Could Dyess land in Cleveland?

by | Nov 19, 2008 | 13 comments

We know the McDyess situation. Antonio left a ton of money on the table when he was bought out by the Nuggets.

To be exact, no NBA player has ever left so much money on the table in a contract buyout.

SI’s Ian Thomsen:

“League sources believe the three bidders to be Cleveland, San Antonio and Boston. The team offering the most money to McDyess is the Cavaliers, according to one league source. They could offer McDyess multiple years starting at more than $5 million this season.”

I think like many of you, if McDyess goes to the Cavs that would be a huge blow. Please come home Antonio!


  1. Steve DiLullo

    I understand lookin out for yourself money-wise, but defecting to Cleveland would really hurt…

  2. Franz (detroit 2hot...)

    I’d be mad if he doesn’t come home:

    – At the Pistons
    – At Joe Dumars

    I won’t forgibe Dyess if he goes to Cleveland or Boston. I’d be dissapointed. Even San Antonio, come on, he was so close and lost his ring infront of his nose to San Antonio in 2005.

  3. Amer ican Prince

    I wanna know how does the one guy who gave everything he could last year, be the one who gets treated this way, and for no other reason than money. Chauncey went home at least, McDyess is really the one who got the shaft when Chauncey sidestepped it.
    I don’t know if Dyess should forgive Joe D (unless this was the plan all along) but I hope he sees the fans reaction and realizes how much we and this team want him here

    And Cleveland, seriously get you’re own people.

    Here’s a great memory from the Celtics series

  4. Gogol

    When did a month’s vacation become this horrible punishment? We didn’t banish him to purgatory. We sent him to a team we knew would waive him.

  5. Kris

    i pray every night he doesn’t turn to the dark side and play with Lebron please come back Dyess please

  6. Steve

    Dyess is coming home.

    Everything I’ve read and heard seems to point that way. I can’t believe he would go to our archrivals Boston or Cleveland. And he’s not going to San Antonio cause they’re not winning the title, not with that “roster.”

  7. Marsale

    I think hes the last peice for us to win a championship!! we need his Heart!! we neeed his hungar!!

  8. amol

    He’s perhaps the only one who should’ve never been traded. My favourite PISTON.
    If he lands in any of those two teams our championship hopes are probably gone.
    And I will torture an ant so it better not happen :)

  9. Steve the hated

    if he does in fact join cleveland he will always be a traitor in my eyes, yeah he got traded and has the chance to come back to his brothers and he knows it was to make the pistons better.. if he goes anywhere other than detroit i will boo him everytime i see his face.

  10. T-Fouled

    I hate the Cavs and I hate Lebron…

  11. pistons 4 life

    I felt very confident that Dyess would come right back, but after everything thats being talked about I don’t know anymore. Maybe the media is just desperate for a story who knows.

    And about Lebron. Yeah I won’t like him as long as he’s a Cav but the guy is one the best players in the league. I’d love to have him as a Piston. I read in an article today that he “Would be willing to leave the Cavs if he felt where he was going gave him a better chance at more titles. ” Who knows maybe Joe will be able to work some magic is 2010.

  12. Rewind

    Personally, I think Dyess has more class than to sign with either Boston or Cleveland. He has stated multiple times (and is proving by his actions thus far) that he isn’t a ring chaser. I believe he is a pretty loyal guy and will ultimately follow his heart on this matter. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part, but I believe he will either finish his career in Detroit or call it quits now. I will be crushed if I ever have to see him in a Celtics or Cavs jersey, but I am not sure I could hold it against him. Detroit should get him back by any means necessary. The Palace will go nuts upon his return and I will do my best to be there to make him feel welcome on that day.


  13. Craig

    @Goggle – a month’s vacation? My man lost half his salary in the buy out. If he comes back to Detroit, Joe better make it up to him bigtime with a multiyear to make up the lost scratch…


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