Talkin Bout Practice…..Again – Allen Iverson Press Conference Video

by | Nov 4, 2008 | 18 comments

Great way to finish of a presser that really made Iverson sound like he’s on a mission. It will be up in it’s entirety shortly. Till then I put this up for you now!

FULL VIDEO of the Pistons, Allen Iverson Press Conference


  1. blazer56

    haha nice… even though this video took forever to load

  2. El Patron

    with the time passing, i feel more and more confident about Iverson and that this trade was a good move by Joe D! Can’t wait to see him play!
    P.S. Thanks Natalie for the videos and keep on with the good work! (I’m sorry for my bad english)
    Greetings from Switzerland 😉

  3. T-Fouled

    Welcome to Motown AI. I like what he said, he’s comming here cause he wants a ring, is willing to change his style to adapt to the team concept, says we will see what the true AI can do. All sounds great, I’m a believer, I think his energy, creativity and drive to win is exactly what this team needs. Can’t wait for sundays game. So he’s gonna be wearing number 1 then?
    Ok Natalie you’re gonna have to start working on an Iverson cartoon face now…

  4. Natalie Sitto

    “Ok Natalie you’re gonna have to start working on an Iverson cartoon face now…”


  5. Amer ican Prince

    Am I the only one who thought he made the goal of winning a championship sound selfish? Plus the way he talked he made it sound like he was some kind of saviour.

    Though the practice thing was funny

  6. Natalie Sitto

    I didn’t think that American Prince, he actually sounded quite sincere.

  7. jessi

    ok I want to say it is just wrong that he has number 1 stap in the face to billups I am still just too shocked about all this not sure what to think he just does not seem like the right player for detroit.

  8. bianca-wonka

    I am kinda excited, which is odd being that I loved the team as is. I really think we are gonna win the championship this year, and I thought so before Monday…lol. I pray for all 4 players and both teams.

    Things happen for a reason.

  9. Sable

    Jessi, the organization has a lot of respect for Billups so no, I don’t think it was a slap in the face. It may be for financial reasons. They may have numerous #1 Jerseys about, they just need to change the name on the back. As for Iverson not being the right player, there have been numerous complaints about this team flipping a switch. Who better to cure that ailment than a guy like Iverson who goes all out every time he steps on the floor?

  10. bianca-wonka

    And thanks for the video Nat!!!:D

  11. tripog

    got iverson, lost my dog great…

  12. gMac

    I’m actually very surprised to see how Joe sees an opportunity to keep AI for a cheap Salary next season if he works out. If we can go back to ECF and AI takes those Karl Malone salary, you won’t believe what kind of super star we would be able to attract.
    Of course joe could be just saying it for show.

  13. claire

    maybe Rip should bring back his cornrows now…to match with AI since they’re both in the backcourt.

  14. Richie

    I’m not really feeling the fact that he’s wearing Chauncey’s number. I do think his words are sincere though, and since there’s no point in dwelling on the negative, I’m going to let myself be excited and anxious to watch him play Toronto.

  15. T-Fouled

    Lemme just say something, and I know lotsa you guys might flip about that, but the way I see it, is this, remember when Rodman was signed by the Bulls in ’95, well they went and got exactly what they was missing, somebody to do the dirty works, that only cares about playing D and grabing rebounds. I see this as kinda like the same but in reverse, we need somebody that can really jumpstart this offense, that’s playing top gear all out offense with intensity. I’m definitly not comparing AI to Dennis or MJ n Pip to whoever on the Pistons, I’m saying this could have a similar effect. Well I’m optimistic about this, with all the admiration and respect I have for Chauncey, he just couldn’t run the offense the way he use to, was getting way too predictable. Ya’ll gotta believe, give AI a chance, he’s happy to be here, is hungry to get a ring, wants to show how well he can play with a good team, and he’s matured a lot so rejoice Pistons nation!

  16. Fariduddin

    Bitter Sweet! I’m excited bout this trade, and mow when the Pistons get into one of them droughts we got Ivo to score buckets.

  17. El Patron Himself

    Thoughts about AI joining the Pistons:

    1. I’d be really worried if we had brought AI version 2001, 2002. Sure, he was younger and all, but he also had a much bigger attitude. After Athens, AI has actually become a better man. And we all know that Detroit is a place where people can reinvent themselves (See Wallace, Rasheed; Hamilton, Richard; etc.). I’m sad that Mr. Big Shot is gone, but I’m on The Answer bandwagon already!

    2. I agree with Natalie. He sounded like a man who’s willing to sacrifice to get the gold. This is not Gary Payton we’re talking here, who started moving from team to team till he finally won his ring, using the “pay cut” as a cheap excuse to be a team player. Also, why is it that when Kevin Garnett talked about moving to Boston and help win a ‘Ship, everybody talked about his competitive fire, but since it’s Allen Iverson, he’s just selfish? Do I smell DOUBLE STANDARD here?

    3. I actually liked his press conference and LOVED the Practice jab by Joe D! COMEDY GOLD RIGHT THERE! Plus, it’s good to know he can take a joke. Don’t think for a second that ‘Sheed won’t try to pull one on him too!!!

    4. Finally… I guess by having AI and ‘Sheed, will we hear something like this:


  18. The Answer

    woot… we got two ppl on the iverson bandwagon!! who’s next :D?


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