Chiming in on “The Trade”

by | Nov 5, 2008 | 17 comments

It’s been quite a ride for me over at Need4Sheed as it has been for 99% of Pistons fans. I can’t tell you how surprised (and not surprised) I was with the deal Dumars pulled off in the early hours Monday morning. I’ll miss Mr. Big Shot, he was a gentleman on and off the court who did so much for Detroit, and Dyess…I’m hoping that he’ll be back so I will set the sentiment aside until it’s final.

I let a couple of days pass before I put things down about what went down. So let’s do this Need4Sheed style.

Key Points of this trade:

  • We just got the Superstar this town has been yearning for since Grant Hill donned a Pistons uni.
  • The Pistons just got a lot faster.
  • You give up a Big Shot and in return you get “The Answer”.
  • Dumars locked Rip in to make sure his back court (Hamilton and Stuckey) is secure for the future.
  • Something was going to happen and all things considered (Sheed and his contract) Chauncey was Joe’s biggest bargaining chip.
  • The enormous amount of Cap Space Dumars has to play with after the season is over, no matter if he uses it in 2009 or 2010 when the free agent crop is a shopping list of Superstars.
  • Believe it or not, it just made The Pistons relevant. As many times as they have reached the ECF in the past few years they will always be overlooked because of the lone Championship.
  • Cartoon AI

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  • The Palace will have it’s first legitimate Sell Out of the regular season in a long time. I know, I have been there – don’t let that sellout streak banner fool you.
  • Will it make them better this season? It certainly won’t make them worse, but it’s sure going to make things different.
  • Should we worry about what Iverson will do with Sheed in the same locker room? I think both really have settled down personality-wise. Sheed has been a model citizen since landing in Detroit and Iverson isn’t talking about Practice anymore, or is he?


  • More Rodney Stuckey. Iverson will start at the PG, but really doesn’t like to play it. You will probably see a small lineup out of Detroit. Honestly the rotations are almost limitless.
  • Not that Chauncey wasn’t but Iverson is beyond HUNGRY.
  • AI doesn’t even sit for a bullet wound. Expect to see him out there unless he’s in the ICU.
  • This is a deal for now and the future.
  • If Chauncey went anywhere, I’m glad it’s home.
  • Can Iverson’s game work with the Pistons’ system of team ball? Not that way he plays now, but from his talk at the presser he knows that and sounded quite sincere when he professed he would do whatever it took to make things work. Let’s see if he makes good on it.
  • It was really evident that something needed to change, if it didn’t we would have at least 3 trophies out of this bunch.
  • With Amir, Stuckey and Maxiell on the court with AI… make sure your DVRs are up to par because you can bet we will have some serious highlights coming.
  • He’s not the Iverson from 5 years ago, so don’t expect it.  He’s still one of the best in the league.
  • Chauncey’s #…..I wasn’t too excited they gave him Chauncey’s digit, but it’s not the end of the world. Surprised mostly.

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  • This makes Joe D look really good in my eyes.  Cap room, a superstar, room for building on the future, keeping the team in contention, not giving up too much (considering Dyess may still return), and the SPOTLIGHT.
  • Will it make the Pistons chances for a trophy any better? Probably, because it was painfully obvious that unless something changed they weren’t going to win this season.
  • Joe D locked up Rip, extended Maxiell, is probably bringing Dyess back and may be shopping someone else. At this point, look out for anything.
  • Let’s give AI the benefit of the doubt before we pass judgment. I for one never really liked his character, but how can you not love his game as well as his heart?
  • Iverson makes his debut tonight in Toronto against the Raptors, but his true unveiling will be on Sunday at home (for the first time) against Boston. And for those of you who have asked for the Iverson intros at the Palace, no need to ask. If they broadcast them….you know where to come.
  • A present to all of us from Wes, a member of Team Need4Sheed. CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN


  1. Junior

    Excellent post. One of the first things I thought were the possible lineups we can go with. And you’re right, we are going to be fast. With AI being able to create his own shot, we are still dangerous in the half court.

    As far as AI’s attitude, dont sweat it. It really will be a non-issue.

    *When taking the SAT, write “Walter Herrman” for every answer. You will score over 8000.

  2. kuesta

    gosh, i love ya Nat! i left detroit here to MN and with you doing and saying all the things other sports writers arent, it makes me feel at home. and yes, lets give AI the benefit of the doubt. we wont know for sure until it’s all revealed on the court! Pistons for life!

  3. Franz (detroit 2hot...)

    Kuesta: I know how you feel.

    Natalie always writes what other forget.

    I’m over in Germany and always get the stuff from the internet, never from TV. As and all other sites aren’t really, or rather weren’t interested in the Pistons, need4sheed is my home, I feel like I’m right in the Palace when I surf around on this site.

    Let’s give him a chance to become a new player, not completely changed, but partly.
    , just like ‘Sheed did.

  4. The Fluidics

    For the people complaining that the Pistons were old last year, we now have just 3 players over 30.
    AI, Rip, and Sheed. Young and fast for sure.

  5. El Patron

    Great post! I hope we can get a win tonight against Raptors and return unbeaten to Detroit! Can’t wait to see AI playing with Rip,Sheed,Tay and others…

  6. Jason Axel

    There’s a possibility AI may not make his debut tonight against the Raptors.

