Team Need4Sheed Podcast – AI at The Palace

by | Nov 10, 2008 | 14 comments

Bennie and Jeff get into the nitty gritty of Allen Iverson’s introduction to Detroit as well as the impact he’s having on the team, the fans and Piston basketball in general.

Don’t forget you can e-mail Bennie and Jeff at or as always you can leave them your thoughts in the comments.

Team Need4Sheed Podcast – Allen Iverson at The Palace

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  1. Richie

    I’m not going to play the “I told you so” game here, but this is how it is.
    At the end of the last few seasons when we fell one or two series short of winning the championship Pistons fans freaked out. Mst of them pointed fingers at players who may have had a bad game etc. because they wanted someone to blame rather than someone to thank for all the success, which is what we should have been doing.
    In this blame game time, the bulk of need4sheed commenters would display their little fantasy lineups for the Pistons assuming we made trades for “superstars” People have been begging for this for a while and we got it, but it comes at a price:
    +Your super star DOES get ‘whored out’ as Jeff said.
    +You DO look like cleveland or Miami fans who all have the same jersey because they only have one player that people consider to be any good on their team.
    +You DO lose the warm enjoyment of watching a team of hard working guys playing together harmoniously.
    +You DO gamble with whether your new player will fit the system at all, or bring anything defensivley to the table.
    +You HAVE to allow the new integral player and his teammates a lot of time to get used to each other.
    +You DO lose more than just a player when you trade away a 6 year starter. You lose the trust, brotherhood, comfort and happiness of all the players that sorounded him.
    +When the heart is ripped out of your body and replaced with another, the body can either accept or reject the unnatural replacement, but it never happens instantly and seamlessly.
    +You got your “super star”, fellow fans- I hope it’s everything you dreamed of.

  2. Steve

    If this superstar leads us to a championship then it will have been worth it.

  3. who cares

    awwww richie is crying.. isnt that cute he wuvs mr bwig shwot.. grow up.

  4. miguel

    here’s my opinion… pistons need time.. thats it… As long as we get into the playoffs we will own there. Iverson will step up. One really good plus with iverson comming to detroit is prince having all the good looks. I hope prince will be an allstar this yr. he better be.

  5. Steve the most hated

    Sources have said Dyess will be comming back to detroit its where he calls home, even sam cassell said he expects him back here.. thank god… and tayshaun will be playing point forward.. iverson will bring it up the court and tayshaun will play the point.. jesus..

  6. anynomous

    they need time. if we could give chauncey 5 years to get a championship then y cant we give iverson 1 chance.

  7. steve the most hated

    It took billups 2 years since it was 2004 we got him in 2002.. but still he had a cast of veterans.

  8. JoeBasketball

    wow, overreacting a bit over two games.

  9. steve the hated

    lol richie is the first male to have PMS over these 2 games.. hes overreacting. iverson just had his 2nd PRACTICE today with his new team give it a month then cast ur vote..the real season doesnt start till december.

  10. Franz (detroit 2hot...)

    Hey Steve, where did you get the information from?

    I agree with miguel, they need time, 10 – 20 games.
    I’m not concerned right now, even less that Curry is a rookie coach, I acutally don’t like the name “rookie” coach. He is just a coach in his first year in the NBA.

  11. steve the hated

    Info for what? dyess info on SI.COM and tayshaun playing the point on

  12. yzermansteve

    I said this could be the worst trade in piston history! A.I. doesn’t play “D”, i have already saw him give up on several plays, the pistons aren’t used to that. Help has always been there. Also A.I. has been the focal point everywere he has played, except in detroit. He needs to get used to not being “the guy” when hes on the court! A.I. may be the only player in the league who isn’t any kind of a natural PG, SG, anything. He is to small for any position but PG, and your PG needs to be a pass first kind of guy, A.I. is certanly not that. Will he adjust, don’t no! Will he score alot and help the team win, yes. Will he be a liability on defense, Yes. I think we all should just have fun watching a superstar in a detroit uniform, this could get real ugly before to long, and for me it is painfully obvious that dyess is missed badly. He might be more important to our sucess than chauncey would have or A.I. is supposed to!!

  13. Jay

    With all due respect ‘yzermansteve’, Iverson will always be the focal point no matter where he just get used to it. I wish this Pistons team the best of luck, I think they have a lot of potential.

  14. yzermansteve

    hey jay, i didn’t try to say that he isn’t the focal point or “the guy” when hes on the floor, but, he doesn’t have to be on most nights anymore and if he can understand that he will be fine, if he doesn’t and choses to do what he wants the players will reject him wins or not!


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