Billups for Iverson?

by | Nov 3, 2008 | 9 comments

“NBA sources said the Nuggets have inquired about obtaining Denver native Chauncey Billups from the Pistons for Allen Iverson. Because of Iverson’s lucrative contract ($20.8 million) it would take more than Billups ($11 million), though .” Via

I am curious to see what you think about the “rumor”. Like mentioned, you would need to ship someone else with Billups in order to make the deal work. I personally don’t think Iverson has it anymore and is really the guy to get this team over it’s hump. DBB makes some good points that are worth thinking about. I’m leaving the comments open to you as well as a poll for percentage sake.


  1. Richie

    No, no, no, no, no, please no! Chauncey fits the system here perfectly and had great chemistry with all of his teammates. Maybe 6 years ago this team could have used Iverson, but not now.

  2. Fariduddin

    HELL NO! and HELL to the NAW!

  3. Justin

    Yep Steven A. just announced it also. It’s not a done deal. Still has to be approved. But it looks like Billups, Mcdyess are off to Denver. I think there is someone else in there as well. I am not sure.

  4. Justin

    Nope just Chauncey and Antonio. Honestly I am on the fence with this one. You take away 2 players that have played their hearts out for this franchise (guys with a Team first mentality) and then bring in “practice……we talking about practice” Iverson. But the writing was on the wall. So…where is AI going to play? Point guard? Isn’t he a better fit for shooting guard? But who is going to be the big man that comes up and fills that void Dyess leaves behind? I think this move means that Joe D wants to win this year. And shake the lineup a little. I hope it works out. I hope AI can buy into the team concept with the Pistons. I would expect Sheed to be on the phone with AI already paving the way. So wow…that sucks that Chauncey and Dyess are gone.

  5. Leslie O

    Don Shane just got on the news and said Cheikh Samb is also part of the trade, I think?

    I can’t believe this, I feel like I’ve been slapped in the face, what a shock to potentially lose Chauncey and Dyess. I love Dyess, this is upsetting.

  6. Tom S.

    the more i think about it, the more i like it…

    they have a surefire 20-30ppg (a troubled spot always for them– see Natalie’s mention of “one of those scoring droughts” that has plagued them forever… i.e., 2005 finals) they probably got the best out of billups and mcdyess (neither can score like AI). AI is still a good defender on a defensive-minded team (not to mention league leader in steals) really, its it as a vote of confidence in both stuckey and amir/max
    i am a little worried about the big men. mcdyess was the msot reliable for big men of anyone on the ‘stones. now they have hot-and-cold sheed, amir and max who are still developing (max will never been a go-to guy and amir is still so young) and kwame brown who can’t be relied on to play more than 10-12 productive minutes a game.

    still, the heart of the trade is CB for AI and I think most anyone would do that straight up.

  7. Sue

    My next concern is Rip …What happend to Rip???

    Please joe Keep at least Rip….plz plz plz plz…


  8. TDP

    Seriously, the real concern is: Who’s going to wear #3 now?


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