Pistons vs. Golden State

by | Nov 13, 2008 | 20 comments

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The Iverson trade has only brought the Pistons one win so far but it did do one thing for Pistons fans and that’s bring the team some national attention. Tonight’s late night match up was picked up by TNT as soon as the trade was announced. The 3-5 Warriors host the Stuckeyless (again) Pistons.

If Allen Iverson and Tayshaun Prince put up the same kind of numbers they did against The Kings, Detroit should do just fine. Watch out for Stephen Jackson (the Warriors’ leading scorer), Kelenna Azubuike and Andris Biedrins who always seems to have a good night against Detroit.

Tip is at 10:30 on TNT and just in case you didn’t know game one of the TNT double header is Denver vs. Cleveland, so if you want to catch Chauncey Billups (who’s doing a heck of a job) here is your chance. As always you can catch it on the radio at WDFN 1130 AM The Fan or stream it live at NBA.com.

As always enjoy the game in the comments or the Chat Room.

UPDATE: Kwame will be starting in place of AMIR.

Listen to Coach Curry talk about it on the Stoney and Wojo show this afternoon on WDFN 1130 AM.


  1. Amer ican Prince

    the pistons should be able to get into the paint with ease against the warriors, If the team gives him a chance, Jason should have a monster game

  2. TBranch

    Chauncy Billups is undefeated this year.

  3. pistonsfan101

    Michael Curry has revealed in an interview on Stoney & Wojo show on WDFN-1130 a.m that he will be starting Kwame Brown in place of Amir Johnson, the Detroit News is reporting.

    His rationale being that he thinks Rasheed Wallace will be more productive playing alongside the bigger Brown.

    Via Detroit News!!!!

  4. stones133

    kwame has one of the worst set of hands i think i have ever seen. he cant finish when spoon fed under the hoop and if he gets to the line he shoots under 50%. there had to be a better big man out there to sign

  5. Jamuel1

    i saw on espn that lindsay hunter has signed with the bulls for 1 year..

  6. Danielle

    I have to say as a lifelong fan of the Pistons, I was crushed when they traded Chauncey away. After a week and a half, I am coming around to accepting it. I’ve always loved AI and I hope the Pistons can pull it together in the next few months.
    I had to move to the Denver area a couple of years ago for work, so it’s nice to get to see my boy Chauncey play and get the love and respect he deserves here in Denver. So even though it kills me to see Chauncey play for somebody other than my P’s, I think in the end that the trade was the best thing for everybody.

  7. Al

    All star voting has started! Go vote for Tay! I, of course, am still voting for Chauncey for the west.

  8. Amer ican Prince

    Just read that article about Kwame starting. I remember thinking, Kwame and Amir should switch starting roles based on the matchups, cause sheed can’t handle the interior role alone. But this is Golden State, they have like one big guy total, why take Amir out for this game when his Athleticism would be a great advantage. You know I agree with what Michael Curry says sometimes, but the reason I think he’s not a great decision maker is that when he makes decisions I agree with it’s at a completely different time. Oh well maybe there’s a long term thing for this

  9. Rban

    Chauncey has 16 in the first quarter against the Cavs, Man he passed up so many open looks in Detroit for ridiculous drives and passes for worse shots, but in Denver hes taking those shots, i wish he had of been more aggresive from the perimeter in Detroit the last couple seasons.

  10. Amer ican Prince

    Yeah but we also know players get up to play in Nationally televised games, and he probably knew the Pistons game was switched over so this is him playing against AI (plus he’s playing against Ben Wallace) he hasn’t been this aggressive every game he’s been there

  11. TDP

    Chauncey was interviewed at halftime. He just doesn’t look as happy in that uniform.

  12. Amer ican Prince

    Oh man, Barkley was just saying how he no idea who Cheick Samb was and they had to put a picture of him up on the screen

    hey where’s the chat?

  13. Amer ican Prince

    found it

  14. ryan

    Pistons showed some good sparks of how we want the team to look tonight.
    I couldn’t watch Inside the NBA so if possible, natalie, can you post that interview with sheed and AI

  15. eziel03

    did anyone see AI give his shoes to someone? coz he was taking it off after the TNT interview.

  16. Kyle C.

    it was a good win in my eyes. The warriors got a big lead but the Pistons stayed in strong and when Sheed hit those two threes i was screaming my head off.
    AI, RIp, Tay, Sheed, Will, Aaron all played super super good. Amir did what he had to do off the bench and Maxi didn’t do much but was solid.
    Where was Walter? He didn’t play much or any in the past few games. He played so well in the beginning of the season and got a bunch of playing time and now isin’t getting any runs. Da well. GO PISTONS!!!

  17. Leo

    Walter had already 3 fouls on his 2 (or is it 3) minutes of play while defending Maggette

    so Curry went small by having Afflalo (which in my opinion is a good move, did you see how he drive to the lane and made 2 three pt plays?

  18. Juan

    I think that it is a mistake the Iverson´s arrive, because Detroit needs a player like Billups, who plays for the team.
    (a blog about sport in English and Español)

  19. Yummy

    Not jumping on any bandwagons, but have you seen this/A>.


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