    Reports are coming in that Samb and Chauncey have yet to take their physicals…and if they don’t take them within the next couple hours, the paperwork can’t get processed by the league in time for Iverson to be legal in the game tonight. We had some of the same issue when we first picked up Sheed and he had to sit out the 2nd half of that first game because of league paperwork.

  7. DaisyD

    NJ Sheed fan here–got my tickets for this Fridays game, and I’m really looking forward to seeing A.I. out there in the mix. I liked his press conference comments about using his “wits” more, versus his athleticism. To me this bodes well for the Pistons style of ball sharing and finding the right shot.
    On a superstitious note, perhaps it’s good A.I. changed his # (letting Stuckey keep his). Remember Sheed changed his # when he came to Detroit (no more dirty #30), and we all know how that season ended.
    I also wanted to chime in to thank Natalie for keeping this site so well maintained. It has been my home for Pistons info on the Web for several years, and I love the fun, positive tone coupled with the best video and up to date information. Thanks Natalie!

  8. Mousey

    Actually, DaisyD, Sheed wore #30 during the season when we won… Then he changed it to #36 for the past four years, and i think we all know how those seasons ended…

    Anyway, go Pistons!

  9. Natalie Sitto

    THANK YOU ALL ….for the unnecessary Love. It’s my pleasure to do what I do and the fact that it can put a smile on someones face every now and again is just a bonus!

  10. Sheed's The Truth

    Sheed wore 30 when we won the championship.
    changed it to 36 in memory of his brother, because he died at the age of 36 and now he’s back to 30.
    lets hope this season ends like last season he wore 30

  11. T-Fouled

    Stuckey was gonna give the 3 to AI but the league said he couldn’t change number till after the season’s over cause he’s already started a game as number 3, if you can believe this crap…

  12. The Fluidics

    If it’s anything like the NFl, the Pistons, Stuckey, or AI would have had to buy ALL of the remaining unsold Stuckey jerseys. Ocho Cinco.

  13. yzermansteve

    ok, it took me a min. but i like the new formate! A.I. is the one guy other than sheed i have always wanted in Detroit. This is the best trade joe has made other than sheed. even though the timing isn’t the same, this trade will acually end up the best or the worst trade in pistons history!! we(the pistons) finally have a face, a superstar, someone that mr. sperm can’t ignore, and don’t forget the refs. A.I. will be shootin freethrows all game, takin it to the rack, and giving us a deadly weapon from the tip off, not just the ends of quaters. the nba has changed rules because of the piston d, they have also changed the rules for A.I., otherwise both are unstopable. A.I. is also a HOF’er, without question we will all be watching the pistons in the conf. finals again. thanks joe for your continued support of detroit pride and fanhood! my name is joe the plummer and i aprove this message.

  14. The hated steve

    Leave it to MR.BIG SLOW to hold up allen iversons debut.. this is horse shit go get ur goddamn physical u lazy ass! this jus makes me angry.

  15. Susan

    Great post!

    Like Natalie, I needed a couple of days to process this trade but, I have to say, I think this trade was a testament to our great GM. Joe D. managed to pull off the impossible; building for the future while making the current team better. An A.I./Rip backcourt should make any team in this league nervous.

  16. El Patron Himself (Accept no imitations!)

    I posted before how I was on the bandwagon already and the more I think about it, the more I like this. We Pistons fans have always complained that our guys look complacent at times and sometimes they don’t play hard all 48 minutes. Allen Iverson will never mail it in, no matter what! That much we know. When A.I. says he plays every game as if it’s his last, that much I have seen everywhere. So, I think his energy will rub off other guys in the team.

    I mean think about it, we have a nice group of high-energy guys in Mr. Amirzing, The Great Denial (from now on, I’ll refer to Jason Maxiell using the block I named after him: THE BIG DENIAL), Sir Rodney, Afflalo and Mr. Rico Suave. Rip may catch a second wind and so may ‘Sheed. And, if for some reason, Kwame Brown gets his act together (and if there’s any team in the world where he could do it that’s Detroit!), do you realize that Joe D would’ve spanked the NBA once again?

    All in all, this has renewed our EXCITEMENT for the Pistons (no need to question the LOYALTY, that’s unwavering!) and I can’t wait to see The Answer wearing the White, Red, and Blue… GO PISTONS!!!!!!!

  17. Ryan Ricafort

    wish dice would come back to the D…

    Tuning in to the Pistons-Raptors game, I wondered, how would michael curry distribute the plays for the starters when AI comes in.

    I think the best way to do this is to have one of the either have AI or RIP come off the bench. Together with Dice(really hopes he comes back), the second unit will not only be effective, man, they’d be deadly.

    Starting 5:
    C – Sheed
    PF – Amir
    SF – Prince
    2G – AI/Rip
    G – Stuckey

    2nd Unit:
    C/PF – Dice/Max/ Kwame
    SF – Herrmann/ Afflalo
    2G – AI/Rip
    PG – Bynum

    With this set up, I see the following plusses:
    1. Stucks still gets to start and become more comfortable with starting, prepping him for next year.
    2. AI and Rip gets to play an equally important role (being a leader/ #1 offensive option) for their respective units.
    3. Better veteran guidance for the Zoo Crew
    4. AI plays his natural position, 2G. which means he would not be pressured to run plays.
    5. Potential mismatches against opposing second units every single night.


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