Introducing AI

by | Nov 4, 2008 | 33 comments

The Press conference is at 4pm, I’m hoping it’s being broadcast on FSN, but no signs of it now. Stick to or WDFN. I’m off to VOTE!

GOT IT…Encoding now, will have it up soon. FYI he’s wearing Chauncey’s #1


  1. mobius909

    has no one mentioned what effect this will have on sheed? i believe sheed respects AI and i think their chemistry together will be amazing! not so sure sheed respected chauncey’s leadership and i think he frequently questioned his heart… which may have led to the huddle-walk-outs.

  2. Justin

    Press conference on ESPN news if it’s not on FSN.

  3. Marsale

    where is the press conference??????/

  4. Michael

    I’m in California and I’m wondering about the press conference. Is it on TV? ESPN or ESPN2? Is it being streamed on a site? I wanna see it. I’ve got,,, and all the local news and tv sites and I got nothin.

  5. Marsale

    Someone please find this fucken press conference!!

  6. Justin

    Listening to the press conference on DFN. But they just said on ESPN news that it’s going to be shown there live.

  7. richard

    it’s live on

  8. Marsale

    when justin???

  9. Justin

    Right now. It’s on.

  10. lindsay

    it’s on ESPNEWS

  11. Michael

    Figures…I don’t have ESPN news where I’m staying. 🙁

  12. Michael

    Whew…it’s on Just started late. Thanx Richard.

  13. KG

    HAHAHA awesome PRACTICE!!! lol that was classic AI looks focused guys. The thing that got me the most is that he’s changed and that he’s willing to sacrifice from his game to win. Maybe this is just what we needed, maybe he really is THE ANSWER!

  14. Gogol

    Talkin ’bout practice?

    I busted a gut.

  15. pistonsfan

    I can’t believe they gave AI jersey #1…that sucks

  16. Michael

    What led to the practice joke? My son needed his diaper changed and I walked out for a sec to grab his wipes and came back and heard Iverson go “You talkin bout practice?!?” and everyone start laughing.

  17. Steve in OH

    If anyone knows where to watch it online later, let me know!

    Stupids meetings… I gotta see the practice comment.

    Is #1 confirmed? I can’t believe they’d let him take Chauncey’s digit.

  18. Michael

    Yeah, they gave him #1

  19. The Fluidics

    AI was talking about how he did it his way throughout his career, and still hasn’t won a ring, so now he’s willing to do whatever is asked of him within a winning system. A reporter asked “what about practice?

    Taking #1 is pretty ballsy, makes a pretty big statement from Joe. I’m sure if Iverson wanted 3 he could have had it, and I’m sure if Joe didn’t want him to take 1, he wouldn’t have. The statement is “this is no longer Chaunceys team.”

  20. Michael

    I don’t even care about it. I was more mad when they allowed Ben’s # to be used.

  21. The Fluidics

    In the end ,I’d still imagine 3 gets retired for Wallace, and 1 gets retired for Billups. In the meantime, Chauncey doesn’t play here anymore, so he doesn’t have a number.

  22. Steve in OH

    I dunno, if Rodney pans out as planned there’s a good shot #3 will hang in the rafters with Stuckey on the back.

    But yea, not cool for giving AI #1 in my opinion.

  23. Michael

    Oh OK, that’s why he said he set himself up for that one.

    And yeah, it would be a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE travesty if they don’t retire #3 for Ben one day. Chauncey…either way. I think it was more up to Stuckey if he wanted to come out of #3, so I guess they mutually decided that Stuckey could keep it. Or it could be like Fluidics said and Joe was just making a statement. Makes me no difference. I’m ready for tomorrow. I’ll be watching on NBA League Pass Broadband. And I REALLY can’t wait for that debut at the Palace on Sunday. I wonder who Mason is gonna announce last? Rip maybe?

  24. Michael

    I disagree with Steve. No way #3 doesn’t go up to the rafters for Ben. He was the cornerstone of the franchise’s return to dominance. Without him, none of what they accomplished would have been possible. He put a face on the franchise after Grant leaving. He was the leader, the captain, and the anchor of the defense (which is what they were known for). He DEFINITELY deserves to have that # retired.

  25. altan

    thx for putting walter sharpe vid nat!!

  26. Colin

    I watched on ESPNEWS, was hoping no to see the #1 jersey. The “Practice” was good though.

  27. mobius909

    1 wasn’t chauncey’s number originally…

    he’s wearing 21 in denver.

    fyi, his number should be #4 because he couldn’t wear it because of joe D.

  28. mobius909

    and #1 should be lindsey hunter because that was HIS number that billups stole.

  29. The Fluidics

    Can’t wait for sunday, can’t wait for March 3rd.

  30. Joshua

    I’m ready to see some AI action.. I never would have thought Detroit to trade for him, but the more I look at it, the more hope I have for Detroit this season. Our bench is solid, Walter Herrman showed us that the other day.. can’t wait to see what’s in store for our boys rockin the D

  31. Jack

    No way Ben is getting his number retired in Detroit. No f’ing way. Also, there’s no reason to force stuckey to give up #3 for Iverson if he’s only here for 1 season. Stuckey is the future, you don’t want to disrespect him and tell him to give up his number this year because an allstar is here. You want to show him you have faith in him and know that he is special to the team. I wouldn’t mind Chauncey’s #1 retired. Probably be RIP if anybody though, since he’s scored more points and played more post season games, and continues to be a Piston. Iverson’s # is a pretty big statement though. Can’t have number 3, but you can take Chauncey’s #1 jersey. There’s some significance there.

  32. Justin

    The reason why AI can’t wear the #3, is because the league won’t let him since the season has already started and all the jerseys with Stuckey as #3.

    But I do think that starting 5 from the championship season should be retired. But what number would you choose for Sheed? 30? 36?


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