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by | Nov 14, 2008 | 23 comments

Chauncey Billups spoke to The Detroit Free Press’s Michael Rosenberg before his game against Cleveland last night. Chauncey had plenty of good things to say about Detroit as well as his teammates but after he opened up I can’t help but feel for him.

“It was the hardest two or three hours that I’ve had in a long, long time in my life,” Billups said. “We just couldn’t believe that it’s over. It’s over. That’s the thing that’s so tough about trades. No matter what happens, it’s over. So those two or three hours were crazy.” Billups talking about what happened when Rip and Tayshaun heard the news of the trade.

Most interesting is the fact that Rip Hamilton signed his extension BEFORE the trade went down, and Chauncey believes (as do most of us) that Richard may not have been so quick to sign the extension had he known the trade was going down.

“What if Hamilton had known that Billups was going to be traded? The normally affable Hamilton was so upset by the trade that he didn’t talk to the media for several days. Would Rip have signed his contract extension without Chauncey on the roster? Did the Pistons wait until the contract was signed before making the deal?

“If Rip would have knew that this deal was going on, I just don’t know that he would have signed that extension,” Billups said. “It was kind of funny to me that they announced this trade the same day that he signed. I really don’t know. … It just seemed weird to me. He signed that extension three days before the trade. … I think it might have been a little different if all this was exposed early.”

It’s not like we all didn’t know Sheed had problems with Flip, but Chauncey thinks the tension between the coach and players cost the team a Championship.

“’Sheed was just vocal and visual about his (frustration),” Billups said. “I can’t say it was all Rasheed or it was only Rasheed. But even with that, I just still feel like that should have never come into play. I feel like no matter what the coach is doing, how you feel or whatever, you can’t cheat your teammates and not give maximum effort because you’re mad at the coach.

“I think that cost us at least one championship.”

Really? Which one?

“At least one,” he said.

Billups also said “don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming anybody.” He didn’t take sides and didn’t really defend Saunders. His point was that the Pistons let their differences with their coach get in the way of their ultimate goal.

“I don’t point fingers,” he said. “I just think problems, and maybe disbelief in Flip on a player or two’s behalf, cost us in some different series that I thought, had we been locked in, we could have won.”

I implore you to head over to The Free Press and read the whole piece. I know we all thought these things, but Chauncey telling us makes it a bit different.


  1. Jamuel1

    umm i miss chauncey..

  2. DetroitGirl4life

    wow just for them crying is going to make me miss im about 2 cry 🙁

  3. Nuts on ya chin

    umm i miss chauncey..

  4. Steve the hated

    LOL sissys its a business grow up. this isnt a fairy tale, did u actually think there were all gonna retire together then walk into the sunset while we all watched smiling proud?? fuck no, dumars is thinkin bout the future and chancey and the old team is the past. i love him for what he did but im not crying over it cuz i know the business side of this orginazation. grow up.

  5. Mike

    Damn, that was a sad article. First Ben then Chauncey, was the saddest part of that. Only one title out of whhat should have been a dynasty.

  6. Steve the hated

    Mike.. u can thank flip saunders for flushing a dynasty down the shitter.. he was the biggest peice of shit coach ive ever seen.

  7. Rban

    Sad article, but honestly Chauncey was our leader and captain and when your leader is the one leading the way with the “flip the switch” mantality then that leads to problems.

  8. Mark

    The only thing that really bothers me is that they didn’t let Hamilton know before he signed. I just hope he isn’t going to be bitter about what happened, because it’s important to have chemistry between him and Iverson.

  9. Rban

    Yeah I understand where Rips coming from, but he better not hold any grudges, I mean the team clearly believes in him and wants him here, so he better play his ass of for the team.

  10. Nathan

    …Just got finished reading the article. It was a lil sad. I dont care what anyone says, Chauncey will always be a Piston in my eyes. Three things that I found the most interesting though:

    1. It is OBVIOUS that the Pistons kept this from Rip until after he signed. I agree with Mark’s comment that I hope that this doesn’t keep Rip bitter toward the organization (even though I’m sure he probably is at the moment).

    2. Chauncey made an excellent point about the double standard between the NBA and the fans. He says that if a player leaves during free agency (for more money, or to contend for a title etc), the fans consider him a traitor or a “sell our”. It’s not very often though that people critize a team if they TRADE a fan favorite after the player has signed a long term deal.

    3. My heart felt bad when Chauncey said he was surprised when he turned on the TV and saw A.I. wearing the Piston “1” that he had had on only 3 or 4 days earlier. (Why couldn’t he have worn 33? Just a thought)

    Being a true Piston fan I hope that this trade works out for the short AND long term of the Pistons. No matter what though, it’s a safe bet that our team will be in transition for the next couple of years.

    Just my 2 cents 🙂

  11. Ruy

    Yeah, this is all sad, but I think the players brought this on themselves.
    6 straight conference finals and just 2 trips to the Finals was not good enough for this team.
    C’mon, they could have won at least 3 championships!
    I wish the best for Chauncey.

  12. Mike

    I agree Steve, Flip Saunders was a POS coach.

  13. shiesty

    What does it matter that they are in a business. Human is human. Yeah, the Pistons should have won more than one championship but something just doesn’t sit right with me regarding this trade. It’s sad because I’ve been on teams and when someone like a leader leaves you do feel it. I wish people weren’t so insensitive about it.

