Denver wants Dyess ?

by | Nov 4, 2008 | 14 comments

“The Rocky Mountain News reports that Nuggets vice president of player personnel Rex Chapman said Denver intends to keep forward Antonio McDyess after acquiring him in a trade today” Via The Detroit Free Press

The notion for the return of McDyess to Detroit was too good to be true. We all know that Dyess wears his heart on his sleeve so the idea of his return to Detroit seemed plausible. Matt from DBB recalls a moment he experienced while in the Pistons locker room last season when Boston eliminated Detroit.

“I can’t say I was surprised — I was in the Pistons’ locker room after they were eliminated from the Conference Finals last year, and I saw McDyess fight back the tears while admitting to reporters that he already asked himself, “Hey, should I just retire?”

He added, “I don’t want to be no ring-chaser, I don’t want to be moving team to team being a ring-chaser. I can’t do that. If I have to do that, I would definitely give it up. I mean, if I stay on this team another couple of years, we still have a chance, we just got to put our heart into it and do it.”

That was May 30th. Four and a half months later, he’s just been dealt to another team, albeit a familiar one — McDyess was originally drafted by the Nuggets, and following a trade to the Suns he re-signed with the Nuggets in 1998 before his series of horrific knee injuries. He’ll probably be greeted as a prodigal son more so than just a hired gun, but still, at this point in his career, is McDyess actually willing to make yet another move while going to a team no one considers a serious contender?” Via Fanhouse

Let’s not be too concerned yet, many are saying he will return. Woody Paige Denver Post:

“Antonio McDyess will not have a homecoming with Billups. Although the Nuggets kept talking Monday about McDyess’ future with the team, there will be none. His contract will be bought out, and he probably will re-sign with Detroit. Huh? He was included in the deal to make the salary numbers equitable.”

We may just have to wait this one out. It’s been nuts the last couple of days, but I can’t help but keep thinking of McDyess. I still would like him to get his Ice.


  1. gMac

    What a classy guy!! We owe him big time. I say we retire his jersey, if he decides to.
    Dyess make ppl like Sam Cassel, Alonzo Mourning ,Vince Carter,Gary Payton and Karl Malone look like shit,

  2. El Patron

    I agree with you gMac!

  3. brs197

    Yesterday on WDFN, McCoskey said that the Nuggets were going to act like they were keeping McDyess because the league frowns on deals like this. Remember the Brent Barry trade last year? I expect McDyess to be back in 30 days.

  4. Amer ican Prince

    i was thinking the same thing brs197

  5. Vanalope

    I really, really, really, really hope he comes back. McDyess is a personification of what I like about the Pistons…..AI…not so much.

  6. gMac

    You will like AI when he plays tomorrow. When you that tiny body of his gets banged up all over the floor.

  7. the hated steve

    ur all pathetic, we are in the run to get lebron and whoever else he wants to play with, ur all blind by ur love for these old stale players.. look to the future goddamn.

  8. Alex

    I love Dyess but saying he makes guys like Payton or Malone look like shit is just ridiculous. Yeah maybe they moved around a little towards the tail end of their careers but they did spend a decade on their respective teams, something you just don’t really see anymore.

  9. gMac

    Ok, I’ll give you Payton and Malone for that. But what about VC and Zo basically blackmailing their teams to trade/release them? And Sam Cassel’s last ring with Boston is as worthless as Darko’s

  10. lindsay

    I really hope McDyess comes back. His agent said he won’t put on a Denver uniform and his other option is to retire. I would not feel good about winning a championship this year if Dyess isn’t on the team. He plays with more heart than all of the guys in the NBA combined. The Pistons need his desire & his drive on the team.

  11. TGLR

    McDyess IS SEXY!!!!

  12. TGLR

    so is A.I. and Rip with his amish beard

  13. Eddie

    Can you post a video of introductions for Sunday’s game vs BOSTON? I live in NYC and have to see AI announced for the first time..

  14. Franz (detroit 2hot...)

    McDyess is THE MAN.

    He always does the right thing.

    In a thread of “who would you marry” I said Dyess. He is a true Gentleman.

    I’m actually more sad, if Dyess doesn’t come back, than Chauncey leaving, because I know Chauncey will be fine in Denver.


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