Comeback against Cleveland

by | Nov 20, 2008 | 19 comments

The Cavaliers came into the Palace with an eight game winning streak and left the building needing to start a new one. The first half was all Cavs, Mo Williams was knocking down shots, LeBron was driving the lane and Cleveland was getting to the line. Things changed in the second half when Detroit’s defense locked down and fueled the Pistons’ comeback 96-89 win.

Key Points:

  • Big crowd at the Palace but no matter how many people are sitting in the seats, they still aren’t really into the game like they used to be. I don’t think it’s as daunting a building for opposing players as it once was. You have to pull teeth to get a DEFENSE chant going in that place.
  • Hard to see the shell that is Ben Wallace in a Cavs uniform. I still appreciate the man and what he did for the franchise. It may be me, but he just doesn’t look like he’s having a good time on court anymore.
  • Each team’s biggest lead was 13.
  • Best stat of the night, Detroit held Cleveland to just 22 points in the paint. Not only good in general, but to do that to a team that has LeBron on it….fantastic.
  • “That was our emphasis,” coach Michael Curry said. “We want to keep them out of the paint and make sure we rebound. We fought and we scrambled and we finally found a lineup in the fourth quarter that enabled us to finish the game.” Via The Detroit News
  • Arron Afflalo was a game changer, as he has been recently. He popped in the game off the bench and hit a HUGE shot seconds after stepping on the court for the first time. He was out there at the end of the game when the game was on the line while Rip sat and really did well defending LeBron. He finished with 5 points in 13 minutes and assisted on this play that brought the Palace to their feet.
Video Courtesy of The NBA, The Detroit Pistons and FSN
  • This was the play of the game, here is the full clip of the Afflalo to Maxiell Alley Oop.
  • More minutes for Maxiell, who played 19. He put up 6 with 3 boards.
  • Rip Hamilton, who really did keep Detroit going early in the game, didn’t play the fourth quarter. He was 6-for-11 for 15 points, 5 assists and a steal. Rip is getting used to the new looks he’s getting now and seems to be adjusting better.
  • I’m a kindhearted person, or at least I think I am.  I saw a family of LeBrons walking out of the Palace with their heads held low. While walking to their car the father (in his LeBron jersey and Cavalier jacket) slipped on a patch of ice and wiped out. It left me laughing and smiling the whole ride home, does that make me evil or just a Pistons fan? Just remember before you judge me that they are smug bastards when they win.
  • Did I mention Afflalo got 2 huge stops on LeBron as the Pistons went on a 13 to 2 run in the fourth quarter?
  • Allen Iverson led Detroit with 23 in 43 minutes. When Detroit needs scoring they know where to go. It’s really like a highlight reel every game. We are not used to that here, but I think the fans are getting acclimated just fine.

Allen Iveson
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  • Is this a new Rasheed Wallace? It sure seems like his game turned right around since the trade. Another double-double for Sheed who scored 21 on 8-for-12 shooting with 15 boards and 3 three pointers that essentially sealed the deal for Detroit. Sheed is on his game and loving it.
  • Season high 15 sheedbounds for Ra.
  • Sheedtasic Highlights of The Game.
  • Pow!
Video Courtesy of The NBA, The Detroit Pistons and FSN
  • highlights of the game.
  • It was the fourth quarter lineup of Iverson, Stuckey, Afflalo, Wallace and Maxiell that really did the Cavs in. Tayshaun played just a few late fourth quarter minutes.
  • “I was going to bring Rip back in and eventually use Tay at the four (power forward),” Curry said. “But that group got to rolling.” Via The Detroit News
  • The Pistons did a nice job on LeBron who scored 25 by putting up 21 shots.
  • Stuckey played 23 impressive minutes, putting up 9 points. He is impressing me with his shot selection and guts. Seven of his nine points came in the fourth quarter.
  • No Herrmann, minimal Bynum.
  • Amirzing.
Video Courtesy of The NBA, The Detroit Pistons and FSN
  • Board war lost 38-35.
  • Detroit shot 50% on the night.
  • Detroit barley made it to the free throw line in the first half. Different story in the second.
  • 44 points in the paint for Detroit. When that number is in the 40’s it’s usually a W.
  • Rasheed plays better after his first Tech and didn’t know it. Via DBB and Alana
  • Impressive victories over LA and now the Cavs, can they get one in Boston tonight?
  • “We are just playing,” Wallace said of the wins over the Cavs and Lakers. “We don’t care if they’re the best team in the NBA. We are just trying to make ourselves better.” Via The Detroit Free Press
  • This win was so refreshing I watched it in full when I got back from the Palace.


  1. Clinton

    LOL I would of laughed at him falling only if he did the crazy arms as he fell tho

  2. Steve the hated

    After he fell i would have spit on him..seriously i hate everyone from ohio.. but anyways solid come back once we got down to 13 i said here we go again like the suns game, they look solid they are capeable of beating anyone in the league and hopefully that was a message for mcdyess to come back to the winning side..ben wallace says he expects dyess to sig with detroit so lets keep our fingers crossed because god knows he need him desperately. WOOP WOOP

  3. zollie

    This game was our first strong defensive effort. I’m very excited about this team. Get that ‘ship!

  4. gMac

    Well, Dyess is definitely not going to Cleveland 😀

    I thought we had trouble scoring the first half because Tay was trying to run the offense, he’s good at running the offense, but we need the ball in AI’s hands to draw more fouls.

  5. gMac

    And I hate Daniel Gibson. Did anyone else catch what Charles Barkley said about his hair cut last week on TNT?

  6. Amer ican Prince

    You should of yelled out “have a nice trip? See you next fall” Haha no no seriously hope he’s good.

    I only caught the ending of the first half and second half due to class, cause my VCR didn’t tape (that’s right I’m straight old school)but I saw Arron Afflalo do his thing which I was really glad to see. If Tayshaun is such a great defender why do I always feel RIP does a better job in limiting Lebron. Tay has speed strength and IQ.

    Why is this team so perimiter oriented. Get the ball inside to Jason Maxiell more and put Sheed on the block. And why is RIP posting up? is it really a horrible thing to run a couple plays to let him run off screens?

    Also I was hearing those defense chants, they weren’t loud, but I could hear them, maybe I could hear you’re voice natalie.

    Rasheed was a beast on the boards.

    I’m sure more people are gravitating to Kwame

    And did anyone else notice Rodney’s taped hands?

    Overall happy for the game I needed to relax and if they lost that would of just stressed me out.

  7. Amer ican Prince

    and also I figured I’d post two Dyess memorable blocks from the same team this one works can’t figure out how to post the second one because I guess it’s too long

  8. Jeff

    I’d relax on the crowd not being in the game. It’s a regular season NBA game on a Wednesday night. Come playoff time, this won’t be an issue.

  9. Altan

    yee detroit does ride off of crowd momentum, hah i feeel sad for the cavs fan !!!

  10. Amer ican Prince

    sorry about all those posts. I thought they weren’t posting. I’m so computer illiterate. I suck at knowing things.

    But at least they were highlights worth posting

  11. Exzile

    I feel the lack of enthusiasm in the crowd too. Fan’s have been spoiled in Detroit and have to get loud and hungry again. We look lame compared to crowds like the fans in New Orleans who really get the stadium rocking. It’s hard to be loud when the seats are so empty though…


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