  14. Steve the hated

    Shiesty.. would u like a tissue to wipe all ur widdle tears?

    that was a horrible impression of serious scene from full house.. haha

  15. shiesty

    No steve I don’t want a tissue but why do u find the need to have a negative comment over something I said. Please grow up, and I mean quick.

  16. Steve the hated

    Me grow up? when ur crying over a player that wasnt going to bring nothing to detroit except more playoff exits?? im glad hes gone, we have the money to sign pretty hefty names and ur still crying over chauncey cuz he got traded and im the one who needs to grow up? Im glad dumars isnt a fan because if it was up to people like you this core would be playing well into their 50s losing every game but as long as u get ur satisfation of seeing ur widdle favorite player play together thats all that grow up? nah check ur self and grow lil one.

  17. Rube

    Damn man… As a life long Pistons Fans, you hate to think of Joe D doing something slimy like that by keeping the deal secret from Rip. The whole thing stinks. I just think Chauncey deserved more of a chance under Coach Curry, but that’s me, the fan. Mgmt has other interests and I can’t be mad at the plan. I don’t like it but that doesn’t make it wrong

  18. Jake

    wow steve, why are u such a dick? quit acting like your 12 years old and grow up dude. or are you 12?

  19. Rban

    I post once an while on here, but usually just observe, and yeah Steve is alittle over the top, but he really is right here, I mean the stories sad but this was definetly what we needed, Chaunceys is slowing down and getting rid of his contract was the perfect stiatuon for us, especially in getting Iverson for this season. I know they were a family but its still a buisness and these grown men with families of there own are still getting the big bucks to play ball. Chauncey was our leade rbtu he was leading in the wrong direction with his “switch the flip” mode he was always in, over confident alot of the time, I rememebr plenty interviews last year where Chaunceys arrogance towards other teams was just to much to bare. And when your leader is leading that way something ha to be changed, it wa sbetter for now and the future, and I hope Rip gets over this fast because Joe D has shown Rip he wnats him to say in Detorit and bbe a big factor for this team, so he better step up and not let this hamper a the season.


    well first of all id like to say that not telling rip about the trade b4 he signed must make rip feel kinda like his feelings had not been taken into account…. which is what joe d wanted. if you as a player feel like your personal feelings can influence the gms decisions, then that can complicate things on the court. that may have been the reason for the breakdowns during games last few seasons where the pistons just sucked randomly. Joe D is showing that he is the boss and that the players can control only their own level of play, nothing more. rip should feel emotional, however joe d is, by doing this, making rip get over it and just focus on that ‘ship. smart move id say.

    second of all, chauncey is on a different team now, a team that is in theory competing with detroit for the championship, so his interview was strategic in the sense that he is trying to mess with detroits head now by saying these things such as the player-coach relationship comment. he is no longer part of this team and his interests are elsewhere, so forget about him, he is a rival now. i believe the trade was a big step forward, and soon enough (playoff time) will pay great dividends…. just look at how we have our big four stepping up, sheed is playing AMAZING defence (dpoy id say), and tay is emerging as much bigger than ever before, and one of this teams leaders. as the youth develops, we will be winning games 100+ to 80 or less consistently. when deetroit gets that swagger back, ……. 65+wins this year, im calling it…..

  21. Kuesta

    If Sheed wasn’t seeing eye-to-eye with Flip, then as a Leader, you gotta slap that boy silly and keep him focused. Cbill was a great Leader “on” the court but during those Playoffs, he had to demonstrate his Leadership louder and more verbal behind the scenes, which I believe he may have failed to do. Yes, a player shouldn’t have to cheat out his teamates and lose focus, but did anyone ever truly say anything? Sometimes I wonder if anyone was ever vocal enough during those last few Playoffs inside the lockerooms (before media, coaches, JoeD’s presence)…

    But now, we’re seeing things that we haven’t seen during the Billups-era, Tay finally becoming an All-Star (he’s finally NBA FANTASY material), young guys stepping up, and of course AI’s emergence. It’s easy to miss Cbill because of the early struggles that we’re seeing right now (we’re so accustomed to a smooth fluent NO Turn-over, Half-court execution style.) Yet, I believe we’re too smart, too intelligent, and too talented to not get it right come Playoffs. When we finally establish our identity, we’re gonna scare the sh*t out of everyone. I can’t wait to see all the Bandwagon jumpers come April…

  22. Richie

    Rip was done wrong. I don’t care how much of a dick Steve wants to be and wine about people missing players, and I don’t care if the NBA is a buisness. Just because people get screwed over in buisnesses doesn’t make it meaningless. If I got fired when I got along great with everyone I was working with, loved my boss and gave my best effort every day, I’d be upset too- who cares if it’s a buisness? Steve, maybe you should spend less time criticizing people for having emotions and just keep praying to your Lebron, Wade, Iverson, and Kobe Shrine. “Super stars” are the answer to everything right? We couldn’t win with Chauncey, that’s for sure (oh, wait they were undefeated when he left and he’s only lost one game all year) And we certainly can’t lose now that we have a superstar (oh, wait, we lost to the 2 games, then barely beat the Kings who were missing their superstar). On second though you’re right about everything, Steve- keep talking.

  23. Mike

    Steve should be banned from this site for lack of any evidence of intelligence.



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