The Pistons vs. The Celtics – Introducing AI at The Palace

by | Nov 9, 2008 | 17 comments

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The 4-1 Detroit Pistons take on 5-1 The World Champion Boston Celtics at The Palace of Auburn Hills. This is the first meeting of the two teams since Boston beat Detroit at home to go on to The Finals. Both teams are looking forward to playing each other, but all eyes will be on Allen Iverson as he debuts at The Palace in front of Detroit’s home crowd for the very first time. You know the routine, tip is at 6:00 and will be broadcast locally on FSN HD and NBATV. If you can’t catch it on the tube you can listen live on 1130 AM WDFN The Fan or follow the game on


  1. Alex

    Hey Nat,

    Not sure if you’ve seen what the chats are like during the game but i think we would be better off without them on the site.

  2. Franz (detroit 2hot...)

    One word: dissapointement.

    I mean come on, Tony Allen. I feel like every time the Pistons play a team, one guy comes up big. Not a supertar but a bench player.

    Boone last game, Allen this game. Come on.

    no defense intensity, no offensive flow, no true PG.

  3. Vinny

    Hey Nat,
    I would agree with Alex. A bunch of random people come to the site and start posting on those chats. A bunch of unnecessary trash talk. I personally suggest you get rid of the chats.
    -A Pistons fan

  4. Richie

    Well there are a few differnt ways to look at this game, but I want to look on the bright side.
    +The lose felt huge but in reality it was only 12 points.
    +Bynum continues to impress
    +Amir got his hands on 3 lose balls that lead to jump balls.
    +We managed a 12 point loss against the Champions dispite:
    -A.I.’s second game with us, having only practiced once with his new team. -Rip’s 3 points on 0-8 shooting (you may need to photoshop an ice ball for that game, Nat) -Rasheed going 2-8 from downtown – A frusterating night for Maxi (0-5 with 2 pts and 4 fouls
    +Toney Allen had a huge night to make up for the struggles of his starters.

    I only have a couple of gripes about this game. I have no need to rant about the negatives- we have to me patient during this time of adjustment, but my problems have little to do with that.
    +Why only 4 minutes for Hermann? He was a solid defender during his time on the floor and only got one (missed) shot off in his short time.
    +I’ve watched closely and Rasheed hasn’t posted up ONCE on the low block in the last two games. I don’t know if that’s because they want to spread the D and open the lane for gaurds more or what, but in a game where we are ice cold and desperate for field goals why is Rasheed not even trying to go down low where he’s nearly ungaurdable?

    I hope Rodney’s okay!

  5. Amer ican Prince

    richie I admire your optimism, I really do. But come on man, this wasn’t one game, this was the way they were playing before the trade. I thought AI would be bad for the team but the truth is he has come in and just blended in. You got to put this on everyone else, and a lot of it I’m gonna put on the coach’s system and sub pattern. I thought I would love the new motion offense but it just seems like we’re expending a lot more energy than last year just to get the same jump shots as last year. But I will agree with you that we do gotta be more patient. In the chat, people we’re giving up before the half.

    I really think the Pistons need to hear us cheer. And not a regular cheer. I’m talking Golden State fans against the Dallas Mavericks in the playoffs two years ago. They need us to really really really cheer. At least I hope they wouldn’t tune that out

  6. Tony

    Maxiell tends to be useless against teams with bull-strong big men or who have great length. Boston isn’t a good matchup for him – never was, probably never will be. They’re too fundamentally strong on their own defensive boards for him to have much impact. Kwame is a much better matchup against Boston, and he showed that tonight. When he was in there, he was the strongest physical guy on the court.

    Amir has the size and mobility to compete against the C’s. When Amir’s body starts to mature, he’s going to be a monster in this league — I’m very encouraged by his developement. Tonight he was a serious presence whenever he was in there, and, importantly, even when he was guarding KG. That’s a huge contrast from last year.

    Tonight showed me how badly we need McDyess. McDyess instead of Maxiell against the Celtics would be a huge difference. A four man big man rotation of Sheed, Amir, Kwame and McDyess could legitimately compete with the C’s big men.

    AI looks to me like he’s going to be a huge help. Against Boston, a superb defensive team, nobody is going to have a very effective offense. The Pistons are going to have to have AI creating points when the offense bogs down. And AI, Stuckey and even Bynum will all be able to get to the hole and create points in the paint, or enough havoc where we can score enough against Boston.

    There is no reason why Tay, Sheed and Rip won’t be able to hit their shots against this team. And Afflalo should be in the rotation ahead of Herrmann. Afflalo can get up on Pierce and Allen better, I think, that Walter can.

  7. ben

    their shots will start goin down i dont know why they arent.. iverson gets into the paint gets fouled but doesnt make his freethrows.. he gets up there and misses them both sometimes. stuck should be fine… where was rip tonight? i didnt get to watch the game because i live in texas so i dont know what he was doin or what he wasnt. but 8 shots for him isnt gunna cut it.

  8. who cares

    they suck who cares they will finish 8th in the east. curry dont know how to coach, we have no need4sheed anymore, amir johnson is a bum, rip cant make a shot stuckey is overrated and iverson is the only good one on the team, detroit is in for a LONG LONG LONG SEASON

  9. The Fluidics

    I’m sure the team will be fine, they will start hitting shots, they will get some chemistry going.
    I will say this though: they MISS Antonio McDyess.

  10. ben

    they will not get 8th in the east they are still the second best team in the jv league they need to get chemistry down fast AI needs to distribute hte ball more instead of driving so much and gettin fouled and not makin his freethrows

  11. Rasheed

    Screw you haters, I’m doing the best I can

  12. The Answer

    even tho that wasnt sheed who wrote that, it was pretty funny reading it.

  13. Amer ican Prince

    i think jmax is effective against the celtics, but everyone is seriously struggling with the new system.

    i’m not blaming Ai for this but has anyone noticed that the 2 games after the trade before iverson rasheed was a lot more take charge. Now he just gingerly walks around the court?

    and for those saying shots will go down. shots don’t go down cause you’re not right mentally, it’s not as easy as saying they just won’t go down. There’s an underlying cause when everyone is off. And a bunch of jump shots will contribute to that

  14. The Fluidics

    Shots didn’t fall because outside shots are low percentage and Boston took away the lane.
    I’ll agree that everybody is struggling with the new offense. I’d love to see Coach curry running the sidelines instead of holding that chair down all the time. It won’t float away, I promise.

    I think the juggled lineups all the time have a lot to do with the bad chemistry also.

  15. Amer ican Prince

    i gotta say will bynum move on kg made me go whoa

    and Arron Afflalo, even though he has lost a lot of playing time, has really caught my eye as someone being underused. he has come into the game the last two games and had an immediate impact, unfortunatley he was brought in too late and had no help.

    i saw flashes of what Kwame could do on defense. there were a couple of plays when Boston bigs tried to bully him down low and he wouldn’t give up that much and forced them to take bad shots.

    The Fluidics, that’s what I meant about the jump shots, but i wish the Pistons would have realized that and at least TRIED to get inside.
    and haha about the chair, maybe the organization should bolt it down if it’s not already to make Michael Curry feel a little more comfortable (I love the way Curry pronounces words like comfortable and quarter)

  16. The Fluidics

    And I wish they could have kept running the lane, they were getting all types of Celtics in foul trouble.

    It was kind of sick how it took 3 minutes for either team to score. Neither team played really well, but the Pistons played much worse.


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