstars for a 2 to 3 year run. And I’m betting that when that run is over all those bandwagon fans will stop buying tickets and the garden will be half empty again.

    I’m glad I’ve got better things to do than go on opposing teams blogs and pick fights. Sounds like a bandwagoner to me. And hey, how about those Red Sox. They sure owned the world this year. lol

  18. Aiwayzreal

    We suck right now Natalie…..Soft in the frontcourt and we are gonna get exposed everytime we play teams like Boston,Phoenix and the list goes on

  19. The Fluidics

    Pierce looks like a t-rex in that picture.

  20. Jeff

    I used to come to to avoid the kneejerking reactions from ESPN and major media outlets covering the Pistons. Now I can’t even avoid it on this website. Please, it’s one regular season NBA game. The Pistons just came off a brutal schedule including a back-to-back with Cleveland and Boston. Boston sat around for two days and had fresh legs against Detroit. Anyone with a grain of common sense would know that Boston was probably going to win. It’s November, people. Let’s stop overreacting. If the Pistons get beat this bad when these two teams meet up in May or June, then let’s overreact.

  21. Alwayzreal

    Gettin blown out at home by the Timberwolves????We suck!!!!!!We suck really bad right now and got some major frontcourt issues to deal with even when McDysse come back………..And a rookie coach……Just keepin it real Alwayz!!!!!!!


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